A Chat With Big Mac, Plus: Mario’s Mallet And Education Deal

Maureen Driscoll, a former member of the Bridgeport City Council, has a directness about her that’s hard to reject. About nine years ago in Testo’s Restaurant, the eatery where more political deals are cut than slabs of veal, she collared me with a command. “I have this kid who wants to get involved and you’re going to help him.”

The kid was Tom McCarthy, an eager beaver who at first glance reminded me of Jerry Mathers. (If there was a campaign of any significance during that era I was usually involved.) Make no mistake, however, McCarthy’s mind is not as simplistic as the Beaver’s. He’s smart with a tendency to keep his cool when others freak out. McCarthy worked hard and wasn’t afraid of the grunt work. He worked senior centers, he fetched donuts, he provided election day rides. He earned his stripes, was awarded a city job, rose up quickly through the years, won election to the City Council and now, at 34, is president of the legislative body, first in succession for the mayoralty.

Council presidency is a big pain in the ass: 19 personalities to juggle, balancing the needs of the legislative body with the desires of the mayor, pushing ordinances, committee assignments, voting the budget through. It’s not any easier when you work, as McCarthy does, in labor relations handling personnel matters, union negotiations and layoffs. In fact, the Board of Education recently ordered pink slips that impacted members of the City Council. McCarthy wasn’t happy that his people were targeted. What’s a council president to do? So we asked him in our first-ever Pol Pod interview. Click here to listen. {running time: 13:23}

Mario’s Mallet

Seven months into his mayoralty Mayor Finch has taken heat for not stepping up appointments to key city boards and commissions to keep city business moving. And now he’s also catching fire for not seeking input from party leaders regarding his appointments. The City Council’s Miscellaneous Matters Committee last night tabled action approving Finch’s proposed picks to a variety of boards including Planning & Zoning, WPCA, Ethics and Harbor Commission.

The fire is coming in several forms. Council members annoyed with the lack of information to make an informed decision about approving appointments, district leaders angry about Finch’s lack of reaching out and members of the council’s minority caucus irritated at Finch’s suggestions. And, oh yeah, Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa sending a little message to Finch to expect more of the same if he continues to wall up his mayoralty.

Last week Finch met with Testa and district leaders to discuss Finch’s failed inclusiveness in a sometimes tense, sometimes cordial bitch session.

Council members on Miscellaneous Matters, including Bob Walsh, Sue Brannelly and Warren Blunt weren’t ready to send Finch’s appointments to the entire legislative body for approval. Walsh, Finch’s biggest critic on the council, told OIB “Finch has no political sense. The prior two mayors were dismissive of the council’s role in approving appointments. He has to stop the sloppiness. We can’t make an informed decision based on the information presented.”

The information council members want includes sufficient background, qualifications and applicable minority-party representation.

Sometimes this can be as simple as the mayor picking up the phone and saying I’m sending you these names, they’re good, I need them, please pass them.

Finch is not popular with the public and council members know this so it places an added burden on Finch to build political relationships to move city business. When a mayor is popular sucking up to pols isn’t as critical. When he’s unpopular and doesn’t reach out, well, you just saw what happens. Welcome to Mario’s world.  Still, I’m sympathetic to Finch on some level, keeping city pols happy is never easy.

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Finch, BOE arrive at agreement
(better late than never)
Finch press release below:

City, Board of Ed Collaboration Yields Nearly $1 Million to Save 58 Paraprofessional Positions

BRIDGEPORT, CT June 23, 2008 – Mayor Bill Finch (D-Bridgeport) is proud to announce that, through a collaborative effort between his administration and the Board of Education, 58 Board of Education staff positions, including 14 math program assistants, 17 library assistants, and 27 special education transportation personnel, were reinstated into the Board of Education’s fiscal year 2008-2009 budget at the Board’s Finance Committee meeting this evening. The new budget is expected to pass at this Thursday’s full Board of Education meeting.

In recent meetings between the City’s budget experts and the Board of Education administration, the Board of Education had asked the City to help identify approximately $1 million in savings in the Board’s budget in order to restore the 58 positions. Through a series of budgetary savings measures, the City has found ways for the Board of Education to reduce spending by almost $1 million in the coming year, thus eliminating the need to cut the 58 positions previously identified for removal from the budget by the Board of Education.

