Senator Bradley, BOE Member Jessica Martinez Charged With Federal Wire Fraud In Connection With Campaign Finance Violations–Bradley Consultant: Wouldn’t That Be Illegal? Bradley: No

Bradley with his 2018 campaign treasurer Jessica Martinez

State Senator Dennis Bradley and Board of Education member Jessica Martinez were charged on Tuesday with multiple counts of federal wire fraud in connection with fundraising for his 2018 run for state office. Martinez served as his campaign treasurer. See the return BRADLEY & MARTINEZ indictment.

Martinez was also charged with providing false statements to federal investigators.

Federal investigators allege that Bradley and Martinez schemed a party that was billed as “A BDK Law Group Night To Remember” at Dolphin’s Cove in the East End but was actually a campaign fundraiser in violation of Connecticut’s public financing rules. Bradley also is accused of illegal use of his money to finance the event from funds received from his law firm.

Bradley, according to the indictment, was questioned by his campaign consultant of fronting the law firm, “Wouldn’t that be illegal?”

Bradley, an attorney, responded no.

From indictment:

Shortly after 1:30 p.m. Bradley entered a not guilty plea in New Haven federal court. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Francis, who prosecuted former Police Chief AJ Perez and ex personnel director David Dunn for rigging the 2018 top cop test to benefit Perez, announced the indictment includes “very strong evidence against (Bradley).”

Bradley is being represented by former federal prosecutor James Glasser.

Martinez entered a not guilty plea around 2:30 p.m. She seeks representation from a public defender.

The wire fraud charges bring a maximum of 20 years, but based on federal sentencing guidelines prison time will be substantially less upon a conviction.

News release from U.S. Attorney’s Office:

Leonard C Boyle, Acting United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, and David Sundberg, Special Agent in Charge of the New Haven Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, today announced that a federal grand jury in New Haven returned an indictment yesterday charging Connecticut State Senator DENNIS A. BRADLEY, JR., and his former campaign Treasurer, JESSICA MARTINEZ, with multiple offenses related to defrauding Connecticut’s program for publicly funding political campaigns during Bradley’s 2018 run for State Senate.

Bradley and Martinez appeared today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert M. Spector in New Haven, entered pleas of not guilty to the charges, and were released on bonds in the amount of $300,000 and $250,000, respectively.

As alleged in the indictment, Bradley, 38, of Bridgeport, has been a member of the Connecticut State Senate since 2018, representing the 23rd State Senate District. Martinez, 39, of Bridgeport, was the Treasurer for Bradley’s 2018 State Senate campaign. In Bradley’s 2018 campaign for State Senate, Bradley, Martinez, and others conspired to defraud the Connecticut State Election Enforcement Commission (“SEEC”), the Citizens’ Election Fund, and the State of Connecticut by making misrepresentations concerning Bradley’s compliance with state election law and the requirements and restrictions of the Citizens’ Election Program (“CEP”), a voluntary public election-financing program under which candidates can apply to SEEC for grants to fund their primary and general election campaigns.

“Candidates for public office must be held to a high standard of conduct, especially when they apply for public funds for their campaigns,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Boyle. “It is alleged that these defendants not only broke the rules at the outset of Mr. Bradley’s first campaign for the State Senate, but then engaged in an extensive coverup to conceal their illegal behavior and to receive additional public funds. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and our FBI partners are committed to holding public officials to account.”

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation is committed to protecting the citizens of Connecticut against all forms of illegal fraud and deception,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Sundberg. “Maintaining the integrity of our state and federal election processes is crucial to ensuring the will of the voting public is carried out based on truth and fairness.”

The indictment alleges that Bradley, Martinez, and their co-conspirators violated CEP rules by holding a March 15, 2018, campaign event at Dolphin’s Cove restaurant in Bridgeport, then engaged in a scheme to trick SEEC into awarding his campaign undeserved CEP grants by making misrepresentations and omissions to disguise the nature of that event.

It is alleged that, although CEP rules imposed a $2,000 limit on Bradley’s expenditure of personal funds, Bradley used personal funds to pay Dolphin’s Cove $5,597.31 for the campaign event, and used personal funds for other campaign expenditures related to the event, including printed invitations and a band.

It is further alleged that, in an attempt to hide the March 15 campaign event from SEEC, Bradley, Martinez and their co-conspirators claimed it was a “Thank You Party” for friends and clients of Bradley’s law firm, Bradley, Denkovich & Karayiannis, P.C., also known as BDK Law Group.

It is alleged that, although at least eight donors gave to Bradley’s campaign at the Dolphin’s Cove event, Bradley’s and Martinez’s co-conspirators altered and falsified the contribution cards so that none were dated March 15, 2018.

