Cracking Open The Juicy Stuff, Plus: New Dodd Q Poll

We were feeling the vibe (and a little gossip too) Thursday night at the OIB party at Taco Loco.

The rain didn’t keep away an eclectic group of OIB friends. Nice to see former Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez and her husband Judge Dale Radcliffe. Carmen was looking energized despite the Democratic Town Committee dissing her for a spot on the Board of Education. Carmen’s not going away.

Mary-Jane Foster and her hubby Jack McGregor, co-founders of the Bridgeport Bluefish, stopped in, as well as MJ’s UB associate George Estrada, former director of Public Facilities for Bridgeport. I was itching to drop a dime in the phone to persuade Mayor Bill Finch to check out the massive criminal enterprise gathering at Taco Loco. But he was too busy getting his ass kicked by city nurses who’ve been screwed over on their paychecks. Another brilliant move by City Hall.

Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach and wife Bonnie took a break from managing Matty’s bar. Val Sorrentino and Danny were settling City Hall and political matters. Yes, of course, I stuck my ear in for the juicy stuff.

Nice to see former WICC hosts David Smith and Brian Smith exchanging updates. Joel Speedy Gonzalez was bummed. He was prepared for a mega throwdown with big Mojo Ralph Mojica, but Speedy said Mojo wasn’t up to the task. Mojo, you were missed.

The Bridgeport Kid and Tom Kelly were going at it pretty good. I’m usually confused after talking to them anyway. Thanks TK for your DTC coverage. And Anna who was searching around for Yahooy mumbled something about him being delayed at Liberty Rock. Considering the rain I cannot blame Yahooy for taking shelter.

Captain Coviello, aka Charlie Coviello, former mayoral contender added his wisdom about the state of Mayor Finch’s mayoralty. What was that captain … Rudderless ship?

Always nice to see charter OIB blogger MCAT aka Michele Mount. She was chatting with State Senator Anthony Musto about all things legislatively. And Nancy Hadley, former city director of economic development whose letter to legislative leaders set off a mini storm over the status of the Bridgeport Port Authority, had a lively exchange with Anthony about his vote to override the governor’s veto regarding the state’s control over the BPA. I’d call it a draw.

Former State Senator Rob Russo, fresh off his endorsement from Republicans for the BOE, was looking spiffy in pinstripes. Robbie had to duck out early. He’s a married man now.

Ah, the venerable State Senator Ed Gomes was holding court with City Councilman Bob Troll Walsh with the lovely Judith at Troll’s side. The Troll was a tad titillated that hizzoner tried to make a move to derail his endorsement. The Troll is sharpening his teeth.

Thanks to them and a whole bunch more OIB friends that showed up in the rain. A special thank you to the genial Miguel, owner of Taco Loco.

So what’s everyone doing this weekend? Anyone heading over to Seaside Park and the Gathering of the Vibes? Crosby, Stills and Nash the entertainment anchor to a sweet weekend event. Carry on!

If you want to check out some scenes from the OIB party take a look here courtesy of David Smith and Stephen Krauchik

Dodd Q Poll

Dodd In Slump In Connecticut Reelection Bid, Quinnipiac University Connecticut Poll Finds; Obama Approval Down 8 Points

Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd trails former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, a likely Republican challenger 48 – 39 percent in the 2010 Senate race, but he is inching up in his job approval to a negative 42 – 52 percent approval rating, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

The matchup compares to a 45 – 39 percent Simmons lead in a May 27 poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University.

In this latest survey, Simmons leads 87 – 7 percent among Republicans and 56 – 27 percent among independent voters, while Sen. Dodd takes Democrats 74 – 16 percent. The incumbent has gained among Democrats, but lost independent support since May 27.

Dodd’s negative 42 – 52 percent approval compares to 38 – 53 percent May 27 and this was up from a negative 33 – 58 percent April 2.

Simmons dominates a Republican primary matchup with 42 percent, while no other Republican tops 5 percent, with 45 percent undecided.

Dodd leads businessman Merrick Alpert 52 – 18 percent in a Democratic primary.

“Sen. Christopher Dodd is rebuilding his approval rating, but he is still in negative territory. He has moved the needle from 25 points down April 2 to 10 points down today. He still is losing to Rob Simmons,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, PhD.

