Calendar Set For City Council Budget Season To Act On Ganim’s Spending Proposal

The City Council’s Budget & Appropriations Committee has set its schedule to review and act on Mayor Joe Ganim’s spending plan for the budget year starting July 1. It includes three public hearings: Capitol Plan, Board of Education and general fund. All meetings will be conducted by Zoom conference.

Ganim, at the start of Monday night’s council meeting, indicated his proposal cuts the tax rate about 11 mils from the current 54 during a revaluation year of taxable property. Most neighborhood homeowners are expected to realize a cut or flat tax rate with some potential exceptions in other areas depending on the assessments.

What happens at the committee level is generally adopted by the full council. So if you have any screaming to do, do it now.

Calendar follows:



  1. Awesome. This budget year will be particularly hard to advocate for education as in addition to the usual urban legends about the education budget their is the additional Grant funding related to Covid that also must be accounted for and has the danger of covering up severe shortfalls that will have a devastating impact in the near future. I am holding an information session on Bridgeport Public School budget in an attempt to debunk some of the myths and give advocacy tips. Wish me luck, this will be the longest I’ve ever run my mouth.

    Register in advance for this meeting:

  2. Off topic but always on topic the CT Post had a story about 10 outdoor venues that will be having outdoor music soon.
    It should read 11 because they didn’t include the Hartford Health Care Arm-pit Theater.
    I just can’t wait for opening night.

  3. And this was another development that has a clearly defined funding formula until there were cost overruns and then it was every man for himself, right Lennie?


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