Ben Crump Endorses John Gomes For Mayor

From Gomes for mayor:

Renowned Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump has endorsed John Gomes for the Office of Mayor. Click on the link to view Ben’s endorsement.

Crump stated, “I am so proud to endorse John Gomes for Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut. I know John will be a fighter for those who need a voice the most. Just like he has fought in the past and exhibited leadership, he will do that for you. As we continue to fight for justice for George Floyd and Brianna Taylor and Tyre Nichols; we must always remember, all politics are local. We have to make sure that every citizen regardless of their ethnicity, race or religious creed, that their voices will count; and with John Gomes, trust me, your voice will count.”

Gomes stated, “To have the support of Ben is a great honor in our movement for change in Bridgeport. Throughout his career, Ben has been a tireless advocate for victims of civil rights abuses. Crump’s legal victories have resulted in legislative changes in use of force standards and developing policy standards on implicit bias training. Ben is the most trusted civil rights attorney and advocate for social justice in the country and I am proud to have earned his trust, faith and his endorsement.”

Gomes continued, “Unfortunately, we can not affect change if we continue to elect leadership who uphold the status quo. The continued obstruction and violation of transparency laws highlight the failures of this administration to be open and honest with the public. After eight years, the people of Bridgeport are tired of the stonewalling.

Gomes concluded, “Our campaign is gaining national attention, and I am proud and fortunate to have a friend and ally in Attorney Crump. In 2019, Ben addressed a crowd in Flint, Michigan, stating “We want to make sure you are empowered to control the destiny of your city, of your community, of your family, and the future of your children.” These words ring true in our campaign’s drive for fairness, equity, and change in what has become a movement. A movement focused on balancing the service and protection for its residents with equal justice for all. Justice where the law is upheld and racial discrimination is not tolerated.”

Ben Crump is the President of the National Civil Rights Trial Lawyers Association and is the latest prominent nationally recognized public figure to endorse John Gomes.


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  1. This is odd. A nationally recognized public figure endorses John Gomes. I wonder if Mr. Crump even looked at the resume of Lamond Daniels. Lamond has master’s degrees in Social Work and Public Administration. Currently, Lamond Daniels is working as the City of Norwalk’s Chief of Community Services where he over sees the city’s departments of Health, Human Services and Library, with a combined budget of $10 million and a staff of around 100 people. Lamond Daniels is the most qualified candidate in this race. Lamond Daniels is running for Mayor of Bridgeport to give the people of Bridgeport the professional, well run city government they deserve. So, why Mr. Crump chose John Gomes to endorse is a huge mystery to me. John Gomes’s only claim to fame is that he was the close friend of Joe Ganim and company, until he wasn’t.


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