1. Dennis Bradley administering an oath? Under indictment for a few things politically related right?!!! Oh that’s right, I forgot, it’s Bridgeport.
    I was surprised that Defilippo isn’t administering the oath for his replacement in the 133rd. Anyway…again…good luck Bridgeport!! Whew!

      1. Didn’t discount anything, have to know idea who he is or his contribution to the Port. But you right can discount him, he’s there, Hartford’s there. Something up. Wouldn’t you say? Will Mario and Lydia be there? Maybe Bysiewicz and Jorge like witnessing New York and Detroit?

        I will depart with the Prophet Eminem and Jay Z


  2. An un-vaccinated Wanda Simmons will be wandering around, shaking hands,chatting with everyone as a bonus!

    This event, with hundreds of people socializing is fine,but I hope no one shopped local businesses last Friday,the Mayor didn’t think that was safe.


    1. LOL.. Rich, no not negative here, just pointing out the hypocrisy of it all.
      19 months and counting without in person CC meetings,Mayor’s office putting out a flyer, telling us it’s not safe to shop local,rising Covid cases daily, a different variant on its way here,etc,etc… Yet an event like this is scheduled and approved?? What am I missing here?

      And PS… When Joe gets it right,I give him his props …

        1. Spot on as you perceive it or how it’s projected. Maybe you should not bunch up everyone’s comments with yours. But you were right, your comment was spot on it was negative. 🤣

  3. Harvey Weintraub, nothing has changed.

    Ron Mackey says:
    November 20, 2021 at 11:41 am
    As I said before, this event is all about Joe Ganim and his future and to build his war chest wth donors.

  4. Wednesday’s Inaugural Ceremonies At Klein Memorial that seats 1400 but what are the health and safety concerns for COVID-19 for this event? Wanda Simmons is the duly elected city council member for the 139th district and former city council member, Mary Louise Bruce, “my good friend” will swear in Wanda Simmons. But again, what are the health and safety concerns for COVID-19 for this event?

    1. The same as it always was, apparently. We have a new variant but we haven’t shut down the schools and movement and the likes. We have a vaccine, however, this virus seems to act like the flu virus where it mutations annually and the effectiveness of the vaccine is short-lived and cyclical.I highly doubt this year’s shot (booster) will be anywhere near the original vaccine rate of 70% coupled with the fact the original vaccine state on the back end of the virus annual year and contributing factors, meaning, most likely many people who are vaccinated will be susceptible to contracting the virus this year with its new variant.

      Although, you have this year’s new variant (Omicron) in the press expressing concerns about its effects. and the effectiveness the vaccine will have on it. This will cause concerns of what I aforementioned above. What transpires after the cycle. Fall/Winter we will be a complete reset, meaning those who have “I got vaccinated Facebook profiles” will be meaningless unless they get revaccinates like the flu, and that political game lines will become ever more barrier as they have to withhold this event, which would have been unthinkable, not to lone in the recent past in a Democrat state. But I guess that will depend on if you get your news from a Fox or a lying Peacock. 🙂

      With regards to Wanda, depending on your (political) POV some can say she is no better off the those who had there a vaccination over 6 months ago who didn’t get their “booster shot” with underlining conditions.



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