Pols Ponder Herron Gaston For State Senate Seat–Bradley In Limbo

Herron Gaston

He’s young, represents a new breed of city politician and making all the right connections. Doesn’t hurt that he’s also a city minister with a mighty gift for gab while engaged in an assortment of community work.

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Herron Gaston has pols wondering if he’s the guy to fill the void of State Senator Dennis Bradley awaiting trial on federal charges for alleged connivance of Connecticut’s campaign finance laws.

No one has stepped up to run for the seat with Bradley–and his constituents covering two thirds of Bridgeport and a portion of Stratford with no effective representation–in limbo stripped of all committee assignments while his future plays out following his indictment last spring.

Most pols have taken a wait-and-see posture, but the time is inching closer to integrate decisions, with delegate selections coming in a few weeks ahead of May’s party convention.

Gaston has been a magnetic figure in the OIB comments section be it the questionable role of clergy in politics or in defense of social activism.

Herron, senior pastor of Summerfield United Methodist Church, declares that young people must be at the table to engineer solutions to community trouble. Maybe as a young man in his 30s this is his opportunity. Politics is all about timing.

Such strange times for politics: once outrageous acts and allegations have become sobered by so much of them that it creates something of an immunization against public blowback. Bradley’s flourishing personality–limiting defections, coupled with a case that’s never been tried before in Connecticut–has bought him time against the blood-sniffing jackals.

At some point, however, pragmatic politics must kick in. How long does the city’s Dem establishment wait this out with a voiceless incumbent senator fighting for his liberty and leadership in Hartford not wanting more of the same? The Senate in Hartford is an exclusive club of 36 with Bridgeport occupying two seats at the table, Marilyn Moore the other.

Bradley’s case is set for jury selection late May. That means, at the earliest, trial resolution mid June. But, what if trial is delayed again and again? It’s been put off several times.

The mayoral ambitious Bradley is hardly a darling of the top-tier political structure. He’s engineered a number of roguish acts that’s seated him in the crosshairs of a once-promising political career.

Opportunities abound for outsiders as well. Paging former school board member Kate Rivera. Paging City Councilwoman Maria Pereira. Paging Bridgeport Generation Now Votes. Where are they?

It seems the outside thunder is so focused, particularly by Pereira and Gen Now Votes (not in concert) on mayoral politics, vision is lost on what an influential state senator can swing in state money and legislation to the cause of Connecticut’s largest city.

If Moore, for instance, completely focused on her senate position, instead of one eye on City Hall, the  money toll for Bridgeport would be enormous. Understandably, when people whisper into your ear it pulls against what you do best.

Behold, the top municipal prize isn’t always a fit for your skill set.

Some understood that including Margaret Morton and Ed Gomes.

Meanwhile, someone will fill the seat once occupied by Morton and Gomes, and today Bradley.

Will it be Bradley by default? Someone else?



  1. Nothing new here, that’s the reason why he came to Bridgeport from Florida to jump start his political career. He’s been Ganim s go to black male when there’s a protest so that he monitor what’s going on.

    1. Ron, word is Stallworth will not seek reelection this cycle. Fred Gee, head of the city’s Small and Minority Business Enterprise will likely be tapped to run. Any challengers? According to Pereira’s current address on City Council website, she now resides in Connecticut’s 124th District represented by Andre Baker.

      1. Lennie, thanks, Don made me aware of Stallworth last night. Lennie I notice how many black candidates come here from other states and in a very short time they get a city job and get elected to political positions, Alvin Penn from Massachusetts and was a council member then and a state senator and the city’s affirmative action director, Dennis Bradley is from Mass Massachusetts but no city job, Stallworth from Arkansas, state rep and had city position before being fired by Ganim, Baker from New York then Norwalk no city job. Now Rev. Gaston from Florida who is thinking about running for state senate, city job making $134,000 a year and if he got elected, he can still keep his city job, this what you call a carpetbagger. The last in in city and in state person to get elected to a state elected position and with no job from the city is Ernie Newton. There’s something very wrong with this picture, carpetbagger running for office in Bridgeport.

