Gee, No It’s GOTV, Plus: They Don’t Call It Puppy Love, And How Long Is Dodd’s Nose?

6 p.m. update: Okay, I’ve got it all figured out now. I’m marching into Testo’s Restaurant to persuade Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa to put me on the City Council. Why? VIP passes to the Gathering Of The Vibes, baby!

That’s right, Gathering Of The Vibes is just another way of saying GOTV, in political terms we call that Get Out The Vote. Well, according to my spies a select group of council members got the VIP treatment at the Vibes. Hey, slip in here and we’ll take care of you all weekend. That’s right, the full treatment. Complete weekend passes, access to the VIP tent. And who knows what else.

Hey, it’s Bridgeport. But I might not get my chance at a VIP gravy train. Vibes promoter Ken Hays says he might pull the gig out of Bridgeport. Didn’t make enough loot. Now if he adds up all those VIP passes …

Okay, I’m hearing some musical chairs may be taking place in City Hall, as Town Committee mentioned in the prior post. CitiStat guru John Gomes possibly assuming a different role. Changes here, changes there. Stay tuned.

I hate this kind of news. Two puppies from the city’s animal shelter the other day fell into an open drain as the shelter was being powerwashed. Why was the lid open in the first place? There was a chance to save the pups, according to someone on the scene but that required drilling through the concrete floor. Gee, that might cost money. Instead, staff was ordered to flush the pups into oblivion. And, so, it was done. Poise the power hose. Flushed into no man’s land. From the Connecticut Post:

BRIDGEPORT — Police officials plan new procedures at the city’s animal shelter after two week-old puppies died when they got trapped in the facility’s waste-disposal system.

“There is a design flaw in the building and we will try to get it corrected,” said police Capt. Brian McCarthy of the year-old shelter on Evergreen Street. “This was a very unfortunate incident.”

McCarthy said the puppies apparently slipped into a waste pipe in their mother’s kennel Friday and got stuck 5 or 6 feet below the shelter’s floor.

“It appears two puppies managed to get beneath a loose metal cover on a waste trough and got caught in the drain pipe,” he said. The accident wasn’t discovered until a shelter employee heard the trapped animals whining from beneath a bathroom.

McCarthy said a business that has a mini-camera affixed to a pipe snake was brought in to try and locate the puppies.

“The camera found one puppy lodged in the pipe. We were thinking about ripping up the floor to get it when the decision was made by someone at the shelter to put water in the pipe to push the puppy out,” he said.

While the flushing action would have killed the trapped puppies, by then shelter employees believed the puppies had died, he said. “Several hours had already gone by since the puppy got in there where it was sitting in waste water and cleaning fluids, and the puppy was eventually presumed to be dead.”

McCarthy said after the pipe was flushed using high-pressure hoses, one puppy’s body was eventually recovered. He said he doesn’t know what happened to the other puppy’s body. The waste system is linked to the city’s sewer system.

“Until we get the flaw fixed I’ve directed the shelter’s employees not to put any small dogs or puppies in kennels with the waste trough,” he added.

Check It Out

What are you doing tonight? If you have nothing better to do (other than checking out OIB), OIB friend Rob Foley, host of the Bridgeport cable access show Bridgeport Now, has invited City Councilman Bob Troll Walsh and me on his show to talk about city politics. If you’d rather catch the show on the web check out

I wonder if Congressman Jim Himes is going to invite Mayor Bill Finch to this event at UB. Maybe Jim can actually persuade his thickness that UB is a damn good school. If only City Hall was as efficient. News release from UB:

Rep. Jim Himes to visit top pre-engineering program at UB

Congressman Jim Himes (D-Conn.) will visit one of the region’s leading technical and college-prep programs for young people when he gets an up-close look at the ConnCAP Pre-Engineering Program at the University of Bridgeport on Monday, August 3.

ConnCAP is open to qualified students in the Bridgeport school system who are in grades 7 to 12 and who agree to rigorous academic requirements.

Himes, a former Rhodes Scholar who has said education is a top priority for his administration, will meet at 10 a.m. with program instructors and students to learn more about their experiences.

Each summer, more than 60 students who participate in ConnCAP spend six weeks at the University of Bridgeport , where they work with faculty to hone advanced skills in math, robotics, physics, engineering, and chemistry. Students also meet every Saturday during the academic year to take science and math classes, conduct experiments, and take on extra assignments to prepare for college.

