Yikes! Sikorsky Projects 2000 Furloughs

SikorskyStatement from Sikorsky spokesman Paul Jackson:

“As a result of the government shutdown, we have no choice but to furlough approximately 2,000 employees across the enterprise effective Monday, if a budget agreement is not reached and the government shutdown ended before then.”

 Statement from Governor Malloy:

“This is what happens when House Republic’s unconscionable that so many working families would be unfairly put in this situation. The people of Connecticut, and of the entire United States, deserve better. Once again, I call on House Republicans to stop this irresponsible behavior and pass a clean continuing resolution that funds the government, keeps people at work, and doesn’t threaten to undo the important progress that’s been made toward economic recovery.”



  1. *** Whether you voted for the GOP, or these GOP leaders like Ted Cruz are not even in your State; Google their government web sites or e-mails and let them know what a disservice they’re doing to the American people and the country by playing Obamacare politics with the American Fed Budget, the country’s debt ceiling and rates, etc. Voice your opinion all the way to Wash DC and exercise your right of speech about your country and its legislative representation up in the nation’s capitol. *** LET THEM KNOW! ***

  2. Here is a link to sign a petition to pass a budget that defunds Obamacare. If you want to put these people back to work spending your money making the weapons that make America great, sign the petition. Obama should not be holding us hostage to make sure his healthcare package goes through.

    1. Let me get in the spirit of name-calling. You are a heartless moron.

      So what’s your solution for the guy who got laid off, can’t find a new job, his COBRA has run out, and he can’t buy private insurance because he has a preexisting condition? Is he supposed to just roll over and die after he loses his house because he can’t pay his medical bills? Or is he just supposed to go to the ER for all his care because they can’t turn him away (which by the way is causing hospitals to go broke)? Or maybe you want him to move to Canada? With Obamacare this guy can buy a policy similar to what he had when he was working.


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