Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Pereira Regarding Confrontation With School System Administrator

Board of Education member Maria Pereira is expected to be charged with a misdemeanor breach of peace involving a confrontation with a member of the school system’s administrative staff, according to a police spokesman.

Terron Jones, the spokesman, issued this statement on Saturday: “Yesterday, an arrest warrant for Maria Pereira was issued according to the BPD, charging her with Breach of Peace in an incident last week involving a member of the BOE administrative staff.”

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No other details were provided. Sources say the administrative staff member is Assistant Superintendent of Schools Christina Otuwa.

In an unusual move, members of the City Council were also advised of the news via text. How often are they notified of an arrest warrant before it is served upon the party?

It’s unclear if Pereira will be called in for processing as a courtesy. She is scheduled to speak before the City Council Monday night according to the agenda.

Pereira is a lightning rod in city politics who’s taken many antithetical positions against the political establishment. She’s been a fierce critic of police leadership and Joe Ganim’s mayoral administration in the OIB comments section. She supported Ganim for mayor in 2015 but had a falling-out with him shortly after his election.

Last September she was charged with misdemeanor offenses involving a confrontation with police at Success Village during a meeting to decide board leadership governing the housing complex. She is contesting the charges in court and has refused to settle the matter even for a small fine.

Pereira, in response to news of the pending warrant, wrote this on her Facebook page:

Corrupt Mayor Ganim, the corrupt Democratic Town Committee and Chief Perez and his keystone police officers think they can break me.

They can’t and won’t.

Pereira is up for reelection this year. She has not announced if she will seek another four-year term. She recently left the Democratic Party to enroll unaffiliated.

Pereira’s critics maintain she’s an enemy collector who burns through political relationships over the smallest of issues. She contends she’s a principled person who keeps politicians’ feet to the fire regarding their word.

So this political battle will rage on between Pereira and the establishment.



  1. The Daughter of Frankenstein, has been going off the deep end for a while, her attack on members of the BBOB, the Mayor, Mario Testa, Mr. Taylor makes me feel it’s time for her to pee in a new cup!

  2. Well we all know that Mayor Ganim and Mario not only will hold a grudge, but have ther wherewithall to fulfill that grudge.
    Fellas, let today be the day you finally release yourself from the imprisonment of past grudges and anger. Simplify your life. Let go of the poisonous past and live the abundantly beautiful present… today. Nah that ain’t gonna happen!

  3. A warrant for breach of peace. I don’t care what happened!!! A warrant for breach of peace!!!!! Look it up…..there are 2 laws for bullshit misconduct. One is breach, which happens in a “public place” and the other is disorderly conduct for misconduct in a “private place”. Correct me if I’m wrong and if I am they’ve changed the statutes since I retired from the cops in 97. This is TOTAL BULLSHIT. My question is who will the attorney be THAT SHOULD represent her PRO BONO??? ……. against this corrupt behavior by the administration???!!!!!
    Breach of peace!!! A week after the “incident” no less. I would SERIOUSLY interview the Police Officer who was TOLD or ORDERED to write up this warrant application.
    More to come…….

    1. Oh and I forgot…. both breach of peace AND disorderly conduct arrests are done on sight by an officer who witnesses the “offense”. An warrant application for something THAT PETTY might be done for a drug dealer so that when the warrant was later signed by a judge, IF he would sign it, the cop could arrest the dealer without other “probable cause” and “find” the “fruits of ANOTHER crime”
      It’s unethical and just a way to perpetrate “legal harassment”.
      Such bullshit.

      1. No different than Defilippo’s arguement that more liquor stores closer together would be better for Bridgeport’s economy. No wait that was Lynn Haigs testimony…. provided by Defilippos lawyer, the honorable Charles Willinger.
        And….. bartender… pour me another …..AND…..wait for it……….
        …..no tip for you. !!!!!
        Bunch of crooks, all of them!!!
        More to come…..

  4. I’m confused. An alleged incident occurred a week ago that alledegly involved Maria Pereiera and a BOE member. Why weren’t the police notified at the time this alleged incident took place? Why did it take a week for someone to file a complaint that apparently resulted in an arrest warrant. When someone is aggrieved, they report it to the police, then the police respond by investigating the complaint, and act accordingly. So am I so clueless to think that both parties are engaged by a police officer to determine if in fact an arrest is warrented?

    1. Lisa, “A Fish Rots From the Head Down” and like Harvey wrote concerning Maria, “each individual councilperson were notified via a text.” All of this comes from the top and this also shows the lack of leadership rom Police AJ Perez and his boss, Mayor Joe Ganim.

  5. AND,each individual councilperson were notified via a text.Why??…
    Once again, instead of any of the council persons questioning anything Joe does, they all line up like good little soldiers and wait for further instructions from him,afraid that if they question anything,they will lose favor of the DTC.This is how it’s done in Bpt.

  6. Incidents like this are EXACTLY the reason Joe &Mario arranged to make sure Perez was chosen as chief,he does what he is told and doesn’t ask questions.

  7. Again, if we can get early voting passed, we will win elections my point being absentee ballot corruption guarantees these guys stay in power- early voting will alleviate that in my opinion

    1. Don’t boo! Instead, Mooh when the mayor passes by. With a little luck the mayor should call animal control and have you moved to a Farm nearby.


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