The work pays off: 90 percent of graduating high school seniors who complete ConnCAP go to college or university, said Asaad Samaan, the program’s director and professor at the University’s School of Education and Human Resources.

Established 11 years ago, ConnCAP now needs federal funding to “to accommodate more students and faculty,” Samaan said.

Is Chris Dodd’s nose growing? From the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON – Despite their denials, influential Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad and Chris Dodd were told from the start they were getting VIP mortgage discounts from one of the nation’s largest lenders, the official who handled their loans has told Congress in secret testimony.

Both senators have said that at the time the mortgages were being written they didn’t know they were getting unique deals from Countrywide Financial Corp., the company that went on to lose billions of dollars on home loans to credit-strapped borrowers. Dodd still maintains he got no preferential treatment.

Dodd got two Countrywide mortgages in 2003, refinancing his home in Connecticut and another residence in Washington. Conrad’s two Countrywide mortgages in 2004 were for a beach house in Delaware and an eight-unit apartment building in Bismarck in his home state of North Dakota.

Robert Feinberg, who worked in Countrywide’s VIP section, told congressional investigators last month that the two senators were made aware that “who you know is basically how you’re coming in here.”

 News release from Dodd GOP opponent Sam Caligiuri


Southington – Today’s news concerning the Countrywide VIP testimony reported by the AP investigative team is very troubling with regards to Chris Dodd. Upon hearing this news, every voter in Connecticut will be saying here we go again, and the trust the public has in their elected leaders will continue to be damaged.

Connecticut cannot afford to once again endure the scandals of a leader who has been corrupted by the trappings of power. If this testimony is true, Senator Dodd’s resignation is in order, because he not only did wrong, he covered it up.

The people of Connecticut deserve better than to have to continually deal with the “don’t say no to the VIP” mentality that has plagued Connecticut in the past and clearly plagues us with Chris Dodd today. Connecticut deserves no less than a full and open investigation of this matter. Nothing short of complete transparency will bring to light the real facts surrounding this ongoing scandal involving Chris Dodd and his sweetheart mortgage deals.



  1. “Finch agreed. ‘The Gathering of the Vibes was a boost to the city’s economy, from fencing contractors to taxicab operators'”

    Amazing man. His attention span has expired.

    1. Talk on the streets o’ da Port this mornin’? “Like, ohmygawd, the Vibes won’ be happenin’ next year? Like, ohmygawd!!!” Mr. Hays did leave the door open more than a crack. Looks to me that he’s trying to get more city services bang for his buck. It would behoove the DTC minions occupying 999 Broad Street to give the man at least a little more slack. After all, his annual neo-hippie pow-wow brings a few dollars into Bridgeport. On the other hand, Mr. Hays could do more to spread the wealth around.

    2. I’m buying me a taxicab and getting into the fencing business. There are economic development opportunities in Bridgeport, you just need to know where to look.
      Of course, is “fencing contractors” the new-wave way of saying Pawn Shops???
      Wasn’t the mayor fawning all over RCI Marine for putting up new fences at Steel Point?
      Thank you mayor Finch for rebuilding Bridgeport one fence at a time.

  2. NOT to Repeat myself but that action was against the law or does Bridgeport Public Works get immunity? Public Works stopped the rescue of the puppies and the order came from the top. Someone should find the plumber who was originally called in. In addition to being illegal, cruel and heartless, the administration lost a great opportunity for good PR. People like to feel good and saving puppies would have been on every TV station in CT. The city would have gotten donations for any repairs because animal lovers are generous. I wonder if PETA or the ASPCA will get involved? They prosecute people for cruelty to animals. Why should the City get to break the law?

    Also, Bravo to Jim Himes for working with U.B. and visiting their program. He recognizes that U.B. is a good citizen of Bridgeport and the district. Not like some shallow brained, run-off-at-the-mouth people we know.

  3. To Sylvester Salcedo–I hope when you explore what’s been going on at the library that you do it with an open mind and don’t just follow the “party line” like lots of politicians do. There’s real trouble there, starting practically from day one of this library director. It’s a shame what’s been happening to what used to be something that Bridgeport could be proud of.

