Ganim To Announce Details Of New Congress Street Bridge

Ramping up election-year media hits, Mayor Joe Ganim on Friday will be joined by Congressman Jim Himes and U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal to formally announce funding and a timeline to build a new Congress Street Bridge that fell into disrepair decades ago.

Ganim’s office issued a media alert about a news conference scheduled for Friday, 1:15 p.m. in the conference room of Fire Headquarters, 30 Congress Street adjacent the old bridge site.

Last week Ganim announced that the Connecticut Department of Transportation has committed 50 percent of the funding for a new bridge with a projected $24 million cost. The other half will be covered the City Council’s previously approved $12 million of city capital allocated for the construction project.

The bridge’s void has been a public safety and commerce issue for both fire response and East Side merchants.

Federal officials last year declared the Pequonnock River north of the bridge a non-navigable waterway for commercial boat traffic. As a result a new bridge can be a fixed span reducing the cost of bridge reconstruction.



  1. BTW..we already had one posting on OIB about Ganim building the Congress St. Bridge. Why do we need another posting about Ganim and the Congress St. Bridge???????????????????

  2. Fifth recycling of the BRIDGE NEWS in less than four weeks… It’s starting to sound like Bridgeport’s own version of the “The Wall.”…


    “We’re going to build a BRIDGE in Bridgeport. And it will be a cheap bridge (a shitty over-priced one), and it won’t be a draw-bridge, and it will stop all of the illegal, destructive up-river shipping commerce by the out-of-town drug smugglers and narco-terrorists using the upper reaches of our Pequonnock for their illegal activities, taking lucrative, illegal-drug business away from native-Bridgeport thugs and drug gangs who are just trying to provide guns and food and drugs for their families… And TRUMBULL is going to pay for THE BRIDGE (so that they can send their sewage under later…).

    City Hall is on-the-ball!

  3. Lol@ Joe, DESPERATE for any positive news.Got a feeling he’ll be giving us “updates” on the bridge all summer.What a clown, meanwhile businesses are closing up or leaving the city monthly. Luigi’s Bakery is this months closing.

      1. Sorrentos had their soft opening today, I stopped in to get some lunch meet, the store is beautiful, they repeated a few times that they are happy to be out of Bpt.

    1. Kid, The good people of Bridgeport are on to Joe’s Bull-shit, he showed his true colors with his feeble attempt at Governor (19%) and essentially telling Bridgeport Taxpayers to go “fluck themselves, I’m running for Governor” while running around the State and barking out orders from his cell phone.
      The Black Community gave him his last shot at being Mayor of this fair City and he blew it!

      1. Jimfox, you got that right, Joe Ganim really flick up and the Black voters are on to his tricky ways. He told them, fluck you, I want to be the governor because I’m to big and important to just be the mayor of Bridgeport. He wanted to share his talent to the state as governor but the Democrats in the governor’s primary rejected Joe Ganim by voting for Need Lamont 80% to 20% and they said, fluck Joe Ganim.

        1. Amen. Everyone is onto the snake oil salesman in the mayor’s office. “I broke the law…” Really Joe? You broke the trust of the people that actually bought into that pseudo confession at Reverend Charlie’s Church of What’s Happening Now. He’s another huckster, pimping out his congregation to win a $98,000.00 a year job at the tax payers’ expense.

          It doesn’t require a college education to see the people of the city of Bridgeport have been flimflammed once again by a corrupt political party committee. Time to vote these evil people out. Mario Testa doesn’t give a shit about the people of the city of Bridgeport. It’s all a game to him, a game played for personal amusement. Ganim doesn’t care. He’s only looking for photo ops because it is more important to see his picture and name in the morning edition of the Daily Bugle. The city needs REAL leadership, not a disgraced attorney.

  4. Black voters are onto him.

    It is the Hispanic voters that are in love with him. It is much more challenging to convince them that they should vote for another candidate.

    I have been giving that significant thought and think I have some ideas.

  5. Maybe the FBI is here to check out the owners east of the Congress St. Bridge?
    An Adult Bookstore will always drive The property values down in a Neigborhood.
    A broken bridge will totally destroy that Neigborhood.


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