“Board of Education President Max Medina, Superintendent Ramos and the entire Board of Education deserve strong praise for their willingness to work with my administration to save vital paraprofessional jobs that serve as the front line of our children’s education,” said Mayor Finch. “I want to especially thank my staff and the Board of Education for all the work they completed during this process, particularly our respective budget directors, the City’s Chief Administrative Officer Andy Nunn and the Board of Education’s Chief of Staff Robert Henry.

“Saving these jobs is essential to providing a high-level education to our children and I am glad that the Board of Education is as committed to finding alternative ways to balance the budget as the City is.”



  1. Good job by Tom. Like in baseball, I always worry when someone says that they are 100% behind their manager.
    What was all that background noise?

  2. I heard the noise too. Methinks that Tom may have been interviewed on city time. But really good interview. Tom is a real down to earth guy, honest and decent. Not too many of them around city hall anymore.

    Tom Kelly – maybe you’re the next interview! You’ve been around awhile. I’m sure you have some stories to tell.

  3. A primary quality for independence is a belief that you can go it alone and can pick and choose the help you need. An honest b’port politician is an oxymoron in most cases. I hope you guys are right about McCarthy. The party got rid of a decent man who made a mistake and replaced him with a man who got involved in a college brawl with his son. Great role models. This city is still on the skids and when I thought it hit bottom the floor opened up. Somebody prove me wrong that there is at least one pol who cares about me AND is serious about making this City thrive, and not just out for a buck!

  4. “The party got rid of a decent man who made a mistake and replaced him…”

    This decent man, to which you refer is certainly not Johnny Snorts. The only mistake the nefarious Mr. Snorts made was to think he is worthy of the public trust.

    If we had a NO MORON rule in place like Stamford, we would not have had to endure a drunk, drug user and thoroughly not intelligent person. And…we certainly would not have to put up with Finch for four years.

  5. I enjoyed listening to the interview and McCarthy has a lot of smarts…he could be mayor someday. Just for once, can the people on this blog stop the bashing? It’s like no matter what the subject is somebody has to twist it around to bash Finch. Enough already, it’s getting to be really boring.

  6. For Kitty, would you have everyone follow lemming-style the dictates of Finch and his manipulator? You must be a real “party” girl. If a pol can’t take it they shouldn’t be in it. It’s not bashing unless it’s personal. Calling someone for incompetent leadership is not bashing.

    For Yahooy, what makes you think Stamford has a no moron rule? I’ve lived there, worked there, and was involved there. Believe me, they have their share of morons. Danny boy is no moron just a shrewd pol…trained in the Clinton/Ganim School of Politics.

  7. independent soul–that’s not my point. I just wish for once we could stay on another subject besides putting Finch down over and over. So McCarthy gave a real good interview, why can’t we stick with that instead of always working Finch into the picture?

  8. Come on…Stamford got to where they are because the business community insisted on capable, competent and caring people in public office.

    When a company like UBS says “I’ll move 1800 jobs to downtown Stamford and expand frequently if you’ll assure a safe environment with an appealing infrastructure such as GOOD schools, the morons disappear. Sure there are a few lingering around but the town is definitely no longer machine run and hasn’t been for a long time. Like Waterbury and Bridgeport. Compare them to Stamford as far as prosperity and quality of life goes.

    BTW…you’re the only one who refutes my premise.

  9. Because Finch is a dunderhead who was jammed down our throats and the city is suffering a malaise of inaction because of it. What would you prefer we do…compliment the son of a bitch’s tie?!?!?

  10. The way I feel is Joe Ganim was a better mayor than any of these scumbags because Ganim cared for the city and the thing is that he was a popular mayor and many people to this day still like him in Bpt…if Ganim was to run for mayor again when he comes out he would easily win and he would beat Finch in a primary so the way I feel is I think his brother should run for mayor those people love this city.

  11. Another thing. McCarthy is a worthy pol if he can resist the call of the machine. I think he can. I’m getting some good vibes about future candidates for myriad Bridgeport offices. It seems that the more that we hear from the likes of Hublers the more other people like him think they should step in. McCarthy would be a good democrat choice but he’d have to face the hand-picked slug from the machine. I think the slug would be Finch and possibly Snorts. The democratic primary would certainly be interesting. Hubler is my choice for the other side. I think he would cause vast increases in voter turnout and could very much prevail. With him in office, prosperity known in Stamford is certainly within our reach.

