You’re On Your Own, Buddy

Hey, every man (and woman) for himself.

Well, that will be the case for a number of candidates in upcoming City Council Democratic primaries. Example, incumbents in the 138th District Bob Curwen and Rich Paoletto face a tough challenge from Andy Fardy, retired city firefighter and longtime active pol and Ann Barney, a 25-year veteran of the Board of Education.

Curwen, in comments to OIB and the Connecticut Post is doing his best to distance himself from Mayor Bill Finch while partner Paoletto, who has a key city job, isn’t inclined to jump the reservation. Curwen, as well, has his eye on a potential mayoral run in 2011. But first he must get past the primary.

A wrinkle has been added to the primary mix with the addition of James Morton and Tyreke Bird who could appeal to African-American voters. Finch does not want Fardy on the council, fearing another Bob Walsh-type antagonist. That’s fine except Finch and Curwen are not best buds either so what’s Finch to do? Maybe the devil you know?

The 138th District runs above Boston Avenue taking in the Upper East Side along the Trumbull and Stratford borders. Voters in the Hooker School precinct can be a choosy bunch. For instance, Republican Rob Russo carried the precinct in his special election win for state senate in 2008 against Democrat Tom Mulligan.The turnout was about 10 percent in that special (open to all registered voters) and that’s just about what primary candidates expect will turn out in September. Special elections are like primaries, identify your friends and drag them to the polls.

Fardy and Barney and Curwen and Paoletto have begun to identify their vote by knocking on doors and making phone calls. Finch doesn’t have much standing in the Hooker precinct. Tax increases and general dislike for his job performance makes him vulnerable to help a candidate up there much like he couldn’t help Mulligan in Trumbull after Finch called it a bucolic town with no problems. Except Finch was not saying that when he curried Trumbull voters for his state senate runs. Yeah, yeah, there goes Lennie picking on Finch’s verbal gaffes. Hey, maybe he should choose his words more carefully.

But JFK school, the other precinct in the district, might be a place where Finch can play. Hooker has a higher percentage of owner-occupied dwellings. The tax issue, though relevent, is not as big at JFK.

Finch supported State Rep. Auden Grogins in her primary win over Bob Keeley last August. Finch was toast in Black Rock School, one of the highest voter-turnout areas of the city. But Longfellow School precinct was a place where the mayor still had standing. He went into the P.T. Barnum apartments and made direct appeals to voters. Grogins won both Black Rock and Longfellow. She out-maneuvered and out-hustled Keeley in that primary. It’s possible that Keeley, the longest-serving legislator in the city’s history, had more friends than Grogins going into primary day. But she did a better job persuading them to the polls, including a bloc of Jewish voters in the Central precinct she split with Keeley.

Morton and Bird, assuming they secure enough signatures to make the ballot, could be problematic for Curwen and Paoletto. The JFK precinct is one place Finch could swing votes to Curwen and Paoletto i.e. the Success Village area. Unless Morton and Bird pick off those voters. If so, advantage Fardy and Barney.

Or maybe Finch says screw it let’s just try to save Paoletto … Curwen’s not gonna be a friend anyway. Ah, campaign machinations.

Only At Hallen School

The image below is too funny to pass up. It appears the first edition dust jacket to my book Only In Bridgeport is such a high commodity that someone at Hallen School library thought they were better suited as window shades. Well, dust me off. Glad I could keep out the sunlight.


Support This

The Black Rock Community Council and the Norden Club Present:

An outdoor summer concert

Featuring the Celtic sounds of Pogey

Straight from Nova Scotia, this is their only East Coast appearance for their 2009 tour!

Also appearing is the local sensation, the Pat Lattin Quartet.

Tuesday, July 28: 6-10pm

Admission $20.00 plus one non-perishable food item is required. Children 14 and under accompanied by a parent are free.

A concert to benefit the Black Rock Food Pantry!

Bring a lawn chair but no coolers please. Burgers, hot dogs and fries will be sold starting at 5:00pm. Inclement weather location will be Saint Ann’s Gym. For more information contact the Black Rock Community Council at, call (203) 334-0293 x14 or visit our website at

Tickets available at the door

News release from Michele Mount, former director of legislative services for Bridgeport.

Local leader graduates from Yale Women’s Campaign School.