“Sen. Dodd’s numbers among Democrats are back to where they used to be with over 70 percent of Democrats approving of his job performance and backing his reelection bid. Perhaps Dodd’s visibility in helping with President Barack Obama’s agenda has brought some wavering Democrats home. But he still is struggling with Independents, who will be harder to win back than his own partisans.”

Looking at Dodd’s characteristics, Connecticut voters say:
55 – 35 percent that he is not honest and trustworthy;
62 – 32 percent that he has strong leadership qualities;
49 – 45 percent that he does not share their views on issues important to them.

“Dodd’s most glaring weakness continues to be that a majority of voters say he is not honest and trustworthy. This is not something that will be easy for Dodd to reverse. Another problem for Dodd is that the bad economy has put voters in a grumpy mood. Consequently, voters have little patience for politician’s missteps,” Schwartz said.

Obama Approval

Connecticut voters approve 63 – 32 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, down from 71 – 22 percent in April 2 and May 27 Quinnipiac University polls. Obama gets a 93 – 6 percent approval from Democrats and a 61 – 31 percent thumbs up from independent voters. Republicans disapprove 75 – 19 percent, compared to 57 – 33 percent May 27.

Voters approve 57 – 38 percent of the way Obama is handling the economy and 54 percent say his policies will help the economy in the future.

Obama’s financial policies will help them personally, 35 percent of voters say, while 30 percent say his policies will hurt them and 31 percent say they won’t make a difference.

Fully 56 percent of Connecticut voters say they are worse off financially than they were a year ago and only 27 percent expect things to get better in the next 12 months, with 16 percent who expect things to get worse and 54 percent who expect no change.

The current economic situation is causing stress in their life, 57 percent say and 33 percent of that group say it’s causing serious stress.

“Can President Obama help Dodd? The President is popular in Connecticut, but his numbers are down here, as we have seen in recent Quinnipiac University polls in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio. Moreover, 71 percent say that the President actively campaigning for Dodd won’t make a difference in their vote,” Schwartz said.

From July 16 – 20, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,499 Connecticut registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 2.5 percentage points. The survey includes 612 Democrats with a margin of error of +/- 4 percentage points and 384 Republicans with a margin of error of +/- 5 percentage points.

News release from Mayor Finch

Mayor Finch Launches Mayor’s Conservation Corps

Young adults will canvass city neighborhoods to educate residents about recycling, stormwater management and weatherization programs

 Mayor Bill Finch today launched the Mayor’s Conservation Corps, a cadre of young adults who will begin canvassing city neighborhoods raising awareness and distributing information to residents about recycling, stormwater management and weatherization programs.

“This program will help raise awareness in our neighborhoods about the benefits of conserving energy by taking advantage of weatherization programs, increasing recycling rates and educating homeowners about the benefits of diverting stormwater runoff to help reduce the load on the city’s sewer system,” said Mayor Finch. “In addition, the participants in this program will be gaining valuable job skills which will help them compete in the new “green” economy.” Funding for the program will come from energy conservation and community development block grants funds.

“We’re pleased to see a city such as Bridgeport take a multidisciplinary approach to confronting the challenge of climate change,” said Jason Turgeon, environmental scientist in the Energy & Climate unit of EPA-Region 1 in Boston , who attended the event on behalf of Acting EPA Regional Administrator, Ira Leighton. “Mayor Finch’s vision for this program is a perfect example of what we [EPA] had envisioned for the use of stimulus funding – helping to create “green jobs” that can’t be shipped offshore and providing training in a growing field.”

The Mayor received an energy audit of his home during the event, and the Conservation Corps trainees observed the testing. Energy audits are available through the Home Energy Solutions Program – a residential weatherization program funded by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and administered by the United Illuminating Co.

The Mayor’s Conservation Corps is part of Mayor Finch’s B-Green 2020 Sustainability Initiative, an effort aimed to help the City of Bridgeport lower its carbon footprint by, among other things, reducing energy costs in both city buildings and private homes, increasing recycling rates and reducing stormwater runoff.

The Mayor’s Conservation Corps training was conducted in conjunction with the Workplace, Inc., as part of their Work & Earn program. The canvassers will travel in teams of two and will be dressed in white polo shirts with the city logo and carry identification which shows they are part of the Mayor’s Conservation Corps.

