Sewer Fee Collections Create Financial Backup

Processing poop generates revenue. City councilors claim forceful collection practices abuse constituents. City lawyers are trying to reach common ground on uncollected fees.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

With uncollected sewer use fees nearing $500,000, the City Attorney’s Office is hoping to reach a truce with the City Council in a months-long fight over aggressive collection tactics.

Council members and the Water Pollution Control Authority board agreed last year to place a moratorium on the latter’s ability to foreclose on single-family, owner-occupied homes that fall behind on sewer bills. No other properties were exempted from WPCA foreclosures.

In the meantime the city attorney has been drafting reforms to the WPCA’s debt-collection process, which critics have argued is too punitive and allows private collections lawyers employed by the city to levy excessive legal charges on poorer residents.

Full story here.



  1. This is an easy transition from raw sewage…
    Anthony Paoletto is now working in the City Clerk’s office reportedly making over $40,000 per year.

    His father, Richard Paoletto, works for the city after three verified complaints of sexual harassment, being forced out by Finch, and rehired by Ganim.

    His mother is a secretary for the BOE and has never taken the Civil Service exam.

    Don’t you just love election season? I know I do. 🙂

  2. Auerbach will chime in to say the aggressive tactics are great for the city, that forcing people from their homes is in the best interests of City Hall and the current administration.

  3. More stink from Bridgeport governance. A lot of employees of the City of Bridgeport need to be treated by the WPCA. The time is coming soon. We are all sick and tired of the GanimTesta rules of governance.


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