City Council To Hear From Chief Ramsey On Police Department Findings

The City Council Monday night June 8 will conduct an Informational meeting with retired Chief Charles Ramsey, a CNN contributor, regarding his report on the Police Department. The meeting will be conducted by Zoom/Teleconference at 6 p.m. The public may listen by calling the following conference line and then entering the conference code:

Dial-in Number#: (929) 436-2866

Meeting ID#: 943 9138 6749

Ramsey was retained by the city to recommend reforms in the wake of several controversies within the Police Department. Ramsay’s findings will be made public for the first time.



  1. Place your bets.! Either this will shut us all up, or make it more interesting, or prepare us for the riots!!!
    My bet is that it will be tame to mild.
    Cheers !!!!

  2. Well for openers, it will be tame by all means. Knowing how consultants work and knowing clients this report has already been “white washed” by the mayor, city attorney and others.
    That is why I have been calling for the original report. I still think it will be critical in some sense since the mayor has sat on this so long.
    I do not know Mr Ramsey at all but he should know that his reputation has already been tarnished as a result of the city of Bridgeport but we shall see how bad the report actually is.

    1. Bob, I’m in agreement with you, Chief Ramsey needs to use his original assessment and what original contract called for so that taxpayers know all of facts and why was there such a long wait for this report not being made know to the taxpayers.

      The report will stress the need for more specialty training, the need to improve trust and confidence with the public, clear lines of responsibility are just a few of the easy points that we already know. Everything will depend on what the contract states because it could a very limited in his scope. Yes, the report will be tame like most reports are. We already know what some of the problems are like the beating by 3 cops at Beardsley Park of a black man who has been tase, the killing of a teenager, Jason Negron by police and allowing his body to be uncovered for 4 hours and the incident on Colorado Ave with 17 police officers. There is no way that the BFD can come out smelling like flowers but again it all depends what Ramsey looked into.

      1. “Cities Ask if It’s Time to Defund Police and ‘Reimagine’ Public Safety”

        NEW YORK TIMES Farah Stockman and John Eligon June 6, 2020

        After more than a week of protests against police brutality and unrest that left parts of the city burned, a growing chorus of elected officials, civic leaders and residents in Minneapolis are urging the city to break up the Police Department and reimagine the way policing works.

        The calls to redirect money away from the police come as cities face steep budget shortfalls because of the economic fallout from the coronavirus, and as public anger against police brutality has roiled the country. Redirecting funding is one of the few levers that elected officials have over the police, who are frequently shielded by powerful unions and labor arbitrators who reinstate officers fired for misconduct.

  3. Well we know Ernie Newton follows OIB so he should ask whether this report is the original report or just a brief synopsis of said report? If that isn’t the orginal then a recess is in order to supply the CC with the orginal because any decision can’t be made in good conscience without the complete report. The CC as well as the community deserves to see what it paid for without any redactions, changes or alterations.

  4. What I think happens is the original report is issued and then the city gets to rebut it and then it is changed.
    So for example, Chief Ramsey might say “the entire police department is poorly trained and the entire organization needs to be addressed.
    So Mark A reads that and say this needs to change. If Mark suggests it should be changed to read “everything is in tip top shape” Ramsey would say that’s not what I said.
    So Mark A would so Mark would say “the department is in excellent shape. A few area need updated training materials and organizational chart”. Ramsey would say better but not there yet.
    And back and forth until a much water down assessment is reached.
    Rather than a truly honest assessment of the BPD you get a watered down version. The mayor and Mark will know what was said but the public will not.

    1. Bob, the orders have gone out to the Bridgeport City Council from Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa not to make anymore comments about the Ramsey report and as you can see they all are obeying those orders. That meeting Monday on night will be a love fest, no one will challenge anything publicly, it will be business as usual.

  5. I truly hope that this is but the beginning. First there should be public hearings in every neighborhood to give the public an opportunity to speak about the report and the policing in that part of the city.
    Surely you must believe that 10 council members will vote for that, don’t you???

  6. Bottom line, if the report was a positive,glowing assessment of the dept, Mario would have released it in a day after getting it.At this point,it has been “Anastasi-ized” .

  7. I believe that the number 1 question that should be asked of Chief Ramsey is “In light of the recent incidents of police brutality and the resulting protest nationwide what are the 5 most important changes in the BPD should enacted immediately.”
    This should cut thru a lot of the political BS and get to the heart of the matter. If he doesn’t answer or says he needs some time to think about that and will get back to the council then you know he is just doing the mayor’s bidding.