The teams will canvass neighborhoods throughout the city during the next eight weeks asking residents to complete a one-page questionnaire to gauge their interest in obtaining a free (or reduced price) energy audit, purchasing rain barrels, obtaining recycling bins or more information on energy conservation and weatherization. A project leader will work with various city departments to fulfill residents’ needs and/or make the proper referrals to outside agencies or vendors to fulfill requests.

“Our goal is to increase recycling rates in areas of the city where it currently is lagging behind and raise the awareness of the benefit of conserving energy and increase the number of households that apply for free or reduced price energy audits,” said Mayor Finch.

Also joining the Mayor at the press conference were representatives of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment, United Illuminating and the Energy Conservation Management Board. Also on hand to support the Mayor’s effort were City Council members Susan Brannelly, D-130, Leticia Colon, D-131 and Richard Paoletto Jr., D-138.

Citizens Campaign for the Environment worked closely with the program interviewing potential canvassers and providing one week of training on how to canvass.

“We’re proud to be part of this historic effort,” said Emmett Pepper, state program director for the organization. “The fight against global climate change is being fought here in Bridgeport in the only way it really can be: one person at a time.”

“The United Illuminating Company is excited to be part of Mayor Finch’s B-Green initiative and Youth Canvassing Project for the City of Bridgeport. Through the UI Helps and Home Energy Solutions programs funded by The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund and administered by UI, we hope to make a big difference in the way residents live by reducing their energy use and costs. The results of these efforts will not only have a local impact but a global impact as well.”

“One of the goals of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund is to educate people on using energy efficiently. With this program, Bridgeport has taken a leading role in the state in helping spread this message,” said Jeffrey Gaudiosi, chairperson of the Energy Conservation Management Board.



  1. *** I must say I’m in favor of the Mayor’s Conservation Corps. It will be nice to see young adults in city neighborhoods helping bring awareness to city residents about the importance of energy conservation in programs like weatherization, stormwater management & recycling in general. Hope it’s a big hit and brings about more interest and grants for the city of Bpt in the near future! *** Unfortunately the start of the Vibes has begun under wet skies which always seems to be the case since the past 2 years I believe? Hopefully all the organic smoke (wink) & meditational chanting will appease the Gods in the heavens & they will smile upon the different generations of hippies gathered @ Seaside to once again remind the government establishment that, Peace, Love, Sex & Rock & Roll Music is still alive and well in the hearts of those who seek a better way, into the hearts & minds of the World as we know it to be! Rock On Vato Locos! *** WELCOME TO THE PARK CITY of “BPT”! ***

  2. According to the Democratic NATIONAL Committee’s website The Democratic Party’s agenda “emphasizes … strong economic growth, affordable health care for all Americans, retirement security, open, honest and accountable government …” It goes on to state that “The Democratic Party has a long and proud history of representing and protecting the interests of working Americans and guaranteeing personal liberties for all.”

    Somewhere along the way, the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee lost site of this agenda, these ideals. Elections for state and local offices are not free and/or transparent. A pie-eating contest at a county fair in Alabama would be judged with more fairness. What occurs on election day in Bridgeport can be summed up by the following passage from Machiavelli:

    “You must know that there are two ways to carry out a contest; the one by law, the other by force. The first is practiced by men and the other by brutes; and as the first is often insufficient, it becomes necessary to resort to the second.”

  3. Great Gathering of the OIB Tribe last evening.

    A bountiful assortment of Mexican food beautifully passed by the Taco Loco staff. No Mushrooms for this crowd. Grilled Shrimp, Empanada, Crab Cakes, Mini-Enchiladas and mucho mas, and oh so muy delicioso!

    Nancy Hadley looked beaming in her pre-Vibes look. Nancy will be spending her weekend at Seaside Park.The only thing missing was her tie-dyed headband. Cablevision’s top advertising producer, The First Pussy of OIB MCAT was there, fresh from her cross-country trip with her son and later full family. Kathy Young, soon approaching the new 25, looked really hot with her new hip, rock-star like coif. She was joined by her hip-hugging husband Bill. Talk about two people having great genes.

    Rita Estrada was there and the Margarita’s of the frozen kind were being sipped, slurped and slushed like sno-cones.