Michele C. Mount, former State Representative candidate, and current Monroe Town Council candidate, graduated with 2009 class of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale July 18.  The School at Yale University was founded in 1993 by Westport resident, author and scholar Andrée Aelion Brooks. The Yale school describes themselves as:

“… [As a] nonpartisan, issue-neutral political campaign-training program. Our mission is to provide the very best training in the world for women who want to run for office or who want to move up the ladder to higher elective office. We train women to run political campaigns and to advance their careers in public service. We value leaders who are capable of building relationships regardless of political point-of-view. ”

Michele stated, “This has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  I was one of three women from Connecticut in class with students from at least 8 countries and 30 states.  A woman in my class was fighting for free elections in the Sudan, and another one as an Afghani parliament member for human rights and democracy in the Middle East.  I learned so much from the speakers who came from both sides of the aisle, not just how to campaign for myself or others, but how to advocate for issues and people without a voice.”

Yale recruits the top consultants from both political parties to teach at the program. They focus on our common needs and experiences as political women, not our differences as political partisans.

The students at Yale leave with a one-of-kind experience in collaborative learning about the political process.  Mount stated that,  “I will use the skills that I have learned regarding collaboration and bridge building to benefit Monroe, the region and Connecticut.   The school reinforces my strong belief that we must work together to achieve the best result.  I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead and feel well equipped to handle them with new insights and energy.”



  1. Lennie excellent analysis of the race in the 138th. I think you hit the nail on the head. Curwen and Paoletto can’t be too happy seeing Tyreke Bird in the contest. Curwen tried to get Tyreke on the town committee in the 138th only to be rebuffed by Martha Santiago.
    You are right Finch and McCarthy do not want to see me on the council. Why do you think they found city money to pay Paoletto? He gets back in the race.
    They know they can’t buy my vote with a job offer or with any jobs for family members. They know Ann and I will not vote for something that is wrong for the city of Bridgeport and its residents.
    They tried to get me to drop out of the race and failing that they tried to get me to run with Curwen. I couldn’t do that either.
    The great thing about this campaign is meeting all of the residents of the district. Talking to them and listening to their cares and their fears.
    Having lived here for over 65 years and living here when this was a one-dimensional population it was great to see the diversification that has transformed this district into one of the most diverse in the city.
    In talking to the residents I came away with a great feeling for the future of my district. These are caring, hard-working people that care about this district and the direction IT WILL BE TAKING.
    To the mayor I say you need to tap the talent that lives here. You need to put people from this district on boards and commissions.
    We are the only district in the city with NOT ONE Board or Commission manned by a resident of the 138th. To the mayor Ann Barney and I will be pushing for these positions once we are elected to office.
    To the residents of the 138th if you call Ann and I will be at your door promptly and will help with your problem. The days of unanswered telephone calls and the days of no response to your problems are coming to an end.

  2. Lennie,
    Wasn’t JFK one of the precincts that you, Joey G and Mario T used to run the illegal absentee operations???
    Wasn’t Mary O fined megabucks for violations of state election laws?
    There’s still a lot of elderly voters in the precinct. How far will Finch push people to go after these votes?

      1. Lennie,
        I touched plenty of AB applications in my days. And I always sign my name at the bottom as assisting even if all I do is print the basic information.
        And I may have even touched the ballot of a relative which was legal at one time.
        When you take credit for managing Paul Ganim’s victory over Kevin Boyle, if memory serves me correctly Boyle won on the machines and lost in AB’s.

        1. Sorry, Grin. Ganim won on the machines in 1998 with 80 percent of the party pulling for Boyle. I was not involved in 2002 when Boyle won on the machines by a smidge and got croaked by Mario’s ab operation. You may recall I had a falling out with Joe well before 2002. But Boyle should have crushed Ganim on the machines in 2002. Good grief, Joe was under indictment. But your boy Boyle was not a good candidate.

  3. Yeah … Great!!! The political process in this burg is once again rearing up and showing its teeth which are badly in need of dental care.

    Once again, as usual, that prick son of a bitch, Don Calamari, has INJECTED the role of candidates with goombahs. AND … he will prevail because the apathy of the city voters will ensure that no one else has a reasonable shot.

    Fardy and Ann are a breath of fresh air. But we truly need so many more to step up and unseat the very group that has perpetuated the continuation of stagnation and decay in a town that is bursting with potential for great economic growth and prosperity. Russo has the right idea and should be swept into office rather than swept under the rug. MORE … MORE … I want more candidates. I’m tired of reaching into the bottom of the barrel and picking the one that has less stink.