It is further alleged that, although CEP rules required complete and truthful disclosures of Bradley’s campaign contributions and expenditures, in April, May and June 2018, Bradley’s campaign filed Itemized Campaign Finance Disclosure Statements with SEEC that omitted that Bradley had held a campaign event on March 15, 2018 at Dolphin’s Cove restaurant, omitted that Bradley had incurred approximately $6,307 in expenses for the event, omitted that Bradley had accepted multiple campaign contributions at the event, and misrepresented the dates of those March 15, 2018 contributions.

It is further alleged that on May 24, 2018, Bradley and Martinez applied for a CEP grant to fund Bradley’s Democratic primary campaign. On July 10, 2018, relying on the false and misleading information contained in Bradley’s filings, SEEC issued the campaign $84,140 in public funds. On August 14, 2018, Bradley won the Democratic primary with approximately 55 percent of the vote.

It is further alleged that, after issuing a CEP primary grant to Bradley, SEEC began investigating a citizen complaint regarding Bradley’s campaign, including the campaign event at Dolphin’s Cove. On August 21, 2018, Bradley emailed a letter to SEEC in which he denied all the allegations in the citizen complaint as “frivolous and manipulative.” In that letter, Bradley falsely stated, “On March 15, 2018, BDK hosted a Client Appreciation event at Dolphin’s Cove restaurant[.] … This was in no shape or form a political event. … In fact, we did not collect any donations at this event and have no donations dated 03/15/2018.”

On October 12, 2018, after Bradley and Martinez attempted to obtain an additional $95,710 CEP grant to fund Bradley’s general election campaign, Martinez made similar false statements under oath to SEEC. SEEC eventually denied Bradley a general election grant. On November 6, 2018, Bradley won the general election with approximately 87 percent of the vote.

It is further alleged that Martinez made similar false statements to investigating FBI special agents in March 2020, and under oath before the grand jury in September 2020.

Bradley is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and five counts of wire fraud, and Martinez is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, five counts of wire fraud, one count of making a false statement to the FBI, and one count of making a false declaration before the grand jury. The conspiracy and fraud offenses carry a maximum term of imprisonment of 20 years on each count, and the false statement and declaration offenses carry a maximum term of imprisonment of five years on each count.

For background see OIB’s exclusive story from Jan. 25, 2020.

For Dennis Bradley, it started with frivolity March 15, 2018 as an Ides of March campaign event at Dolphin’s Cove in the East End formalizing his announcement that led to election to the State Senate.

Bradley noted in a media advance, “the day marked by history as Caesar’s pride and destruction will mark Bridgeport’s humbleness and rebirth. For God will take the stone that was discarded and use it as His cornerstone … Bringing the classics back to Bridgeport politics. It’s about time we raise the bar.”

The State Elections Enforcement Commission ruled that Bradley had raised the bar in more ways than one, violating state law by leveraging roughly $10,000 in law firm funds to finance his election, including free drinks and food at Dolphin’s Cove. It led to the watchdog agency rejecting his application for a general election grant under the state’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races.

Even his named campaign committee, “Attorney Dennis Bradley for State Senate” leaves residual reminders: is he promoting his profession, his political career, both? What is the purpose of mixing your profession with your run for public office in the same filing?

Now the federal government has taken notice impaneling a grand jury in New Haven that is hearing from witnesses associated with his 2018 run for state office including expenses financed by his law firm, donations made and where the money leads.

On March 15, 44 BC, Brutus and dozens of conspirators, so the story goes, plunged daggers into Caesar during a meeting of the Senate.

Bradley’s hoping the federal dagger doesn’t pierce his Senate credentials.

These are frustrating days for the outgoing Bradley whose gregarious gift for gab, alluring charm and put-together presentation wins friends fast but whose showy ambition also chafes his political enemies who see a rusty engine under the polish of the Maserati he drives. He’s perplexed by what he terms aggressive state action and further in the potential fallout of a federal investigation that could impale a rising star’s appeal.

During the March 15, 2018 State Senate campaign announcement–“Thank You” celebration sponsored by BDK Law Group–a video (no longer available) featured on Bradley’s Facebook page, references his law firm’s relationship with the community and his candidacy.

“God bless you all,” Bradley declares to hundreds of enthusiastic supporters at Dolphin’s Cove, an East End waterfront destination. “Drinks are on the house, food is on the house and love is all over the room.”

The announcement transpired as Bradley prepared to raise small-dollar donations in pursuit of close to $200,000 in public money between the primary and general election. Senate candidates must raise $15,000 in donations of $250 and less from 300 contributors to qualify for grant money.

Fundraising also took place the night of the event, according to attendees there, incorrectly recorded on finance reports by Bradley’s campaign treasurer Jessica Martinez, the current chair of the Board of Education.