    The Bridgeport Kid was chatting it up pretty well with Miguel Tomassio, the proprietor of Taco Loco. Big City of Dreams was in the house. Tom Kelly looked popping fresh as he was popping down the Jalapeño Poppers like they were Peyote Buttons.

    This was a real political lovefest last night. A Taco Loco Palooza.

    A Grande Muchas Gracias to Mo and Lennie!

  4. Correction–Kathy Young is Cablevision’s top producer. Not to be confused with the First Pussy, Michele Mount, who will be producing some good little shows herself in the not so distant future.

  5. Lennie, do you think that Phil Kuchma will complete the Lafayette project and sell all the units? Wait! Before you answer read this:

    By Rob Varnon
    Updated: 07/24/2009 09:10:15 PM EDT

    BRIDGEPORT — The developers of the Lofts at 881 have turned to an auction house after getting caught with about 19 condos on the wrong side of the housing market slide.

    “You’re going to see more of these types of auctions in Connecticut,” said Michael Fine, executive vice president of Sheldon Good & Co., which is running the auction for the owners, E/N Properties of Stamford.

    Fine should know. His company is one of the largest auction firms in the nation and has been in business for more than 40 years.

    Fine said he hasn’t held an auction in Connecticut in more than a decade, but the auction house did do some business in the state in the late 1980s, including Bridgeport.

    “It’s been 15 years since I’ve been in downtown Bridgeport,” he said. “I’m surprised and pleased with the regentrification of downtown.”

    This is not a foreclosure or bankruptcy sale. Sheldon and Brown has been brought in to try to speed the sales process, he said, much as it has in other markets, including New Jersey and New York.

    Vince Valvo, group publisher of The Warren Group’s Commercial Record and Banker & Tradesman, said the auctions are part of today’s depressed real estate market.

    “It’s not a preferred way to sell your units,” he said. “Your preferred way is to pick your price and sell them.”

    Valvo said auctions of this sort have happened in Massachusetts already as developers try to move out from under projects that came to market after real estate sells began to plummet. It represents opportunity for buyers.

    “It can be a decent way to get a deal,” Valvo said, but cautioned there are usually a lot of restrictions, so bidders should do their homework on the process and the units for sale.

    “You might be better off looking at the minimum bid and go to a comparable unit in another development and make that offer,” he said, noting that “in an auction situation, one of the things the developer is hoping for is to get them to bid [prices] up.”

    The brick building at 881 Lafayette Blvd. was transformed from office and commercial space in 2007 to housing. The condominiums came to market beginning in mid-2008 but sales dragged on as the real estate market disintegrated. About half the building has been sold, with sales as recently as November 2008, when one of the units went for $210,000. Two others sold in October for $238,000 and $169,000.

    Sheldon Good staff met with the owners to discuss the situation and explain why the auction was being held, Fine said. While owners might not like the idea of someone buying at a lower price, they do appear to like the idea of filling up the building.

    Fine said the auction business is increasing as developers move to secure profits. He did not speak directly about E/N’s situation, but said in general, “The business plans [of many developers] assumes sales at a higher velocity.” But the lack of sales “eats into the profitability of the project.”

    He ticked off the expenses developers are racking up, including taxes on units they didn’t expect to be carrying and the cost of keeping a loan payment open.

    The Lofts, according to previous reports, had loans of more than $7 million during construction.

    “Generally, a developer needs to sell two-thirds of the units to pay back the loans,” said Doug Olcott, senior vice president of Community Preservation Corp., which lent E/N about $6 million during construction.

    He said E/N has been paying back the loan.

    The problem with condominium sales isn’t just economic, it’s also a matter of mortgage lending policies, Olcott said. Prior to the 2008 recession and mortgage market collapse, it was easy to get loans for condos. But now, the secondary mortgage market requires that more than 70 percent of a building be sold before they will buy the mortgage from the primary market. As a result, primary lenders are less likely to approve condominium loans, he said.

    Olcott said the auction is one way to get the sales to the critical level where the secondary market will buy the mortgages.

    E/N principals were unavailable for comment on Friday.