  12. for Yahooy,

    Maybe I’m the only one who refutes your premise because I know first hand.

    Stamford Dems kneel before Ellen Camhi. Nothing happens with the dems without her blessing. Yes the corps want a gov’t with a corp image and they have a lot of pull. And, it was Rowland who got UBS to Connecticut with a sweetheart deal. The morons in Stamford city hall HAVE to buckle under to the ceo’s. That’s your tax dollars at work.

    BTW, I do agree with you that until bpt pols take a hard look at how Stamford, Norwalk and our other cities have changed, we’re doomed! There’s a lot to be learned but let’s also learn from their mistakes.

  13. For anyone to think that there is no machine in Stamford is totally naive. You dont think that Malloy and Camhi dont have a machine in place. All political parties have a machine in place or else they would not win elections. in Bridgeport right now you have democratic ‘Machine” if the Republicans win they will have a machine in place. The problem is that many people don’t want to get involved or put the work in that is necessary. Mr. Hubler maybe a great candidate in the future but without name recognition he does not stand a chance. Blogging here is one thing going to meetings and getting your name out there is another. I am not picking on Mr. Hubler just using him because I like what he has to say. The way to fix the machine is to run qualified recognizable people in primaries for town committee seats and build from there. The old saying that fits here is money talks and bullshit walks. So we can piss and moan all we want but action really talks. No Machine in Stamford or Norwalk – bullshit.

  14. There are machines and there are machines. I never said there wasn’t a political infrastructure (machine) in place in Stamford. The Stamford machine long ago realized the benefit of corporate investment. They used their brains instead of their balls to get things done and things got done…fast. The Bridgeport machine isn’t populated by smart people intent on building prosperity like in Stamford. Not even close. That’s where the NO MORON rule pays off. Dumb shits running around Stamford? Sure. But they’re not sitting in board rooms with CEOs putting billion dollar deals together. Can you imagine Mario Testa sitting down with Jack Welch or the CEO of Pitney Bowes.

  15. ok yahooy I didn’t say nothing to you but you insist on calling me up number 1 all you can do is talk over the internet crap. and like I said if you have something to say you can always say it in my face you punk…come around the east end with that and you will see.

  16. I refute yahooy’s stupid “no morons in Stamford” premise. They just celebrate their morons and keep them in office for decades at a time.

    I enjoyed listening to the interview and McCarthy has a lot of smarts…he could be mayor someday. Just for once, can the people on this blog stop the bashing? It’s like no matter what the subject is somebody has to twist it around to bash Finch. Enough already, it’s getting to be really boring.

    There’s actually a difference between the Stamford and Bridgeport machines — Malloy and Camhi let the Republicans keep a certain measure of power (not challenging every seat, etc), while nobody could give the Republicans a seat anywhere in Bridgeport if they tried. So RTC members come on here to piss on the officials they’re too hapless to defeat at the polls.

  17. OK. If I decide to run for dog catcher, I guess donj won’t vote for me.

    Lennie has just informed me that I have reached my pissed-off people limit for the day.

    Look for some good stuff tomorrow.

    donj…if you can figure out what a Philistine is, maybe I’ll consider you for the next go-round.

  18. marlys – I’m wondering why you re-wrote what I posted? I meant what I said, some people that post on here aren’t happy unless they bash Finch every day. We bring up other subjects but they just keep on turning it back to him. I realize they are haters, but it’s really old now.

  19. City cat you are right it seems everybody wants to bash Finch and he is doing a great job. And as for yahooy you sound stupid, I think it’s you who should find another blog and what type of name is yahooy what country are you from, you cunt.

  20. donj,
    Is that the Cut Up No Toast country?

    Listen, Finch is trying to play the hand he was dealt. In many cases he has mishandled the situation. Putting his puss into politics etc. Still no Economic Development Director. Although I hear one is on the short, shit and get off the pot list.

    UBS was originally, Swiss Bank, a Weicker deal to the tune of $20 plus million in tax credits. Rowland gave Diageo a $43 million tax credit deal, with 750 jobs and 250k sq ft. to move from Stamford to Norwalk.

    Meanwhile we get charity money from GE not to come to Bridgeport. Paging Paul Pimpanelli?

  21. Now Showing at The Rialto

    Yahooy in “A Man Without A Cuntry”
    Also featured on Pay-Per-View at the Liberty Rock.

