Fast Eddie’s Protest

Have you been following the protests of Fast Eddie Perez against The Hartford Courant as a result of uncivil comments posted on the website of America’s oldest newspaper?

Muggings, beatings, hit and runs in Hartford have spawned an avalanche of searing, over-the-top comments by web posters. Mayor Ed scores points for taking on The Courant. I’m wondering, though, if he’s going to demagogue the issue every time The Courant writes about corruption and investigations into his administration.

The Courant and the Connecticut Post have been shy to institute registration systems to police the cretinism. They’re afraid of diminishing comments. When OIB left the umbrella of the Fairfield County Weekly (a sister paper of The Courant) in March a registration system was included. Reader postings aren’t as high but readership is much higher since we went solo. For the most part, the registration system has kept down the smutty comments. I’ve only had to delete a couple of comments here, while at The Weekly I was deleting comments every day. And I don’t have to listen to some corporate hooligan, from someplace else, meow about the subject matter. I only have to listen to you. And that’s fine by me because if you stop showing up I’m screwed.

So, here’s some advice for The Courant and company: get a freaking registration system.

By the way, we’ll kiss 100,000 pageviews since our launch in March, in about four days. We’ll have a little surprise for the visitor that hits the milestone. If it’s Yahooy or Joel, dinner at Liberty Rock.

New release from Mayor Finch

City of Bridgeport Announces Capacity Building Program for Faith-based and Community Organizations

BRIDGEPORT, CT June 20, 2008 – Mayor Bill Finch today announced that the City of Bridgeport is accepting applications for a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) grant-funded program to build capacity in local faith-based and community-based organizations that serve those who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

The Advancing Capacity Together (ACT) program will accept a total of 60 organizations into the program over 3 years.  In this acceptance cycle, 15 organizations will be admitted into the program through a competitive RFP process. The purpose of the program is to provide technical assistance to strengthen the administrative, financial and operational capacities of these organizations. The program consists of an intensive organizational assessment, an individualized technical assistance work plan and a comprehensive classroom-based workshop series designed to address capacity needs. In addition, organizations will be eligible to access specialized capacity building assistance through a sub-award process.

“The City of Bridgeport is proud to partner with the Compassion Capital Fund and HHS, United Way, The Council of Churches, duBay-Horton Associates and The Workplace, Inc to provide this valuable training and organizational assistance to organizations dedicated to helping the homeless,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “This program, along with the City’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness, is part of a concerted effort to bring an end to homelessness in our city. I encourage all faith- and community-based organizations to apply for this program and take advantage of a very unique opportunity to build capacity and really make a difference in Bridgeport.”

“I believe we must provide a comprehensive range of programs beyond emergency food, shelter and health care services for the homeless, including supportive services for those who are homeless or in vulnerable housing situations,” said Congressman Christopher Shays. “I am grateful this grant will enable my hometown of Bridgeport to work with faith-based and community organizations to provide needed assistance to homeless individuals.

“I encourage interested organizations to take full advantage of the resources and technical assistance that this initiative provides so that they can strengthen their important work in the community,” Shays added.

Classroom sessions and organizational assessments will be provided by the Workplace, Inc.  Topics will include Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Program Development, Revenue Development and Community Engagement.

Organizations interested in applying to participate in this no-cost program must attend at least one information session coordinated by the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport. Applications for the first cycle will be accepted until July 18, 2008. Those interested should contact the Council of Churches at (203) 334-1121.

The mandatory information sessions will take place:
June 23rd: 10-12pm at St. Paul ’s Lutheran Church at 1475 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport.
June 24th: 2-4pm at the Bridgeport North End Library at 3455 Madison Avenue, Bridgeport.
June 27th: 5:30-7:30pm at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 1475 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport.



  1. Gossip of The Rialto

    Fickled Finger of Faith!

    “Born Again” Bill Finch finds Faith. Bill Finch who has a history of ye of little faith was once lost and now is found.

    Hope he gets to keep the faith.

  2. Master Bait and Switch!

    Shays has Finch sitting up and begging for “More Pork Snausages, Mom! Please?”

    Shays will have Finch rolling over and playing dead against Himes.

  3. Lennie,

    Is there a decent big city mayor in Connecticut? It’s sure not moonbeam or Crazy Eddie. The two former gubernatorial candidates aren’t much better. All four of them make Waterbury’s Mike Jarjura look like the cream of the (pretty bad) crop.

  4. I know that the FCO would make a great CEO (Chief Elected Official): 8)

    Re: Shays and Finch
    I know I may be barking up the wrong tree. But I guess it’s true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  5. FCO left Finch to work for Shays because she pouted about not having enough input. FCO couldn’t be the CEO of anything. I am sure Malloy, Finch and DeStephano appreciate her party loyalty and her disparaging remarks. I guess that former loyal democrat and Stafstrom protege better register as a Republican now that they are paying her. Maybe she and Finch have some sort of plan with Shays, which would explain is obvious absense from the Himes campaign. Although she did call him Moonbeam.

