1. It was only one speech.
    For it to exist, The Amp required Live Entertainment’s hunger for growth and the Bluefish’s decline.
    Mayor Ganim is a vocal bystander to the development around him — his success comes from the outside not the inside.
    Here’s what happened: Ganim grooved and Lennie approved!

  2. I maintain that in a race against an incumbent with splintered challengers, it will be incredibly difficult to build a coalition to overcome the power of incumbency. That is conventional wisdom.

    Seems like Gomes is running a fairly strong campaign. A night and day comparison to his first run thus far. But will it be enough? Can he keep up the Gomes-mentum? Time will tell.

    Daniels seems like a breath of fresh air. But this fundraising quarter is crucial for his viability. After the 2nd quarter, people are generally tuned out for the summer. Save for post-election time, the 3rd quarter is the most difficult for raising money.

    And I have no idea about Moore.

    Post Q2, if a challenger to Ganim were to drop out, it drastically increases the chances for the remaining two challengers. But will anyone be willing to bow out? I guess we shall see.

    Would LOVE to see a poll on this race.

    What would be CRAZY is if the eventual primary winner walks away with a win percentage in the upper 30’s, which is entirely possible. That would most certainly justify a petitioning candidate/WFP challenge from the losers.

    My money is still definitively on Ganim though.


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