Book It: Dennis Bradley’s Ides Of March State Senate Moment

Dennis Bradley
School board member Dennis Bradley sets Ides of March date.

City politics requires a sense of humor. School board member Dennis Bradley has set March 15, the Ides of March, to announce his formal candidacy for State Senate. Hmmm, will Julius Caesar, Brutus and Cassius show? Please, someone hide the daggers.

On March 15, 44 BC, Brutus and dozens of conspirators, so the story goes, plunged daggers into Caesar during a meeting of the Senate. And you think Bridgeport politics requires a sturdy heart? Reminds us of the legendary line from OIB friend Philip L. Smith:

“Some towns play political softball, other towns play hardball … in Bridgeport they play hand grenades.”

Bradley’s announcement is scheduled to take place March 15, 6 p.m. at Dolphin’s Cove Restaurant, 421 Seaview Avenue in the East End.

As Bradley notes, “the day marked by history as Caesar’s pride and destruction will mark Bridgeport’s humbleness and rebirth. For God will take the stone that was discarded and use it as His cornerstone … Bringing the classics back to Bridgeport politics. It’s about time we raise the bar.”

As a lawyer, Bradley knows something about raising the bar. Two years ago, as the endorsed Democrat, he came up short in a primary against incumbent Ed Gomes who’s not seeking reelection to his State Senate seat representing the 23rd District that covers about two thirds of Bridgeport and a portion of western Stratford.

This time around Gomes is supporting his former legislative aide Aaron Turner who hopes to follow in his boss’s footsteps.

Former regional NAACP leader Carolyn Vermont is also expected to enter the race.



  1. The only reason Dennis Bradley ran for the BBOE was to open the door for a Senate run. When he lost the only reason he came back to the BBOE was for a Senate run. He’s an opportunist that sold the educational best interest of the children of Bridgeport for a Senate run. He knows he didn’t want to be on the BBOE, he knew he wasn’t the right person for the board, but he chose to be Mr right now to the detriment of the educational pursuits of Bridgeport’s children. And this is the fool that thinks he should be Senator? Please.

    1. Don, I don’t know who’s been pumping up Dennis Bradley over the years and blowing smoke up his ass, I don’t know if its Ralph Ford, Ernie Newton or whoever but this guy is full his self. Everything was put into place for Bradley to be the president of the BBOE but what does he do, he gets in a fight Maria Pereira by having the BBOE to boycott Pereira.
      Brutus is here in the form of Maria Pereira

  2. Good Luck Dennis Bradley! Apparently, people posting here are completely unaware of all of the time , effort and volunteerism you do in the City of Bridgeport. Of that I am certain. The race for Senator in this district is interesting to me personally as I happen to like all of the candidates. I do not vote in this district. I thought Dennis Bradley was a very nice man when Maria Pereira first introduced me to him. The accolades she bestowed upon him were extreme. I was at a Ganim fundraiser for Mayor as a guest. A guest of Maria Pereira. LOLOLOL . What a wonderful evening that was. I was supporting Finch at the time. The food at O’manels is always amazing. Back to Dennis Bradley, I think he will make an excellent candidate. Time will tell. Both Aaron and Carolyn are very very amicable canidiates. It will be interesting to hear them debate the issues. I wonder if all 3 candidates will be addressing the DTC. Any candidate running on an anti DTC slate is not my candidate. The unfounded derogatory comments are tiresome.

    1. Steve, was in amicable for Dennis Bradley to have a boycott against Maria Pereira and stop the business of the Bridgeport Board Of Education and the business of the 21,000 school students?

      1. Ron Mackey I am certain that will not be an issue. I remember everyone asking for Maria P. to resign. That was a blip in the scheme of things. Nice to bring that up though. Lets agree on one thing, I am open to all three candidates. You are just interested in Aaron Turner. I know that and you know that. Aaron is a fine candidate. Dennis has given so much of his time to the community without the spotlight. That accounts for a lot! He reaches out to all communities and he does it very well. He is an amicable guy. Boycotting the BOE and worrying about the 21000 kids. seriously??

        1. Steve, you have gotten drunk on drinking the Democrat and Bradley Kool-Aid. The Dennis Bradley’s boycott of Maria Pereira was a very big story in the media and it took away from the business of the BOE and the 21,000 students in Bridgeport. The Dennis Bradley’s boycott demonstrated the lack of leadership and vision for Bridgeport, plus Bradley is a attorney. That boycott was an embarrassment to the city but more importantly it showed that Bradley doesn’t know how resolve issues.

    1. Maria, Be honest, what did I exaggerate? I had such a nice time, I remember your amazing speech about Joe Ganim. You introduced me to Dennis Bradley and Ben Walker. I sat with Bonnie Lambert. I remember every aspect of that evening. You were very high on Dennis Bradley. You were the BOE dream team. Mary Jane Foster was repulsed that I passed out your brochures with hers. lololololololol 🙂 Good times.

    1. And you aren’t lolololol . Come on Maria. You introduced me to Dennis Bradley and you were singing his praises. You were ecstatic about your BOE slate. Your speech for Ganim was not over the top? The thing is, That whole evening was videotaped and available. I remember that entire evening like it hapened this morning verbatim. I do not think I am over the top and I know people take me very seriously. I even remember the evening you introduced me to Dollie and Ralphie Fonseca at the common Council meeting. You told me how amazing they were and I believed you and still do. That was the night you had your signs against Anthony Paoletta and Nessah Smith. Now, I know you are a fierce campaigner and I know you will get out the vote better than anyone but just how serious can your constituents take you when you support candidates and then throw them under the bus and destroy them. :-). Clearly, the 138th race will be the most exciting to watch.


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