  8. At the granular level we might ask about the number of cases against the City that bear on police employment issues, testing matters for advancement, ignoring rules as well as behavior with respect to force used against citizens judged inappropriate to rules, training, and good judgement. These are matters of critical fiscal matter to the City. What is the potential for taxpayer dollars to need to be used to settle? Where and when do citizens gain a forum to express their views about better ways to gain better outcomes, including less risk of major settlements?
    GRANULAR: June 5, 2020 a gathering held in Black Rock at Ellsworth Field. An solar powered sign was at the field in the past two weeks declaring that the field was for neighborhood use, for safe activity. The only publicity for the event was on social media, but the Police Department knew about it and had a planned response. Based on what assumptions?
    Observation and inquiry before 3:00 PM until after 4:30 PM indicated that the folks who came peacefully spoke, listened and took an 8 minute knee to honor the death of George Floyd and then peacefully dispersed.
    But SOMEONE in Bridgeport PD planned a presence that included up to 30 officers who occupied at least 17 official vehicles and also some personal or decoy autos. How many were scheduled to stand around and watch for what? And why? And at what expense? With a four hour minimum and overtime rates at 1.5 times base pay, who authorized this gathering? I did not speak with the responsible officer but perhaps someone can give a more accurate accounting of the actual expense based on actual levels of pay. Did the Police Commission have any hand in review or oversight of this activity or other demonstrations, protests, recent times. Was there actually one or more officers at the top floor of the high rise condos across from Ellsworth Park. How does this all look today? Time will tell.

    1. It’s not a 9-to-5 job. What if they didn’t send anyone or ordered only a few officers to monitor the event and then the shit hit the fan? Then one could say that the police or the department was negligent or whatever. Etc etc etc.
      Police protection is not a luxury it is a necessity. John, even if the department manpower levels were larger and acceptable by any and all standards you would still have an appreciable amount of overtime. That’s just the nature of the beast. If you or anyone else still don’t understand that, there is no explaining it to you.

      1. Oh, and going back to what I said about pandering: the “defund the police” adage is just another example of something that will NEVER be done.

        1. Rich, I truly understand The Duty of Fair Representation (DFR) and as a union officer for two pribstey sector unions and also for the (IAFF) firefighter union. If we had a firefighter who was making things bad for everybody we still fought for them BUT we would read them the riot act, we would get their ass on how their action is hurting the whole.

      2. Rich, it is as you point out a 24/7, all weather JOB. I get it. I also respect the experience you bring to this discussion site. That is the reason I have sought to talk to you by phone, requesting a call from you, that you have not answered. Your choice, of course.

        But the PD is the largest and most expensive unit in the City budget because of its current leadership, by Mayor, Police Chief, Commission, and City Attorney Department. At a time when the trend in crimes has been less violent, is it a time for a different look at policing, structure, duties, etc? The employees of PD “serve and protect”, yes? Who is served and how do they feel about that service? Is that important? Service businesses in the private sector are only too concerned with the feelings of their customers. Where are the Bridgeport customer responses or surveys? Do they only show up as protests when police are seen kicking a man on the ground, creating a genuine contrast to training and attitude and a fiscal risk for the City in court?
        What was the basis for the amount of police power present last Friday PM? Does the public realize that needs all over the City must be balanced within budgets? Does the public know about how the PD uses OT requests and needs, both internal within the mission, and external to assist private firms with their own needs, in detail?? Why not? Is it about time to open up the “policing plan” including selection, recruitment and training of folks who are more familiar with our population dynamic and cultural diversity as well as inner city poverty? Time for an in depth discussion, Rich? Time will tell.

    2. WOW!!!! JML, is Ellsworth Field a private field for those in Black Rock or is it a public field? John you said that, “Bridgeport PD planned a presence that included up to 30 officers who occupied at least 17 official vehicles and also some personal or decoy autos,” was some entertainer, sports celebrity or public official was to make an appearance at Ellsworth Field? John, have you ever seen that many police officers at Ellsworth Field before? John your post made me think about what happen in Brunswick, GA, where a 26 year old black man, Ahmaud Arbery, was running at a jogging pace in a white neighborhood where a white father and son fatally shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery who was running through their Georgia neighborhood. The father and son believed that Arbery had no business jogging on a public street in that neighborhood, well, where those 30 officers who occupied at least 17 official vehicles were there to prevent any Arbery from playing in that Black Rock neighborhood field? Seems like over killed by the BPD, where did that order come from and what was the reason? Time will tell.