    Remember Yahooy: “No man is an Island”

  22. This is a real-time example of Stamford’s NO MORON policy.

    I have a friend who is the CEO of a $50 million technology company HQ’ed in NYC. Three years ago he decided to move one third of his staff to the suburbs. He wrote letters to the mayors of Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport and New Haven informing them of his intent.

    Two days after he mailed the letters, he received a personal call from the mayor of Stamford, Dan Malloy. Malloy arranged a meeting at my friend’s NYC offices. He brought along his Economic Development Director (Bridgeport doesn’t have one). That meeting took place 2 days after the 1st call from Malloy.

    The Stamford ED people then made plans to meet to clarify the specific requirements needed to effect the relocation. This meeting happened four days later at City Hall. At that meeting was Malloy, the ED Director, a deputy superintendent of schools, the deputy police chief for public affairs, the President of the Realty Board and various staffers. The schools superintendent offered data on graduation rates, college/post grad enrollments, test scores, class sizes, etc. The policeman discussed the crime rate and demonstrated the programs in force to maintain the peace. They then broke for lunch followed by a tour of the city’s commercial and residential areas. All of this occurred within 10 days of receiving the initial letter.

    Norwalk wrote back several days later offering similar orientation services, as did New Haven. Both cities did a credible job in presenting the benefits associated with their towns.

    My friend is still waiting for a response from Bridgeport.

    Should Finch be interested in following up, I’ll be glad to give him my friend’s new business address … in Stamford.

    There weren’t any Morons involved in helping my friend move to Stamford even though the net worth of his company is peanuts compared to the Fortune 100 that have relocated there.

    This is just a small example of how important Economic Development is to a city that expects to move from despair to prosperity. Bridgeport fell flat on its face in this instance because there was no formal practice in place to address such inquiries. That’s because we have morons in positions of responsibility.

    In this regard, I agree with Yahooy. Bridgeport can turn the corner only if we buck the machine and replace the self-interested with competency.

  23. Lennie: The Finch announcement which you quote above is as follows:
    “In recent meetings between the City’s budget experts and the Board of Education administration, the Board of Education had asked the City to help identify approximately $1 million in savings in the Board’s budget in order to restore the 58 positions.”
    As a matter of clarification, could you tell me how $1 million equates to 58 positions? When I divide $1,000,000 by 58, I get $17,241.38 per position. Are these part-time jobs we’re talking about?
    By the way, I don’t know that “donj” is all that wrong about Joe Ganim. When I look around the City I see evidence of what he created in public works and beautification. Too bad that he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. But had that not been the situation I think that there was a lot the man could have and would have accomplished. The fact is that power corrupts and he fell prey!

  24. Well I see we have gone into the gutter. Maybe the attitude shown today on this blog is the problem with Bridgeport. yahooy gets on donj’s case and what is the response? “Come down to the East End you punk and you will see.” Real grown up and intelligent. What makes the East End so bad? It’s made up mostly of hard-working people just trying to get by. It’s not the mugging capital or the toughest area in the world. Then we have the real great comment from donj referring to the C word. Dumb and gutterish. Why? It’s these kind of posts that drive people away from here and they serve no purpose other than make the poster feel like a tough guy. Clean it up and get your point across the right way.

  25. A lot of the City Council members are in a quandry because many were elected by riding the mayor’s coattails. They have to decide what they want to do. Do they want to do what is best for the city or do they want to be beholden to Bill Finch? And that’s not necessarily mutually exclusive. The City Council is in desperate need of some independent thought and actions, and not just from a few members.

  26. If the bloggers here are serious about change they need to begin building an organization (Machine?) now for the next Town Committee, Common Council and Mayoral elections. While there are good ideas presented in this forum, it becomes one big circle jerk if no initiative is taken. As I’ve stated before I’ve made attempts in the past to effect change to no avail and am willing to admit I probably have only myself to blame.

  27. Wondering, I agree but it was yahooy who started it and he starts with everybody and that’s why I don’t post on here too much because of him. He always question someone’s comment and if you don’t like it oh well and oh yeah Obama ’08.

  28. marlys – funny thing, it would seem that most of the moaners on here are republicans and they really use some harsh words on people they don’t agree with. It’s almost impossible to have a discussion about anything without them dragging the mayor thru the mud. It’s not anyone’s fault but their own if they don’t have any good candidates to run for office. They talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk.