    City employees serving on the council isn’t right. Constitutional? Yes. Appropriate? No.
    Somebody said that “… Paoletto has a key city job and isn’t inclined to jump ship.” Phuck him. If we don’t want city employees on the council, then a non-city employee, non-connected citizen has to step up and run for office. Period.

    The other thing that has me pissed off this morning is that phucking Gathering of the Vibes. Gathering of the Vibes my ass. It was nothing more then a gathering of degenerate druggies from all over the country seeking unprecedented debauchery and depraved open hedonistic and Philistinian demonstrations and flaunts of whatever authority pretended to be in place to maintain control and order.

    Granted I am in my mid-60s and have yet to have my first joint (there’s still time). Drugs played no role in my life. Just wasn’t interested and tolerated many of my friends who did. My lack of interest in drugs was certainly sustained last night when I exposed my friends and family as we pushed through the degenerates who not only openly used drugs but were seen defecating openly on the grass and urinating wherever and whenever their altered spirit beckoned. I guess the 22 police officers that man each shift weren’t able to control things as they should be. Crosby, Stills and Nash will have to wait for another venue if I’m going to travel to enjoy what could have been a fine experience.

    All of you Hadley pollyannas who are touting this Woodstock reprise need to tell it exactly like it is. A disgusting demonstration of how the infrastructure of Bridgeport was unable to control what could have been a true public-relations kudo for our town instead of a national nightmare.

    I’m disgusted. A drug death and completely unfettered drug use is not what we need right now.

    But let’s plan for next year. Maybe we can double the crowd of degenerates.

    BTW … While I was heading toward the stage last night, a critter in dreadlocks wanted to know if I wanted to buy a ‘shroom.

    What the phuck is a ‘shroom?

  4. There is a valid, hands tying behind the back contract for the event that this administration did not negotiate … so you all can look forward to many more years of the event and I for one hope and pray no more tragedies will occur.

  5. yahooy, I’m your answer man. Here goes:

    A ‘shroom is a psychedelic mushroom designed to give its taker an organic high. I learned that by taking the same walk you did (ILTBTTSWYD).

    That critter in dreadlocks was a drug dealer who identified you as a Distinguished Graduate of The University of Bridgeport (DGOTUOB). He was a drug-dealing dude (DDD) out to rip off an unsuspecting Crosby, Stills and Nash fan (UCSNF).

    Fortunately, sanity ruled the day (SRTD).

    As you walked by I thought I heard him say: “No need to call Timpanelli (NNTCT), just ask Local Eyes” (JALE).

    To which I said: these acronyms are bound to confuse yahooy (TAABTCY) …

  6. I heard from a few people who were there that 5 people died at the hippiefest, 1 od, 1 rape and murder and 3 murders over nitrous oxide. So either the whole story isn’t coming out or what I heard was not a true story, inquiring minds want to know.

  7. I am the former rock promoter now born-again Christian that warned you all about the drug busts and the death that would happen at bad vibes concert on this site over a month ago! When you have an mc (Wavy Gravy) promoting a burnt-out drug hindu at event–you cannot expect God’s blessing at this event! The bad vibes concert must be stopped immediately before more people die at the event and more people are destroyed by drugs/alcohol at the event! Romans 3:4–let God be true–and every man a liar!

  8. Great points by yahooy and sly. I also agree with the point the Vibes is just a place where these nonresidents come and use drugs as freely as they want. As a taxpayer I am very upset about this and this is another strike on the Finch bad list. Sly brought up the point about every day Latinos and blacks are being arrested in the South End for these crimes and that is true. What if I wanted to go to the beach yesterday; would I be greeted by some nuts? What if young children were to go to the beach with their Bridgeport family??? What message is this Mayor showing by this? If I were family to anyone in Bridgeport that was arrested for drug crimes I would be mad and yes I have family arrested in the city for drug crimes and it makes me mad hearing these people can just get away with it when we have young African Americans and Latinos going to jail every day in the city because of drugs that people from the suburbs come to buy. How the hell does the city let this happen??? Don’t be surprised if you see some lawsuits by taxpayers of the city.

  9. I’m wondering why no one has addressed the issue of the books being removed from the Newfield Library and being taken to Black Rock.
    Why would anyone take books out of a library when the focus of education is to get people to read? And what about the Black Rock books that are in storage? Who is paying that tab, and why are they not back in the library now that it is open?

