Gauging The Upper East Side, Fonseca And Frank Seek City Council Seats

Fonsceca, Frank announcment
Dollie Fonseca and Gage Frank filed paperwork for City Council run.

For Dollie Fonseca and Gage Frank it’s game on. The Democratic political activists have joined forces to run for City Council in the Upper Side 138th District against incumbents Anthony Paoletto and Nessah Smith who say bring it on. They may have primary company. Still to be heard from is District Leader Maria Pereira who may run two council candidates.

Fonseca, Frank city hall
The candidates on the steps of City Hall.

Fonseca, a member of the Democratic Town Committee, is the wife of school board member Ralphie Fonseca. Frank has been active in several political campaigns including for State Senators Marilyn Moore and Ed Gomes.

“Compassionate leadership is necessary. In order to get things done, you have to get involved,” stated Fonseca. “I’ve been involved in Bridgeport my whole life and I believe that bringing our neighbors together is key to inspire change. Gage and I will bring a fresh and new perspective to City Council because we care about the 138th district. We will work incredibly hard to ensure that our district’s voices are heard on the council.”

Bridgeport is facing the same issues it faced when I was growing up here with crime, education, and taxes–the difference now is that we can make a difference,” Frank said in statement. “We need a team in the 138th that will effectively protect and represent our immigrant community. We need a team in the 138th that will ask the tough questions when it’s time to approve the budget. We cannot treat our most vulnerable residents like a line item of the budget, and that is why I’m running.”

Frank has also worked on races for State House members Steve Stafstrom and Jack Hennessy, as well as working in Hartford for the Working Families Party. He currently works at the political consulting firm Grossman Heinz. He has a B.S. in Sociology from the University of Scranton.

Fonseca is a Licensed Registered Respiratory Therapist, RRT, with the State of Connecticut. Fonseca is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University with a B.S. in Liberal Studies, and a Justice of the Peace. She is also the first Latina motorcycle instructor for the State of Connecticut.

See their Facebook page here.



  1. Shouldn’t the sentence read “Gage and I will bring a fresh and new perspective to “the” City Council because we care about 138th district”?

    I would like both Dollie and Gage to give us three specific examples of their good deeds in the 138th District over the last five years.

    I’ll be waiting … a LONG time.

    1. Not knowing either of them that well, I still can say the best thing they’ve done for the 138th is to run against you and/or whichever minions you will put up.

      Give it a rest, Maria. You’ve done more harm than good for this city that you claim to love so much. The best thing you could do for the 138th is to move far away. Although that may be bad for Lennie’s readership. God knows it’s like watching a train wreck every time you decide to share your unsolicited thoughts, we just can’t look away at the destruction.

      Gage and Dollie, way to go! I’ll be looking out for the first fundraiser.

      1. Also, I’d like to know what you honestly believe are the three best things you’ve done for the 138th in the last five years.

        I know you’ve been busy getting in fights with your fellow BOE members, meddling in the work of qualified superintendents, derailing the entire BOE with your bullshit, being an overall thorn in the side of those trying to actually get something accomplished.

        I’ll wait.

          1. Ms. Gray,
            I believe you are the vice president of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats in which Gage Frank’s girlfriend is President. And the President, who is also Gage’s girlfriend, is also serving as Dollie and Gage’s Campaign Treasurer.

            As a “young Democrat,” I strongly recommend you cultivate the ability to connect the dots.

            I believe your slip may be showing. 🙂

        1. Ms. Palmer,
          I am more than happy to answer the question, but first I would like to know if you are a resident of the 138th District.

          In the meantime I will contemplate which three things I will post as accomplishments since moving into the district in November 2012.

          I will await your response.

          1. Oh honey. Was that really the best you could do? I would love to correct every spelling and grammatical error in your responses, but it would take too long and it’s not worth my time.

            Get your facts straight the first time you come for me. I’ve connected many dots in this city and you are bad news and very disliked. You’re not effective and you’re not a leader.

            You don’t know me, but you will. And you’ll see a lot more of me than any classless “slip” comment. So nice try … but really so pathetic.

          2. Well, of course your friends don’t like me. Three of your members are former employees of Ex$ell Bridgeport. I believe two of them were actually let go.

            Just connecting the dots.

