The Pay Of Political Appointees, Many Now Six Figures

UPDATE: In January 2012 the City Council approved a controversial ordinance creating a pay range for unaffiliated political appointees whose salaries are based on increases negotiated between the city and the Bridgeport City Supervisors Association that Bill Finch leveraged as a last-minute retroactive raise for himself and loyalists. In passing the ordinance backed by Finch who argued the city needed to modernize salaries competitively to attract strong applicants, the council eliminated language authorizing the mayor to increase pay by up to 15 percent beyond the outer range of the pay scale. See the city positions and associated pay range the council approved four years ago here. This is the most current new grid. The pay range will receive another update based on Monday’s action.

As an example the most updated approved range of Chief Administrative Officer Andy Nunn was $119,346 to $131,114. The range is now higher based on increases tied to the supervisors union. Mayor Joe Ganim appointed John Gomes as Acting CAO, replacing Nunn in the top department head position. Dozens of the positions on the pay grid are now six figures.

The mayor’s salary has no range, just a specific figure pegged at $132,459 prior to Finch’s action on Monday. The mayor’s pay is now approximately a base salary of $144,000. The package, however, is higher factoring in take home vehicle and all associated expenses such as gas, repairs, insurance, etc.

The outer range of City Council President Tom McCarthy who’s employed by the city as deputy director of Labor Relations was $114,845. The range is now higher based on the recent increase. McCarthy recused himself four years ago in the council vote approving the pay scale.



  1. The ordinance was originally adopted in the first Ganim administration (G1). It documented positions and salary ranges not covered by union contracts (unaffiliated employees).
    The Finch administration altered it to include positions such as ‘Project Manager’ with higher salaries for Finch appointees. McCarthy did not cast a vote but he helped orchestrate the city council vote.

  2. I am waiting to see how much Finch and his gang of thieves cash in on unused sick time, vacation time, etc. My guess is it will be more than a half year’s salary.

    1. Finch’s “fuck you” gesture to the people of the city of Bridgeport immediately cost taxpayers $2,500,000, right off the bat. Reappointing Gaudett cost another $600,000 or so. For a man who has claimed to love Bridgeport he certainly doesn’t care for its people.

      I visited Bass Pro. Nice place. Food was good, service a little skimpy. Impressive store. Maybe the management will give Finch a job as a doorstop or a moving target.

  3. *** Thank you Mr. Green Jeans, the person who always claimed to think of the city first, Up on Bpt! He made his political exit like the vindictive snake he is, shedding all his snake skin and leaving it behind for Joe to clean up! Lord knows what’s been swept under the city’s financial rug yet to be found by the new admin. Joe will have no recourse next budget year but to raise taxes, property reval and mil rate, etc. Maybe the city’s legal dept can find something fishy (illegal) done by Finch and the admin that “couldn’t count right!” *** GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY ***

  4. *** And let’s not forget the city’s “rubber stamp” council that seemed to always co-sign all the Mayors garbage city legislation. *** They need to be held accountable as well for all the mess left behind by Finch and his zombie cronies too! ***


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