Hundreds Attend Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunt 1

The 138th Democratic Town Committee District hosted the first annual Easter Egg Hunt events on the Upper East Side last weekend with hundreds in attendance, according to one of the organizers Maria Pereira who serves as district leader. She’s also a member of the Board of Education. Check out scenes from the events.

Easter egg hunt 2

From the 138th District In The Know Facebook Page:

We would also like to thank many other volunteers that helped organize the events like Cynthia Infante, Amy St. Onge, Timothy Bassey, Michele Small, Luis Sanchez, Sonia Vielot, JoAnn Kennedy, and more!

We estimate over 300 children, parents, and grandparents attended the Nob Hill Event on Saturday, and over 200 attended our event at Success Park on Sunday.

Not bad for our First Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts. 🙂

Thank you,
Maria Pereira, 138th District Leader
Helen Lozak
Michele Small
Michelle Fox
Eric Stewart Alicea
Erris Allen

Easter egg hunt 3

Easter egg hunt 4

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Easter egg hunt Pereira
Maria Pereira dons her ears.


  1. The downside of organizing an event for the first time is you don’t have any history as far as turnout.

    We only had 15 volunteers for over 300 attendees at Nob Hill. The prize table was slammed and there was a long wait. The transition of each age group from game to game was shaky.

    We were able to organize 20 volunteers the next day at Success Park, and the games ran much better with the prize table showing improvement as well.

    I also want to thank John Romero and his lovely wife, Angel Resto and his student volunteers. Joann Kennedy brought three former students who were great as well.

    We had many parents thank us for holding this event for their children. If you look through our photos you will see so many children smiling from ear to ear, enjoying the games, and enjoying the Easter Bunny!

    In the end, that is really what it’s all about.

    And on a side note, I recognized Senator Gomes at both events and he would only say “this is not time for politics, just have fun, and Happy Easter.”

    Perfectly stated.

  2. To those that thought of the children by organizing these events, congratulations! I hear there were at least a couple of other such events planned that day in other parts of the City, I would have stopped by to support them had I known. I missed Senator Gomes, but heard that he spent a long time mixing and mingling with the parents and kids. I had to work that day, but I did find a little time to attend the Easter egg hunt in the 138th district. I can say that the time and effort that went into that free, fun, exciting afternoon was commendable. It’s refreshing to know that others also did their best to make our kids happy.

  3. Gee Lenny, what about the other Easter egg hunts throught the city? Didn’t Mary Evette Brantley and John Olson have an even in Brooklawn? I think it is wonderful that children can enjoy the Feast of Fertility. I have never attended an egg hunt but I assume it is fun. 🙂 Good job to those that gave their time and effort. I am certain it was most appreciated.

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