    The auction will take place Aug. 30, with open houses to view the available units throughout August. The minimum bids on the units are set at $90,000 for one bedroom and $110,000 for the two bedrooms. Fine said the owner has agreed to accept four bids at or above the minimum price and then will consider the remaining bids. There will be discounts for cash buyers and those who can close within 10 days. Bidders will be required to post a certified check at the auction, which will take place at the Trumbull Marriott.
    For more information on the auction, visit www or call 1-800-315-2199

    1. Joel,
      Are you buying or are you crying?
      I believe the “E” in E/N is for Epstein. As in Roz who used to work in the Health Dept. and Juda who is the foreclosure attorney affiliated with Lee Samowitz who is making a bundle on throwing people out of their homes.

  6. *** Perfect example of why the elections enforcement commission needs more teeth when it comes to local district committee picks; not all endorsed candidates live in the prospective districts they’re supposed to be representing! It’s a political system that is getting worse every year instead of better. If a survey were done on all the members of Bpt boards, committees, commissions, council, BOE, State legislation, etc. on who actually lives where, about 35% would end up being not qualified due to residence! Maybe more? ***

    1. Mojo, lets put some tails on those suspected of not living in the district they are supposed to represent. This is the age of technology. Catching them on video and exposing them will go a long way to putting an end to such practices. Latino, white or black we can show them in color.

      1. *** First of all Joel, it’s not my style nor assigned task. There’s a States Elections Enforcement Committee responsible for things like that but they have no teeth. Nor does anyone with any political power, as well as Bpt voters themselves really care! It’s nothing new and the only time something is actually looked at is if it’s affecting a political candidate or party and a written complaint is issued on the item. Same song & dance, with just a few new faces dancing to the same old worn-out beat! I don’t think that even the Pink Panther would want the job! ***

      1. Thanks, ***MoFo***. As usual your insights and commentary add greatly to the topics at hand ***whatever they may be*** and contribute to the betterment of all of societal issues. I am, personally, grateful for your ***redderick***. You are, indeed, the political conscience of this great community and can be depended upon each and every time to articulate the precise solutions to every issue that confronts this town. We, your humble constituency, owe much to your gifts of wisdom and clarity.

  7. Sweet gig this weekend for the police, fire and public works guys at the Vibes. Not working too hard and enjoying the scenery if you know what I mean. Looks as if Charlie Carroll’s girlfriend doesn’t trust him amongst those young scantily clad babes because she has been riding around on the golf cart with him all weekend. Now from a safety perspective if she gets hurt, can she collect workman’s comp? And can I come to work on Monday with my girlfriend and can she ride around with me all day rubbing my leg?

    1. Harley, that’s old news. Lisa’s job is to follow CC around and make sure he has a steady supply of diet cokes. She has no job to speak of, yet she earns $65,000. She is wrapped around him like a security blanket. But let’s lay off hardworking NAGE workers, deny the nurses 8 weeks pay and make everyone furlough. As long as we can keep the do-nothing politicos like Lisa.

      BTW, a dead body was found at the Vibes this morning. No news on what happened. But the drug use is open and rampant. And I’m not talking marijuana use, I’m talking acid and ‘shrooms. There is no visible security or medics inside the fence. It will be a shame if some kid O.D.-ed and no one saw him in distress. Story can be found on

  8. New job opportunities no matter what the economy is; drug-dealer at hippie festivals. Great income potential and views of barely dressed burnouts young and old alike. Bring resume, bring drugs, but don’t dare bring soap, toothbrush or condoms.

  9. Very interesting read in Sunday’s paper on the Port Authority fiasco. It seems to me that Finch and company had no idea what each was doing; or someone is lying.
    Finch should not have vetoed the council vote to disband the PA. What was the purpose of that veto?
    You have McCarthy telling the post that mistakes were made all along the way. Tom don’t you think you should have convinced the mayor not to veto the council bill on disbanding the PA? Tom stop being the pleasant all-is-beautiful leader in the council and grow a pair of stones. It’s time to lead; if I wanted to watch cheerleaders I would go to a Central football game.
    LET’S TAKE A VOTE. I say NO.

  10. Wake up people: Ol’ Tommy Mac is a Fabrizi boy and between him and Mr. Carrol they would like nothing more than to see Finch fail and Fabrizi back in. You had to know that as it is the worst kept secret in the city.

    1. For those who think Fabrizi was the be-all and end-all, let’s not forget …

      Fabrizi governed with his emotions. He got rid of Marsilio and Winterbottom for personal reasons. Both disciplined Fabrizi’s brother Mark because he had a violent side and kept failing the drug test. So instead of trying to help brother Mark, Fabs fired those who were doing their jobs by protecting the employees and the public against a bad and potentially violent employee.

