What Will Marilyn Do?

According to Marilyn Moore’s Facebook page, the state senator is expected to make a Wednesday announcement regarding her plans following her close primary loss to Mayor Joe Ganim.

Moore is without a November ballot spot after the campaign failed to submit sufficient signatures to qualify for the Working Families Party line which was shaping up as another close battle with Ganim.

Options Moore could be considering: a long-shot write-in candidacy, schmoozing Republican mayoral candidate John Rodriguez for his ballot line, or forge a challenge of the primary results in Superior Court after winning the machine count to lose by absentee ballots. To be successful in that regard she’d need mountain ranges of fraud to bring to the court. Most judges don’t like messing with elections.



  1. Lennie, I was told by a former councilman from Hartford that all Marilyn has to do is to find two AB’s that were false to call into question all that were filed. Right or wrong?

    1. Day, does those two false AB’s have to be from Joe’s side? I’ll bet, based on Maria’s input of Moore’s AB’s operatives there will be some for her side. So can’t see the court’s intervening. That being said. considering Moore is not on the ballot, which if she was, this AB’s conversation would be non-existence, it would be how Moore bet Joe at the machines, and the momentum for the general election. But you can’t blame Joe’s team for that, that falls on Moore’s team. Because of Moore’s teams “mishap” We are here. But where are they taken it? I say Moore has to be on the ballot as a write-in for all the support they asked and then “messing” it up by not giving them a say in November. Because of even Moore’s own word new she was going to lose the primary because of AB” If Moore loses the write-in she heads back to Hartford with a mandate to fix the AB process in CT. JS


  2. Which Wednesday might that be? Today IS Wednesday👀😝😥

    On a serious note. Did anyone else see the General Now Primary Vote piece?

    If it hadn’t been for the abs many on line A along with Ganimn would’ve lost…

    Really interesting to see the results broken down citywide by machine vs abs

    If I can figure out how to copy it I’ll post it here.

    You also have the opportunity to call or send an email to Ms. Merills office to assist in the fight against ab fraud and abuse.

    Great job Generation Now👋👋

  3. All I have heard is that Moore wants to come in and fire everybody. There are some good things happening in the city. My daughter volunteered for Moore. My eldest volunteered for Ganim. We have a divided house, but what my daughter said is that Moore is not friendly and has a big ego. I met her she’s cool. I voted for her for senator, but mayor I don’t no about that.

    1. You are talking about rumors, not policy or vision. We always can find someone in any campaign that say something dumb. I still want to know what has Mayor Ganim has done in the East End and the reason is that community has always gave Ganim the largest percentage of votes than any other district.

    2. Good things ALWAYS happen during ELECTION TIME.
      What about the entire time spent in an office of influence and very LITTLE progress for years spent in that position.
      What progress for over 11 years under his administration?

      It’s taken HOW MANY YEARS for actual PROFF of progress for a Library and reform of Stratford Ave?

      In my opinion there’s an underlying attitude and hidden bias of WHY she’s not qualified according to them, and if you’re keeping it REAL,
      Let’s have THAT conversation.

      The personal attacks and character assassination comments in my opinion speak to who we are and how depraved we have become as human beings.
      Stick to the FACTS and ISSUES of what is needed for Bridgeport to come out of the BONDAGE we’ve accepted.

      She’s ON the BALLOT period!!!
      Many lessons learned along this journey.


      SHE’S ON THE BALLOT, everything else that happened in the PAST IS IRRELEVANT!!!
      VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!

      1. Wanda Simmons, let me make in real clear that there are those who don’t like State Senator Marilyn Moore because she is a black woman who’s got going to stand there with a happy-go-lucky-smile on her face when there is important and hard work to be done. We don’t need black women hating on another black woman like Rev. Mary Lee did in her effort to give support to Joe Ganim by saying that Marilyn Moore “was not black enough,” as if saying that a white man, Joe Ganim, was black enough.

        1. I agree 100%.. I HATE that we allow ourselves to do this to each other.

          I was PISSED OFF and very HURT to see it get so petty and low….

          A retraction or an apology was diffently warranted and he should have publicly DENOUNCED her words…


          1. Derek, I’m in full agreement that we don’t need ANYONE hating on ANYONE ELSE. I’ve known Rev. Mary Lee for nearly 35 years way before you got into politic and she was a teacher at the old Waterville School. I found Rev. Lee to be a good and caring teacher. As a elected politician I not always agreed with some of her votes but that’s ok but when Rev. Mary Lee said what she did about State Senator Marilyn Moore “not being black enough” and then after my pastor, Rev. Anthony Bennett called Rev. Lee and asked her about her comment Rev. Lee said that wasn’t what she was saying but Rev. Lee NEVER called or contact the CT Post and asked for retraction of the comment or gave the CT Post what she really wanted to say. Rev. Lee did that thereby she was standing by what she said about Senator Moore. Derek, that’s what you call “HATING” on a respect State Senator, Marilyn Moore but what makes it different here we have a black woman, a school teacher hating on another black woman in order to endear her self to a white male.

      2. Let me clarify my she’s on the ballot statement. This is MY faith confession and hope after the dust clears.

        I know currently she’s NOT on there YET!!!

        For all you idiots that think I don’t know this.

        Jokes on you…😂😇👌👌


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