Former Board of Education member Maria Pereira, with whom Bradley served prior to his election to State Senate, triggered a state investigation in a complaint filed with SEEC accusing Bradley of misusing law firm funds to finance his campaign. After approving a primary grant for Bradley, the commission rejected the general election grant application ruling that Bradley’s coordinated law firm expenditure violated state fundraising regulations. They also announced that Bradley and Martinez were subject to additional civil penalties. The case is still open.

Meanwhile Bradley didn’t do himself any favors in another matter bringing unnecessary attention. His 2018 primary opponent Aaron Turner filed an SEEC complaint based on Bradley proffering a peculiar financial overture to 2017 Stratford mayoral candidate Stephanie Philips who rebuffed in a text message exchange his offer to commit $5,000 to her campaign in return for a paid municipal job and other assistance.

At the time Bradley called it fake news. In hindsight he characterizes it as a rookie mistake with good intentions.

Bradley pushed back on the watchdog agency’s public money rejection in October 2018, just a few weeks from the general election, asserting it “wronged my campaign, my law practice and the citizens of Bridgeport.”

After a competitive primary win against Turner, Bradley had no issue winning the general election without money given the overwhelming Democratic registration advantage in a district covering about two thirds of Bridgeport and a piece of western Stratford. Still, a lot of campaign workers expecting to be paid were stiffed without the near $100,000 cash infusion for the general election. Political operatives in Bridgeport rely on campaign dough to feed their people who in turn churn out a vote. Martinez, as treasurer and campaign worker for the primary, was paid $924 during a four-week period in the summer of 2018.

Her boyfriend Orlando Baez, with whom she has had a violent history leading to arrests, was paid $852 during roughly the same period. (Bradley has represented her in those cases.) Tens of thousands more in public money in support of the August primary went to other wage earners, operatives on the ground such as canvassers and consultants typical of a campaign.

The well ran dry for general election workers expecting to be paid. If they were paid to quell the chirping, how were they paid?

Martinez’s campaign finance filings, a meandering Etch-A-Sketch exercise in resilient reading, included 15 amendments and corrections in support of the public grant during the primary. The financial disclosures for treasurers are signed under penalty of false statement.

The SEEC is the civil oversight authority for campaigns waged in Connecticut. It has no criminal investigative powers. It can–and has–refer matters it deems potential criminal acts to proper law enforcement agencies.

Despite the unsettling civil news for Bradley, the immigration lawyer was appointed by Democratic leadership in Hartford Senate chair of the key Public Safety Committee which navigates gaming bills. Bradley brought his finesse to Hartford.

Meanwhile, Bradley bruised the feelings of some of his strongest supporters when he sat out the 2019 mayoral race, trying to thread a very fine needle that has come back to prick the freshman senator. He made a dubious political calculation: distancing himself from Mayor Joe Ganim will score points with backers of Marilyn Moore for whatever future office he pursued, including a run for mayor. That strategy could work if he’d embraced Moore. The end result was both sides angry at him. Pick a side, dude.

Even after Ganim won a close primary contest, Bradley did not support him in the general election while Ganim thwarted Moore’s write-in challenge. Bradley had all the cover he needed: I’m supporting the party nominee. He ducked.

It’s a political miscalculation, much like the misstep he made as school board chair calling for a boycott of meetings to bring pressure upon Pereira to resign. It fell flat. In politics good looks and charm can dry up fast for a young politician if it appears ambition transcends core values.

Former city Public Facilities Director John Ricci dubbed Bradley “the chameleon” who morphs into this or that for misplaced expediency.

Right now Bradley’s political skirmishes are the least of his worries in an election year.

The federal investigators assigned to his case are serious law enforcement professionals such as FBI agent Paul Takla who investigated Bernie Madoff’s historic Ponzi scheme and Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Francis who’s earned his stripes putting away corrupt hedge funders and stock brokers.

It raises the question, what’s the federal angle here? Is it simply focused, or a broader investigation with underlying federal violations involved.

One thing is for sure, Bradley can’t afford to shrug it off without savvy legal counsel because way too many trapdoors exist in federal investigations. Federal law enforcement has had many successes in its “Corrupticut” probes the past 20 years. They’ve also spent a lot of time on many other elected, political figures that never came to pass. They didn’t have enough. So it’s way too soon to predict the outcome. The knee-jerk response in Bridgeport often is this one is going away or that one is going away simply by the presence of the federals. Not always true.

Still, witnesses before a grand jury means the feds have something brewing, be it at beginning stage, middle, or near the end.

