State Attorney General Files Lawsuit To Revoke Pensions Of Perez And Dunn For Rigging Chief Test

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

The state’s attorney general wants to take away the pensions of former Bridgeport Police Chief Armando “AJ” Perez and former Bridgeport Personnel Director David Dunn.

On Wednesday, two months before Perez and Dunn are to be sentenced in federal court for rigging the Bridgeport police chief’s selection process to make Perez the city’s top cop, Attorney General William Tong filed suit in state Superior Court to revoke or reduce their pensions.

Perez, who had a 40-year career with the Bridgeport Police Department, currently receives a $102,072.36 annual pension through the Municipal Employees Retirement System. Dunn receives a $80,769.24 pension through MERS. Both men resigned from the city following their arrests and later pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

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  1. Wouldn’t that be sweet if they really lost their pensions. It would certainly be a deterrent for future hires that may have thoughts of violating the public trust. I’ll bet that it doesn’t happen though- at least to the degree that some people might want.

      1. I wanna bet on it, if someone could give me a ride to Bridgeport Casino? I’ll treat you to a show at one of our newly renovated theaters in return.

        1. Thank Lennie. Well at least there’s a chance then. I told AJ just after he was appointed “actor” to call it a day and enjoy retirement before something bad happened. I of course didn’t know that he would actually have a hand in making something bad happen! I figured the cards were laid out for him by others and he’d stay “clean”. Sorry to say but he deserves what happened to him and how the rest pans out.

  2. I’m happy this has happened, but it should have been initiated by that rudderless ship called Mayor Ganim. David Dunn might be a go because MERS is a state pension, but Pérez is being paid by the City of Bridgeport and Ganim won’t hit his boy!

    1. Don, Mayor Joe Gamin still got all of benefits after stealing taxpayers money and serving time in federal pension. There’s a very big difference from stealing money like Ganim because he was selfish and a thief. AJ Perez wanted the easy way to beat civil service testing so he got two other cops to help him cheated along with David Dunn. But it was David Dunn’s crime that was worse than Ganim and Perez, Dunn corrupt the entire civil service system, civil service drastically improve local government operations at a time when professional management had yet to emerge. It replaced systems of patronage with staffing based on merit, as determined through examinations. There has been NO investigtion into Dunn and his running for 12 years as the “Acting” Personnel Director into other tests or hiring. How can anyone have confidence with the testing and hiring with the City’s Civil Office but what does the City Council with Ernie Newton taking the lead, this what they come up with, City Councilman Ernie Newton claims the most egregious act of violating Civil Service comes during the lame-duck period of mayoral administrations without regard to checks on the system. Give me a break, the problem is when during the lame-duck period of mayoral administrations. I have asked a number of times with no one giving me an answer to who is Eric Amado and what are his qualifications to be the Personnel Director as the “Acting” Director?

  3. I agree 100%.
    What are Eric’s credentials?
    How long has he been in the field?
    Does he have a degree? Two or four years?
    What was his major and his GPR / QPR?
    What jobs did he hold prior to Bridgeport?
    What type of progress has he made since graduating?
    Just the basics Lennie. You must know these.

  4. I don’t always agree with some of Tong’s thoughts and actions, but this one I definitely do agree with. there have been little to no consequences for those who do wrong in Bridgeport (and indeed across Connecticut). It’s about time that there is.

  5. Ron and Bob, Eric Amado is the son of Carmen Colon and stepson of former State Senator Andres Ayala. That’s all the education that he needs that qualifies him to lead both Labor Relations and Civil Service. Puerto Rican’s are Mayor Ganim’s most loyal political base and he continues to flaunt the rules of fair play, honesty and transparency to take care of his most loyal base.

    1. Don, Carmen Colon is a nice person and mother who also has volunteer her time as a judge and role model for the Barnum Festival King and Queen contest . As for Andres Ayala, I’ve always had good working relationship with him. I feel that Andres would be a real good mayor. Now, as for Eric Amado I would like to know his background and credentials to run Civil Service, I would not want him to be setup for failure because Eric is running two very big and important City Departments, the Labor Relation Office and the City’s Personnel Office.

  6. *** Let he who has not sinned, cast the first stone! *** Taking a man’s long-year’s pension & leaving him high & dry is a sad thing. For A.J, not including the % money made while P/D chief in his pension would be right & for Dunn who’s in his 70’s its up, its anyone’s guess how they would handle that since its state funded?


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