Chief Attorney: City Council Shall Fill Vacancy Of Evette Brantley

City Attorney R. Christopher Meyer has issued a legal opinion regarding the process to fill the City Council seat of Evette Brantley who passed away after her election to another term prior to oath of office. The office shall be filled by a vote of the City Council and not by special election.

Meyer’s letter to city officials:



  1. I see that the ELECTION FRAUD trial for former wonder boy MICHAEL DEFILIPPO has been postponed. Who’s waiting for Mario to be gone so that the possibility of a tainted jury could be lessened? Not Mikey that for sure. 😂 😂 nice pic in the newspaper btw!!!! 😝

  2. What does a ” fill a vacancy in the office of any council member mean”? Does it hold the same meaning as “fill a vacancy on the city council”? Read the paragraph, please.
    And if same meaning, could ‘party’ and ‘district’ references have been placed in a single sentence? Time for Charter review? Time will tell.


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