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  1. I find it so ironic that they are saying the “healthcare” is a benefit but the main reason they’re losing newer officers is because insurance is the most expensive in the state and they took their retirement healthcare away. But yes let’s advocate that “healthcare” is a prime reason to come. Salary? Forget it, you’d make more money in Stamford, Norwalk, New Haven, Derby, Ansonia, just about anywhere else.

    Work environment? Forget it, it’s corrupted by the council members in the city. They call the shots and the city is in the dump because of it.

    Who are they trying to fool. If you thought they would attract the “BEST” candidates your mistaken, they’ve already applied to surround towns and municipalities. Bridgeport is a one stop spot to get certified and get out! These council members don’t care about retaining officers, it’s a recycle program. They rather take advice from the criminals who encamped the front of the police station than the officers who are begging for their help while risking everything they have daily.

    Fact of the matter: go elsewhere or don’t be a cop at all. It’s not worth it.

    1. It is a joke!!! And you’re right, it’s not worth it. Anyone applying today for any police job (why would anyone want that today!) – will only get on Bridgeport to get certified at Bridgeport expense, and then go elsewhere for better pay, benefits, working conditions and hopefully a less corrupt political system. Matter of fact, anyone wanting to be a cop today should really have their heads checked out!!!

  2. Make The Shift, you mean Make The Shit with the Bridgeport Police Department. This is recruitment drive is nothing but a joke, the one word that describes the Bridgeport Police Department is “dysfunctional.” Jo Salling and Rich Augustynowicz got it right.

    1. It’s funny how the city council and mayor love their little photo ops with cops and firefighters, but they treat them like second class citizens. And not for nothing why would anyone want to live in a city so corrupted. It’s disgusting. It’s bad enough you have to work their and then live there? To be consistently surround by that toxicity they created. No thank you. Everyone, go anywhere else but this city.

  3. What does a Mayor releasing an annual operating budget indicate? His priorities, even if they are unexplained, though doubtless, OIB would print them.
    And a budget that sees an increase of 5% or $8 Million year over current, the largest such increase this year, doesn’t it show that public safety ranks high with Ganim2?
    And a budget that flat funds the 20,000 City youth covered by the BOE budget, coming off what has been likely the least productive educational year in City history, with the embedded cuts of recent years, show a pure lack of interest in the future of City youth, doesn’t it? Money from the Feds to be distributed instead? Can this be done in front of the public by the Mayor so that it can be remembered at City Council election time? It could answer the question as to how does trusting the Mayor and his top advisors, compromise accuracy in allocating funds to City needs? If the Mayor says NOTHING. And the Council persons LEARN NOTHING DEPENDABLE. Perhaps they need to replace the KNOW NOTHING crowd? Time will tell.

  4. Ths is what Mayor Joe Ganim and the city council president and the city council didn’t talk about for those who take the test to become a Bridgeport police candidate what they are signing up for, a totally dysfunctionalpolice department.

    This is from the Connecticut Post. Federal prosecutors said Wednesday, “Aside from the significant financial damage to the city, Dunn’s conduct undermined trust in the Bridgeport Police Department and the city’s government. Dunn and his co-defendant took from its citizens their expectation that the city would be run in their best interests, and not for the benefit of certain influential individuals,” the memorandum stated.

    “By cynically undermining the chief selection process, Dunn’s scheme also deprived honest candidates of a legitimate chance to lead the City’s police department,” the prosecutors wrote.


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