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In Only In Bridgeport: An Illustrated History of the Park City, the story of a resilient ethnic city emerges. Author Lennie Grimaldi’s colorful narrative weaves the tale of this city’s crucial role in the world’s great wars–this city of entrepreneurs that would house great munitions factories and produce helicopters, submarines and luxury automobiles.

Bridgeport’s role as the industrial and armament center of the nation grew from its vitality as a magnet for immigrant groups disillusioned from the far side of the world. This ethnic diversity added immeasurably to Bridgeport’s mind and muscle as the brass, machine tool and electrical industries took hold in the mid-nineteenth century, thanks in large part to the city’s most famous citizen P.T. Barnum who lured manufacturing giants to the city.

Grimaldi’s text, complemented by more than 200 historical photographs, features a heartening success story as townspeople feverishly worked to rebuild a burned facility in time for a Christmas celebration for the city’s children. In words and images, Grimaldi also showcases recent struggles and triumphs including Bridgeport’s recovery from federal bankruptcy court and challenges to solidify a development identity.

In celebration of Bridgeport’s 175 years as a city, Grimaldi showcases the city’s worst and best of times.

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Only In Bridgeport–Special Book, Special Price