    1. *** Don’t blame the new library director for financial problems & budget shortfalls every year along with lack of quality space for the city’s books, equipment, staff, etc. These problems have been here before his arrival & will be here after he’s gone! Stick to the facts not rumors about the board or director. ***

  4. I won’t be dining anywhere for lunch today. My stomach is sick and I just barfed about this very vile story. My bile ducts are drained dry. Where’s town committee and everyone on this issue?

  5. Think of the picture of Mayor Finch reaching in and pulling out the puppies from the drain. Instead, the mayor offered to pose with members of the council and park board commissioners on the main stage Sunday morning at the Vibes.
    I am wondering if this tone-deaf administration continued on with the photo op or were they smart enough to cancel once a dead body was found Sunday morning.
    I am guessing that the show must have gone on.

  6. Promoter of the Vibes gives out two weekend VIP passes to council members, city officials and state legislators only days before the event. Each pass valued at $420.
    Then the day after the concert promoter is complaining about losing money and may have to move the concert from the city because putting the show on in Bridgeport is too expensive.
    Is the Bridgeport Ethics Commission going to grow some balls and begin their own investigation into the matter or will they sit back, listen to the city attorney and pray that no one files an actual complaint?

    1. *** Tickets they probably won’t sell anyway and that’s all you’re worried about in Bpt? Get real, that’s a small drop in the bucket compared to the real political & governmental problems in this city! ***

  7. Who is in charge of Parks nowadays? Trying to cut corners cost the lives of two precious puppies. How Cruel.

    Speaking of another person who got treated like a dog; it’s John Gomes. They figure since he treated EZ-E like a dog because he didn’t show up to work that he would make the lives of Tom Coble, Dennis Scinto, Rich Paoletto and Tom Lattin miserable. That would give the administration the cop-out to fire him due to political pressure. I doubt Jodi Paul can do 1/3 of what you did at CitiStat. She is going to take John’s work and get a lot of credit. Typical Nunn and Wood.

    John take a page out of their own book. Take your city paycheck and go to Trumbull where I am sure you must live.

    1. Jodi Paul?????????
      Jodi Paul should be fired for screwing up this nurses contract so badly. Not transferred, promoted or moved out of the spotlight.

    2. Cruela

      Animal Shelter comes under purview of the Police Dept. Public Facilities made the bad call on the flushing to the WPCA.

      Everybody in City Hall must be muzzled tighter than a greyhound dog.

  8. Obviously there aren’t any capable people running the departments in Bridgeport. I pay way too much in taxes to have someone flush innocent animals down a drain. Whoever is the dept. head should have to answer for this; too many political buddies in those jobs and not enough qualified people.

  9. I’m thinking about changing my name and address after seeing that video. Spin City P.R. machine must be rusty after being in the rain for the Vibes concert.


  10. I am in total agreement with “Grin Reaper,” the Bridgeport Ethics Commission must investigate this and the names of those City officials who received free passes should be known to the taxpayers. Even if no laws were violated this is improper conduct by them.

  11. –“Bridgeport Now” – Tuesday July 28–
    Ever wonder about the Democratic Town Committee in Bridgeport? We have a special program tonight about this timely topic, with special guest: Lennie Grimaldi from OIB, and Bridgeport City Council person Bob Walsh, on live television. Channel 77 and on the internet at

    DTC questions: How many members total? Who is the chair? How is he selected? There are ten council districts, therefore 10 DTC district committees. How many people comprise a district committee? If you are on a district committee are you then automatically on the DTC?

    When do the district committees meet and are they open to the public? Are there minutes? Are they public? Are they on a website? Are the meeting notices put in the CT Post? How do people know what is going on or refer their questions? Where can we find out who is on the district committees and then the Town Committee? What are the primaries and how does one jump into a race? Do they need to go to through the DTC process or can they just announce by August? What governs how the Democratic Town Committee operates?

    “Bridgeport Now”, a weekly TV program which asks the questions and provides outreach to the community

    Live Tuesdays at 8pm, Cablevision Ch 77 and on the internet at

  12. I’d be interested in what George Estrada would have to say about puppygate (besides no comment). If he were in charge would this have happened? Don’t think so. Would the reign of terror that City Hall Smoker talks about be happening? Don’t think so. Time for the Mayor to stop this nonsense and fix the problems and make the city great again, not a job for a friend of a friend who you owe favors to. Where’s the economic development? Where’s Steel Point? Where are the factories and the job opportunities? Why is the seaport bare and not thriving? Where’s the night life that would support the restaurants and businesses? Whew, rant over, you get my point!