      1. Ron
        Pay no attention to JML. Just like Maria P, it’s all about JML and not the issue he seems to be addressing.
        He is more interested in counting Police Officers, their marked vehicles and those that he determines are possible DECOYS (the mind of a conspiracy theorists) rather than listening to what was going on.
        He even observed the apparent officer in charge but wouldn’t ask the questions of him because he might just have the answers that would then end his story.
        You might almost feel sorry for him but EVERYTHING no matter what fits the same pattern with no answers.
        So sad 😞………

        1. Bob, you’re right but if you notice my comments were in the form of questions the same way John does. I keep asking him to give some answers to his questions.

          1. Do I get under your skin so badly, Bob, that factual reporting of Police Department coverage of a peaceful gathering causes you such “sadness”. Perhaps you need some hormone meds? (That is a question only your cliical practitioner can and should answer.)
            And Ron, of course I provided some answers that you asked. Any credit for those I did respond to.?
            You failed to share any feelings you may have had about the subject of what to my eyes seemed a case of “overpolicing”. But you did finish with two questions, so I understand that your computer key with the (?) is not broken on your keyboard. That is wonderful. Don’t feel the need of any sorrow over my opinions and writing. I am enjoying my attempt at community sharing of current and relevant facts, especially when they seem uncovered elsewhere in media. Time will tell.

      2. Ellsworth Field is public as you well know. Youth baseball, softball, soccer and tennis courts for all ages as well as a kiddie playground are present. They benefited from State funds perhaps a decade ago. Those are things Ron knows. Police staffing at one time, I believe, included 21 officers on three shifts per day or something close to that. To cover what turned out to be a peaceful community sharing of sorrow and expression of concern received a PD response, that was overkill in my opinion. Any one else care to provide a thought (although perhaps you will not ask a question or the OIB interrogation police will object).

        Ron and Bob, was this covered by the CT Post? Or OIB? Perhaps on a facebook site, but then I do not claim to secure my “news” from there. Not that I have seen. The police presence was the largest I had ever observed at that location for what turned out to be a peaceful protest. What the public needs to consider, and how would they do that without a reporting of the facts, is that there was a considerable City expense involved. And folks I spoke with on Saturday and Sunday did not know the fact or how such a presence is funded. They were surprised.. I am still seeking a more complete reporting without which I will not post answers that have not been both observed and corroborated. I did speak with three Bridgeport Police officers who were unable to answer simple questions, but were putting in their time, using their training, and were pleasant to me.

        At one time you did not like the length of my posts. You do not like the fact that while reporting factual news no where else reported in media since Friday, I also continue with questions. I respect your rights to your opinions, but I also understand your intended disrespect. I have not offered any conspiracy theories at any time that I can recollect..Bob also is not happy about when and how I do my fact finding so my reporting style is not consistent with his standard? Shucks, another question. Take a pill, men, or choose to call me since you deem yourselves my “Editors in Chief”, DAYTIME 203-259-9642 Time will tell.

        1. JML, I’m sure that one of these individuals could assist you.

          Police Commission President
          Daniel S. Roach (D)
          19 Quinlan Avenue

          Police Commissioner
          Hector Diaz (D)
          34 Arthur Street

          City Council member
          Scott Burns (D)
          29 Eames Boulevard 06605

          City Council member
          Matthew McCarty (D)
          29 Harbor Avenue

          1. As a matter of fact one of those individuals was consulted before the event regarding who, what, when type of questions and was fairly much in the dark frankly. Of course you know these folks and could also ask reasonable questions IF YOU WERE SO INTERESTED in the topic which was about the murder in Minneapolis of George Floyd two weeks ago. Why would a gathering at Ellsworth Field on such a topic promote such police concern do you think?

            I am in reasonably regular and respectful communication with the two Council members. However, for years I have awaited information and/or commentary of value from the Police Commission on matters of community policing, the operation of internal affairs in a recent racist inquiry, a serious cost/benefit review of the practices by the City in “discovering” a qualified Police Chief in a manner that would be by the book and avoid time in court and such expense, and more. How forthcoming is your dialogue there? And if it is not forthcoming, why are you content with ignoring obvious questions?

            . Perhaps your regular commentary includes information of value. Please inform us of that as it, by itself, be “newsworthy”. As is my routine signoff, and is one that some find worthy of emulation on occasion, time will tell.

    1. More recent municipal records show that on March 6 the city issued an additional check to Guidepost for $47,061 and on April 24 a check for $46,134. On Friday the city’s law department confirmed those amounts and also said that on April 30 the city was billed $16,651 by Guidepost as well.


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