        1. Ron well why the hell don’t you want to run. Nobody is running to Bridgeport. Why? Because of foolish folks like you. People have a right to run for what they want! Obama is not from Chicago BUT he RAN AND WON! your point?? you don’t get to control where people work and what they do with their lives. This man can work anywhere in the United States with his credentials. Is that true for you Ron? Tell me…

        2. only wants to feed from the public trough. Let him find a real job in industry.

          Ron…your comment is not true: “The last in in city and in state person to get elected to a state elected position and with no job from the city is Ernie Newton.”
          State Senator Marilyn Moore D22 did not have a city job when she was elected to the State Senate. She had a long career with the telphone company then her non-profit for cancer victims,

          1. Marshall, what do you mean about let him find a real job in industry? Tell me what do you know about his work history?? Hello! Did you not know he worked at Yale as the first black director in the graduate school. Did you know he run his own successful nonprofit…. did you know he is a PAID INTERNATIONAL public speaker? Ask me how I know and I will tell you so because I follow his work in the community! I am proud of this young man, eye candy, as some would say!

          2. Marshall, what does Senator Moore’s previous jobs have to do with anything? Who cares? Tomatoes, to-mat-oes? same thing, a job is a job. Chances are you are answering to somebody or serving somebody, right? Stop with the foolishness. Cut it out.

          3. JML, thanks for pointing out my oversight in my rush to make a point, I wait to feel the wrath from Senator the next that I see her, that doesn’t change the love and respect that I have for the good senator. My original point was about black males who are elected to state office who have in Bridgeport for a very short time, Rev. Gaston has been here for just five years.

            John, Bobby Kennedy had to make decision Kennedy left the cabinet to run as U.S. Senate representing New York, also giving consideration for governor of Massachusetts. Let’s look at the word Carpetbagger a” politician who takes up residence in a place and runs for office without having strong ties to the area.” I have a problem with all these people from out of state using Bridgeport as their launching pad for their political career.

  2. Ron, it shows how much you know. Maria don’t even live in Stallworths district. She is in Bakers district. Another thing Dr. Gaston moved from Florida to attend YALE. You sound crazy. Who running to Bridgeport??? He lived in New Haven before he lived here. And pastored churches in this area. He happened to be appointed to a church in Bridgeport. Say what you want, this man loves the community. “Whenever there is a protest he monitors what’s going on.” How silly do you sound! Where the hell are you in any of the protest? Protesting behind the keyboard is not protesting, Ron.

    1. Stephanie, I’m with Ron I do remember reading about Maria running against Stallworths on IOB and coming close to beating him. Maybe she moved out of his Senate district, but she still lives in the 138 districts.

      I am not going to question Dr. Gaston’s love for the community or the Port, but you only contribute to OIB when the city/community topic is about Mr. Gaston to chastise anyone who critiques him.

      There have been many valid topics of discussion here on OIB that Ron has engaged that were not protested, as well as, some that were. Where was your voice for the community? More people read OIB than show up to most of the protests in the Port. So I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn Ron’s mean to voice his concerns for the city.

      P.S Lennie you forgot, I candy. 🤣



      1. @Rob T
        Stallworth does NOT have a Senate District, he has a house district. Maria lived in Stallworth’s House district in her last residence, but has lived in Baker’s district for a number of years.
        Lennie Grimaldi edited his mistake, but the rest of us users have no ability to edit our posts.

        1. Marcus, fair enough, house, senate seat, point made, but you got the gist of it. As I said though, Maria ran against him and she may have moved out of his “HOUSE” district. However ( I believe) she never left Thomas Hooker district. I don’t follow Maria’s moving pattern I don’t post for her as a pseudonym on OIB, Bam! 🙂 So I was unaware of her move after her run against Stallworth for his seat.

          P.S Lennie does have editorial rights, and he uses it. 🤣 As for the user, it will be unwise to allow them to be able to edit or delete their posts and have such access over OIB. If you find fault with your posts (Grammarly) comment on the reply to it and asked him to correct it. He has done it for me many times. In fact in my earlier days. He or Ray took it upon themself to edit my post to clean it up so it can be somewhat eligible to read and understand. 🙂

          Speaking of ??? Did you know Jesus was a Jew? 🤣


    2. @Stepanie
      Yale and non-profits are NOT industry, neither is being a pastor at a tax exempt church, That is something subsidized by all us taxpayers.
      And yes, I am favor of taxing the churches and other religious institutions, They get public services, let them pay for it…police, fire, street plowing, etc,
      A city job and wanting a paycheck as a legislator is feeding at the public trough. So , he makes some extra money as a speaker…that is not his main source of income,

