New Director Appointed For Second Chance Office

Earl Bloodworth. Photo: Peter Hvizdak / Hearst Connecticut Media

From Tara O’Neill, CT Post:

For the third time in a little more than two years, Mayor Joe Ganim has appointed a new director for his second chance office.

Earl Bloodworth has been chosen to oversee the Mayor’s Initiative for Reentry Affairs for Bridgeport.

No stranger to this type of work, Bloodworth comes from New Haven’s Warren Kimbro Reentry Project, where he worked as the program manager to reduce recidivism in New Haven.

“With a background in social justice and community organizing, I bring a vast skill set and fresh perspective to the role,” Bloodworth said in a prepared statement. “I look forward to working with Mayor Ganim to fulfill the program’s mission to the returning citizens of Bridgeport.”

Bloodworth’s annual salary will be $62,424, according to Rowena White, the mayor’s director of communications.

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  1. According to city statistics 18% of the population has a Bachelor’s Degree which would be 26,100 Bridgeport residents. I say this to say, out of 26,100 college educated residents Mayor Ganim couldn’t find one college graduate from Bridgeport to do this job?

    There you go Mayor Ganim keep sending Bridgeport resident’s tax dollars out of the city to uplift every city in Connecticut except Bridgeport. Good Job!

  2. People who come to Bridgeport from time behind bars to live and assume “returning citizen” rights and responsibilities, deserve support. Kim Staley, Louis Reed, and Eric Christmas have been employed with certain duties to the Mayoral Initiative for Returnee Affairs (MIRA). What are the objectives? How many women and men have come through in the four years of Ganim2 administration? What does success look like? Recidivism is failure for the individual and the community. What does the returning citizen see as welcome from the community and real opportunity and expectations? What resources will Mr. Bloodworth have? How will he report his work and results? Who has served on the MIRA Advisory Board? What is their meeting schedule, agenda and purpose set out by Ganim2? Time will tell.


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