Quick-thinking Cop Rescues Young People From Runaway SUV

It took a big man to stop a runaway SUV barreling downhill on Boston Avenue during school dismissal heading toward young people. And quick thinking as well.

On Monday Mayor Joe Ganim, Police Chief AJ Perez and Assistant Chief Rebeca Garcia saluted Police Officer Carlos Carmo Jr.’s work.

“As I was running after the SUV … I was praying to please stop and it was a huge sense of relief when I was able to get the car to come to a stop,” stated Carmo.

In the video above Carmo walks officials through the events captured on film. The parked vehicle unexpectedly slipped into neutral, according to the officer.

“It was spur of the moment, you put your own life at risk, and you saved the people that were in the vehicle, people the vehicle was headed towards. On behalf of a grateful City, I want to say thank you very much,” said Ganim.

Mayor Ganim and the City Council will present a proclamation and citation to Carmo on January 6, for his “bravery, selflessness, and quick thinking.”



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