Step up! St. Patrick’s Day Parade Marches On Friday

Here’s your chance to needle your favorite politician. Check out the Greater Bridgeport St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Friday. Downtown parking meters will be suspended.

Ganim Mario St. Pats
This image, from 2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, is biblical. Mayor Joe Ganim and Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa. Mario, what’s with the blue?

The parade starts at noon at the Webster Bank Arena, heads down Broad Street to Fairfield Avenue and south on Main Street where it will end near the Barnum Museum.

McLevy Green is a cool place to watch the parade. If you desire a window seat with a favorite beverage, nothing like Ralph & Rich’s. Get there early, window seats go fast. Harlan Haus is another hot spot. Tiago’s used to be a hot spot but you can’t go there anymore. Actually you can go there but the bar is closed. (Sorry, Joe.)

Peter Carroll

The genial Peter Carroll, Business Manager of local 488 I.B.E.W. and President of the Fairfield County Building Trades, is grand marshal.



  1. Downtown Bridgeport is going to be amazing. So many great eateries to check out. I would imagine a great spot to party and view the parade would be the new Tequila Inc. Saw people in there today. Tomorrow would be a brilliant day for a grand opening. A great view of Broad street as the parade marches by. Friday was to be my day off, but alas- I do not want to miss the parade and the meters will be free to enjoy the parade. Hope to see you all there at noon!! Hoping for a better forcast and some positive energy.


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