Grand jury proceedings are conducted in secrecy. There is no judge in the room. Lay folk, consisting of 16-23 people, sit as the jurors absorbing information directed by a prosecutor to determine if probable cause exists to deliver an indictment via written charges. Twelve must vote for an indictment. It is merely a charge in which the burden of proof at trial, if it gets that far, is on the government. The process, although a staple of the federal criminal investigatory process, has come under fire for being a rubber stamp of the prosecutor. You’ve heard the line you can indict a ham sandwich; well the genesis is a federal grand jury.

Witnesses, sometimes reluctantly, sometimes willingly, are generally brought in under subpoena to share what they know about the government’s intended target. Witnesses are under oath. They have rights to an attorney but the legal advice must be administered outside the jury room.

The prosecutor directs the questions. Jurors can also question the witness. The process is shrouded in mystery. No one in that room can share outside the room what transpired. Here’s the cool part; under federal law, witnesses are not bound by the secrecy provision. They are free to walk out of the room when done and scream from treetops this is what I told the grand jury. Now prosecutors don’t like that, and often insist they say nothing, but witnesses are free to do what they want.

For now Bradley feels victimized by investigations that he maintains seem disproportionate to the events.

“From the bottom of my heart the fact that our government can do this hurts,” he says. “I’ve only tried to be an agent of change.”

Amateur mistakes, some argue. Perhaps.

Either way amateurs, in this case, are not investigating.



  1. We know the SEEC is concerned about the actions of these two individuals, but the question is whether the voters of Bridgeport give a damn? If past actions are an indication they won’t, but Time Will Tell!

    1. C’MON MAN, you know if the voters voted Joe Ganim back into office twice and he did federal prison time and he still can’t get his law license back from the state that these two still have spot coming to them after doing prison time if that happens to them, time will tell (JML).

    2. It applies to Marylin Moore voters too. Why aren’t the feds looking into her fundraising activities? The Bradley alleged fundraising activities mirrors those of Moore.

      1. Joel…
        Marilyn Moore has not been accused of wire fraud, lying to The SEEC, falsifying documents to hide spending person funds in excess of $50 in her campaign without reporting it, etc.
        SEEC did investigate multiple complaints against Bradley and Martinez and brought the indictments.
        Bradley will face other consequences. Like Joe G his law license is at risk along with ability to earn a living.
        How many clients are going to hire a lawyer under indictment and facing prison?

        1. Well, not yet. Moore did lie to SEEC and misled them. For example, she told SEEC that Sauda Baracka was a volunteer assisting her in circulating the petitions. She didn’t quite name the assistant. She didn’t tell SEEC that Sauda Baracka was at the time the Chairwoman of the WFP Bridgeport Chapter. In order to circulate a petition to run for office, one MUST be registered with that candidates party. Remember what took place in 2019 Bridgeport mayoral primary and election? Moore’s campaign and Sauda Baracka (WFP chair) jointly circulated petitions for DEM primary and for ballot position on WFP slate. They each circulated dozens of petitions for both parties. Are you going to say that was legal. Don’t tell me Sauda is a Democrat. After 17 years as a Republican she switched to Democrat about 4 months after I filed Seec complaint. I haven’t filed one on the above mentioned facts. By the way, there’s a video of Baracka and Moore doing their thing. It’s funny how our Senators don’t seem to know the laws. They know it, they just don’t think anyone is paying attention.

          1. People switch parties.
            The Ganim family was Republican
            Trump was a Democrat
            It has nothing to do with idealogy at times, merely opportunity.

            Complaint to SEEC are meaningless until the SEEC acts and say something was done in violation of the rules. Anyone can make a complaint

          2. Marshall, why you keep playing stupid. Surely anyone can switch party affiliation. In this case, Baracka and Moore were fully aware that their joint petition circulation activity was illegal. They knew they couldn’t explain the video away. They knew that the SEEC could check on Barack’s party affiliation which at the time was Republican. The video shows her circulating petitions on behalf of a Democrat the reverse applies to Moore. This all should have been picked up or noticed by the Registrar of Voters by checking the names and party affiliation of all individuals having circulated the each petition. The 2019 Mayoral Democratic Primary should have never taken place.

      1. Ya Joel,unfortunately you are correct,as 2 get indicted,4 more are waiting to pounce ..But maybe(and it’s a BIG maybe,the more that get caught,it will make the others think twice…

    1. Harvey,
      The swamp isn’t emptying. Like Joe G he can go to prison, serve his term, pay restitution and fines. Then get his vote back and lose his law license and be elected to office in Bridgeport and collect a salary or stipend.
      Bridgeport loves to elect ex/cons

  2. Another pair that Maria tried to tell everyone were no good!!!! Oh, but that’s right, she’s not a coalition builder. When you speak the truth you offend people and rather than listen they turn you off because they just don’t like the message.