    From the ConnPost blog: “Perhaps someone should ask how the library board and director are spending the taxpayers’ money under their control. Like hiring a “coach” for the highly paid director, what happened to the Black Rock branch books that were at the library when it closed, why are there no children’s librarians at the branches (even the “full service” North Branch) at the height of the summer reading programs when the children of Bridgeport need them …”

    What’s going on? and why does no one seem to care?

  10. Once again, yahooy is substituting speculation for facts.

    But here’s why I’m writing:

    I’m an expert on the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    Before yahooy has his next ‘shroom, I will discuss this piece of legislation and the role it plays in today’s world.


  11. Has anyone heard any rumors about two puppies being powerwashed down the drain at the Animal Shelter last Friday? I’ve been getting some bad vibes about this incident.

  12. yahooy, he/she/it?

    That burns!

    I’m a-gonna need some time to recover …

    In an unrelated matter, last week, MCAT was posting from California and now she’s a Yale grad?

    My resume needs an Ivy League upgrade!

  13. Any suggestion that LE is a capable, caring and competent contributor to mankind is an unsubstantiated allegation from which there is no basis of fact.

  14. What’s it like engaging in genuine productive activity while sparring with yahooy?

    Answer: You could ask me, I’ve been doing it all morning! In addition, when it comes to being a capable, caring, and competent contributor to mankind, I have a track record of accomplishment, achievement, winning and success. As usual, I’m prepared to use Mankind’s most accurate measuring device to prove it.

    Take a lap yahooy, and upon return, report to me for a vigorous regimen of calisthenics.

  15. OK. You win. You’re smarter than me. Your record of accomplishment exceeds mine. But I’m better looking, play better golf and don’t use ‘shrooms.

  16. Yahooy, babes:

    ‘Shrooms are DEFINITELY the way to go for your sexagenarian regeneration. ‘Shrooms are natural, as opposed to LSD, which is a chemical.
    Lord knows we need fewer people your age showing off their cankles, as was so evidenced Sunday. I’m not so sure about the sanitary concern dude, since it has been way out of control at 45 Lyon Terrace on Monday nights for decades, man. Of course, that is uphill. And bodies being dumped in Seaside is part of our historical heritage in the Oldstead-designed park. I’d worry more about those guys at Waldemere and Iranistan. Some of those cats gots bats.

  17. 5 deaths at Vibes not 1 as reported???

    Power washing puppies???

    I realize that WICC and the CT POST are the least investigating media outlets known to mankind, but how could those two things get covered up??? Can this all be true??? If someone powerwashed animals down a drain then someone’s head needs to roll, only in Bridgeport!

  18. Re: the Civil Rights Act of 1964

    Despite its far-reaching impact, yahooy chose to mention only the affirmative action components of this historic bill. I will proceed accordingly. Discussing this bill entails a walk down history’s pathway.

    What do The Vietnam War and affirmative action have in common?

    Answer: they were both financed by deficit spending which amounts to spending money we didn’t have. Both produced inflation and both represent the world’s longest delayed train wreck.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed out of extreme guilt by The G.I. Generation. Let’s call that my father’s generation. However, no money was appropriated to pay for it. What that means is this: the printing presses were utilized to print the money used to pay for it. Those printing presses were humming until February, 1981 when President Reagan ordered Fed chairman Volker to stop printing and start borrowing money from our affluent foreign neighbors. Consequently, baby boomers subsidized their parents and all affirmative action beneficiaries for 16 years. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the first piece of legislation passed since The Great Depression that used peacetime deficit spending to pay its way. It was and remains the ultimate Ponzi scheme. Unfortunately, I was a youngster. The G.I. Generation passed it but they didn’t pay for it because it would have altered existing conditions to the dismay of the white majority. I maintain this post is rooted in facts and not opinion.

    Affirmative Action has since become a pathway to success for minority members. My growth was delayed by affirmative action. My growth came despite affirmative action not because of it. Today, that process is called reverse discrimination and was ruled unconstitutional as far back as 1978. Smarter people than me would say I subsidized the educations of my minority peers. I would not disagree. I hope yahooy’s wife reads this and I await their response unless they’re listening to CS&N while eating mushrooms.


