Seven Dirty Words

As we segue into podcasting peculiarity, OIB begins a new feature later this week: Pol Pod, interviews with city decision makers that you can listen to with a click of your pointer.

Interviews won’t be long, five minutes or so, but we’ll share a little oratory flavor from the great and near-great pols that impact your life, and maybe a little more insight than they were expecting to give!

Alas, the interviews will not be as compelling as say a George Carlin monologue, but you never know. I remember the first joke I ever heard off the brain-dropping genius’ tongue: it was on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In about 40 years ago in vintage deadpan … “Here’s a sports score … the 76ers 49, the 49ers 76.”

Don’t ask me why at 10 years old I was laughing so hard I required oxygen. Thanks to Carlin, who’s passed into expletive purgatory, we get to use the “Seven Dirty Words” at OIB, although discerningly. (Is that possible?) I’m not sure I’d ever use one of the words in a headline, unless, of course, it came in the form of an official-to-official rant. I remember the day State Sen. Ed Gomes, as a member of the City Council, called his peer on the council Chris Caruso a “fat slug.” When I asked Eddie if he wanted to take back the words he said, “Yes, that’s an insult to slugs.”

Caruso gives as good as he takes. There was the day he called former State Sen. Ernie Newton, when he served on the council, a snake. I asked Chris the same thing. Did he want to take it back? Caruso’s reply: “Once a snake, always a snake.”

So, fair warning, if OIB Pol Pod subjects decide to use one of Carlin’s seven words, we’ll run them here in case you forgot …

“Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker and Tits.”

Speaking of dirty, Cougar Rodgerson (just kidding, Coug) is promoting pictures and playtime Thursday nights at downtown’s Baldwin Plaza.  Click here for this week’s flick. Bring white russians.

News release from Mayor Bill Finch

Mayor Bill Finch (D-Bridgeport) traveled to Miami, Florida on Friday to participate in the U.S. Conference of Mayors 76th Annual Meeting along with hundreds of other chief elected officials from around the country. The U.S. Conference of Mayors is a nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. During the meeting, mayors will debate and vote on policy recommendations to forward to Congress and the new presidential administration.

Agenda topics for the meeting range from the mortgage crisis to global climate change, all centering around how major policy issues will affect urban populations and what the mayors of large cities can do to influence national policy decisions.

“I’m very happy to be here at this very important meeting representing the largest city in the state of Connecticut,” said Mayor Finch. “This is a significant opportunity for mayors of all political affiliations to put urban issues front and center in this year’s presidential campaign, much as I’ve done in my home state by forming the Urban Mayors Caucus with Mayor Richard Moccia of Norwalk.

“This annual meeting is a great place for mayors to come together to trade policy ideas and debate the urban issues that confront us all.”

On Saturday Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President Senator Barack Obama addressed the group with a speech entitled “A Metropolitan Strategy for America’s Future.” The next day, former President Bill Clinton also presented to the group regarding what our cities’ mayors can do to force real change in America .

At the meeting, Mayor Finch submitted a resolution encouraging legislation allowing adult adoptees to gain access to their original birth certificates in an effort to raise awareness about the issue on a national level. In February of this year the mayor submitted testimony in support of Connecticut state Senate Bill 345, “An Act Providing Adult Adopted Persons Access to Information in Their Original Birth Certificates.” The bill, sponsored by state Senator Edward Meyer (D-Guildford), was co-sponsored and strongly supported by Mayor Finch when he served for seven years as Senator to the 22nd district.

Other Connecticut elected officials attending the Florida meeting include First Selectman Kenneth Flatto (D-Fairfield), Mayor Richard Moccia (R-Norwalk), Mayor Dannel Malloy (D-Stamford) and Mayor James Miron (D-Stratford).



  1. I would love to see Auden and Bob in one of those face-off type venues. They could be featured as Pol Pod Pals.

    Auden: “Bob. You %$#*~!”
    Bob: “Auden. “Your’e a #@XZ%!”
    Auden: “Fuckin A”
    Bob: “I’m from Canada. Fuckin Eh?”

  2. Bill has been a proponent for this adoption issue for years. Speaking of resolutions, will he please resolve the issue of no economic development director.

  3. I’d like to see it this way…

    Auden: “Bob. Did you ever receive any form of compensation from the entities for which your committee provided grant money”

    Bob: “Define compensation.”

    Auden: “Come on, Bob. Answer the question.”

    Bob: “Can anybody cite chapter and verse of these alleged transgressions. If they are so public why didn’t I ever face sanctions, censure or removal from office.”

    Auden: “That’s not my question.

    Bob: “Thbbbbbbt. Tommy, quick…get MCAT on the line.”