      Then he put through raises for people like Charlie’s girlfriend who didn’t deserve one and put them into civil service so that their jobs were secured. Because of Fabs, all the political appointees were made permanent and now no mayor can get rid of them.

      He fudged the budget for years, hiding a growing deficit while he spent wildly on raises, unnecessary trips and brass plaques with his name on them.

      He drank and drugged while mayor, smashing up his city car several times then had the P.D. cover it up.

      Yeah Finch is bad but Fabrizi was worse.

  11. Elaine Ficarra said “no foul play” regarding the death at the Vibes. This confirms my suspicions of a drug overdose. What is the city’s or the Vibes’ liability when open drug use is condoned and some poor kid overdoses? The vibes supposedly provides their own security inside the fence because they don’t want our p.d. hassling kids for drug use. So OK but is their security looking out for those who overindulge? Apparently not.

  12. I’d bet my life savings on the fact Finch knew about this Bill. Read between the lines and maybe even a few of the lines of Cummings’ article (I wonder if he actually investigates or at minimum talks with Ken Dixon). Ask anyone who knows how Hartford works to tell you how difficult it is to get a rat in a bill, especially when it pertains to something specific and is not statewide. I know there is not much respect for the legislative body, but do you think Musto or Gomes really would let this slide if they thought the Mayor didn’t want it? Caruso might, however being on the transportation committee he had to know. The folks at Gaffney, Bennett are professionals who know what they are doing and would not risk their reputations by crossing the Mayor of the City of Bridgeport. IT IS COMMON SENSE.

    Let’s see if Finch continues to hang the delegation out to dry. Finch’s buddy Defronzo said the Mayor approved and I am sure had a discussion with Musto and Gomes on the issue. Finch is so used to lying he can’t distinguish fact from fiction; unless Wood and Tyrone kept him in the dark, which they try to do as much as they can to stop him from going on rants like the U.B. comments. Finch is a loose cannon and a pathological liar ($600 property cuts is just another one of his doozies). I am not sure if Finch gets that he is lying only that ends justify the means. Wood is a Napoleonic blowhard with delusions of grandeur and Tyrone his trusty lapdog. Will someone decent please run against this guy? Aren’t there any new intelligent people who can at least try?

    PS Finch only sort of changed his mind when the Council went ballistic. If Finch keeps denying he knew, how inclined do you think legislators will be to help get any bill through the Assembly for him? Does anyone remember the issue of not fully funding pensions? Finch will still be beating up Hartford for that. He is making the delegation look like a bunch of asses. If he were smart he’d fire the messenger Tyrone and continue to try to make him the scapegoat, but we all know Finch isn’t smart and he doesn’t call the shots, little napoleon does.

  13. *** No real facts yet on the body found @ Seaside Park! With all the people @ the park last night it seemed very easy to sit, lay down or even collapse anywhere in the dark without being noticed. Throughout the park there is security, shuttle carts, undercover police and an aid station @ 2 sites as well as the lifeguard’s station @ west beach during the day. Things like this can & happen in cities all over Conn. without a Vibes concert going on; but @ times does not get Media attention such as a weekend Rock concert would get. Those that would make it any more than what it is, which is sad enough, are the usual backseat haters! And there are a few on OIB daily. ***

    1. Mojo said: “… with all the people @ the park last night it seemed very easy to sit, lay down or even collapse anywhere in the dark without being noticed.” And you think that’s acceptable? Why wasn’t there adequate lighting? And where were all these supposedly undercover police?

  14. Mojo,
    As you know I’m a loyal Finch supporter but enough is enough now. This Vibes thing is making me sick to my stomach. Number 1 how the hell does the city let these out-of-town crackheads come into Bridgeport, take drugs, drink and it’s OK??? Last time I checked it was illegal. What about the safety of the South End residents??? What about Bridgeport residents who pay taxes and want to relax at the local beach without having some out-of-town drug addict around? I am sick of the Finch administration and I can now honestly say I regret voting for this lunatic mayor. I am sorry for all the people I let down in this city when I voted for him. I wish I could take back that vote and give it to Caruso. The Vibes has taken away my summer fun for the last two years. I will never vote for Finch again and I promise everybody that.