      1. But Marshall who gives a damn where somebody WORK. It is called WORK. Everybody can’t work for government and everybody can’t work in an industry! Your point?? Anybody who WORK and pay taxes regardless of where they WORK are contributing to society and public services. What are you saying? What point are you trying to make? Are you saying that he shouldn’t be paid? Are you saying real jobs are only in industry? If that is what you are saying— watch yourself, your elitism and prejudice is showing……Somebody has to do the work. I wanna know what work you do??? what industry you work for? What impact you making on society? I will wait.

  3. Robert that is not true. I come out here from time to time. I have posted stuff prior to topics being about Dr. Gaston. But like you said, because he is eye candy as you would call it, I come out here to add to the comments. I have no problem with anyone critiquing anyone but be fair to people. Get to know people first. Have a conversation with them before you judge them and talk stuff you don’t know about. Robert Ron can handle himself, okay.

  4. Ron you could ask me! My aunt attends his church. He is my aunt’s pastor and a damn good pastor at that! Lennie, is Ron associated Generation Now?

  5. Recently I have followed multiple links to previous postings on OIB especially pre-COVID19.

    Is anyone else aware of the number of daily posts two years ago or more? Seek and ye shall find 90, 100, 115 and 135 messages, obviously some from the stalwart who enjoy conversing with others, as well as some who wish to end considerate and respectful dialogue, unfortunately.

    By the way, I was alerted by City Clerk office today that City Council meetings will reopen on Monday March 7, 2022 preceded by Public Speaking in person. A sign of spring? Ganim2 quitting reports of and control over COVID19?

    So where does that leave us today, Lenny? Breathless? Dis-spirited? With lower revenues because people have forfeited the news of Bridgeport? There appears to be a shift. What are they tuning into, folks? Time will tell.

    1. Lennie, this JML post brings us to the State of OIB Address. How is OIB doing? What impact did the Pereira removal have on readership? When will the OIB party take place? What happened to the Bridgeport Kid?

      1. Speedy, OIB is doing fabulously, never better, including revenue. I am grateful for my readers.
        Pereira’s two-year comments absence from OIB has had zero impact on traffic. She continues to send me statements/news releases on her media list feed. She occasionally comments on the OIB Facebook page.
        OIB party anticipated spring/summer. I put them off because of Covid.
        Bridgeport Kid is welcome back, provided he behaves.

          1. BTY can’t speak on Lennie’s OIB view ship or advertising revenue stream, but Melissa in Prestongray Real Estate Ad makes you want to go out, fix your FICO score, get a loan, and buy a house. 🤣

  6. I don’t have a vote in the Senate District being discussed but oppose Gaston because I believe no members of the active clergy should be elected to office. I want our government not only to offer Freedom of Religion but to be free from religion.

  7. Marshall,
    I respect your opinion. But let me help you understand something: the United States of America is a Christian Nation, founded on Christianity. The founding fathers were Christian and very involved in politics. Next time you go to spend money look at it and you will see where it says “In God we trust.” that is a religious statement. Are you ever free from Religion? Why are you discriminating against people because of their religion? Tell me how that sound??? Try telling Ralpheal Warnock from Atlanta that he should not serve in congress because he is a pastor in fact a pastor of Dr. King church. We need people from all backgrounds in government. Period. Save that hogwash for somebody who wanna hear it understand?

    1. @Stephanie
      The USA is NOT a Christian Nation founded on Christianity. I suggest you research the views of the founding fathers.
      In GOD We trust does not mean a Christian God, The words Under God in the pledge of allegiance were added by white Protestants during the Red Scare of the 1950s.

      You may not agree with my opinion, but that does not make it hogwash. We used to have a Catholic Priest in the US Congress…Father Drinan.. BUT, the Pope ordered all Catholic clergy to remove themselves from political office and he did. I’m not Catholic, but agree woith the late Pope

      1. JML, it’s not worth the time replying back every time they call you out, by time this topic ends she will have made 75% of comments talking about nothing.

