Mobile App Now Available For Downtown Parking Meters


Brian Cassady, chief executive officer of Municipal Parking Services, the company that has provided the new Downtown parking meters to the city and is responsible for equipment management and maintenance, shares that a new mobile app is now available that can be downloaded from iTunes or Android Play Store. Cassady says the mobile app called Sentry Mobile enables a better parking experience.

Cassady shares some of the key features of the app.

• Check for parking meter availability in your area by using the map feature of the Sentry Mobile application. The map feature will tell you where the nearest open parking spaces are and it’s a great tool for locating nearby meters, parking lots, and garages.

• Locate your vehicle easily with one touch of a button.

• Pay your meter with ease from anywhere! The Sentry Mobile app eliminates the obligation of feeding your meter in person. Simply select your numbered parking space and how much time you’d like to apply.

• Pay for parking in a nearby lot or garage without having to interact with kiosks or parking attendants. Easy in and easy out! Using the Sentry Mobile app to pay for parking in a lot or garage is not only convenient, it will also save you time!

• Track your active parking sessions. No need to remember when your meter will expire. The app will remind you if you are within 15 minutes and 5 minutes of a violation. You can also check back on your active parking sessions at any time and apply more time if needed.

• Receive an automated email receipt for every transaction you make. Receipts help you track which meter you used, what time you parked, how much you paid, and the time of your departure.

• Make deposits to your account balance at any time. The funds are available for use on parking immediately.

• Save your registered vehicles. You can add, edit, or remove license plate numbers from the account menu whenever you’d like.

• No need to memorize each municipality’s parking rules and regulations. The Sentry Mobile app will tell you when there is free parking, when normal enforcement hours begin and end, maximum parking time limits, parking rates, etc.

• Need assistance with the app or report a malfunctioning device? Use the “Contact Us” option to connect with a support representative who will be able to assist you.



  1. Gee Lennie, I am surprised you didn’t cover the very well-attended safety meeting last evening as Principal Marcie Julian opened Blackham school to four districts to discuss safety. Many Councilmen were there as well as AJ Perez and many members of the Police force. The room was packed and many residents asked many thoughtful Questions. Kudos to Michelle Lyons for coordinating and hosting this well-attended event.

    In light of the recent events that have occurred in the North End, I just want to state I love this city and I feel safe in my neighborhood. That is not to diminish the legitimate concerns of many other residents who do feel there are issues like drugs. I thought the Bridgeport Police did a great job empathizing with residents. Action is needed. The North End does need more Police protection and visibility immediately. Just to see one police car would be comforting to those who are afraid to walk their dogs. Perception is everything!

      1. Yes, some SHU discussion, the vacant Stop&Shop, the recent shootings etc. It was amazing how perception is so different. Some people are petrified and I feel completely safe. Bottom Line, Police need to step up their attention to the North End. I do think Sacred Heart needs to kick in Money and resources to police the area. After all, their students live in the area and pay $50 thousand a year. Bad PR cannot help their rosters.

        1. Let’s remember. SHU says they are located in Fairfield, CT. BTW, it seems many councilpeople have suddenly found the need to have community meetings.

  2. This attempt to improve a bad decision is ONLY because of retired Judge Carmen Lopez speaking out loudly and challenging this terrible effort to steal money from hard-working residents and not being open and informative to those who would go shopping and spending their money downtown. Thank you Judge Lopez. Could you imagine Judge Lopez being the lead City Attorney in Bridgeport? Well, I can’t because she wouldn’t take all the bullshxx that is going on.

    1. Ron, you’re correct. They should forgive all questionable tickets issued. No one should have to take the time and energy to challenge an unfair practice because of the hasty, incomplete implementation of these meters.

    1. Gage,
      Aren’t you happy then that they have been installed in such a limited area? If you walk a block or two in almost any direction you will be in an area without meters or see your old friends, the regular meters.

      If the epicenter of the community is where our accused narcissist Mayor hangs his hat daily, for that block there are no meters on the south side but only short-term parking signs requiring parking police; old meters on Lafayette in front of RBS and little parking on north side. In front of the building is the only area with the new meters causing confusion and ill sentiment.

      Original questions stand: Will parking enforcement squad reduce in size? Will new meters be extended? What financial advantage has been calculated by “City efficiency experts?” (Of course I assumed the numbers were run before the decision to buy, Jennifer. Hope your head doesn’t hurt too much. Time will tell.)

  3. Gee. This is grrreat!

    But with all this modern technology you would think they’d be able to charge you ONLY FOR THE TIME YOU USED.

    I guess modern technology is still a one-way street.

  4. Let me give some clarity here as a Downtown Merchant. We despise the new meters shoved down our throats for a non-thriving downtown. In fact we needed a moratorium on meters until a sound “Parking Authority” would be put in place to help downtown grow. 20% of Parking is about enforcement but this city never saw that memo.

    Let’s take this new app. MPS Meters has had this app for months for the product they make. The REAL story is WHY is it just being made available now? Here is the truth, the Downtown Merchants Association has put this administration under significant pressure and fire but they don’t really listen, they went into crisis mode using Ed Adams, the “Accountability/transparency” guru.

    We found out the city did not purchase the existing “Sentry App” mobile from MPS instead opting to create a custom hook in using a 3rd party app called Park Now. Fast forward, that hook in never materialized so we asked Ed Adams, why on earth don’t you guys get back on the phone with MPS and buy the Sentry App that works to use. Three weeks later, this is news as if they accomplished something great that should have been ready since day 1.

    So now we have 2 (TWO), let me repeat TWO apps for parking Downtown. Sentry Mobile App for the new meters and Park NOW mobile app for the OLD coin operated meters.

    SO then the question comes up. IF we could have been paying by credit card/mobile app for years using “Park Now,” why in hell are we in bed with Laz Parking and MPS meters??? Follow the money.

    BTW, the city also tried to appease us saying 1st offenders will get warnings and 2nd offenders will get $15 voucher discounts by mail over the next 60 days. They even went as far as offering the merchants free advertising on the meters as if we would endorse this crime against us, smh.

    Only in Bridgeport, how’s that for facts?

    1. Kelvin Ayala, thank you for your real-time information. All good questions. Here is another example when community leaders should get out of their cocoon and LISTEN to people who live and experience the real impact and effects of laws, ordinances, programs and policies. The Ganim Administration is buried in a deep cocoon.

  5. This notice is a day late and $40 short. As a show of good faith, the city and vendor should refund all fines prior to this information being made available.

  6. I was downtown tonight and the new meters say they are free until 8am. So the moral of this story is don’t go to downtown Bridgeport until after 6pm when it’s free to park.

    1. Let the downtown businesses get hit in their pockets by NOT shopping downtown. The downtown vendors will have to step up to get their customers back by getting a fair system of parking meters but until then, DON’T SHOP DOWNTOWN.

      1. Do NOT punish the small businesses downtown. We have been complaining for over a year . we despise the meters, but it the city, DSSD, and BRBC all colluded and do not car about the merchants. In fact, they would love us to purge each other.

  7. How does punishing downtown businesses solve anything? They are already victims of a failed policy. I doubt Municipal Parking Services could care less. They’ll get paid regardless, no?

    1. Let me see, do we punish the public that puts money into the vendors’ pockets by playing Russian roulette with those new parking meters in order to shop in those downtown businesses or do we punish those downtown businesses? Hmmm, my vote is to support the public and let them keep their money in their pockets.


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