  13. Anyone read a piece in Saturday’s Connecticut Post, the Bill Cummings story entitled “Finch’s role in Port Authority debacle questioned”? First two paragraphs are as follows:

    “Lawmakers in Hartford believed Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch was on board last month as they worked on adding a provision to an otherwise routine transportation bill that gave the state final say over a port authority’s fate.

    “After all, Bridgeport had one of the state’s three ports, and if Finch was in favor, there shouldn’t be a problem. State Sen. Donald DeFronzo, co-chairman of the Legislature’s Transportation Committee, said the provision would not have been included if the Bridgeport mayor had objected.”

    The sort of tactics employed by Hizzoner to get rid of Joseph Riccio, Bridgeport Port Authority’s long-time executive director, are rarely employed outside of campaigns for prom queen, the cheerleading squad or the presidency of a high school student council.

  14. The Bridgeport Kid you are way late I broke the news of the Vibes not coming back yesterday. Wow we have council people who went to the Vibes for free? There needs to be an investigation on this and all the council people caught in this scandal need to go to jail. Does anyone know the names?

  15. I’m not way anything, ‘cept maybe way smarter than you. Mr. Hays didn’t say the Vibes was definitely NOT coming back next year. If stupidity were a crime you’d get twenty years.

    Stop smoking crack.

  16. The Bridgeport Kid,
    This is a blog. I do this for fun. You know, unlike you I have a life other than OIB. I’m a young in my 20s guy who parties and does all the good stuff so I have a life. So cool down, it’s only a blog. You act like it’s your life and to me that just makes me think you are an old old man with nothing better to do so you really must not be smart at all. TC how is it going, are the people up in the 138th liking your message?

  17. donj: It seems that we have hit a nerve in our district. Our message is being enthusiastically approved. People like what they hear. Ann & I have already been involved in some neighborhood issues.
    1. We have been in contact with the DEP in Hartford on a lie of construction debris in the area of Nob Hill. We have been promised swift action on this matter.
    2. We have been involved with roving gangs on East Main and the side streets. The SET unit has responded and the matter is being handled.
    3. We are in the process of obtaining another city trash receptacle for a neighbor as the city wont pick up their regular trash containers (this is a story in and of itself).
    We have received telephone calls on other issues and have responded in person to these calls.
    We are very upbeat and things are going better than expected. Thank You for the question.

    1. *** While you’re on a roll taking care of all the real important issues in your district, how about calling the chief on the car road races down your street? ***

  18. There needs to be a complete outside investigation into this matter; hopefully by the state police or public prosecutor’s office.
    The Grin Ripper cut to the heart of the matter when he said that the Animal Shelter falls under the purview of the Police Department and we should not have the police investigating themselves.
    And why would the police even listen to what the Parks Department has to say about this matter? Power spray City Hall Annex and set what rats come out of there.

  19. Grin Reaper,
    Forget the animals, we need an investigation into the council VIP treatment. Animal mistreatment is bad but God knows sometimes the government treats us worse than animals. I am certain 80% of Bridgeport residents would agree. This will not be a big story to Bridgeport residents if this was in the ‘burbs yes it would be but it’s not in the ‘burbs. This city has a lot to deal with and I hate when people try to make animals seem to be better than humans. And they tend to have more interest in their animals than poor Latinos and poor blacks. Ask minorities this and they will say yes and I am speaking as one. This holds no weight in Bpt.

    1. *** You claim to be young & full of life? What are you doing to make life better for ill-treated minorities in Bpt? Easy to sit back & cry the blues about how unfair the world is while in your early 20s? Have you finished with school, served your country, voted, help the poor in any way, etc.? Do you have a job & hold the 7th day of the week as a day of prayer or meditation in any way? I see your point on things of priorities in Bpt, do you see mine? ***

    1. Bpts Finest is only good at ratting out BOE janitors who are stealing light bulbs. This one goes way too far up the chain of command for Bpts Finest to throw someone under the bus.
      Still no comment out of City Hall Annex???