  29. City Kitty I 100% agree the moaners on here like yahooy are all Republicans, too bad this city is a Democrat city. Their only way to talk is to take it on this blog and sorry to tell you guys this has always been a Democrat blog because if this weren’t there would be nobody here so you Republicans make me sick thinking you have a say in Bpt politics with only 4,500 registered Republicans lol.

  30. Thanks to you guys who backed me up on here today I appreciated it. Like city kitty I agree these republicans on here are moaners…what do they expect the blog name is Only in Bridgeport and Bridgeport is full of Democrats; other thing is these Republicans most likely don’t even live in Bpt.

  31. The citizens of Bpt. deserve so much more than what we have received from our elected officials for a very long time. The city allows companies to tear up our streets for repairs and leave them a ragged mess. Travel down Arctic St. or any of the streets in the poorer neighborhoods of the city and be prepared to get a new alignment for your car.
    We have representatives who allow a whole section of town to be blocked off (Stratford Ave). There are no major grocery stores in the south end, east side, or the east end of town.
    In politics you need people who have vision but can roll up their shirtsleeves and actually get things done. At the end of the day city residents don’t care about “the machine”, they just want competent people to do their job.

  32. Only in Bridgeport! para-pa-pa pa I’m lovin it.

    Who the hell is Bruce Hubler and who the hell cares. Could you imagine Bruce Hubler dealing with the Dr. Fords and Mitch Robles of the world?

    Is Maura Keeney Hot or what??? Sorry I had a Shallow Hal moment.

  33. Eddie Palmieri
    I think you are a little ass backward
    Try to imagine Fords or Mitch trying to deal with Hubler.
    They would strike out looking.

  34. Eddie, that’s the point. Hubler wouldn’t have to deal with political paupers whose standing has been elevated by Finch’s incompetency. They own Moonie because his standing with voters sucks. It never occurred to Finch that his standing with voters sucks because of political jackals Hubler wouldn’t deal with. Wasn’t Eddie Palmieri a band leader?

  35. ssdd: Once again I have to agree. Fairfield Avenue was paved by the State two years ago and it was great to travel on it. However, UI is now putting in an electric line and what they have done to the traveled way is nothing short of obscene. If however, you can bear to travel it, be sure to visit the new gelato shop called Helados, close to the corner of Brewster Street on Fairfield Avenue. The owner trained in Italy, has all Italian equipment and ingredients. You’ll swear you are in Italy. Truly a delightful experience.

  36. I saw Helados (Spanish for ice cream) last week but it was late and it was closed. I can’t wait to try it – hope the have helado de coco (coconut), it’s the best. I love gelato. Fairfield Avenue is a total mess, I sure hope the UI puts it back to the way it was, and Main St. is even worse with all that State paving going on.

  37. Lennie

    If you want a great ice cream go to Timothy’s since 1982?

    If you want a great Gelato go to Helados to cleanse the garlic after escarole and beans at Viale.

  38. Town Committee: I just read your posting at the end of “Seven Dirty Words” regarding the transfer station supervisor. If your information is correct then he was meeting with the illegal haulers twice a week while at the same time they were dumping for free. Now what do you think they were meeting about? Was someone’s palm getting greased?

    It is much more than falsifying time sheets and putting in for phony overtime. These are federal offenses.

    I feel like we are beating a dead horse here. If labor relations is too afraid to bring this guy down then maybe it should be turned over to OIA or the FBI. Obviously others higher up are involved and that’s the hold-up.

    It’s easy to find out if he was taking kick-backs. Follow the money trail. Does he have a pattern of unexplained deposits in his bank accounts? Did he make any large purchases within the past few years that cannot be explained?

    The FBI can put some pressure on the haulers. Threaten them with criminal charges and they’ll rat out the supervisor, the deputy and everyone else who knew and looked the other way.

    But do it already! I’m tired of talking about it!

    And does no one know the answer to my audit questions??? I thought you guys knew everything. Tom Kelly??? Anyone? Anyone?

  39. IN THE KNOW: You are the one who keeps making comments regarding the transfer station supervisor. If you are so tired of talking about it, then why keep it going? Could it be that maybe you have something personal to gain here? You seem to know so much of what is going on all over the city you should be able to answer all of your own questions which you have placed throughout these blogs!