    1. *** Just when in American history has the USA only spent money solely according to what was actually on the nation’s books & federal reserve’s without using credit, or borrowing moneys from other nations, etc.? And as far as Affirmative Action, Welfare, GI bill and other Federal implemented bills, they were created to help those that were disenfranchised by America’s White Conservative Laws made for the ruling rich in general. Bills to help, say, even the playing field? For those that either had no, little or poor schooling due to economic status, skin color, ethnic background, etc. Or ended up in the front lines of a war because of no political or money influence to get in the Reserves or National Guard by their parents. Or how about bringing thousands of immigrants into the US to help in the war effort, for the factories, plantations, or even as second-class soldiers for the war with leftover equipment & mismatching uniforms in the front lines or to do all the menial government jobs? Put their families in public housing & give them welfare to get just the necessaries while here and the right to be a second-class citizen as looked upon by those whose families came before and are in a better “$” way! And don’t forget the soldiers that came back home broken men & women that missed out on many opportunities years either, that needed a helping hand to get started! Yeah many of these bills made to help even the playing fields depending on what was actually happening @ the time in history were just a bit over or under the limit of time & help needed. Some did nothing more than help create a generation of people with no real sense of pride or lack of esteem to want to work hard to achieve as long as the government supplied the basics & the rest was gotten through other easier & sometimes illegal means! Nevertheless it just helped in creating a revolving cigarette, drug & alcohol cancer-causing crime-ridden urban society that seems to be going nowhere fast! Mix all that with a self-serving political system and low-quality education for the young & what do you have? ***

  19. Holy shit, LE! I did not know that. All of those minorities who have not only been graduating from colleges but have been graduating with honors actually hurt the future of our economy. Wow!

  20. The books for Black Rock came at the expense of the East Side now they are without books! The excuse is that Newfield will be a teen center with computers. The poorest of us deserve the chance that the library offers more than anyone. This is despicable and making it a teen center is a sad excuse. The library is having tough times we are aware but this shows a real lack of leadership.
    Black Rock is the richest of the neighborhoods in the city. We have already had one fundraiser for the library. What did that money go to? I would like an accounting as the renovation money was already allocated.
    The Black Rock community would be the most likely to come out and cough up for the books. Taking books out of the poorest and least likely to complain is a low blow.
    I attended the fundraiser and donated for the Black Rock Library to have books not to pull them from the most needy among us!
    We need a leader in the library who can give us branches with books. All the branches!

    1. *** Why hasn’t the East End moved on raising “$”s for the Newfield Library or put pressure on their legislative local representatives as did the residents in Black Rock? It’s usually the loudest squeaky wheel that gets the oil! By laying back & relying on empty political promises to surface & blaming other districts for your district’s problems when as usual, nothing happens is basically foolish. First come, first served in Bpt’s political jungle; crying the blues has been changed a long time ago to playing the blues! ***

  21. Yahooy: a “cankle” is the part of the ankle that joins the calf and apparently people like you and me are getting plastic surgery/liposuction because the area gets fat and not as defined anymore, according to a feature story on the Today program this morning. Almost did a projectile vomit of coffee watching that one on the tube. You know, the people doing stories like this on TV must be on drugs.

    1. Thank you for the explanation. I do not have fat ankles … yet. ENLIGHTENED … may I suggest that you speak kindly of us pre-senior citizens as our ankles swell. Someday you will surely join our ranks and experience the same rites of aging. If what I suspect is your proclivity for drug use is extensive, then I shall further suggest that the ravages you self-impose on your body shall cause you to join us faster than you may think.

  22. If OIB were a golf course, yahooy would spend the entire time in sand traps.

    If OIB were a beauty contest, yahooy would be disqualified by Donald Trump on the grounds that ugliness was not a pre-condition of the pageant. Or as he might say: “you’re fired!”

  23. I wish Finch and company would follow her example and resign. More announcements of changes will be coming out of the mayors office. Look for Gomes and Larry Osborne to be moved around.

  24. I am not rich either but I think you will agree that the per capita income is much higher in Black Rock than the East End.
    The point is all of us deserve books, and black rock had a very well attended fund raiser to make that happen. You do seem rich with knowledge.