  4. What is the delay in taking over the “Black Rock (non)Art Center”?
    Bpt. could do better than the $1.00, ONE DOLLAR rent it now collects.
    Take it back and put it back on the tax rolls.

  5. Yahooy

    I tried. She put me on hold. Said she was going to try to get us on a three-way.

    Your idea of a debate should be an all-you-can-eat affair.
    The two of them can really chow down. If it’s shrimp, Auden “The Big Dipper” Grogins wins in a landslide.
    Ash Creek ribs, Rapid Robert rips her a new one. Maybe Lennie could have streaming video.

    Black Rockin is right about rolls.

  6. How about these 7 dirty words uttered by the democratic majority in B’port:

    “I will only work for Bridgeport’s betterment”

    Now isn’t that funny?

  7. Finch’s adoption quest is noble, but I can’t help but think that it looks more than a little frivolous when he’s the head of a city that requires a lot of focus from its top elected official.

  8. “Keeley is a parasite that should not hold the public trust and Grogins is a thoroughly empty shirt.”

    yahooy – So, what do you suggest Dems. in the district do in the August primary? Stay home?

  9. JBR

    What a stupid remark.

    Maybe, just maybe, we might get someone worthy of public office interested in running.

    Just because he’s the incumbent and will win doesn’t mean his constituency will be well served.

    He depends upon the voter apathy that prevails throughout Bridgeport to ensure that he remains in office.

    He panders to that defined group of Black Rockers who ALWAYS get out and vote.

    Maybe that’s the reason better qualified candidates won’t step up and run. No chance of winning unless the message is attractive enough to get the people off their arses on voting day.

    A Keeley/Grogins primary doesn’t offer much.

  10. Yahooy – You post that both candidates are unqualified. I ask you what do you suggest Dems. do in the August primary and you tell me I’ve made a “stupid remark.”

    The only 2 candidates in the August primary will be Keeley and Grogins. It is too late for anyone else to get on the ballot. The only choice voters have is to vote for one of the candidates or to stay home.

    At the risk of being called stupid again, I repeat –

    “What do you suggest Dems. in the district do in the August primary? Stay home?” (Or vote for one of the candidates you have deemed unaceptable?)

    The primary voters have no other options.

  11. JBR

    You really need to hit the Ginko and Ginseng hard. What do you think the people of Black Rock are going to do? The Keeley loyalists will vote him in…period. I don’t think the BRers should stay home. I think they should ALL get out and vote. You know that!!! You know I am a staunch advocate for an increase in voter turnout. Regrettably, all BR has to offer is Keeley and Grogins…what a pity.

    I want everybody who is registered to get in the habit of exercising their right to vote. I want everybody who is not registered, to register. That’s civic-mindedness. Civic-minded people don’t put up with the horse shit we are plagued with in this town.

    Civic-minded people don’t elect the likes of Keeley.

  12. Yahooy

    JFBR can hardly be described as stupid.

    Your argument against Keeley is based on hearsay. Still you have NOT cited ONE scintilla of evidence against Keeley.

    Auden and her mob are the Pandering Bears in this race. Finch, Roach et al:

    If this race were about the Rule of 72, or a breakeven analysis, I would defer to you. Otherwise put up or shut up.

  13. Answer my question.

    Nor has the candidate offered a firm denial.

    By the way, sycophant, have you noticed how many others are asking the same question?

    Some day somebody is going to ask Bob for a list of all the entities that he influenced grant money for. Then that same person is going to contact all of these entities and ask them if money was paid to secure these grants………No, wait. That’s how they caught Moses.

  14. I’m not picking on Mayor Finch but…OK I am picking on Mayor Finch. Adoption is a pressing issue at the Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting? Give me a break.
    Flooding in the Midwest wreaking havoc, death and destruction in the billions; out-of-control gasoline prices squeezing city services; rapidly rising electric rates pinching budgets; sub-prime mortgages resulting in unprecedented home foreclosures; crime rates rising as economy sags; soaring price of food pushes more US families to the economic brink; US deficit continues to grow. And this just in, Bridgeport’s mayor calls for action on adult adoption data.
    So sad. So, so sad.

  15. So yahooy’s argument seems to be, “Neither candidate is worth a damn, but come out and vote anyway.”
    That’s one helluva GOTV pitch.

    But perhaps there is something else afoot. It seems to me 90% of yahooy’s criticism is directed at Keeley rather than Grogins. Could it be yahooy is actually supporting Grogins?

  16. Black Rockin;
    Steel Point: Maybe
    The Magic Johnson project: NO
    Take back The Black Rock (non arts) Center: NO
    Have DiNardo pay up: NO
    Are any of these going to happen?

