Ganim Embraces Obama’s Call To Action Against Police Brutality

News release from Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Ganim signed the Obama Foundation pledge which calls for a commitment to action by mayors and other community leaders across the country to address police use-of-force policies. The call-to-action is made by former President Obama following the death of George Floyd and the need to engage the community in steps towards procedural change that will be conducive to positive police and constituent interactions.

On June 4th, 2020, Mayor Ganim joined an event organized by Reverend Mary McBride-Lee and Reverend Herron Gaston with local clergy, community leaders, City Council members, Bridgeport Chief of Police Perez, Assistant Chief Garcia, and Bridgeport Police officers who knelt for 8 minutes and 46 seconds at the memorial in front of police department, to display solidarity with those who support the need for policy that safeguards against police brutality.

During the event, Mayor Ganim stated, “This is not a sprint but a marathon for our nation. We are a part of the moral arch of this country. President Obama called on each one us as Mayors, and every community, city, citizen, police officer, religious leaders, and council members–we all have voices. Words matter, action matters. Our actions are meant here as a statement of unity and change in Bridgeport and, we hope, in the nation, as well.”

Reverend Mary McBride-Lee: “We thank everyone for being here today. I would just like to say we are here for a particular reason: We are here to say we will not be silent anymore. We are not here to condemn the police department or officers but to stand together in unity for our brother Floyd.”

Reverend Gaston, “We are inspired by our young activist and must not undermine or diminish their contributions to move our country forward so that we can become the best version of ourselves.”

Bobbi Brown, “There’s no proper way to protest, but there’s a safe way to protest. We’ll be back, the young people aren’t going anywhere.”

Dr. Carolyn Nah, “I hope this death of Mr. Floyd helps Bridgeport to set the precedent for change in the United States. We don’t have to look anywhere but right here in our own backyard. You’ve got the leadership in this City, we’ve got great minds in this City. We have to utilize them … One person can’t do it. It takes all of us as a united front.”

Chief Perez, “These images are beyond disturbing and they cast a stain over the law enforcement profession and dedicated men and women who serve and protect their community with honor. Every day, every incident matters.”

President Obama’s Commit to Action pledge states, “We can take steps and make reforms to combat police violence and systemic racism within law enforcement. Together, we can work to redefine public safety so that it recognizes the humanity and dignity of every person.”

By signing the pledge, Mayor Ganim commits to engaging the community in the review, report, and reform of use-of-force policy in the City of Bridgeport.



  1. What BS. Start by releasing the Charles Ramsey report in its original format NOW.
    Don’t waste any time. Let the public know what the Chief said in its original language without editing it down to nonsense. Make the report public tomorrow. End the stalling.

  2. My significant partner always asks why doesn’t Bridgeport change. This is why.
    In a time of national crisis, Joe Ganim and crew use it as a photo op. This is as bad as Trump using every thing at his disposal to clear the demonstrators in DC so he can walk across the street and hold up a bible.
    No difference what so ever. All for show no meaningful substance at all.
    Words, words, words. No action whatsoever.
    Damn crying shame.

  3. Read the CT Post article on line. The Police Dept was called in and they found the report. It was already filed under N for Nonsense in a file cabinet in the mayors office. He said he thought he had released it.
    The council will review it Monday. Say Hallelujah!

  4. Bob, the entire City Council must be held accountable for not demanding to provide the taxpayers of Bridgeport the information in Chief Charles Ramsey’s report about the BPD. Why are they scare to demand Mayor Joe Ganim, Chief Perez and the Police Commission for the Ramsey report. Bridgeport needs to have outside protesters to March against Mayor Ganim, the City Council, the Board Of Education to take their knee off our necks. No Justice No Peace and you know that there’s no justice in Bridgeport.

  5. The more things Nieves says, the more I’m convinced she hasn’t a clue about how to do her job..For instance,how does she come to this conclusion below???….. The fact Joe was basically forced to release this report, should tell you all you need to know..And I’d imagine Anastasi went over it with a find tooth comb,” fixing” certain statements.