  25. *** As usual, those that were not anywhere near Seaside Park or live in Bpt for that matter are the first to criticise and jump on the “rumors only” bandwagon! O/D’s happen in urban & ‘burb neighborhoods somehow, someway everyday, just about, in America. Get a large group together where the past, present & future scenario is based on peace, love, sex, drugs & Rock&Roll over a 4-day, 3-night summer long weekend & bad and good things are capable of happening. But the good always seems to be forgotten, with the usual haters underlining the bad! Due to the weather, good & bad, the amount of people that showed up from all over the USA, the great 35+ music bands that played and was transmitted over WPKN-FM in Bpt. and the local businesses that made some extra “$”. Along with national exposure & money for Bpt. Conn. and the small numbers of overall problems, it was a sucess! So far, counting the good & the bad in general, the Vibes has been good for Bpt. ***

    1. 12,000 people gathered on the New Haven Green Saturday night for a concert. No dead bodies, no drug arrests, no public defecation and no public urination. Local vendors were selling samples of the food of New Haven … no ‘shrooms. Lots of cops. No problems. How come? It’s only 22.3 miles away from Bridgeport.

      1. *** Big difference between a 6-hr concert venue on a Saturday night & a 4-day, 3-night hippie concert! “HELLO”! Better yet, just stay in the Elm City. ***

  26. Are you Andy Fardy? Well if so I wish you luck. I think you will win Hooker by a good margin. But how do you feel about the JFK precinct? JFK Precinct will be a hard one to deal with. GrandmaMoses yes I agree but I am a working-class person who lives paycheck to paycheck and don’t consider myself rich at all.

    1. It’s not about individuals in districts: of course there are poor people in Black Rock. It’s about the library system breaking down and not serving all of the public. Imagine what would happen if it were the other way around and books had been taken from Black Rock and given to Newfield. The whole thing is so badly mismanaged it isn’t funny.

    2. Yes I am Andy Fardy and Thank You. JFK indeed will be a hard one. Ann & I have spent a good amount of time in that part of the district and have been well received. We will be spending more time in the next 6 weeks in that area. This is an area that has long been ignored by the political machine. The machine is of the opinion that only the people at Fireside and Augustana vote. I disagree.

  27. I’ve posted on this blog a few times. I’m not a Bridgeport resident. I’m a lawyer living in NYC and I have a home in Washington, CT near the Gunnery. No real connection to Bridgeport except for a few federal matters and rare depositions at local attorney’s offices.

    I find the OIB blog entertaining. Much of what is posted is, in my opinion, relevant and purposeful. Much is not.

    In this case, however, I feel compelled to rebut the commentary offered by a poster pertaining to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I must further disclose, at this point, that I am a WASP; if lapsed Episcopals qualify as WASPs.

    Nowhere in this entire world has legislation impacted the lives of the suppressed more than The Civil Rights Act of 1964. The past 45 years have shown us that minorities, when afforded opportunity in academia, the workplace, in housing and myriad facets of American life, fully take advantage of said opportunity and thrive. I look forward to the next 45 years in anticipation of achievement and contribution.

    We as American citizens are guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. No one can guarantee a happy and prosperous life, but we can tear down the obstacles that impede anyone’s ability to PURSUE a happy life.

    I am unable to quantify the progress we have made and I am sure I will be unable to associate a cost.

  28. Where’s Chris Caruso when you need him?! Puppies being purposely washed down the animal shelter drain; is it true? What kind of sick SOB drowns puppies?

  29. Stone Barrington: thanks for making me feel like an intellectual superstar! I read your post in anticipation of the rebuttal that never arrived.

    You’re right, the obstacles have been torn down but they weren’t paid for by the folks that enacted the law. Understanding the dynamics of deficit spending explains everything.

    Quite frankly, you sound like a beneficiary and not a provider. I’m a provider.

  30. I’m a big fan of books, but the internet is making books obsolete. Put another way, the digital book is replacing the analog book. That’s not opinion; that’s fact!

  31. Local Eyes, to clarify … I got out of the car on a Saturday and into campaign school at the beginning of the week. I am working on the last installment of my journey (for my Facebook) from Yellowstone to Canada to Niagara Falls and home. I haven’t posted it yet because I was too busy at school. The pictures are up though.

    Lennie, I had a great time the other night at your bash, it was fun catching up with old friends. Thank You!

    1. Donj: We have worked that area hard. We have made many new voters, converted many unaffiliated to the Democratic party and have absentees. I believe we have gotten our message across. :Time For A Change: We will do better than expected at JFK. Thanks for the advice.

  32. town committee

    OK good we need a person like you on the council. If you need info on JFK Precinct let me know.

    JFK election results 2008

    McCain                    Obama
    288                       1,784

    I am not sure if both Hooker Precincts are in your district but here are the results at both Hooker precincts.

    McCain                    Obama
    288                       1,028
    123                         790
  33. I have some friends that vote at JFK it was their first time voting in 2008 and they are not people that would vote in a primary but I’m going to make sure I get them out to vote for change just like they did in November.

