Feds Looking Into Scrap-Metal Cash Sales, Ganim: City Cooperating With Probe

Federal investigators are looking into the sale of scrap metal for cash in the Public Facilities Department. On Thursday FBI agents were reportedly seen interviewing department employees. Word of advice, don’t lie to the FBI. Not worth the grief covering up for a buddy or a political sacred cow. It’s a federal crime to provide false information to a federal investigator.

Oftentimes defense mechanisms kick in when a federal investigator asks questions. Agents, if they haven’t already, need to establish federal protocol for how the money was taken in, who was involved and where the money went.

John Ricci, an ally of the Mayor Joe Ganim, runs Public Facilities, a super agency that oversees sanitation, street paving, parks, engineering and airport. Joe Tiago, who recently closed his Downtown bar after a series of violent flareups over the past few years, serves as deputy director.

Documents reviewed by Hearst Media report over $35,500 worth of cash-for-scrap transactions at Bridgeport-based P.C. Metals.

Ganim told the CT Post:

“Everyone has an obligation to cooperate with law enforcement. There is no gray area here … If there’s public money missing, it’s got to be acted on by law enforcement.”



  1. Well hell.
    How do you do.
    Starts slowly and then picks up speed.
    Starts to snow ball and then all hell breaks loose.
    They’ll find other scrap metal vendors.
    They’ll find other little kitty in the city.
    And before you realize everyone is turning on everyone else.

    1. 1 month ago -(December 15)- I wrote on this blog that the FBI was already interviewing “people” regarding this “corruption” and there were some nervous people walking around.
      Look at the topics for the next zoning board hearing. Defilippos attorney -Willinger, the “un-indicted co-conspirator” in the JG 1 case has acknowledged that the appeal filed in superior court against his efforts to get Defilippo his liquor license would be won and he would fail at getting that license. Having conceded that, they are now trying another go around by submitting new text amendments. I believe that if the “authorities” look into this 3 year saga and call out OPEDs Haig et al, they would find conspiracy and collusion with the obvious corruptive attempt to help an elected official get his way. Stay tuned- more to come.

  2. I’m sure none of Ken Flatto’s Scrap Money was funneled into Joe Ganim 18 for Governor or Mayor Campaigns.
    “It’s like deja vu all over again.” (Yogi Berra)

  3. Somebody is definitely going to get “canned” over this… Maybe someone will even wind up getting sent to the “can”… Bridgeport City Government just can’t help but act like a “magnet” for crime — no matter how hard they try to keep things clean (and green)… (This kind of news could lead some political operatives to an Election…)

    The FBI had better make sure to interview all of the bottle-return-site officials in the region — there’s no telling how many $millions were garnered by city employees from SHU-party clean-ups and park picnics…

    If only there were a market for recycled, curbside leaves!…

          1. Yes. Maria. The cafeteria and janitorial workers of the Bridgeport School System need to be checked out as to the multitude of refundable deposit bottles/cans that are thrown away by young BPS students on a daily basis.

          2. Frank,
            The number one beverage item we serve students is milk. A close second is O.J. Neither is served in cans or bottles.

            I don’t know of a single beverage we serve that is in a bottle or can. Please remember both glass and metal containers could be dangerous for our youngest students.

            We are not even allowed to serve water because it has no nutritional value under federal nutritional guidelines, therefore we don’t even have a lot of refundable water bottles.

          3. Ok. Maria. Maybe next time I meet I’ll clarify what i “heard”. But thank you for the information and maybe we can “compare notes” next time we meet. 😉

          4. Maria…………….
            Water bottles are not served as part of the free breakfast or lunch provided by BPS. BUT many students either bring in water bottles or buy them from vending machines available in some of the schools (especially high schools).
            I have observed a school security guard, assigned to cafeteria duty,regularly gathering these deposit bottles from tables before the kids threw them in the trash cans.
            These bottles were not the property of the BPS and the guard is doing all of us a favor by making sure they are recycled not going into the landfill.

          5. How about high schools. Are there vending machines that sell items that require a deposit and are high school students getting a refund on that deposit. I am just asking because i am curious and,to tell youthe truth,I heard a rumor from someone.

        1. I look at it this way, those bottles and cans are brought in by the students and are NOT sold in the schools so it never was city property. And half of them aren’t even returnable. They may possibly sell water bottles in the high schools but that’s about it. Then they usually throw them in the trash because they could care less about a nickel. Therefor, when the janitress’ or service assistants take the cans/bottles out of the trash they just saved the city money by making the daily pickup lighter. And think about it…..It takes a hundred bottles to make $5.00 so I doubt any of them are gonna move to an island anytime soon.

          1. I am just saying. I have seen neighbors with the huge garbage can liners that you see in public places and I was told “right to my face” that this was from Bridgeport Public Schools. As far as the returns program,it is an accounting issue. Any entity will need to dhow how many dollars in deposits were taken in and how many were returned to the consumers. If BPS students pay deposits to the BPS system,then BPS should at least recover those deposits paid to the State of Connecticut. The fact that some people are taking the deposits away from the BPS and are pocketing it is called STEALING.,

          2. Like Maria said already, the students do not pay deposits to the BPS, they pay it at the place of purchase, therefor they can do what they wish with the deposits, in no way does that reflect on the budget, other than the extra weight at the trash plant

  4. Ganim let Ricci do whatever Ricci want’ed to do after Ricci gave his “resignation.” Ricci decided to stay. Something stinks. We need a new mayor to clean out the public works/Ricci mess. Ricci has been a mess everywhere. Airport/the driveway mess. And now the scrap metal mess. How much longer do the People of Bridgeport have to deal with the mafioso/like dealings of Ricci. Hopefully,Ricci will be out of a job by December 1,2019. In fact, he should be thrown out RIGHT NOW.