    1. Fabrizi brought the Vibes to Seaside with a 5- or 10-year contract for a mere $40,000/year fee plus they pay for all the OT. Take a walk down there tomorrow. The park will be trashed.

  15. I just returned from the Vibes and an OUTSTANDING Crosby Stills and Nash finale followed quickly by a loud crack of thunder, lightning and pouring rain. Yesterday I spent about four hours at the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce booth handing out info on all the great stuff in Bridgeport. The people that came up to the booth were of all ages. Every one of them started the conversation with ‘Thank you Bridgeport, this is a great City’. I was surprised that many took the ferryboat from Long Island and rode their bikes or motorcycles down. Some folks stayed at the Holiday Inn (completely booked). Some stayed at the Marriott in Trumbull (completely booked). Some were in the most spectacular huge RV’s with pop-outs, tables, grills, speakers, hula hoops and tie-dyed canopies. Clearly there were lots of 1969 hippie types that have been very successful economically and attended the concert with lots of other friends. I met two couples that have gone together to 15 years of ‘Gathering’ concerts and there is no doubt that they are living the good life. Those folks have lots of money and lots of interest in exploring new places. Yes there were also lots of pup tents, VW bugs, and young kids of all types, shapes and sizes. For all of you Bridgeport naysayers, this is a huge economic development opportunity for Bridgeport. HUGE. They have a great time, hear great music of all types, and leave with a very positive image of Bridgeport. They go home and tell other folks that they had a great time in Bridgeport. The spin-off grows every year. As for fear in the South End, I just want you to know that I walked from City Trust down to the beach and back each day. Tonight I got back after 9pm. Last night it was way past 1am. The City is safe. Stop the negatives.

  16. Nancy Hadley,
    Who the hell cares about that report! I’m 100% sure more than 95% of Bridgeport residents could care less about the drug-infested Vibes. We have real problems to be taken care off in the city; the last thing we need are drunks and drug addicts to be on the South End of Bridgeport. This Vibes thing is a disgrace and as a taxpayer I am mad I could not go to my local beach with my friends without these out-of-town weirdos messing things up. I know this could not happen in Westport or Fairfield. How can Bpt give a contract to a drug event? Shame on the city.

  17. West Beach was open and lots of residents were enjoying the beach and volleyball. I walked down there twice and I heard FM Radio 89.5 playing all the way down and back. The concert was live on radio and streamed over the internet.

  18. I read a comment on the CT Post that said it’s a backdoor deal which says it was a inside deal to let the Vibes have their own security and no cops. If this is the case the Feds need to investigate this one. The Vibes is nothing more than a political corrupt drug event and I think some city officials might be getting paid off.

  19. Attended the Vibes Music Fest with my wife earlier today via bicycles from the East Side. I agree with Nancy Hadley 100% about her observations regarding this event as potentially spurring more economic development for Bridgeport, or at least more ideas for future development. The sad news report about the death of a 29-year-old man is tragic and unfortunate. But I don’t think that should be the basis for any and all future discussions about how to harness the potential that Bridgeport and specifically Seaside Park has to offer.
    For donj, if you were not there today, yes … the drug use, at least, the many incidents I could see with my eyes and smell definitely, was all just marijuana really, and not anything I would get too excited about. Mushrooms and heroin? … I didn’t see any from my vantage point.
    But yes, the hypocrisy of “officials” tolerating the open use of illegal drugs, among an estimated crowd of 20,000 today, most of them out-of-towners, was glaring. In the South End, countless African American and Latinos are routinely arrested for what many were doing today. Also, I counted seeing fewer than 20 African Americans, fewer than 12 Asians … oops, I did see Rick Torres and his wife, Michele on their tandem bicycle … so, I saw one Latino … oh, yes … I forgot about Hector Diaz (the son, former state rep for the 130th district) zipping by on a golf cart … that’s two!
    Last, I saw fewer than 15 purple wristbands that indicates you bought a “Bridgeport resident” $75 (instead of $80) ticket, add Nancy Hadley who I missed in the crowd plus Rob Foley of Bridgeport Now fame who I ran into just before the rain came down at the end of the concert … Rob had a green “VIP” bracelet so maybe there were a few more than 17 Bridgeporters there today out of 20,000+!!! Until next year …


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