        1. Ron, I was trying to leave this post alone but you keep talking crazy. So let me match your level of ignorance. First of all, do your homework. Do your homework. You said Rev. Gaston been here 5 years. He’s been here over 7 years. He’s been in Connecticut pastoring churches for over 12 years. He is likely in his early 30s. So his entire adult life is in Connecticut. Then again, who cares? It is not the time a person has been in a place, it is about what they are doing to help transform a place. Listen here, I am from Bridgeport and baby ain’t nobody running here to stay! If you care about outsiders coming in and taking over, you sound like the White people who took white flight when black folks starting moving into Bridgeport. Are you discriminating against outsiders? You don’t own the right to the City of Bridgeport. This is a free city just as this is a free country. You can live wherever you want to live! If you are unhappy with outsiders coming in and running for office why don’t you step up and RUN RON?

  8. Marshall, let me give you a little history cause you need it. The 13 colonies which has a lot to do with America was under Christian rule from the very beginning of this country. Christianity has been and will always be a part of our identity. Do you know how “one nation under God came to be?” Do you know the pledge that says, “in God we trust? Do you know where national prayer day come from that we celebrate as a country each year?” They exist because America had been, and always will be, a Christian nation that welcomes all religions! The founding fathers lived in a world that was PREDOMINATELY Christian. Come sit in my classroom, baby! Say what you want, you have a right to believe in whatever God you want but you don’t have a right to stop people from serving in public office because they are a priest, ministers, or whatever. Who are you? God? Tell me who died and gave you the authority to tell people what they should and should not do? You can agree with whoever you want. The pope don’t speak for everybody. People have a right to do what they want.

  9. Ron, don’t you dare try to insult me. You like to rattle off at the mouth and then when somebody fact check you you want to act like a victim or try to belittle me. I will not let a retired miserable man insult me, okay? Like I told you before and I will tell you again, I will say the same thing to you in person. I invited you and Don for coffee and you never showed up. You are not making any difference in Bridgeport talking behind a screen. Get up. Get out and raise up the next generation. Cause our children out here dying in these streets and you out here talking crazy. You should be happy black males are trying to do something with their lives. Instead you out here trying to crucify black males. I have sons myself and I want my sons to be able to look up to somebody. Too bad you are a poor example, Ron!

  10. At this time there are 34 post and Stephanie Thompson has 11 of those post but NOBODY KNOWS WHO THE HELL Stephanie Thompson IS, NOBODY. Not one person said that they know who Stephanie Thompson IS. The only time Stephanie Thompson comes on OIB is when there’s something about Rev. Gaston.

  11. Ron, so now you want to go there as if you know EVERYBODY from Bridgeport! When I tried to meet you and Don for coffee what happened neither of you wanted to. I don’t only come out on OIB for Rev. Gaston I come out here when there is something good to talk about. You right you are a NOBODY which is why YOU don’t know who I AM. You got it right I surround MYSELF with SOMEBODY’S of the world. Go to bed Ron.

  12. @Stepanie Thompson
    You seem to have a good time trying to attack me, you really aren’t worth my time, but I’ll answer a few items for amusement sake.
    #1 “Marshall, what does Senator Moore’s previous jobs have to do with anything? Who cares?”
    Senator Moore’s work history was posted to refute the claim made by Ron Mackey that none of the elected state legislators representing Bridgeport in recent years had jobs not with government before their election, except Ernie Newton. Inaccuracies should be pointed out. She is my state Senator, representing my district. I care about her experience and how it bears on her performance, I have been proud to support her for years and placed her name in nomination at the 2020 D22 Democratic Convention and worked hard to see that she defeated the candidate chosen by the Testa machine.
    #2 In God We Trust is a motto, not law, and came about during the Civil War when it was put on the two cent coin in 1864. It wanted to claim that God was on the side of the north. It had nothing to do with the founding fathers. It was made the official Motto of the US in 1956, 180 years after the Declaration of Independence during the Red Scare of the Cold War. I much preferred the previous motto of the USA..E Pluribus Unum (One out of Many).
    Nowhere in the US Constitution, the framework of our nation does the word GOD appear, neither does Christ or Christian.
    #3 “you don’t have a right to stop people from serving in public office because they are a priest, ministers, ” Stop putting words in my mouth I did not write or say. I am not stopping any eligible person from running for office. I expressed a personal opinion that stated I do not want clergy in elected office and want Government free from religion.
    I don’t know how young you are, but I am old enough to have suffered mandatory Christian prayer in the public schools before the US Supreme Court ruled this unconstitutional in 1962. A non-Christian being forced by a governmental agent to recite Christian prayer is suffering, coercion, brainwashing and emotionally scarring.
    As for work and education. I am a product of the New Haven Public Schools. We didn’t flee during White Flight when busing began in 1964. My mother taught in the schools until her retirement in 1984. I worked my way through college, selling shoes in a department store, nights and weekends. After college, I was in production control in a clothing factory and left to buy my own business with accumulated savings and a bank loan. No government aid. I got an advanced degree and established a Trust Administration practice. As a middle aged adult, while working and supporting my family, I made a 350 mile round trip three days a week to attend Law school and graduated in 2 1/2 years, then passed the CT Bar. I never publicly practiced as an attorney but used this expertise to enhance my Trust administration business.