  5. I think the FBI is looking for a way in to the Ganim administration.

    They are likely using this scrap metal debacle as a means to expand their investigation into other areas.

    The Vaz brothers who are constructing the new public facilities garage are a great place to start. They are significant donors to Ganim and one of them is related to Gina Malheiro by marriage.

    The Vaz brothers wanted to build a two family house in my neighborhood. They wanted 5 variances. The 138th DTC organized and successfully blocked it.

    One year later they were back with Ray Rizzio. Ganim had removed Linda Grace and the acting President/Chair off the Zoning Board of Appeals who led the charge to deny their application the previous year. A Portuguese woman was made Chair. We showed them repeated photos over the last year of their adjacent property, we publicly challenged the variances based on the law and case law.

    Their application passed unanimously. I am confident the Portuguese woman who was made Chair knew the Vaz brothers. Linda Grace is incredibly knowledgeable about Zoning and lives in the Thomas Hooker Precinct

    They took her off to ensure the second application by the Vaz brothers would pass.

    1. If the zoning board members and certain contractors have a half a brain…… believe it or not some don’t….. then they know they will be interviewed. Some will fold like a cheap suit.
      Hi Mel! You can start to figure your story about how many times you were duped. Remember folks….. don’t lie to the FBI….. OR the States A G investigators.
      To all: get ready for some interesting reading…… lol…. told you ……

    2. Maria, there’s no doubt about that, the Post article points out some very interesting points like the scrap metal petty cash fund was told to Hearst that it was only around $5,500. But documents obtained by Hearst in December corroborated the anonymous letter and showed over $35,500 worth of cash-for-scrap transactions between municipal workers and P.C. Metals. Why did Police Chief Perez tell Hearst that he had called in the FBI when the Chief State’s Attorney and local police investigated a similar scrap metal controversy involving Stamford’s vehicle maintenance operations in 2010 and 2011?

  6. Maria, you are very perceptive . The scrap metal issue and zoning issues are, unto themselves, very minor.
    I can tell everyone from first-hand experience that this is how the FBI works.

  7. Ohh..gee. Where is Ed Adams,Mr. Public Integrity of the Ganim Administration. Adams was the “fig leaf” to insure a squeaky clean Ganim Administration. Ed Adams,RESIGN NOW. SHAME ON YOU.

  8. Make no mistake about it the FBI didn’t come into Bridgeport just to investigate scrap metal money. Mayor Ganim and his administration are definitely on their radar.

  9. If nothing else everybody needs to listen to Lennie said, “Word of advice, don’t lie to the FBI. Not worth the grief covering up for a buddy or a political sacred cow. It’s a federal crime to provide false information to a federal investigator.” President 45 and his family and some of those who worked with him are now finding out the hard way.

  10. BTW,CT POST is reporting that State Senator Marilyn Moore and State Rep Rev. Charles Stallingworth are talking about whom might be the best candidate against Ganim. As far as I’m concerned,Stallworth is an intrinsic part of the TestaGanim cabal and that means NO WAY would I vote for Stallingworth.

      1. If State Senator Marilyn Moore does NOT want to run for mayor,it would be better to be honest and say “I don’t want it.” Please do not make a deal with stallingworth

  11. Thank you Rich Augustynowicz for keeping this City liquor store deal on the radar screen. I saw it in the Public Notices that both the text amendment and the DeFillippo deal is in front of P & Z on January 28th if my memory serves me well
    Reprehensible, to say the least.

    1. Yes! Imagine how it works?!!!
      If they pass OPED’s new draft Regarding liquor locations….which of course they will!!!… then FIVE minutes later they will vote to approve HIS location for a liquor license which has failed at all levels including twice in Superior Court!! Imagine that: on the same day someone gets an approval based on a law that didn’t even exist at the time they filed their application to be heard.
      This is so blatant , which is why higher investigative agencies WILL be notified and Zoning board members,Lynn Haig et al at OPED, Defilippo AND Willinger will be Called on the carpet. Council members DO YOU SEE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??????
      This saga is over three years old now. They won’t give up.
      NEITHER WILL WE…. more to come.

      1. And when I say COUNCIL MEMBERS I mean all you “New bloods” that ran to make a difference and change things for the better. The ones that say they want to make Bridgeport honest. Where are you? Anyone on the ordinance committee want to get involved?! On the liquor issue you have had some of yourselves there and the entire school board and all the church groups. Be brave, forge a new path and begin to save YOUR city!!

  12. I’d like to know who sent the anonymous letter saying the actual amouyis $35,000 in the metal fiasco.. I have an idea , but would like to hear who others think..

    1. How about some names of those who may have always known about it? Like those in “The breakfast club”. You know, the group that sits outside of the kitchen behind the little pizza place on the corner of Suburban and Brooklawn- on many mornings-weather permitting. You know!! I bet the surveillance pics came out very clearly. Even better than an anonymous letter! Anyone ever wonder how the bugs were planted many years ago on Madison in that other location with the owner there almost 24/7 ??? (The JG 1 case). Think about that for a while. Secret cooperation ? The press will have lots to report on with this latest stuff.
      More to come?!

      1. Rich,not sure about the breakfast club sending a letter,my thought is someone with firsthand knowledge,possibly someone who previously worked in public facilities and was either let go or demoted when Joe &Mario placed their people in after he won.

  13. As to Public Works,it still remains a mystery why John Ricci “resigned” some months ago and then was persuaded to stay on. That has always remained unanswered to this day. Why did John Ricci submit his resignation?????


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