    1. I see that you forgot that it was Maria who gave us Dennis Bradley and Joe Ganim together when she was taking photos with the both of them in their campaign to get elected as a team. Rich, how did that workout?

      1. @Ron Mackey
        Maria didn’t give Bpt Senator Bradley. She worked very hard for Aaron Turner in the primary. In fact her Council district was the only district Aaron Turner won.

        Disclaimer: I supported and contributed to Aaron Turner’s campaign

        1. Marshall Marcus, Dennis Bradley held no elected or appointed position untilMaria drafted Dennis Bradley to run for the BBOE and she campaign for Bradley for his first elected position.

          1. @Ron Mackey
            Time for a memory check because you are posting a LIE.

            Dennis Bradley was ELECTED to the 136th DTC (yes in Bridgeport Dems go to the polls and elect the DTC) when Chris Rosario was district leader.

            A few months later after the arrest of then State Rep. Christina Ayala, Rosario announced that he was going to primary Ayala. Outraging many , Dennis announced he would also enter the primary and oppose both Ayala and his District Leader Rosario.

            Maria did recruit Bradley to run for BBOE along with herself and Ben Walker, but it was not his first election. Bradley’s conduct was so egregious with respect to campaign finances that Ben and Maria had nothing to do with Dennis for the remainder of the primary campaign. Dennis changed the agreed upon Deputy Campaign Treasurer from his administrative assistant to his then fiancee. without Maria or Ben’s permission or knowledge.
            After the first campaign finance report was filed the dollar amount was significantly less than it should have been. Maria went to the Town Clerk and obtained a copy of the report it was a disaster. Hundreds of dollars in donations including cash were missing, incorrect donation amounts were reported and much information was missing along with other errors. Sounds like a foreshadowing of the future to me.
            The report had a shocking revelation that 7 days before the primary election Dennis had not donated a single dollar to the campaign, nor had he raised a single dollar.
            A meeting was held which included Bradley, Danny Roach, John Ricci (treasurer) the deputy treasurer (his fiancee) and a few others. When confronted about missing donations/money, Bradley tried to blame Maria and Ben for his actions. claiming they handed him donations just before he was going out door-to door campaigning with Joe Ganim.
            The campaign treasurer was quite distraught because she feared SEEC action because of Bradley’s report.
            From that day forward, Maria and Ben had nothing to with Bradley and they tried to warn Baraka and Gardner not to trust him. Baraka and Garner learned the hard way, as Bradley had committed to support one of them for chair and cut himself a back room deal to get himself. elected chair.

            So, Dennis has a record of mishandling campaign contributions before his State Senate run.
            Dennis won an election before aligning with Maria, so she did not bring him to the forefront.

            I have heard that Bradley and his attorney have pleaded with the SEEC for months to just levy a fine and not seek criminal prosecution, but it didn’t work. He holds a law license and should have been able to read and understand the rules. He is not considered an amateur first timer running for office making an innocent mistake.

            It is the people of Bridgeport, Stratford (his district) and the rest of the state who have been aggrieved by his actions.
            Elected officials must understand that they are not above the law.

            Disclaimer: Some of this history I know from personal knowledge, some from discussion with a named party, and some from news reports and filed election returns.

          2. @Marshall Marcus, time for a memory check because you are posting a LIE. NOBODY gies a dam about any of the 90 DTC members as you listed. The picture told the whole story about Dennis Bradley and it gave voters a chance to see who Dennis was and all thanks to Maria Pereira.

            Ben Walker, Maria Pereira and Dennis Bradley formed Democratic school board slate.
            Former school board member Maria Pereira, attorney Dennis Bradley and Greenwich music teacher Ben Walker announced Friday night at a fundraiser for Joe Ganim they will be Democratic candidates for the Board of Education.


          3. @Ron Mackey
            To quote Judge Judy:”When you tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory.”

            You wrote the following LIE:”Dennis Bradley held no elected or appointed position until Maria drafted Dennis Bradley to run for the BBOE”

            I disputed it with Bradley’s election to the DTC and you poo-poohed that as not really an election,

            Well MR. LIAR>>>>>Before Bradley ran for BBOE he was an APPOINTED member of the Bridgeport Fire Commission (approved 8/5/2013 by City Council term expired Jan 1, 2015).

            So, Fess up for your LIES (and trying to blame Bradley on Maria) or admit you have a terrible memory or just don’t bother to do research such as checking public records because you’d rather besmirch someone than be bothered with facts/truth.

    2. Rich it was Maria Pereira who notified the feds at the same time she filed the SEEC complaint. I sounded the alarm on these types of criminal activity years ago. I blame Chris Caruso for creating the cookie jar many pols are sticking their hands in.