    2. If I knew any more than what has already been said on channel 12 and on here I don’t think I would be at liberty to discuss it … as an animal lover I can say it was a terrible tragedy.

  20. Stillstanding:
    You don’t have to hope, I have my mind wide open in this effort. Also, the Library Board is not a political entity. It is not controlled by the politicians in appointments to the board or in their deliberations and decisions, although the library budget is currently controlled by city hall/mayor and the city council who are in turn influenced by the influencers, better known as voters … by their votes or lack thereof. Between you, me and Connie Chung, let me whisper in your ear that there is an effort underway to wrest control of the library budget from the mayor and city council and give it directly to the voters like you, if you live in Bridgeport. But I’m pressing the line towards a Joe Biden moment, so for now, if you have specifics, or areas you want me to look at closely … you and GrandmaMoses have my number.

  21. City officials who got freebies to the Vibes:

    Mayor Finch, his kids, his wife and her mother (nice place to bring two little kids BTW)

    Charlie Carroll, his girlfriend Lisa and her kids

    Andy Nunn and his guest

    Rich Paoletto and his wife (or girlfriend, not sure which)

    Adam Wood, Tyrone, Shurley, mayor’s secretary, other mayor’s staff

    Warren Blunt

    I’m sure there are more but that’s who I saw.

  22. I have not read this blog in some time. I decided to see what was happening in Bpt. I like what I see from T.C the Bpt Kid and Mojica to name a few. They all seem to have a great view and opinion on Bpt and the political process. I do wish Mr. Fardy and his running mate for the 138th good luck with their campaign. On the other hand, I am getting annoyed with this ASSHOLE C.H.S. who does nothing more than comment or talk about people/city employees, etc about what they do, or don’t do. I am going to love it when Mr. Osborne and Big Charlie escort your ignorant ass out the front door of city hall with your walking papers. They know who you are bird-brain, We all know who you are. I only hope the Admin has learned a thing or 2 about some of their so-called supporters, like you and your husband. I still believe if you give enough rope they will hang themselves. Keep running off at the mouth, because your true colors have shown!

  23. Here is what’s Up on the Downstroke when it comes to Puppygate. They are trying to pin it on a lowly worker named Tony P. He reports to either Bobby Hammond or John Tristine. He was given the order to “Flush the damn things”. If you are expecting heads to roll you are sadly mistaken. People will get promotions. Here is the scoop.

    Larry Osborne to replace Ralph “Ned Flanders” Jacobs
    Tommy Mac to replace Larry
    Jodi to replace John Gomes
    John Gomes to head up Shitty Stat supervising Coble, Paoletto and Scinto
    Dr. Evans to be replaced by Warren Blunt

    Anyone who dares say or go against Adam Wood or Andy Nunn will be dealt with. That’s why this blog is alive and kicking. The only decision the Mayor makes on a daily basis is whether to wear boxers or briefs. In my opinion he should wear a skirt.

    1. Some of this I’ve heard, but some of it is crazy talk. Osborne taking over Civil Service? Gomes supervising Coble, Paoletto and Scinto? Neither of these scenarios makes sense. This is nonsense even for this administration. Cruela, where are you getting your facts from?

  24. Anybody who is complaining about the VIP treatment for council members needs to not only hold The Vibes accountable for free passes but every other event that comes to the city. The circus, wrestling, Bluefish. When these poor developers and promoters come to town their pockets get left looking like Rabbit Ears.

    This circle of madness must end now. I will not complain without giving you all a solution. Don’t vote for Caruso or Finch or anybody else for that matter. Take your losses and get the hell out of Dodge.

    1. *** C/D, in retrospect with everything that’s gone on & yet to happen, your overall solution to our never-ending urban city problems, etc. doesn’t sound bad @ all. At least it’s something worth thinking about for the time being. ***

  25. Mojo you are a stan-up guy and I am disappointed that you still waste time on this blog. I do give you credit because most of these people hide behind handles myself included.

    Screw this city. Sell the house. Take your losses and head down to Florida or PR. I have been all over this country and have experienced BS but nothing like the brand of BS that happens here. I am so glad I sold the house and got out. I am no longer going to pay $13k in taxes so some jerk-off can sit on his ass all day and go to the Vibes.


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