Let’s Dance: Pereira Victorious At Polls And Court

Pereira with rake
File image of Pereira: raking in legal and ballot wins.

Twice in two months outgoing Board of Education member Maria Pereira has beat misdemeanor charges leveled by the city Police Department. Pereira was victorious September 10 in a Democratic primary for City Council in the Upper East Side.

On Monday a state prosecutor dropped a breach of peace charge in which Pereira was accused of injuring Assistant Superintendent of Schools Christiana Otuwa when she grabbed some papers out of Otuwa’s hand.

Otuwa claimed she suffered a broken fingernail.

In an unusual move early June, members of the City Council were advised via text that an arrest warrant had been issued for Pereira. How often are they notified of an arrest warrant before it is served upon the party?

In July, Pereira was found not guilty in a court trial stemming from a 2018 disturbance at Success Village.

From Pereira:

After defeating the prosecution and the BPD in a trial on my Success Village arrest, and being found not guilty on all charges, Judge Iannotti urged the state to drop the breach of peace charge as it was a waste of the court’s time.

Yesterday, the  prosecutor offered me an unconditional nolle on the breach of peace charge which I accepted.

Had there been any attempt to levy any fine, or were there any conditions placed on the nolle I would have rejected it and requested a trial.



  1. Lennie
    Wowww I see you are drinking the Maria kool aid. AWhile back during my trail you had questions about Me violating my Probation. You knew the judge dropped my Federal probation time and today I’m a FREE MAN. I guess a Brother can’t get no Love! LOL! Yes THE Judge a couple a weeks ago dismissed my probation.

    1. Ernie, may I remind you that YOU plead guilty to three felonies. THREE FELONIES. No one should applaud you for pleading guilty to three felonies. That includes yourself.

      1. Maria
        Should i remind you that you like setting cars on fire! I keep on getting re-elected by the people of the 139th district and they don’t look at my past like you do. Maria one day you will get whats coming to you for all the hurtful things you’ve said and done to Others.You may play God in your little world but God will never play a fire bug like your self. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! I can’t wait!

        1. Ernie,

          Why do you repeatedly refer to me as a “fire bug” and reference my setting a car(s) on fire?

          Do you have any evidence to support your assertions?

          Do I have ANY convictions for these dastardly deeds? Have I ever plead guilty or been convicted of these crimes you accuse me of?

          You know the answer, right, Ernie?

          You have a list of felony convictions. I have NONE.

    2. You plead guilty to three felonies, Ernie. THREE. A felony is defined as “an offense of graver character than a misdemeanor and usually punished by imprisonment for more than one year.” Good thing Joe Ganim was re-eelected. He was there to hold open the door to City Hall and say “Welcome to the club, Moses!”

      1. Ernie, do you ever tell the truth?

        I didn’t believe your assertion that you won on the machines in your senate primary was true, therefore I requested a copy of the 2012 23rd Senatorial Primary tally sheets from the Town Clerk’s office.

        YOU did not win on the machines in the Democratic Primary against Andres Ayala.

        Andres Ayala won on the machines with 1,598 votes. You only received 1,385 votes on the machines.

        You are just a liar. Plain and simple. You may not have remembered the exact vote count, but I don’t believe for one minute that you didn’t remember you lost on the machines.

        1. Maria he won on the machines counting abs.
          Maria let say this to you you may have pulled a lot of bullshit with the bd of education but you will get a wake up call on the city council. If you could not get 5 votes just think on getting 11 votes. Well let see if you and your new Party gets you back on the Board of Education. Everyone on the city council already know you will turn on a snake. Remember the only person in city hall that trust you is John Ricc.No one else gave you a dime. Its funny how you hate Joe and Mario but take a 1000.00 from one of Mario closes friend. Let the games began. If your lucky you may get on a committee. probably a minor one at that!

          1. Ernie, Ron, etc.
            How much talk about friends and enemies and how to treat them?
            How much talk about people who on the whole fail to provide 100% of the required time and resources into public service but get comeuppance on other issues?
            Does financial support indicate a debt to be repaid, control of, or payback as in the case of John Ricci? At the risk of being naive, why does anyone try to serve this public when, from the comfort of their homes and offices, they exercise the full extent of their oversight? Attend public meetings? Push the Bridgeport Library for more programming? Getting neighborhood groups active? Look at the accomplishments of Bridgeport Generation Now and how it has drawn in some who have talent, energy but formerly no alternative for service other than the “machine”…the silent well oiled machine?
            Time will tell.

