City Legislative Delegation Sweeps To Victory

See full unofficial results here.

Members of Bridgeport’s state legislative delegation were all returned to office on Tuesday: State Senators Marilyn Moore and Dennis Bradley and State House members Steve Stafstrom, Antonio Felipe, Jack Hennessy, Charlie Stallworth, Chris Rosario and Andre Baker.

Congressman Jim Himes also won reelection handily.



  1. Congratulations Marilyn Moore on a hard fought victory. Not only did you have to battle the Republican candidate but also your own party. But you showed once again the voters can ignore intraparty differences and vote for the candidate.

  2. OK Jeff. It’s Tuesday. When is this great tsunami going to hit and Gov Lamont and the state of Connecticut are coming in and rescuing the city of Bridgeport from itself?
    Anything we should do in preparation?

  3. Wow! If my math works (someone check my #’s I’m operating on fumes) approximately 38,000 voted of about 77,000 eligible in this city. About 36% turnout. Let’s celebrate the 3.6 out of 10 voters that bothered to walk to a mailbox, vote in person or use the drop box. Bridgeport will continue to be sh!7 upon until people wake up and vote. To those who can’t be bothered to vote, thanks for nothing.

    1. P.S comrade, let me depart with this. Why are you demeaning the people of the Port who didn’t vote? What’s your main set, your motive for such a view, and what do you hope to accomplish? I mean, it’s not like the duly elected official are null and void because of the percentage of votes cast. If the Port is shit it’s not because of the % of votes cast but more than the people elected. You are an elected official and you shit on its people because they didn’t vote in a foregone conclusion general election. It’s not like a Republican candidate is going to win in the Port. If the % was 100% it wouldn’t change that duly eleced official, for the most part. So I am wondering who of those duly elected officials are you upset with, who won because the low % of votes cast? Help me wake up to understand what elected official you feel was elected that continues to keep the Port shit? JS

      At any rate, it is sad to see an elected official who was elected to the BBOE to make the Port’s education stronger demand the people of the Port, If this is what you think of them how do you feel about their kids. JS WOW.

      Bam I am out of here like the prophet Eminem. 🙂

    2. Joe
      38,000 / 77,000 is 49.4%. And you’re on the Board of Ed?
      Why don’t you use this as one of your questions when you interview your candidates.
      Another way is to figure out what’s half (hint divide by 2) of 77,000 or 38,500.
      Since 38,000 is almost 38,500 than it is almost 50% which is a lot more than 36%. It’s remedial math for you

      1. I’m sorry my division is correct and your addition is wrong. Numbers Lennie provided above 21,742 Biden 6,452 equals 28,194. How did you come up with 38,000?

        Do the addition again. (Hint you don’t carry the one unless the numbers add up to over 9z

          1. Oops. Removing foot from mouth. A typo after doing the proper math. 38,000 should read and was computed as 28,000.
            Therefore the turnout (unless a/b not included is roughly 36%)

  4. Hey comrade, why are you and your pencil so upset? Didn’t you hold that the Italian community, as well as “white” in the Port should have no say in the faith of Columbus’ statue and school name? 🙂

    P.S my math pencil tells me Arizona through a monkey wrench in Tump’s path and Eminem’s Detroit capped if off. The rest is just a forgone conclusion just like the Port’s general elections.

    Prophet Eminem came through.

    1. Must’ve been the six foot distance between the people on the line. Hillary got more votes in 2016 in Bridgeport than Biden and Trump COMBINED! Also the 2008 election had about 4,000 more voters. Unless, I’m missing something and or all the votes haven’t been counted yet this year it appears our turnout shrank. I hope somebody can prove me wrong, I pray that I am wrong. Because in the alternative Bridgeport will continue to be the states dumping ground unless we wake the f&@k up.

  5. The biggest story of this election is the passive acceptance, of most of the electorate, of dangerous, incompetent, un-American leadership in the top positions of this country’s governmental structure — in particular, the Presidency/Cabinet, Supreme Court, and the pivotal US Senate…

    While we will eke out a measure of salvation, in the form of a tepid Biden victory, we are doing so by a minimal margin of votes with a much-less-than-robust turnout of voters in the face of the need to remove a POTUS that actually presents an existential threat to the political survival of the country — even as the lives of its citizens are threatened by a deadly pandemic that has been incompetently managed (or purposefully mis-managed!), with callous indifference, by an incompetent POTUS, on a backdrop of civil-unrest prompted by POTUS-endorsement of armed, racist/terrorist “patriot” groups and their unholy activities…

    A healthy US body-politic would have turned out in percentages well above 70%, nationally, to assure the ouster of the Evil-idiot menace in the White House…

    Real patriots have their work cut out for them for the indefinite future in resurrecting real patriotism and political activism at all levels of government in this country over the next months and years — as we go about repairing the horrible damage done to our government and society over the years since the Kennedy and King assassinations of the 60’s, through the disastrous Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Trump years that have left us in turmoil, as a people, and vulnerable as a less-than-viable political entity…

    The past 60 years in this country have been nothing less than an undulating, time-dilated civil war, narrowly averting a time-scale that would result in a compressed-time, frenetic finale to the slow-rhythm blood-bath/political-economic chaos that have been our domestic history/distinct era for nearly three, full generations of Americans… We have nearly played-out that compressed-time finale under the evil-idiot, chaotic “leadership” of the current POTUS. We can only hold our breath now, for a couple of months, and thank the Deity that this Administration will soon be history…

    (On a more positive note: There is now a new play-book to work from in designing movement toward the fulfillment of the American Promise — and there is a huge, un-mined resource of latent political involvement to apply positively, in this regard… In terms of Bridgeport, it would appear that of the 100,000 potential electoral participants in this city, less than 40% are active. Politicians seeking citywide and statewide office should be very mindful of this discrepancy… A smart mayor/smart state delegation — neither of which we have — would be playing this discrepancy maximally to our advantage…)

  6. Final thoughts, now that racist Trump was defeated is racism over, black lives matter, no more corona or foreign government influence, health care solved, racial systematic system, ended, no more police abuse of power, and this country are right as rain?

    While Trump was building his wall, the D’s were building their midwest blue wall. 🙂

    P.S Don’t worry Comrades Day and Ron, you won’t have 45 to blame, but Maria’s here for at least another year. 🙂

    Bam I am out of here. Lennie’s OBI, thanks for the platform and the education. It was a pleasure. 🙂

  7. My thanks to the 1,847 citizens that voted for me in the 127th. I was expecting to break 2,000, but obviously didn’t work hard enough to reach my goal.
    I do hope that after slapping each other’s backs on their great victories, the delegation will get to real work and return to Bridgeport more than the crumbs we’ve allowed them to deliver for decades.


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