  40. Trailblazer – Are you one of the supervisor’s girlfriends too? I have nothing to gain here. I know a lot of city employees and town committee members and, believe me, everyone is talking about this and they can’t believe that the guy is still on the payroll. It’s a crime. Literally.

    And I asked the audit questions because I would really like an answer. I don’t know the answer but maybe someone else does. So forgive me for asking.

  41. In the Know: There you go again asking questions and making accusations. Maybe one should ask you what your crimes are? Do you think you are the only one who knows a lot of city employees and town committee members? Not likely! Does hiding behind your screen name make you feel secure while defaming another’s character? Your ignorance doesn’t settle your questions does it!

  42. Why do people say that supervisor has all these girlfriends? I was told he’s married with kids. Who is doing the investigation on him and the rest of them anyway?

  43. Hi City Kitty:

    I’ve done some checking on this the past couple of days. Labor Relations is handling it, but they’re not saying anything until they’ve completed their review, but my sense is we’ll hear more next week.

  44. I’m thinking a higher authority would be involved like the Feds if what they are saying is true. Another B-port scandle, just what we don’t need!

  45. In the know and Trailblazer: Regarding the supervisor for the transfer station – do you really think this is all his fault or could it be a little cigar smoking guido who might be behind the allegations?? He seems to be the one who lets people in and out all day, and seems to me he would be the most likely to benefit, while placing all the blame on his supervisor. Word has it the cigar smoking guido is married to the top LIUNA official who is also playing nasty games. This dynamic duo seems to be the most destructive pair in the city right now. Looks like they both should be under investigation.

  46. donald- you’re right, I wasn’t thinking when I posted that. The guy sounds like a real creep if all those accusations are true and he cheats on his wife to top it all off. Those girlfriends must be desperate, he’s no prize.

  47. What to do:

    You have brought up a valid point. Maybe these two should be looked at. Funny how they both had their noses up Caruso’s “you know what”, then when Finch won the election they starting sniffing his way like they were his biggest supporters. I hear they have done this with previous administrations too; however the last administration caught on! When are those with power in this City going to realize just how patronizing and back stabbing they are? If we are lucky maybe this administration has already caught on, one can only hope I guess.

    City Kitty,

    Stop buying into the ignorance of others! Again, these are all accusations and until this investigation comes to a conclusion you should probably not be making comments on them or this supervisor.

  48. Trailblazer – I know what I read in the paper about this guy and if it wasn’t true, they would get sued for printing it. He ripped the city off for big bucks in fake overtime, as far as the other things that are being said I don’t know if it’s true or not, but one thing is for sure, he’s married and if he’s cheating on his wife with all these so-called girlfriends, that makes him a sleaze in my book, and if he’s doing it when he’s supposed to be at work; well, then I guess he’s screwing the taxpayers too. You seem to defend him all the time, I hope for your sake you aren’t one of his girlfriends, because you are getting the short end of the stick messing around with a married guy even if he isn’t guilty of all the other stuff. If that’s the case, wise up girl, you can do better for yourself than to get caught up in all his mess.

  49. Lennie;
    Before you do another pod interview, you should send some Q-tips cotton swabs to some of your readers and now listeners here. By the postings of some here, it is obvious they need to clear the wax out of their ears.
    Remember when the feds read you your rights Lennie?
    “Anything you say can and will be used against you.” This also applies in politics and since we had the first frog jump out of the pond, I shall dissect him.
    When you asked McCarthy about the positives and negatives of being Council President, he responds by saying, “The problem is you (meaning himself and the Council members) are always making bad choices.” Bingo!
    He then goes on and states, “We (the City) have all the burdens. We have the poor population, the hospitals and sewage treatment plants.” I am poor and I’m very sorry I and the majority of the city is such a “burden” on McCarthy. Had McCarthy paid any attention to the City’s spending, we the poor would not be getting hit with higher rents (landlords passing the buck) and more taxes for supermarkets that will also pass the buck to consumers. The Town of Trumbull is the only town that is hooked up to our treatment plant and they pay for the service. The police does not protect the hospitals, the guards do that. The Police go to the hospitals to take statements from victims of crime or accidents. He points out cutting nurses, library staff and raising taxes as some of the “bad choices” he had to make. McCarthy fails to point out his bad choices are what led to the tax increase and the $16 million deficit that lead to it. Listen to what he said, when Lennie asked about the BOE targeting his people. He did not correct Lennie on his choice of the word “targeted.” “Nobody for any reason whatsoever, should feel their livelihood (there’s that hood again) could be in jeopardy for making a decision as an elected official.”
    I’ll bet my remaining nine digits not a single elected official will lose their job. Ezequiel Santiago got a $20,000 raise and a promotion. He says nothing about non-elected officials who are critics of the administration or the Democratic Party and the fact they are the ones being targeted. The dumbest posting is the one that suggests McCarthy would make a good mayor. Here is a guy (a lawyer) who runs for City Council and doesn’t even know what a soft sheet is. Lennie, is that how you trained them? Lennie, next time you interview McCarthy ask him about “The Flats” in Cleveland.