          3. Not effective??? There is so much data and information that in no way supports your assertion.

            I wonder how many times Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa have discussed your strategic ability or your ability to influence the outcome of an election. My guess is never.

            You see, it’s when you ARE effective that the slimy and self-serving politicians in this city do everything possible to come for you.

            I don’t think you have anything to worry about, at least not anytime soon.

          4. The grammatical error was in their formal press release announcing their candidacy, not a blog post. Attention to detail matters in their political quest.

      2. Ms. Palmer, speaking of unsolicited thoughts; who asked you for yours?

        As I have stated here; I encourage anyone who can legally run for office to do so. However, the facts clearly show since the election of 2013; only the candidates I have supported have won the 138th District. And they are as follows:

        2013–Andre Baker, Dave Hennessey, Howard Gardner, Sauda Baraka and Eric Alicea

        2014–Scott Hughes and the five TC members I supported

        2015–Special Election of Senator Gomes

        2015–Ganim, Bradley, Walker, Pereira, and the only city council candidates who ran on Ganim’s ticket and won were Paoletto and Smith.

        2016–138th TC, all nine members of my slate

        2016–Senator Gomes and myself

        The facts are just that, the facts.

        By the way, Mayor Finch spent an absolute fortune in the 138th District because he knew it was critical to his defeat of Ganim. Ganim spent ZERO in the Thomas Hooker Precinct and I gave him his third largest plurality in the entire city.

        Donate as much as you like because I have repeatedly demonstrated money does not prevail in the 138th District.

        In closing, it is incredibly judgemental and dimwitted to call the candidates I will be supporting “minions” when by your own admission you have no idea who they are.

        You know what they say about trainwreck posts; you just have to laugh, and laugh, and laugh, etc. 🙂

      3. Ms. Palmer,
        Why wait for the first fundraiser? The link above takes you to their donation form.

        Why wait until tomorrow to do something you can do today?

        1. Just naming a good deed Gage and Dollie did for the 138th. As you requested. In Andy’s eyes running against who you run. That’s two good deeds for the 138th, and a third would be winning the 138th seats. There are your three good deeds they will have done for the 138th.

          1. You asked for three good deeds. I gave them to you. If anything, you asking for three deeds didn’t make sense. They are not elected officials yet. The deeds come afterwards. It’s what they will do for the 138th.

          2. Robert, Dollie Fonseca is an elected member of the 138th TC. In addition, since when does one have to be elected to do a good deed on behalf of your neighborhood or community?

            Running for office isn’t necessarily a good deed, especially when it is for selfish reasons and not to truly serve those you seek to represent.

            None of your examples constitutes a “good deed.”

          3. Fair enough on the deeds. I’ll give you that.

            But using the word selfish might be unfair.

            One can say you were selfish when you went and asked everyone to vote for Ganim and his ticket because you were on it. Now you’re against him and everyone who was on it. If not selfish definitely bad judgement. Don’t you think?

            Please name three good deeds your candidates did whom you plan to run in the 138th.

          4. Selfish??? I worked 50 to 70 hours per week on Ganim’s campaign from May to Sept. without $1 in compensation. I didn’t ask for a city job for myself, my daughter, or anyone for that matter.

            I put in that work based on his commitment to our public school children. A secondary reason was to oust Mayor Finch.

        2. Maria, I generally like. No one says you don’t work hard.

          A. There were other candidates who were not sent to jail for pay to play whom you could have supported to oust Bill.

          B. You had a falling-out with Ganim before he ever took office, before he ever won the general, I think. What promise could he have broken before you and he got elected?

          C. Since this is my comment. I don’t know Gage, don’t know you. He seem to have support on OIB, you’re in the middle, you will provide facts. So will they and the fact is you supported Anthony and Nessah. The way I see it you attack Anthony and Nessah, fact based or not, Gage and Dollie attack your judgement on your selection. That’s a fact. How effective is their ground game will have and what negative impact on you. My point was simple, build some support with Gage. It keeps the negative off you and builds support with Gage. You want to go for a grand slam with your own picks, whatever the political election fallout, go ahead. If you win you’re on top if you lose how will that affect your run with Stallworth? You want to play Mario and pick winners and losers go right ahead. I hope your picks don’t flip on you if they win because you can’t go back saying they broke their promises now I want you to vote them out. Just my opinion. TWT.

