Pat Fardy, Former Zoning Commission Chair, Passes Away

Pat Fardy

Pat Fardy, former chair of the Bridgeport Planning & Zoning Commission and wife of 52 years to the late city firefighter Andrew Fardy, passed away June 5. She was 82.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Pat moved to Bridgeport in her early 20s where she met Andy through mutual friends at a dance. Together they formed a bond that would lead to raising their children on Bridgeport’s Upper East Side as well as decades of political activism in the city as members of the Democratic Town Committee.

While Andy embraced a feisty persona, Pat was the cooler companion speaking thoughtfully in her Brooklynese.

It was that thoughtfulness that helped her navigate the city’s complicated land use policies as a long-time member and chair of the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

Pat also dedicated decades of service as an accounting volunteer on behalf of Park City Little League.

She leaves behind two sons Shawn and Seth as well as their respective wives Lori and Julie.

She was also a loving grandmother to eight: Andrew, Sarah, Alexis, Shawn Jr., Brooklyn, Gretta, Lilly and Joshua.

She also leaves behind three sisters and many nieces and nephews.

No public service will take place due to Covid virus.



  1. Pat was an unusual and ultimately unforgettable Bridgeport public servant. I met her first while I was a member of a neighborhood land use group. We appeared at Zoning hearings frequently and listened to Pat, lead, participate and generally deal with the matters brought before the group’ She was practical, respectful , knowledgeable and sometimes humorous in her public dealings. She was competent and patient in trying to get fellow citizens to know the rules and work with them.
    Within a few years I had teamed up with Andy as we attempted to serve an oversight role as citizen fiscal watchdogs. Health issues took them away too soon from all of us. They were earnest, honest, and though sometimes Andy seemed irascible, they had integrity and a genuine public spirit which they shared with all of us, not merely kept for their own benefit. Time will not take away the fact that we miss them. Now that they are together once again, may they truly rest in peace;

  2. Pat was always professional, a class act. Andy was grumpy, but loved Bridgeport and served with pride as a member of the most outstanding Fire Department in the State.


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