  34. True, perhaps all too true yahooy. And here I thought all those federal “bottled in bond” labels on whiskey were good housekeeping seals of approval.

  35. We will probably never know if puppygate is a real story due to the fact that someone with political ties or position would have had to make the call on trying to flush those pups out, and of course not using their brains that they could drown. Won’t be the first cover-up in Bpt and it won’t be the last.

  36. Breaking news:
    The Post is reporting the Vibes might not be back next year; thank god. But here is the statement from the mayor I used to support but now have no respect for; this is what Mayor Finch says. Mayor Bill Finch said he hopes the Gathering of the Vibes stays in the city. “We wouldn’t want to see the Vibes go elsewhere.” I wish these mayors only served two-year terms. Four years is way too long.

  37. Now back to the 138th primary. Fardy and Ann do have a shot at winning this seat but it is slim. Low turnout will favor the incumbents and high turnout will favor the challenger. Thomas Hooker is the place they need a good turnout and run up the numbers there. If Fardy and Ann come close at JFK then they will win. They will lose there but by what amount? That will be the key the margins and I know Lennie agrees with that.

  38. I am afraid puppygate is true. Public Works stopped the rescue and the order came from the top. Someone should find the plumber who was originally called in. In addition to being cruel and heartless, the administration lost a great opportunity for good PR. People like to feel good and saving puppies would have been on every TV station in CT. The city would have gotten donations for any repairs because animal lovers are generous. I wonder if PETA will get involved? They prosecute people for cruelty to animals. Why should the City get to break the law?

  39. Different topic, but this just in:


    And Dodd has a new spokesperson, Bryan DeAngelis? Colleen Flanagan doing such a bang-up job she’s on vacation?

    People in Black Rock haven’t had a library in years, since everybody’s hero Joe Ganim shut it down. In fact. I guess the kids from P.T. don’t deserve a library they can walk to? Is that Grandma’s point? I suspect a senior moment.

  40. TC said watch for Gomes and Osborne to be moved around. Here’s my suggestion:

    Gomes should be moved to a job where he can actually do some good. He had productive recommendations for PF but Big Charlie got mad over Lisa and the copier incident. CC also got mad when Gomes started checking mileage on the take-home vehicles and wanted to know why non-municipal plates were being put on City vehicles. Good questions. No answers.

    Osborne should be moved to a position where he can’t do any harm. He is a major fuck-up as labor relations director and everyone knows it. He is just trying to build up his pension. Employees retire at 2%/year multiplied by the average of the 3 highest years. If Osborne can hold on to his $100,000+ job a few more years, he’ll get a nice piece of change pension. Finch needs to stick him somewhere where he can’t screw anything up until he gets his years in.

    BTW, the people that run the animal shelter are totally dedicated. They would never hurt puppies. There’s more to this story.

  41. Grandma’s point is that ALL the libraries should have books; it the most basic feature of the library system. What I am questioning is the decision to take ALL the books from one library. I see a terrible lack of management and communication with the public on this issue. The people WORKING in the Newfield branch did not know the books were going. I don’t get senior moments yet I keep my mind sharp by reading.

  42. Tried to post earlier this afternoon, but my work computer must have chewed up the message …
    For Local Eyes: great ‘shroom answer for yahooy.
    For Donj: Gamalier Ramos, age 21, lives two blocks from me in the East Side … a story worth a closer look in a couple of weeks … on drugs and Bridgeport, and the world.
    For GrandmaMoses and Stillstanding: I’m a Bpt Public Library board member. I’ve been reading and listening intently to all the exchanges about the library, the board and the city librarian … in the CT Post (July 8 and July 23), site visits, personal interviews, other sites … There is a need to clear the air about some/many issues deep inside the library system and staff, personnel and personalities, communications problems, etc. But as one of nine board members, I’m reluctant to pull off a Joe Biden moment without full consultation with and notice to the board president and other board members first. Accordingly, I hope you will be patient for a week or so before I unload on these topics. If you can’t wait, call me, 650-0118.

    1. In the week since this Library Board member posted, we still have not seen the answers. And to make things even worse–how many of you know that the Black Rock Branch closed yesterday for “testing”. Maybe someone should check out whether or not the Library Administration opened the doors without the proper procedures and not caring about the safety of the workers and the public …
      Just one more debacle under the current Library “leadership”.


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