    2. Why don’t you tell us three significant things you and your six lapdogs have accomplished. Let’s not count the egg hunts or the Christmas tree lighting. Why don’t you tell us what you have done about local flooding? Maria, in your case tell us how you improved education for the kids in our schools. Add anything else you can think of. Oh I almost forgot, tell us about the rooming house across from the stores on Huntington Turnpike?

      1. Andy,
        You have repeatedly posted comments about me any my six “lapdogs.”

        Now please follow along carefully.

        There are nine Democrats on the 138th District TC.

        Dollie and Ralphie Fonseca repeatedly disrespected their running mates and broke their campaign promises.

        9 – 2 = 7

        Angel demonstrated mental health issues and I have a protective order against him through June.

        7 – 1 = 6

        Therefore, I am the 138th District Leader with five additional active and involved members totaling “six” of us, not myself PLUS six TC members.

        This is the same math you were taught in school, not today’s math.

        1. So you are telling me what I already know, that you have six supporters on the TC. I hope you are inviting them to meetings like you should, or you can be replaced, election or no election.
          You are claiming you helped the following get elected: Andre Baker. However, the facts clearly show since the election of 2013; only the candidates I have supported have won the 138th District. And they are as follows:

          2013–Andre Baker, Dave Hennessey, Howard Gardner, Sauda Baraka and Eric Alicea

          2014–Scott Hughes and the five TC members I supported

          2015–Special Election of Senator Gomes

          2015–Ganim, Bradley, Walker, Pereira, and the only city council candidates who ran on Ganim’s ticket and won were Paoletto and Smith.

          2016–138th TC, all nine members of my slate

          2016–Senator Gomes and myself

          The facts are just that, the facts.
          You have bad-mouthed everyone you list here except Howard Gardner, Sauda Baraka and Eric Alicea.
          You are a windbag with no special powers except bullshitting.

  2. Very excited for Gage and Dollie and can’t wait to not only donate to their campaigns, but to also volunteer for their campaigns! I believe they will both bring much-needed change to the City Council, which will bring effective change for Bridgeport.

      1. Care to volunteer and do something meaningful and worthwhile with your time? Feel free to sign up first! You apparently have all the time in the world since your day and night job seems to be reading and responding to every comment! Get a real job or maybe actually do something worthwhile with your time. Seriously.

        1. Ms. Gray,
          Seeing as I am a resident of the 138th District, the 138th TC District Leader, am not a carpetbagger, and was born and raised in Bridgeport, and am an elected member of the BOE in which my top district was the 138th; I believe it to be highly appropriate that I weigh in on this particular topic.

          Here are some relevant questions for you:
          – Were you born and raised in Bridgeport?

          – If so, which schools did you attend?

          – Are you a resident of the 138th District?

          – How many candidates in Bridgeport that you have actively campaigned for have actually won?

          – Are you always this full of hot air?

          – Are you just all talk, or will we see some results and action?

          I believe I already know most of the answers, however I await your responses.

          1. Maria, it was going great until the last two questions. 🙂

            You need to be more DTC “leadershipdential.”

          2. Robert, shhhhhhhhh.

            I asked these questions because I already know the answers. I am waiting for Ms. Gray’s response.

          3. Maria, you have no stake in what happens here. You are a renter and can leave at any time.

        1. Girl. Get your facts straight. What is wrong with you? I live in Bridgeport. 134th District. Feel free to stop by in all your free time!

          I agree! It’s unbelievable you don’t know anything about me OR where I live, but yet you throw anything around. Get it together. I mean I know that’s hard for you, but at least put forth an effort.

          I don’t have time to keep correcting you. It would undoubtedly become a full-time job.

          Until we meet in person,
          Lauren Gray

          1. Ms. Gray,
            First you referred to me as “honey” and now you referred to me as “girl.” Let me make it absolutely clear, I am a woman, not a “girl.”

            Second, one of your colleagues who apparently isn’t very active, messaged me that you lived in Fairfield and are “annoying.”

            Third, not a single politically active person I spoke with knows whom you are or one thing about you which only serves to demonstrate you have no political relevance.

            Fourth, we now know you are a resident of the 134th which has tremendous issues with conflicted leadership. That district is where YOUR focus should be.

