Rogue Deli Owner Ordered To Permanently Close Controversial East End Establishment

A currently closed East End deli that had been a hot spot for crime and veritable bacteria factory is slated for permanent shuttering as a result of a Department of Public Health ruling. Last summer Health Director Maritza Bond ordered Sunshine Deli closed following neighborhood complaints. Owner Firyad Quadir’s appeal was denied last week by a state health officer whose recommending permanent closure to the commissioner of public health.

See decision sunshinedeli.

Even after the store was ordered shut by the city, the owner brazenly removed the signs in defiance and reopened illegally, according to the decision.

City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez, who helped spearhead the closure, says the store no longer operates on Stratford Avenue, but has created a new presence on the East Side outside of her district.

Excerpt from state health decision:



  1. Only in Bpt is the solution to fight crime is to close a deli.Fast forward 6 months,the deli is shut down,but yet in the neighborhood, the shootings are still happening daily,drugs are still being sold,and other crimes are still being committed.So now what?,are there any other buisnesses we should shut down?,is there a Laundry Mat we should plywood up?..
    Now there is word that there was a drive by shooting outside the Golden st courthouse this afternoon,perhaps we should shut down Golden Hill st to all vehicle traffic from now on.There was also a shooting at the Greene Homes last night,perhaps we should look to relocate all the tenants and close down that housing project?.
    Let’s face facts,we need help.We need state and federal help to assist our police immediately.Joe,we know you hate the thought of state & federal officials snooping around the city and maybe uncovering things,but it’s the right thing to do..Ask for help Joe!

      1. That’s correct but my point below is where’s the plan for all the crime around it and everywhere else in the city?
        Nice location for a drive by today, by the way.
        3 or 4 shot, notbso bad I guess, could have been many more I suppose.
        Getting guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens will still be the answer right, cause I’m sure the shooters followed all our gun laws right up until they shot up the street.

  2. The serious types of crimes that are routinely occurring in Bridgeport beg the question: what is being done about it? Special details, tactics and even plans DO NOT have to be secretive therefore I say that NOTHING is being done about it. In addition to whatever squads and units which are already in place there should be an announcement from the Chief that they are setting up a special task force to combat what is happening. That type of action ONlY takes manpower and money which is why I say nothing is being done because those in charge have neither. The ranks are thin and overtime costs are already astronomical, according to many, so nothing will happen. I’ve been involved in a few of these task forces back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Guys made quite a bit of money (which of course was always criticized by certain politicians AND members of the public), BUT, we made the streets a lot safer. Most of us sustained alot of injuries as we were making a ton of arrests and NOBODY “goes easy”. We worked 16 plus hours a day, 1/2 of it on overtime. We had a Chief who was hired from NYC and he later became a professor of police science at John Jay college of criminal justice- (where I received my degree in 77). So what’s my point? Nothing has changed. It takes money and manpower and the political will to really make a difference. That’s the ONLY answer. I have written on this topic before here in OIB defending the cops that make that “list” every year. Make no mistake, I’m not talking about the brass (unless they are in charge of those units and are out there in the streets.) I refer to the “grunts” who do the actual dirty work that they get criticized for everyday.
    It also takes really good, professional, educated leaders who are not beholding to the politicians. The Chief I mentioned from NY left after the mayor and politicians would not listen to what he told them he needed to do the job right. This is the case almost everywhere and the other point I’ll make is that through it all, whatever work is done to make an area as safe as is possible, the credit belongs to good supervisors and mostly to the grunts that do the work.
    Unless guys like Ron and Don can come with ways to teach these criminals who are mostly younger- to obey laws and conform with “normal” society- then proper Enforcement is the only answer.
    Go ahead men: list YOUR plans!

    1. Rich, REALLY? “Unless guys like Ron and Don can come with ways to teach these criminals who are mostly younger- to obey laws and conform with “normal” society- then proper Enforcement is the only answer.
      Go ahead men: list YOUR plans! Cheers!!!” Rich, this is a national problem and again I ask where is former Police Chief Charles Ramsey’s study about the Bridgeport Police.

      In 1967 President Lyndon B. Johnson The National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders — more commonly known as the Kerner commission after its chairman, Illinois Gov. Otto Kerner, Jr. During the summer of 1967, more than 150 cities erupted into violence, fueled by pent-up resentments in the cities’ black communities over police brutality and other forms of racial injustice. Rich, one must understand the past in order to deal with the now and the future.

      1. .So your answer is what? Ramseys report should be made public. Yes it should but I doubt it will contain a how to regarding raising children. Do you recommend another national advisory committee on civil disorder? Do we need a bunch more cities to erupt in violence because of pent up blah blah blah? I stated a factual policing method to address the crime problem in Bridgeport. It works in any city IF it were ever applied.
        I get that you don’t like my term of “normal” society but anyone reading all of this that understands what a normal society is and should be, understands that you perhaps have a different view of that.

        1. Rich, do you know the black community well enough to know their “normal” society? Let me ask you another question, at what point in this society did blacks become equal with whites?

  3. Rich, that’s very white of you to try to change the narrative of what Ron and I said about cops treating Black’s with respect and our acceptance of young thugs killing and shooting people indiscriminately! Rich until you’ve had a sister killed by senseless gun violence where one fool was trying to shoot another fool and your sister happen to be in the line of fire then you can tell me about your opinion. Until you can tell me about four nieces and nephews left the better part of their lives without a mother then I will give a damn about what you have to say.

    You think you know who we are or what we believe just because we post on this forum makes you a bigger fool than you really are. I think they should take all guns from everyone because it doesn’t matter if the guns these fools are using to kill people are legal or illegal! When we were grieving the only question that never came up was if the gun was legal or not. Out of all the things that mattered, where the gun came from that so brutality killed my sister wasn’t one of them. You don’t have the right to tell me that my expectation of respect from cops have anything to do with my acceptance of gun violence on the streets of Bridgeport. STAY IN YOUR LANE!

    1. Thanks for your comment Don but I didn’t read past the part where you wrote “very white of you”. First sentence if memory serves me correctly.

  4. Harvey did you say Complaining? We prefer to call it paying attention to the obvious and offering a different perspective that doesn’t come through the lens of Harvey Weintraub.

    Africans were complaining when they wondered why they were being taken. Slaves were complaining when they said they didn’t want to work in the hot fields for nothing. Black’s were complaining when they could be lynched with impunity. Black’s were complaining when we said all we want are equal rights and the same rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
    Sounds like that’s all we do as a people, to some people, but to others it sounds like we’re calling attention to the obvious and offering a different perspective.

    1. Don, it’s time to stop complaining and Frederick Douglass said, “power concedes nothing without a demand” and “if there is No Struggle, there No Progress.” Let’s say that Fairfield or Trumbull and the power there was black although they are predominantly white towns, how long do you thing that would last.


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