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Entries Categorized as 'City Council'

Stafstrom Calls On Mayor To Form Commission To Examine City’s Long-term Debt

July 20th, 2016 · 82 Comments · City Budget, City Council, News and Events

A Black Rock community forum took place Tuesday night featuring City Council members Kate Bukovsky and Scott Burns hearing additional calls for a state oversight board to monitor city finances. The meeting was attended by State Rep. Steve Stafstrom and City Finance Director Ken Flatto. The video above was posted on the YouTube channel of […]

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Councilman Casco Under Pressure To Resign

July 16th, 2016 · 5 Comments · City Council, News and Events

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post: (Jose) Casco is under pressure to resign his seat on that 20-person legislative body following his arrest Sunday night over an argument with his estranged wife.

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White Paper: Debating The Need For A Financial Review Board

July 14th, 2016 · 29 Comments · City Budget, City Council, City Politics, News and Events

Former City Councilman Tom White, who also provided staff support for the budget and legislative body, shares in a commentary the city’s failure to provide financial oversight. “The missing ingredient, in my opinion, is members that have the education and work experience to handle this challenging role. Also missing is support staff to assist with […]

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Councilman Casco Blows Gasket

July 13th, 2016 · 26 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Council, News and Events

It’s generally not a good idea to tell city police officers you think you’re an important person in town, especially when they’re about to arrest you. City Councilman Jose Casco, who sits on two key committees, Budget and Appropriations and Ordinances, was arrested Sunday night in a domestic violence dispute involving his wife. He has […]

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City Council Members Annoyed About Lack Of Information

July 11th, 2016 · 22 Comments · City Budget, City Council, News and Events

First, Mayor Joe Ganim’s so-called office of public integrity is put on hold and now funding for his second-chance initiative receives push-back from a City Council committee. Who’s doing the administration’s advance work with the City Council?

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Watchdog Barks About “Hidden Government”–Will Others Dig In?

July 10th, 2016 · 6 Comments · City Budget, City Council, City Politics

For years, citizen fiscal watchdog John Marshall Lee has been a lonely bark adding light to the dark of government finances with little backup from struggling taxpayers at City Council meetings. Last week, City Council chambers was jammed with angry taxpayers only after they received their tax bills. It’s always better to vent before the budget […]

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Ganim Proposes Ordinance In Crackdown On Blight

July 9th, 2016 · 11 Comments · City Council, Development and Zoning, News and Events

From city Communications Director Av Harris: Mayor Joe Ganim joined several city council members and the Bridgeport Police  Department (Friday) to declare war on blight and illegal dumping, reminding violators that any vehicles involved in illegal dumping can be seized, perpetrators face steep fines and criminal charges.

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Fireworks At City Council Meeting, Angry Taxpayers Vent At Mayor, Council Over Hike

July 6th, 2016 · 107 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Budget, City Council, News and Events

Update, includes video: More than 400 vexed taxpayers, most from the higher assessed Black Rock neighborhood, vented on Mayor Joe Ganim in a jammed City Council chambers Tuesday night about their tax bills in a revaluation year. And he let them spew in a noisy night punctuated by booing, hissing and chanting and calls for […]

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