  13. JML, I think there is a lot of parse of words between Marcus and Stephanie. So here I go. 🙂

    Marcus you’re right America is not a Christian Nation found it on the principles/rule of Christianity. However, it is a representative democracy, government by the people, for the people, of the people, and Pastor Gaston” is of the people, NO?

    The Pope’ decreed to not allow priests to hold elected office maybe a person stands by the Catholic Church, but it is not America’s Representative Democracy one.

    When you say you “want our government to not only to offer Freedom of Religion but to be free from religion.” Do you mean like the Communist/Marxist? Do you hold the same political views for the State of Israel or just America? 🤔

    To be fair, “In God, We Trust” Stephanie is no more religious than it is spiritual of a higher power understanding of human reality, however, religions take many key roles of understanding, as do their Gods.🤔


    While America was founded by its father who held Christian views it was not a Christian Nation even if the majority democratic elected representative want to decree it to be. That is what The First Amendment actually means. It is to protect Americans from people like yours, Stephanie’s, and Marus’s views, to have freedom of religion, and to exercise it.

    P.S Let’s not forget though people 🙂


  14. Marshall, I hear what you are saying regarding point one. I am not attacking the only black female senator we have from Bridgeport. As a black woman to another black woman, I respect her. To your point about prayer in school, let me just say this: The worst thing to happen to black people was when they took prayer out of school. As you know, there are two systems in America. One for White People and one for Black people. Hopefully that is changing. The black preacher has always been in politics and helped to make this country what it is today. Sorry about your experience as a child with the whole prayer thing. When I tell you– the beauty of this country is that you get to tell history from your perspective, and I get to tell it from mine as a black woman! I am educated and can’t nobody brainwash me. As a black woman it is God that sustained me in a racist society. Great job on your education and career. My question is: what goodness did you put back into the community of Bridgeport. Do you volunteer to help needy children? Did you donate any money to charity in Bridgeport, since it sounds like you ran a successful industry? Did you employ any black people and pay them well? Where they in director roles or secretaries? What investments did you make to stop the violence in Bridgeport? Do you even live in Bridgeport?

  15. Marshall Marcus, thanks for sharing your story. Stephanie Thompson told you “The worst thing to happen to black people was when they took prayer out of school.” What the hell is she talking about? The worst thing to happen to Black folks is slavery, Jim Crow, police murders, separate and unequal education, substandard housing, racism and discrimination but to her taking prayer out of school, students can pray anytime they want in school, they can pray for each exam they take if they want. She rewrites history to try to make her point. Marshall Marcus, Stephanie Thompson says:
    March 4, 2022 at 8:59 am
    Robert, you are the only one on here who makes any sense on this post! You got it! Great point of view!

    Marshall, I think that tells the whole story.

    1. Rev. Gaston serve on the Bridgeport Civil Service Commission for a number of years but he said NOTHING but black and Hispanic women not being hired as firefighters for the last 12 years right here in Bridgeport. Gaston was right there at the tablet to question and ask why black and Hispanic were not being hired and to try to find an answer. The first 4 black women who have been hired as firefighters and the first black female Lieutenant were students that Donald Day and held to help them to get hired and promoted as President of the Firebird Society, Don as President for 6 years then myself as President for 10 years. No black women have been hired since. We helped them with the physical agility test, the written test and the oral test but not only these 4 black women but countless number of black males who became firefighters and some who got promoted to Pumper Engineer, Lieutenant, Captain and Battalion Chief, this was our mission to help give back to those who helped us on our career because we owe to help others.