      1. Joel I know that you must be busy on the phone calling the SEEC on your complaint against Senator Moore so that you can get that pat on the back.

        1. You fool, call in complaints are not acceptable–they must be in writing. For now, she’s safe as I haven’t filed any other complaint. I do have the evidence necessary to prove the violation. Are you rushing me Ron?

  3. Comrades’ I concur. I don’t think it will sideline his political ambitions nor deter votes. He already admitted his failures. So expect a peal of some sort. The question is, will it take some wind out of his sail to run in 2023 fro mayor. Considering the timing and how long it took for this indictment I don’t think much will come from it. But who really knows how this will play out. This time will tell, most likely before his next election.

    P.S Rich, Maria may not be much of a coalition builder but she did build a coalition with Ganim and Bradley to get elected. In actuality, Maria is a great coalition builder just not a strong coalition keeper. JS

    1. Chances are he won’t be running for office in 2023. He’ll lose his right to be an elector with his felony conviction and be in prison at the time

    1. Hear hear!!! And Maria- pay no attention to the person(s) behind the curtain!! The ones with their comments above, who just don’t like you. I’m proud to be in the same club!
      We know that they just blah and blah and blah!!!!!! One of them sometime blah blahs between nips of knotty head.

  4. Bradley posted $300,000 bail and Martin Looney removed him from ALL Committee assignments.
    OIB knows that everyone Maria was cool with, including Bradley and they ended up hating each other because with Maria there is two ways to do anything, Maria’s way or the wrong way.

          1. @Joel……..

            If I remember correctly YOU started it by commenting about Maria’s adult daughter, who is NOT in politics and doesn’t live or work in Bridgeport.

            The point is, everyone has family members and unless they are active in politics they should not be part of the discussion

    1. Don, Dennis Bradley was a nobody in Bridgeport politics until Maria Pereira recruited him and campaign for him to get elected to the Bridgeport Board Of Education.

  5. I highly doubt he will go to prison. I read about stuff like this all the time, usually ends up with fines.

    Can’t say I know/understand campaign finance laws. However, it seems it all stems from the initial announcement/fundraiser party. We know he already admits culpability/error. So he has to have a defense of some sort.

    (I believe) unlike Ernie in his campaign finance fraud case, where contributions qualified him. Was money collected on the night at Dolphin, Cove essential to qualifying for the CEP? Could he have qualified without those donors? If so, it’s almost a mote point, at least with wanting to participate in the CEP and far from a conspiracy to qualify for it. I would think. Just a filing mishap like Moore’s ballot mishap. If he can show the contributions at the Dolphin Cove were not essential for filing for CEP and just an ( in his words) Amature mistake, fine, pay back the CEP funds. JMO

    1. SEEC violations usually result in fines levied by the state.
      Bradley has been charged with counts of Federal Wire Fraud…those charges often lead to prison time

      1. The trapings of filing SEEC Reports electronically was sorely overlooked. SEEC is pretty much a toothless tiger watching over a golden cookie jar. SEEC has for years failed and for some reasons (obvious to me) simply refused to refer obvious criminal federal violations over to the feds. The timing to commit such scam was bad. Right around the time Pereira filed the SEEC complaint, the feds were poised to look into any possible acts of public corruption and they even asked for tips from the public. One would think that after the feds charged and covicted Ernie Newton for raiding campaign funds, that was the end of it. Heck, Newton crossed the line again and had SEEC referred the case over to the feds, I bet he wouldn’t have walked away.

      2. From my understanding, considering everything is sent electronically in one way or another that entails fraud, everyone and everything could be charged with wire fraud. The Feds taking on this case says Sen. Bradley’s game is deeper than most.

        Did the Feds get involved in Ernie’s campaign finance violations? Was his method of filing any different?

        The Feds involvement speaks for itself in what could have been handle by the state. They always say the cover-up is sometimes can be worse than the crime.

        As Sen. Bradley stated, an Amature mistake/error” If he can show the Cove donor’s were not essential to his filing for CEP he didn’t try to fraud anybody nor conspire to commit fraud.No!

        Your views seem to be emotionally biased, but that the state of our politics these days. IOM

        However, in my personal experience right, wrong, proven, or not don’t mean much in a court of law. You, as an attorney, know this better than most.

        As I said who really knows how this will play out. .JS

        1. There’s no way out of this for Bradley and Martinez. The text messages paints a clear picture of what took place before the feds came knocking. What took place after the knock is crystal clear. How did the feds get those text exchanges? They didn’t come from Pereira, that’s for sure.