  6. I did not know the identity of FCO, now I believe I do. If this person’s identity has been common knowledge fine. However, if not, “outing” someone is not good form.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  7. Apparently, I’m “clueless.” Based of FCO’s posting I thought it pretty obvious. How many former city officials do you know, who is full of criticism for Finch and is so vocal for Shays. FCO had negative things to say about the other former woman city official, so by process of elimination, wasn’t it obvious? PS I don’t like Finch and I agree he is making bad decisions and surrounds himself with incompetent people. I just thought FCO was going a little far on the bashing, based on her forgetting to dance with the one that brung ya. She owes any involvement in the first place to Stafstrom got her hired under Ganim on his way out.

  8. JohnfromBlackRock,

    My wife found the conclusion that I was (1) a woman; and (2) worked for Bill Finch amusing. I find the first part amusing and the second insulting.

    Rest assured that there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that John Stafstrom would recommend me for anything except unemployment.

  9. Funny FCO, you write like a girl. “TK Flattery will get you everywhere. Seriously, I am neither patient nor diplomatic enough for elected office.” Sounds like a girl to me.
    I stand by my original posting.

  10. Hey Tom Kelly,
    I have read your postings…How can you possibly be for Keeley? What gives? Is it true you are his campaign manager??? That’s what the rumors around Black Rock are.

  11. I have a few questions regarding the audit. How do they select the person/firm to do the audit? Will there be an RFP or RFQ issued? And what happens if Ramos and/or the Bd of Ed disagrees with the audit’s findings or recommendations? Can’t they just refuse to implement them? And this whole thing will be an exercise in futility.

    And looks like the transfer station supervisor is finally on his way out. Too bad that Fabrizi and Estrada didn’t investigate him when the initial complaints were made years ago. They could have saved the city a lot of money and public embarassment.

    Rumor has it that when the supervisor was missing in action that an employee of the Benefits Office was with him. She was the one seen with him at a Stratford Beach and various other “places of interest.” Wonder if she was suspended with pay too?

  12. BobBlackRock

    The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.
    Let the truth ring forward that I am strongly supporting Bob Keeley. However, I am not his campaign manager.

    This primary is a political payback by Finch and Danny Roach against Keeley. Auden who is very ambitious and competitive has been sold a flawed Bill of goods. Auden has the right to run. As Keeley has to pay
    his consequences for supporting Caruso. Auden may have to pay hers in August.

    Furthermore as a candidate she has shown me nothing as why she should represent the district. Keeley may have his detractors but he is in a strong position on bonding to help Bridgeport. Auden will be at the bottom rung of the legislative ladder.

    I know that up at Matty’s they are having a Whine and Cheese special serving Bob Keeley Head Cheese on a platter. Keeley will be featuring his own special Auden “Why Me” Concord Sour Grape Whine with Fromunder cheese.

    Man-O’-Man what a race this is going to be.

    My boy Keeley knows politics is a two-way street. Auden thinks it is a one-way street. Hers

  13. I sure wish we could stay on a subject that doesn’t always beat up on the mayor. It’s really getting so boring over and over every day. Can’t we all talk about something without bringing him up all the time?

  14. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of Tommy Kelly’s support for Keeley. You have to remember, this is a friendship and an association that spans a few decades. Somewhere along the line, Keeley impressed Kelly. So be it. Kelly is entitled to his choice, his opinion and his intentions. I would expect nothing less from him.

    While I personally think Keeley gives politics in Bridgeport a bad name, I’ll read whatever his 2 or 3 supporters have to say as long as his supporters will listen to what the hundreds of Keeley foes have to say about his parasitic exploits and his what’s in it for me persona.

    Keeley is going to come under careful scrutiny for his finances with respects to consulting fees from those non-profits for whom he influenced state grants. In reality these allegations make Moses’ similar nefarious actions pale in comparison.

    Nonetheless, Keeley is entitled to the support of both of his ardent followers, however misguided they might be.

  15. so what’s up with that supervisor that got suspended, are our tax dollars paying for him to screw around and get paid overtime for it? How long does it take to investigate him? I can’t believe he’s suspended with pay!

  16. Yahooy

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Can you or will anybody else cite chapter and verse of Bob’s transgressions. If they are so public why didn’t he ever face sanctions, censure or removal from office.

  17. I haven’t heard Keeley publicly refute any of these allegations. When do we expect that to happen or should we wait for the Keeley/Grogins debate?

  18. Lennie,

    We better check with the Concierge at the Liberty Rock. I doubt that they would be interested in hosting a dinner for the ilk of the OIB posters. You know, standards and all. Couldn’t you just get me a gift certificate from there?

  19. All I keep hearing from some of you is the Keeley bashing. Can someone please tell me what in Grogins’ past political experience and her current political associations would lead me or anyone else to think she would be a positive change for our district?

  20. The point here, JBR, is that, once again, we must reach into the absolute bottom of the barrel to pick from the worse.

    Keeley is a parasite that should not hold the public trust and Grogins is a thoroughly empty shirt.

    That’s what Bridgeport politics is all about. We desperately need the Stamford NO MORON rule. Big money corporate types insisted on that and Stamford thrives while Bridgeport sinks.

  21. That’s what Bridgeport politics is all about. We desperately need the Stamford NO MORON rule. Big money corporate types insisted on that and Stamford thrives while Bridgeport sinks.

    Stamford not only has some bad morons, they also practically ban primaries, so they keep those morons in place for decades at a time.


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