            Fifth, you still have NOT answered the rest of the questions regarding where you were born, which schools did you attend,
            are you a carpetbagger, how many Bridgeport candidates you actively worked to get elected actually won, are you just full of hot air, are you just going to post on OIB or will we see some action/results?

            I would recommend you NOT start something you are unable to finish. I don’t know you at all, but I am more than happy to finish whatever it is you think you want to start. And I don’t mean that physically, I am referencing an intellectual battle.

            As one of my respected mentors told me today, “she would be nuts to take you on.” Now my mentor is definitely a “Honey.” 🙂

          2. First, cat fight.

            Second, your research is slipping.

            Third, one of her colleagues told me she is well known in the political world of BPT politics.

            Forth, Gage is running for a council seat and it affects the entire city.

            Fifth, she doesn’t have to answer your questions because you already know the answers.

            Sixth, I’m support Gage because Day said he would make excellent addition to the City Council. If he doesn’t, blame Day.

  3. Here’s another shout-out for Gage Frank. I think he’s the type of leader Bridgeport needs on the City Council. And yes, he’s a friend, which is also why I write this.

    Gage is young but well-versed in politics and policy. He has the integrity to ask the tough questions Bridgeport needs to ask. And he is optimistic, a quality in short supply in much of Bridgeport’s politics. Win or lose, Gage Frank learns lessons for the future and looks to the future, not to settling past scores.

    I do not know Dollie Fonseca, which is why I say nothing about her. Clearly, the voters of Bridgeport’s Upper East Side District 138th are going to have quite a large contest to judge, and no candidate will have less than a challenging path to winning. The incumbents, Nessah Smith and Anthony Paoletto, are among the most gregarious and well-met members of the 2015-2017 council. And according to Lennie, Maria Pereira is recruiting two candidates to sponsor. Thanks for highlighting this contest, Lennie, and bring on news of the other districts!

      1. You all will comprehend one day, hopefully sooner than later, what Maria has achieved and accomplished for the whole City of Bridgeport.

        – Andrew I’m from planet earth where we keep moving, round and round. You like your stagnant so enjoy the same old bullshit with a different name and date.
        – Ron upgrade your glasses and get a new hearing aid, you’ll see and hear further than your mind is letting you.

  4. Maria, I’m not a political strategist. You have supported Ganim, Anthony and I believe Nessah. Now you’re going to run candidates against them. Gage and Dollie are running against them as well as your ticket. You will attack Anthony and Nessah, Gage and Dollie will attack them as well as you about your judgement for initially supporting them and asking them to vote for Anthony and Nessah, can’t wait to see the mail flyers on this. 🙂

    Politics is about winning but now you’re running against your own wins. If you win then you’re on top, if you lose you’re on the bottom. Choose your battle wisely. You’re touting your wins, so ego seems to play into this. The only win that really matters is against Stallworth.

    It’s a gamble, but more importantly it goes against you more than your ticket or who you anoint, because it’s more about you at this point than who you put up to run.

    A safer minimum bet is to support Gage so they can’t attack you. Make him sign that pledge you talked about. Considering you are friends on Facebook and according to Steve that a privilege. TWT. Just saying.

    1. Robert, please stop giving me unsolicited political advice. I seek advice from my tight inner circle, people I trust, and those who have had success in local politics.

      I am not going to “attack” anyone. A good canvasser educates voters based on facts and previous voting records.

      I am supporting challengers for City Council in the 138th District because Anthony and Nessah failed to keep EVERY campaign promise they made. Mayor Ganim has been even worse at keeping his personal and public campaign promises.

      I have repeatedly and publicly stated politicians get one chance to lie to me, they will not get a second. I have also spent over two years educating 138th voters that you never vote for a lying politician because it teaches them to keep lying because they get reelected anyway.

      I am listing factual information regarding 138th District election results to counter someone who lacks basic elections knowledge.

      Please don’t give me advice on whom I should support. I will be supporting candidates that we select.

      1. Maria, it was my opinion and it was valid one. I don’t know who WE constitute when making a selection. A more appropriate response would have been, thanks Bob, WE will take it under consideration, not a condemnation. I will honor you wish and never voice my opinion. Does that go for supporting you or any candidate you and your tight circle selects in any election?

        Please reply. A non-reply will mean you don’t want either my opinion or my support.

        The art of politicking.