  50. City Kitty,

    Thanks for the advice;however, I am not his girlfriend nor a female. I would just like to say look at the source in the article. Anyone familiar with the source (and I am sure that just about everyone on here does) should be able to draw their own conclusions. There is probably enough that could be said about the source, but everyone is already aware of this person’s character.

  51. Joel, I agree with you. Bad choice for a mayor if we want change. He is more like a “yes” man for the machine. Nice young man, but only if we want things to stay the same.

    As far as the “dynamic duo”, It seems as they are the ones who run city hall, along with the departments that they run. Maybe this should be turned over to the FBI.

  52. Unionless: You need to get your facts straight before you post. THE MACHINE you mention – what is it? If you mean the democratic party and the district leaders then you are wrong about Finch. Finch has not been working with the Town Chairmen or the District leaders other than Danny Roach and Mitch Robles. The Finch administration has charted its own course. If you are agreeing with Joel then you definitely need to rethink your position. The next time Joel is right will be the first time he is right.

  53. Lennie thanks for sending all your listeners a pair of Q-Tip swabs. Folks here haven’t realized (Lennie included) the important revelation given by Council President McCarthy in his Pod cast interview with Lennie Grimaldi.

    For all you poor listeners, I ask you to listen to the most revealing 16 seconds in the interview. Start listening at 11 minutes and 40 seconds into the interview up to 11 minutes and 56 seconds. I quote Tom McCarthy as follows.

    Start 11:40
    “I mean it is a different mind-set from Hartford and he (Finch) has been in Hartford for a while and it is a different mind-set than coming back and running a City.
    But, what I like is the fact–and this is what a lot of people don’t like, is he (Finch) was willing to come in and make some very tough decisions in an awful financial environment and I give him credit for that.”
    End 11:56

    This 16 seconds of the recording reveals Finch knew coming into the Mayoral race the City was “in an awful financial environment” as you heard it. Why is Bill Finch blaming Fabrizi for what he knew he had to face coming in? This revelation proves Bill Finch intentionally lied about the $600 tax refund as he knew the City was in an awful financial environment. Now Lennie you have the smoking gun and I hope you show some journalistic principles and build on the statement of Tom McCarthy. If you let this opportunity pass you by, we shall all be disappointed.

  54. Harry Neigher wrote:

    Now Showing at The Rialto

    Yahooy in “A Man Without A Cuntry”
    Also featured on Pay-Per-View at the Liberty Rock.

    Remember Yahooy: “No man is an Island”

    Yahooy in “A Man Without A Cuntry”

    Harry this one is an original and a true classic. I have been laughing for 10 minutes now. I’d like to know how Harry is the Cuntry that yahooy lacks?

  55. If Bridgeport did have a no moron rule like Stamford the city would be a ghost town! Really, just take a good look around. I mean a good look. Police Dept, Fire Dept, B.O.E., P.F.D. etc…Look at the BANG the taxpayer gets for their buck. It will make you sick. These Depts. are a dime a dozen. Managers/Supervisors only concerns are what is in it for me? How fast can I get to the top of the ladder? Not productivity and efficiency. No matter what, everyone gets that paycheck at the end of the week. No private Business would ever survive operation under these conditions. How about a special Board of Taxpayers to go on assignment. They would monitor these Depts. Then, report back to the rest of the taxpayers of the City of Bridgeport on their findings! Things might turn around then. NOT! What, am I dreaming Again?

  56. There is nothing big about mac
    a lawyer who in his first year of grade school should have realized freedom of speach is AMERICAN (so is bad spelling)
    Mac is a lightweight
    Telling the population of Bpt. they can’t speak at a civil public meeting smacks of ignorance, daddy or mommy paid for the law degree.a-b-



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