  16. Ron and don’t you come for me unless I send for you, do you get it? Go back into retirement. You are old news! Moving on, you are not worth the energy it take to type these few words.

    1. Who the hell are you with this bull, “Ron and don’t you come for me unless I send for you, do you get it?” NOBODY wants to come for you, the only thing people on OIB know about you that you have this thing for Rev. Gaston and it looks like it’s being rejected. Try telling everybody what you have done with your life beside being a troll on OIB when Rev. Gaston names come up on OIB.

  17. Stephanie, I see you were a victim of Lenny’s editorial rights. 🙂 To be fair it was kinda on the racist side and skewed on the factual side. Ron never made the claim he had a problem with out-of-towner black males running for office. He pointed out an observation that he noticed many black elected officials come from out-of-town, and in no way did he use the term out-of-towners as a code word for black people. He specifically stated it.

    “Lennie I notice how many black candidates come here from other states and in a very short time they get a city job and get elected to political positions”

    Ron’s critique, in my opinion, of Mr. Gaston. has more to do with his employment to Ganim than being a black male out-of-towner running for office. Your reference to him that he sounds like a white male for his critique of Mr. Gaston along with his praise of Marcus, who is a white male, is seemingly the same as Ron’s critique of Mr. Gaston. Which is an innuendo of our current racial identity politics. That often tends to get blurry when an equilibrium sets in

    Ron, while I will agree with you slavery is far worse for blacks in America than the removal of prayer from school. I will critique your premise though. Slavery in America, North America, the Atlantic slave trade, was not as worse for blacks as the Arab slave trade in the Pacific. It doesn’t even come close.

    Even then it’s wasn’t the worst thing to happen to black Africans. In fact, millions of black African Children die each year of malnutrition and starvation. Since G2 took office in 2015 more black African children have died of malnutrition and starvation than were enslaved in both the Colonial Atlantic slave trade, from the 1500 to 1800 centuries, and the Pacific Arab slave trade that went on for 13 centuries, 1300 years.

    Like our racial identity politics, when your belly’s full things like this might be hard to see. JS

    Play nice people, I depart with the Prophet Enimen.



    1. Robert, I was with you at one point but stay in your lane. Let me and Ron handle this. Let the two blacks handle this black issue. Because Ron always seem to have an issue with me anytime I post something. I know you have this issue with women putting you in your place, but Ron you don’t stand a chance against an outspoken women like me. I didn’t come to play with you on OIB. Now what you got to say about THAT?

      1. So you are with me as long as I stay in my lane? Ponder on that.

        Sorry, I thought it was a political discourse about the Port and it people who reside in it.
        I won’t deny male, female issues. You and Ron can hash whatever issues you have, but I am sure Pastor Gaston and speak for himself which put us in the same lane of interjection.

        I just pointed out with regards to Mr. Gaston’s political endeavor. As I can see, Ron’s only point of contentiousness with Mr. Gaston is he is politically aligned with Gamin, a white person.

        Just kicking for a minute. Although lane changes when they hit a fork in the road.

        As always I depart with the prophets Eminem and Jay Z


  18. Ron,

    Shut your mouth lying on this man of God! Keep your damn name off of God’s people. This man always stands up for black/brown people. How the hell do you know what he did on the commission. Where you there? Keep your damn mouth closed if you don’t know what you are talking about. And when you address me, you better come correct! You became a fireman not on the strength of your ability but from a hookup! How about that! If you wanted more women on the team what the hell did you do to make it happen while YOU were there! NOTHING because NOBODY listens to you but OIB and they are tired or your ass too

  19. And so what if I find him to be a GREAT young man. I don’t want him like that but if I did wouldn’t he be a GREAT option. Who want you go somewhere and lose some weight. It is unhealthy.

  20. Dr. Gaston has a track record of challenging people in POWER! So I know damn well you lying Ron. Get your ass up and go make it to one of his services and tell him all the shit you talk about him on OIB. The issue is he is smarter, younger, better looking and can run circles around you! It is called JEALOUSY. Black hate. You are the definition of SELF-HATRED! Good bye!


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