Rosario Ribs Book After Election Roasting

State Rep. Chris Rosario devours this recipe book every two years.

The thing about Republican Ethan Book, he’s either a glutton for punishment or a deeply principled page turner.

Just put it on the calendar every two years, Book challenges State Rep. Chris Rosario, popular in his neighborhood, in a Democratic district that outnumbers Republicans 15 to 1. But who’s counting?

The loquacious Book tries to get under the skin of the incumbent, fueling vast conspiracy theories that will touch the toots of Trumpers. No matter what, Book will not give up the point, digging in admirably that this time he’ll break it down, things will be different.

Ethan Book

Well, another election and another nearly 80 percent of the vote for Rosario who Facebooked this good-natured ribbing of Book:

After each election, my wife treats me to a nice dinner to celebrate. On the menu is a special slow roasted rack of ribs that’s only served every two years in Early November. I’m told that these ribs are made with a secret blend of 128 herbs & spices. The recipe BOOK is then put away for another two years.

Maybe in two years Ethan, a one-man limo service, will chauffeur Rosario to the ribbing.



  1. Lennie, the Democrat to Republican ratio in the 128th at the time this article was published was not 15 to 1, rather was less than 13 to 1, that down from over 20 to 1 the first time I challenged Rosario in 2014. That decline of 35% is the result of my active campaigning and registering voters. Also, your article was before there was an official vote count, also before there has been any meaningful audit of the voting processes. The article was also written days before Chris’s sister Leslie, living in south Jersey, got a call from their older brother Virgilio from jail, saying their ailing dementia ridden mother Iris was in the hospital, emaciated and near starvation, all when Chris was supposed to be caring for her and when he and his wife Kathryn had control of Iris’s debit and food stamp cards but about 80% of the monthly benefits were not going to mother Iris, rather we’re going to Chris, Kathryn and their children for things like paying for Chris’s cellphone, auto insurance, Kathryn’s hair dressing, New Haven YMCA, many UberEats, restaurant bills, midnight Uber rides, MANY cash withdraws, and video games for the children, even one of $600 to Chris. Lennie, if you want to cover this one-sided story, why didn’t you ask me for comment? Why haven’t you covered my election-sensitive lawsuit against SOTS Denise Merrill and the Bridgeport Registrar of Voters? Why haven’t you covered the material about the apparent felony theft and elder abuse of Chris and Kathryn? Finally now, I wonder if the rib dinner reportedly bought by Kathryn for Chris corresponded to the money transfer of $80.95 made from Iris’s bank account on Nov. 5, 2020.


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