You’re Invited, Spread The Word, Book Signing Party For Connecticut Characters, Barnum Museum

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Connecticut Characters cover design by Sue Katz.

Mark your calendars for the event of the year (okay, allow me a little editorial extravagance, after all we will be in the House of Barnum) Thursday, May 11, 5:30-7 p.m. Barnum Museum, 820 Main Street, signing party for my latest book, Connecticut Characters, Personalities Spicing Up The Nutmeg State.

Bring friends, relatives, your favorite pol, bag men if necessary. Wine and light finger foods served. We will offer a special $25 price for the book. Cash or check preferred. If you have already ordered it, please bring it along for signing. No entrance fee.

If you’re dying to buy it in advance, order here. The book features chapters on a collection of greats and near-greats such as Donald Trump, Joe Ganim, Ella Grasso, Linda Blair, mobsters and many more.

We’ll have plenty to gossip about. Spread the word, please!



  1. Bought the book through Lulu earlier this week along with necessary postage. FedEx has let me know it is on is way to me.

    Look forward to May 11 party where you can sign it. Hyperbole, extravagance, and perhaps some bunkum, should be in evidence, perhaps along with a sign that indicates “this way to the egress.” Time will tell.

  2. Lennie, I can’t wait to come and purchase a book, autographed of course. I’ll be there after 6:00 so I don’t have to deal with those spy meters.

  3. I might even show up, but just like Lisa Parziale, AFTER 6 o’clock (not to deal with the meters) In fact, Lennie, you should change the hours. You might have a huge increase in book sales if you plan customers to avoid the meter monsters.


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