  17. Thanks Wondering
    Somehow I feel the same way.
    Lots of negatives in Bridgeport’s way of doing and seeing things, lots of lies too. I can’t wait for the BOE audit results and the excuses and indictments.

  18. BR: As I see it we have anyone with any balls and no one with any brains. Take back the Black Rock art center and sell it. Have someone on top of Steel Point pushing them forward. We still have no Economic Development Director although word is that an appointment will be announced shortly. I wonder if it’s the candidate Mayor Bloomburg asked Finch to interview? Magic Johnson does not seem to be able to get moving. There should have been a time limit for things to get moving and once past a new RFP for this property issued.
    This administration is consumed with small bullshit matters and is still fighting the Stafstrom fight. They can’t seem to get past this defeat. Well they had better get used to it because they will be losing more battles because they refuse to work with all parties. If you are not a bootlicker you are out, just ask Mitch Robles.

  19. donj; Does that mean he is going to be our next president or does it mean that one section of the city is for Obama Duh. You had really better take a ride around the city because what you said is wrong. Just drove thru the area by Home Depot not one sign. Perhaps it is wishful thinking on your part.

  20. COVERUP IN CITYHALL! The Liuna Union is in cahoots with The Administration of City Hall! Latest news is that there was a huge election of officers for the union a couple of weeks ago. A very bitter and nasty campaign it was! Valeri Sorrentino who founded the union around 1992 and who is also a director of social services had sent out numerous mailings degrading several of the opposing candidates. All this after vowing for this to be a clean election. WHY? Because her position had never been challenged! A few candidates did the unthinkable and actually spoke up to ask the international union why Ms. Sorrentino was in the union when she is in fact a supervisor! (Which means she should be in the supervisors union.) How dare they!!! Word is that she was promoted by Fabs but then demoted and then promoted back up by Finchy!
    There is currently an investigation going on as to whether she supervises or not. Talk is that she has asked her employees to lie, and that the admin is moving her employees under Dr. Evans of the health dept. Are they trying to cover something up? Could this be that since it is contract time, the mayor wants his friend in the high position to persuade the members to vote for what he wants come contract time? Does anyone have the scoop on this?

  21. All of these slings and arrows aimed at “Tax cut” Keeley and “Tax relief” Grogins. I say, with these two fiscal hawks fighting it out to save us money, how can we lose? Only in Bridgeport!

  22. Maybe Mayor Finch can get warmed up and appoint a Director over at Public Works. Then he can work his way up to Economic Development! The current acting Director at P.F.D. was involved in the Transfer Station Scandal. He also has his Driver Buddy in the Roadway Dept. open the private club they belong to on Connecticut Ave. for deliveries while on City time. We can do better than this guy, can’t we? Only in Bpt!

  23. Finch is falling back on the adoption thing because it is the only issue that gives him good press. He should fire his press secretary because whoever they are…they suck. Maybe Finch can’t afford an Economic Director or Director of Public Facilities because he loaded up his staff with political appointments, like Santiago, his cousin, Curry, the greeter etc. Seems like that hiring freeze only applied to positions the city actually needs.

    As to Keeley/Grogins, I’d rather go with the Devil I know. I’d suggest that Bob take a page from the Caruso campaign and get off his ass and put out something of substance. Sorry but the dog catcher would be better than Grogins. She was a disaster on the Board of Ed, that’s why she lost the election. Keeley has gotten some results and he can get more if he puts his mind to it. Maybe the Grogins challenge will light a fire under him. Grogins doesn’t have an original thought, she is just taking her cues from Stafstrom and Finch. Like we need a Grogins and Santiago who are puppets for Stafstrom and Finch up there.

  24. Meatball – you hit the nail right on the head. There are so many people involved in this supervisor cover-up. That’s why he’s still out on paid suspension and the city can’t get their act together and just fire the guy. This guy most definitely has something (maybe pictures!) on the PF Deputy and maybe even Fabs. That’s why he got away with his no-show job for so long. Fire the guy. Get it over with.

  25. And does anyone have the answer to the questions I posted yesterday regarding the Bd of Educ audit?

    How will the auditor be selected? RFP? RFQ?

    What happens if Ramos or the bd do not agree with the audit findings and recommendations?

  26. Black Rockin:
    Thanks for the reminder. Nothing seems to be on the table or in the works. We were supposed to see some commercial development of Steel Point by Spring. – We’re now in summer. Magic Johnson’s plans haven’t been presented if there are any at all. The condo development on the Remington property is dead.
    But have you been to Stamford lately? I was there today and I can tell you it’s a boom town. Most impressive is the “Trump Tower”. – A 28 story glass condominium tower. It could have been Bridgeport’s but for greed. But be confident. It will happen in Bridgeport just as soon as there is no more room for development south of here. Just hope we survive long enough to see it. In the meantime, keep your checkbook at the ready to pay higher and higher taxes.