  6. Six months and a fine for each. Wire fraud is among the easiest of federal violations to prove along with lying to the feds and or a Grand Jury. I’m wondering what took so long to indict. The pandemic of course. The feds are here for easy picking. The evidence in the Police Chief case was given to them on a silver platter. The evidence on this case was given up by both the accused. Couldn’t make these two cases any easier for the feds. Is this the best they are willing to do? Is this what they call “corruption”? If this is all that can be be prosecute, then we aren’t doing that bad. The same type of uncovered criminal activities in Bridgeport is happening across our border.

  7. Lennie, I went through the whole indictment. There are two Consultants mentioned but, not by name. Consultants are supposed to steer the client on the right path. One seemed to try keeping the process on a legal path. The one who asked whether it was legal, didn’t say that whatever it was that concerned him or her was illegal. The consultant asking the client for his opinion and going along with it? Why didn’t the feds charge/indict these two consultant described in the indictment as co-conspirator? It’s obvious that they testified in front of the Grand Jury and spoke with the FBI investigator. It looks like the feds are specifically targetting public officials. Look back to the Perez/Dunn probe: The feds didn’t charge two officers who admitted their participation and involvement.

  8. Is it fitting or ironic?
    On the same day President Pro Tempore of the Connecticut State Senate Martin Looney announced that Bradley would be removed from all of his committee assignments, Connecticut votes to proceed with online gambling.
    In a related matter, look at that picture — is Jessica Martinez Bradley’s campaign manager or girlfriend?

  9. Ron Mackey

    Attempting to justify your LIE that Denis Bradley had never been elected before his BBOE run by saying no one gives a “dam” (it’s spelled DAMN) about the DTC, doesn’t change your LIE to truth.

    In a one party town that is run by the DTC, election to the DTC is important. They divide the spoils and all those patronage jobs.

    This wasn’t a vote at a DTC caucus. It was an ELECTION at the polling places throughout the district conducted by the Tiwn Clerk under the rules and auspices of the Secretary of State.

    When you have truth and facts to post, feel free. Your opinion that nobody cares is meaningless, as it is obvious that those Democrat Electors who voted in that election cared.

    1. Marcus, what party are being referred to.? The party of Trump? 🙂

      What’s beyond understanding it’s was so unnecessary.

      I stand by my sentiment. like having extra signatures on petitions because some might be thrown out. If Sen. Bradley can show those donors were not essential to participate in CEP there was no conspiracy to commit fraud, JMO

    2. Marshall, you got to be joking, what the hell does Dennis Bradley runnig for one of 90 DTC spots, nobody knew him, most DTC election there is only one slate of candidates running with NO challengers at the polling places throughout the district conducted by the Town Clerk under the rules and auspices of the Secretary of State. Dennis Bradley was a nobody in Bridgeport politics until Maria Pereira recruited him and campaign for him to get elected to the Bridgeport Board Of Education. This picture makes my point which you refuse to mention, maybe youcan find a picture or a news article talking about Dennis Bradley and his run for the DTC.

      1. @Ron Mackey
        That nobody Bradley was an appointed member of the Bridgeport Fire Commission (even though you lied and said he had no elected or appointed position before the BBOE run) confirmed by vote of the City Council the first week of August 2013, with a term that expired Jan 1, 2015.
        He also ran for State Rep, didnlt win but gained some public notice.

        How’s that Crow dinner taste?

        1. Marshall Marcus, Maria is feeding you a bunch of nothing, Marshall you refuse to address Maria helping to get Dennis Bradley elected to the BBOE. How many people know anything you wrote about Bradley being on the DTC or appointed to be a member of the Bridgeport Fire Commission (even though you lied and said he had no elected or appointed position before the BBOE run) member of the Bridgeport Fire Commission (even though you lied and said he had no elected or appointed position before the BBOE run) confirmed by vote of the City Council the first week of August 2013, with a term that expired Jan 1, 2015.confirmed by vote of the City Council the first week of August 2013, with a term that expired Jan 1, 2015. The LIE part is Maria, she doesn’t like the fact that it’s public that she put Dennis Bradley on the map by being on the BBOE and not on the DTC and the fire commission. Marshall I DID NOT mention anything about Bradley and the DTC and the fire commission.

          1. Keep deflecting, you posted lies and got called out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Maria didn’t appoint Bradley to the Fire Commission and wasn’t on the City Council that confirmed his appointment.
            You attribute far more power to Maria than she has. She was one member of the BBOE, never chair, She is one member of the City Council and has not committee assignments. What she is is persistent,
            Don’t make false claims and you won’t be repeatedly proven a liar.

            Bradley was elected before his BBOE run. he had an appointment to a City Commission dating back to 2013. You cannot dispute the facts. You can take your ass down to the City Clerk and check if you don’t believe it. Right now you sound like a Trumper…failing to accept election reality.