        1. Non-reply is cowardice.

        2. A reply No I don’t want your support of any kind, then that is where you stand.

        3. A reply Yes I want your support but not your opinion, that is where you stand on pandering.

        I wait for your reply. I don’t take you as a coward, a panderer maybe. You are a politician, right?

        1. Robert, but I am not going to take it under consideration. Would you rather I lie and say I will? You don’t live in the 138th District, therefore it really isn’t your concern.

          I believe I have repeatedly posted here requesting you to NOT defend me against negative posts. I am more than capable of responding to negative posts myself. I can handle it. I’m good. I don’t know how else to say it.

          1. But you have taken it under consideration. Consideration is just a thought. The lie would have been yes I will support him and don’t.

            A proper political response would have been, Bob thank you for your input however after consideration I don’t think my supporting Gage would be prudent. I intend to do a search for a candidate who is more aligned with my goals for the future I have for 138th.
            Again I’m defending you just because I’m agreeing with you or disagreeing with someone else. NO, I will not. You are a public official. The first one to say please stop taking my side, but a public official nonetheless. 🙂

  5. I can’t resist editorializing on the critical comments towards Maria Pereira. Some of us from “back in the day” have witnessed men and women who became political wonders because of all the ink given to disparage and discredit them. It should be obvious Maria couldn’t give a rat’s butt what is said about her. The proof is in the numbers at the end of the day. Political motivation comes from a couple of powerful sources, commitment and the drive to defeat those who use words to conquer as opposed to those who have the ability to organize, work twelve hours a day, touch voters, think out of the box; rather than have 50 people giving lip service, they have ten who actually engage and deliver. I have no comment on those who choose to run for public office, it’s encouraging to see them willing to step up, hopefully for the right reasons. Good luck to all!!!

    1. To be fair, we (at least me) are only criticizing Maria’a critical comments. Her rammatical critique of the misplaced word “the.” I take slight to such critiques based on my own less than perfect grammar. 🙂 🙂

  6. Embarrassing. This foolish posting got 60 comments and still counting. Other more substantive postings get virtually ignored. Maybe OIB is “not” the place to be with silly postings getting the most comments and with serious postings you can hear the crickets from Monroe.

    1. I hear what you’re saying, Frank. The post is important but the majority of the comments were trivial and foolish. Most of mine were.

      Maria, who are you running?

  7. Frank, although who represents the 138th District may seem trivial and unimportant to you, it is important to those of us who live in the 138th District.

  8. As a matter of fact, I have friends for over 20 years who have known and respected her. It’s a small world.

    Gage Frank is just a great guy. I think I first met him while he was knocking on doors in my neighborhood. Marilyn Moore? Chris Murphy? Not sure. I have always respected his opinions and we have not always campaigned on the same team. I am not sure if his girlfriend’s being the President of the young Democrats is an important issue and honestly I did not know that. I do know she is also an extremely respected and accomplished individual so I guess on paper that is pretty impressive. Personally, I think Gage and Dollie make fine candidates and always appreciate people who take the time to run for office. People who actually work and give their time. I am not familiar with Nessah and I think young Anthony Paoletto is a fine young man trying to find his way on the political stage. His accomplishment of being the youngest councilman elected to office was a great feat. I think Maria Pereira was definitely the reason for their successful run. Maria is a one-man army. That was the one thing we shared in common.

    I think any candidate who Maria puts up will be looked at as a puppet.

    Gage and Dollie have the maturity, experience and drive. I believe if they win they will serve the city very well. Best wishes to all the candidates.

    This is of course my opinion. Dollie and Gage, they are good, honest people.

    1. For the record, in the above post I had two paragraphs regarding Dollie. First, I had first met her through Maria Pereira who sang her praises. I have since become a fan. Her magnetic personality and huge array of interests will help her to personally connect to the constituents. She is a woman of substance. I know her from the political arena and I’m currently a client at her place of employment. I have never heard a negative comment about her except from this blog.

      As a matter of fact, I have friends for over 20 years … see above post!

  9. Mr. Weintraub, it isn’t arguing, it’s debating.

    I am interested to know why you are so concerned about what I do, or not do. Why such interest? Honestly, besides this particular question,I have no interest in your position on any particular issue

  10. Gage Frank, go for it and I wish you the best. You must be doing something right because your running really has Maria Pereira really pissed off and it’s probably because she can’t control you like Mario and Maria do.

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