  27. Did Magic Johnson renege on his developement? What’s up with that? I remember all the hoopla when he came to town. I know the economy is hurting; do you think that’s why he decided not to build? That would have been such an awesome development. It’s a shame. I heard that the reason the Main St/Seaside project isn’t happening is because that hotdog stand Conty’s and some other guy in that area filed some kind of a lawsuit to stop the development and now they have to drag it thru the court.

  28. In the Know – you’re right, just fire that supervisor and let it be. If other dirt comes out on other people, well, do the same thing with them. The paper said he was putting in like 90 hours of O.T. for himself when he wasn’t even there, and he’s calling out all the time so he can go screw around on city time. We need a real take-charge kinda guy to run that department so this kind of b.s. never happens again.

  29. I miss Conty’s. It was an institution. A Bridgeport landmark.

    Could it be that the development press releases and ribbon cuttings could have been a little premature? Fabs had a terrific press aide and she kept his name (and Bridgeport) in the media every day. Remember that Fabs was re-thinking his position not to run up to the very end. So his office kept up the publicity.

  30. I guess he was screwing the city in more ways than one! Maybe those ribbon cuttings were premature and could have been that Fabs wanted to look good in some way in case he decided to run. I really wish some of these developments would happen – we sure could use something to fatten up our coffers.

  31. Looks like there is more than one coverup going on involving supervisors. These people make deals with the admin and get huge salary increases. The unions are being run by the administration! Aren’t unions supposed to be for the members? Why did in the past year or so so many POLITICALLY CONNECTED UNAFFILIATES got put into unions. Secretaries got put into supervisors union and political appointees got divided into supervisors and LIUNA. LIUNA was actually mob-related years ago. It looks like some things never change. Who does one call for employment protection when everyone from the union up is politically connected?

  32. Meatball said “acting director.” That is another of the coverup deals going on where people are placed in “acting” positions and get left there permanently. How many of these “acting” positions are out there?

  33. It defies gravity, and common sense, why people would re-elect the “do nothing” Keeley. He boasts about the fact that he has held office for 24 years. Is that really something to be proud of? What a completely pathetic record he has for such a length of service. He must be offering others “no-show jobs” as he currently has in order to cultivate interest and support in his pathetic endeavor to again monopolize a seat that could be put to better use. We are in a time of crisis. We need better representation. If Keeley worked (that is a stretch to begin with) in a private organization, he would have been fired years ago based on a complete lack of performance. Do the right thing and show this guy the door. Let him work, like all of us have to, in the future.

  34. THE BIGGEST RISK Bridgeport faces is outside developers getting wet feet and scaling back their plans, thus reducing investment here (thud).

    TRUE SUCCESS comes from the inside. If you’re reading this blog, the answer is in front of you: your computer can become a factory without a smokestack and you can become more self-reliant and reduce your / our dependance on “high-rise” investors. O.P.I.C. = one-person internet company. The world has changed and here’s the good news: it’s moving in your direction (wink).

  35. UNIONLESS looks like you’re on to something. I am familiar with this bitter LIUNA election that just took place. Word is Valerie Sorrentino was extremely angry that other LIUNA members challenged almost every position in the Union. However, she did keep her top spot – now it looks like she is going to make sure she keeps it – no matter what it takes! Rumor is that she is no longer assuming any responsibility for “supervising” her staff. It also seems that Finch is willing to pull strings to have her remain at the top spot, by offering her another position which eliminates all of her supervisory actions. It is true that she asked her employees to lie for her with the Labor Relations Dept. She also asked members not to run against the incumbents in position for LIUNA. One must ask why the city is allowing intimidation to exist in this union?? I though Unions were for the people, not for a few to get ahead and step on the members while they do it. Maybe it should be investigated. The city seems to be back stepping on her position. Seems to me that she is not only a supervisor, but she is in charge of many departments and employees. Sounds like management to me, and it sounds like she is in bed with the administration(s).

  36. In regards to the suspension of the supervisor at the transfer station I would like to know how 130 tons of trash is illegally dumped at the station by commercial hauler(s) and no fees are charged. The normal rate is $89 a ton. Why is a representative of the hauling company seen at the transfer station office twice a week? Why hasn’t anyone been arrested for this? Could the scam go higher than just the supervisor?

  37. Unionless and What To Do,

    I think you might be onto something here. Rumor has it that this particular person has outlived their usefulness. Word around town is people also want this person voted off the Civil Service Commission too. One would think that being a member of the Civil Service Commission would be just another conflict of interest when is comes to representing union members? With any luck maybe the old saying “all good things must come to an end” will apply in this case.


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