          2. Ernie,

            Listen to yourself. You stated “he won on the machines counting abs.”

            You are well aware that machine counts NEVER include ABs which are processed on separate voter machines at 999 Broad Street on election day.

            You were caught in a blatant lie and instead of simply apologizing you deflect and start threatening and attacking me.

            Why don’t you pretend to be a decent human being and simply apologize for posting a blatant lie.

        2. Maria
          I got home in 2010 i ran against them in 2012 SEN Gomes, and State Rep Ayala. Gomes had a 1000 votes Ayala had 1,598 myself 1,385 remember the 135 dist was cut into the 22nd senatorial dist. Maria i’m going to love these next two years. You will not be able to get away with the things you did on the Board of Education. Please give Rick Torres a call a one woman show . I like RICK because Rick didn’t treat people like you do maria but he was a one man show. I hope your partner who seems like a nice person doesn’t follow your madness.

          1. Derek, please don’t forget Newton’s other felony convictions.

            He is certainly more than a three time felon.

          2. I haven’t forgotten. Ernie was caught taking a bribe, same as Little Joe Ganim. Neither of them is capable of changing their spots.

  2. I would like to strongly recommend that those in need of a criminal defense attorney please contact the following law firm:

    Frost/Bussert LLC
    129 Church Street, Suite 226
    New Haven, CT 06510

    Those I trust were adamant I not retain a law firm from Bridgeport because many contribute to Ganim & the DTC, and have close relationships with the prosecutors and the BPD.

    Attorney Robert Frost and Attorney Erica Barber were top notch. They exemplified professionalism (except when Attorney Frost told me he was going to make me wait in the hallway when I wouldn’t stop interrupting him 🙂 , were incredibly responsive, were very reasonable in their costs and billing. Attorney Robert Frost looks and behaves like Clark Kent. Cool as a cucumber.

    I hope none of you reading this ever need them, but if you do need help please consider contacting them.

    1. This promotion of a law firm is like the $1000.00 that Ganim and Mario told John Ricci to give to Maria because she sees nothing wrong with taking a gratuity or giving free advertising on OIB.

      1. Ron,
        I do not take your meaning. Please be more clear.
        Maria references the advice that too many local firms have local clients who have matters that one way or another provide an opportunity for “payback”, “getting even”, or leverage, of course just assuming that those kinds of things exist.
        To be safe, she advises that one goes out of town for legal representation and then provides info for someone to call. Is that inappropriate in your eyes? As one who has been attempting to get representation for someone, I can say that interest has been low to non-existent among the several offices I have called. At the moment I compare Maria’s generous recommendation to be as appropriate as Steve A’s comments on local restaurants which appear here from time to time. Time will tell.

        1. JML, Mso it’s ok aria claim to fame is that she’s doesn’t like Ganim and Testa but it doesn’t bother her to a $1000.00 from Ganim and Testa biggest supporter John Ricci, JML that shows what a fake Maria is about her dislike for Ganim and Testa, oh, that’s right Ricci is a friend of hers so it’s ok for her to take money from friends and supporters of Ganim and Testa. Free advertising on OIB for a law firm, please.

          1. C’mon Ron! Why do you insist on trolling and preying on John Ricci? He is a loyal friend. He respects Loyalty and not Royalty. I would rather be in a fox 🦊 hole with John Ricci and Maria although I don’t think we would all fit.

            Senator Moore’s comments on John Ricci in April really question her ability on to lead on social justice issues. ” Guilty Until Proven Innocent!” to paraphrase the CT Post article.

          2. Grin, my issue is not about John Ricci at all, instead it’s about Maria and how true blue and pure that she claims that she is. Maria makes out like she can’t stand anything about Joe Ganim and Mario Testa and those who support them. But she gets a pass with people who support Ganim and Mario like John Ricci is a friend to Ganim and Testa.

  3. Maria, what are you planning to do with that rake, rake the Ivy leaves on your blight crusade to enhance the Port’s decorum esthetics? If you don’t know what I’m talking about people, just Google map Stallworth’s Chruch and look at the church property, how nice.it is. Then look at the property right across the street. How much nicer would the neighborhood be if that property had Ivy blocking fences covering. JS

    P.S Ernie, I see you have failed to take my advice. What is your obsession with Maria? 🙂
    You two are colleagues now 🙂


  4. According to the Town Clerk’s office there were 47,527 active registered Democrats on September 10th. Only 10,691 actually voted. Only 22.5% of eligible Democrats actually voted.



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