    “While holding off on publicly issuing this
    makes it seem like there were really bad things in the report, I don’t think there are,” she said. “I think there were positive things and recommendations as well, and some stuff we’re already doing that needs to be tightened up a little.”

    1. Harvey, boy you got that right, Nieves not only hasn’t a clue about how to do her job but she along with the ENTIRE City Council are ENABLERS of the problems in the BPD. Bob Walsh said yesterday, “Mark Anastasi has gone through this report sentence by sentence several times fining the smallest changes in order to prevent it from becoming final and thereby FOIable.”

      Charles Ramsey has been on CNN for the past two weeks speaking about the George Floyd protesters and how he was killed and the culture of the police and if you listen to Ramsey you would see Bridgeport with the 3 police officers in Beardsley Park beating and kicking of a black man and the killing of 15 year old Jason Nergon. Mayor Ganim needed Charles Ramsey’s report on the BPD to kept closed because Joe Ganim was running for governor in the Democrat primary against Ned Lamont, Negron was shot and killed on Fairfield Avenue on May 9, 2017.

      From CT Post: April 25, 2019

      Former Chief Charles Ramsey, who heads the consulting group 21st Century Policing Solutions, will be paid $25,000 for up to four months. The price includes expenses.
      “I and my team will be looking at the way things are done here and will be making some suggestions here and there,” Ramsey said during a press conference Thursday afternoon in the mayor’s office.
      Ramsey said at this point it is too soon to say what procedures in the Police Department need changing and that he first wants to meet with focus groups from the community. If the Ramsey report was a good showing of the BFD it would had been out before his run for governor and his reelection run for mayor.

  6. I think since the council wants to throw in ideas on fixing a broken system, we should start at home.

    The police department has agreed to wear body cameras, thus so should all politicians from ganim, to the entire city council, board of police commissioners, and even city’s attorney office. You’re all public servants, no hiding behind your shady agendas and corruption. Every meeting and every Incident you encounter as a public servant like cops, should be documented on video.

    And now I wait for the backlash 🙂

    1. Jo, I can understand why “turnabout” would seem like fair play and thus if some “public servants” must wear body cameras and have them operating when they are doing public service in the open, perhaps the major difference is the fact that at this time most other “public servants” do not have deadly tools with which to exert power over the public including instant mortality. They may bury us financially or fail to exercise oversight that allow bad status quo to continue or even when they “see something they fail to say something” but most cannot exercise the level of power that is both final and fatal. Will you generate support or backlash. Time will tell.

  7. Now let’s call for the release of the checks paid to Charles Ramsey and see if they were actually Late in paying or if that was just more Bull Shit from Mayor Ganim.
    I know I can FOI them but I’d rather the city release then on their own to back up what the mayor has said.
    Release them NOW.

  8. I would like to echo the sentiments of Ron Mackey.
    Where are the Black and Brown so called leaders demanding action.
    I can only imagine what my political friends, George Pipkin, Charlie Tisdale, Caesar Battalia, Willie Matos just to name a few would have done with this stalling technique when lives are at risk.
    Let’s see the checks NOW!

  9. The economic part of the equation to protect Bridgeport minority youth ,and indeed, all working-age Bridgeporters, the JOBS/tax-base expansion of the CT city with the highest amount of unemployment/poverty — BRIDGEPORT — has been a complete and utter failure in both the G1 and G2 administrations. There is no real plan for tax-base expansion and JOBS creation in this administration, so, much of what the Mayor promises in regard to social reform is so-much BS… Bridgeport will not be able to hire the best and brightest PD candidates, capable of the most self-restraint, so, in the context of economic hopelessness, minority kids (and others) in Bridgeport, will continue to expose themselves to policing by some officers that shouldn’t be on the job anywhere, especially in a poor city of color… So the mayor, like our POTUS, will continue to stand on nothing but empty promises and empty claims…


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