          2. I LIE, I LIE, I LIE ILE, I LIE, I LIE, I LIE, I LIE I LIE, I LIE, Maria had nothing to with helping Dennis Bradley to get elected tothe DTC and to the board of fire commission. Marshall Marcus, tell me what does this mean?
            Former school board member Maria Pereira, attorney Dennis Bradley and Greenwich music teacher Ben Walker announced Friday night at a fundraiser for Joe Ganim they will be Democratic candidates for the Board of Education.


          3. Marshall Marcus, seeing that we are talking about telling LIES, how come Maria Pereira can’t post on OIB?

  10. Marcus, I wouldn’t refer to Mackey saying elected or appointed with respect to Bradley as a lie rather than any error. His appointment to the nondescript Fire Commissioner’s Board was meaningless as this board is a joke and so much so that Stuart Rosenberg resigned from said board because it became dysfunctional. Now to the point that Mackey made about Bradley being Nothing prior to hitching his wagon to Maria and the mayor, that’s unequivocally a fact!

    1. @Donald……
      If it was an error and the facts were presented, than Mackey could have said, I’m sorry I posted something that wasn’t accurate. Instead he keeps fighting about it.

      As for Bradley being a nothing before his run for BBOE, I think he’s still a nothing, but it appears he’s a dishonest nothing looking at prison time. Before someone says ‘innocent til proven guilty’ he admitted to some of this wrongdoing already.

  11. Marshall Marcus, you are still deflecting my original point that it was Maria who recruited and supported Dennis Bradleyfor the BBOE and that act made Bradley a known person to the voters. The fact that Maria gave you her talking points about Dennis being on the DTC and a fire commissoner and that I didn’t mention that and that LIE about it means nothing because it doesn’t change anything about Maria and Dennis Bradley. The only you say is that “As for Bradley being a nothing before his run for BBOE, I think he’s still a nothing, but it appears he’s a dishonest nothing looking at prison time” but you never address my key point about Maria and Dennis Bradley. Marshall Marcus, seeing that we are talking about telling LIES, how come Maria Pereira can’t post on OIB?

    1. Ron Mackey……………………..

      #1 What you consider your key point is your opinion. I refuted your posted LIE. I have no obligation to write about anything you post. I choose what I wish to address.

      #2 You ask why Maria can’t post on OIB?
      I don’t know if she can’t, because Lennie Grimaldi won’t allow it or if she chooses not to post.
      That is a question that must be posed to both of them. I have no authority to answer for them, nor
      do I know the answer.

    2. @Ron Mackey
      I asked Maria why she no longer posts on OIB.
      She told me she sent a series of emails to Lennie Grimaldi asking that he delete her account as she has chosen not to blog here. It was her choice to leave, she was not blocked or banned.

      I have her permission to post this publicly.

      1. Marshall Marcus, do you believe that Maria doesn’t want to post on OIB in order to show off her investigation skills and to put her slant and her interpretation on the topic like the information she gave you to post. Maria supported Joe Ganim, Dennis Bradley and Mario Testa in her effort to get elected, she didn’t separated herself from Ganim, Bradley and Testa, she was out there working for the party. Maria had bad judgment about Bradley who later on held a boycott against Maria on the BBOE. Maria will never admit she made a mistake about anything. Marshall you and some others on OIB believe anything and everything from Maria but she can’t put it on OIB so guys need to help to get her podcast or on Ch. 88 like former Rpublican city council member Alan Stein program “Tuna Talk.”
        “How to Get on Public Access Television”

        Marshall, I don’t believe what Maria told you about not being on OIB, she left something out that’s very important.

        1. I’m still trying to figure out if Maria Pereira is half-full of shit or half-empty of shit. Her FALSE claim of having video footage of Taylor’s home (interior) convinces me that she is FULL of shit. While some folks give her Koodos for filing the SEEC complaint vs Bradley, It’s a good idea to look at some of the other full-of-shit SEEC complaints she filed. She has filed at least 15 SEEC complaints between 2019 and 2020. FILE # 2020-011 is an example of how stupid she can be. I’ll try to get a link to the files.

          1. Here’s the link to SEEC decisions

  12. Marshall Marcus, here’s your LIE that started everything, you chose to LIE about my comment and and told a LIE and more than likely Maria gave you talking points.
    Ron Mackey says:
    May 25, 2021 at 2:31 pm
    I see that you forgot that it was Maria who gave us Dennis Bradley and Joe Ganim together when she was taking photos with the both of them in their campaign to get elected as a team. Rich, how did that workout?

    Marshall Marcus says:
    May 25, 2021 at 8:00 pm
    @Ron Mackey
    Maria didn’t give Bpt Senator Bradley. She worked very hard for Aaron Turner in the primary. In fact her Council district was the only district Aaron Turner won.


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