Judge Lopez: Political Ambitions And Pastoral Duties Are Often Incompatible

Every declaration is susceptible to a rejoinder. If you politic prepare for a parry. Nothing wrong with that, but never assume there’s not someone out there mulling solid questions about motives. Politics in the pulpit has become something of a rite of passage in Bridgeport and other places. It can also blur the lines of the meaning of calling. Is it about you or your flock?

Retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez shares her observations about recent OIB articles penned by Herron Gaston, senior pastor of Summerfield United Methodist Church. The young pastor’s words have drawn interest in the OIB comments section: is he a politician or a pastor? Or maybe aspires to both.

I read with interest two recent Only in Bridgeport (OIB) articles regarding Rev. Herron Gaston, a Methodist Minister in Bridgeport. Lennie Grimaldi has performed a public service by presenting Rev. Gaston’s two commentaries and thereby introducing OIB readers to a newly arrived member of the Bridgeport Religious Community.

After reading the articles and the comments of OIB contributors, I could not help but contemplate the historic role played by Religious leaders in Bridgeport’s political and community life.

Since Rev. Gaston is a United Methodist Minister, I am confident that he is intimately familiar with the life of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church.

Wesley did not seek the “places of honor at the feast … and salutations at the marketplace.” He did not call press conferences, curry favors with the political machine or brandish his resume for all to worship and admire.

Wesley never ran for public office. When Church of England pulpits were closed to him, he preached in the mines, and not to the rich and powerful.

Wesley empowered the community and in so doing, changed the course of human history.

Many historians credit the Wesleyan Revival for saving England from a violent revolution similar to that experienced in France.

Unfortunately here in Bridgeport, our clergy of all races and creeds have too often preached the Gospel of Partisan Political Proselytizing, rather than the Good News. Instead of promoting their Parishioners (Rev. Anthony Bennett being a notable exception), the Clergy take the places of honor for themselves, including places on the Ballot.

Rev. Gaston claimed in a July 12, 2018, Florida newspaper (The Ledger), that he has “forged a close relationship with the Office of Mayor Joe Ganim.” This “close relationship” undoubtedly landed him a seat on Bridgeport’s Civil Service Commission.

However, when Ron Mackey, the former head of the Firebird Society questioned Rev. Gaston’s relationship to Mayor Ganim, his questions went unanswered. Instead, Rev. Gaston told this respected Bridgeport community leader and advocate for minority causes for decades, to “call my secretary.”

That dismissive response appears to be an example of political spin, rather than bold preaching.

Why didn’t he simply acknowledge to Ron Mackey that which he is quoted as telling the Ledger, a Florida newspaper?

A contemporary role model for all Pastors, in the tradition of Wesley, can be found in the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King did not aspire to be a Senator, a cabinet member or President of the United States. However, his enduring legacy includes civil rights legislation which transformed a nation and consigned Jim Crow to the dustbin of history. Dr. King also left to the faith community his inspirational testimony contained in his “Letters from Birmingham Jail.”

Rev. Gaston, in a January 11, 2017 Open Letter to former President Barack H. Obama, published in the Huffington Post, announced that because of President Obama, “I, too, one-day hope to run for the highest office in this land.

This is a worthwhile goal, but Rev. Gaston should realize that political ambitions and pastoral duties are often incompatible.

It is past time for the pastoral leaders of the Bridgeport Faith Community to call attention to the issues which prevent this community from making progress. That goal will best be served by nurturing the spiritual health of parishioners and of the community as a whole. Primary among those issues is almost religious adherence to machine politics and its stifling impact on public participation and community empowerment. Religious leaders must call attention to the issues and not to their own credentials, and accomplishments.

A recent Gallup poll revealed the tragic fact, that only 37% of Americans have a high or very high opinion of the Clergy. Perhaps one reason for this dissatisfaction is that the Clergy have devoted their efforts to constructing a Golden Calf to political ambition and have blindly worshiped that idol.

Those of us who acknowledge that we are “little sheep” in need of pastoral attention, are dismayed when those entrusted with our nurturing are more concerned with pursuing votes, rather than with spiritual enrichment.

As we welcome this New Year, we should all hope for a spiritual revival in our City of Bridgeport. Hopefully, led by true Spiritual leaders and mentors.



  1. I’m not Christian and don’t have to deal with a clergy person running for office, but am old enough to remember when the Pope ordered all clergy and nuns to leave elected politics. This caused Congressman Father Berrigan to not run for re-election.
    The pope was correct. If you want to be a cleric, stay out of elected politics.

  2. You have to admit he is a good lucking dude. Not that I’m gay or want to have a cup of coffee on the down low to ascertain his relationship with the mayor or God or both. 🙂 He does use to many big word. However, IOB political savant finds him eloquent and articulate with great grammar and sentence structure. 🙂 but yeah, spiritual revival for the City of the port and “here in Bridgeport, our clergy of all races and creeds, have too often preached the Gospel of Partisan Political Proselytizing, rather than the Good News. Instead of promoting their Parishioners” 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/FreshmanPhilosopher/videos/vb.168383283852387/10156269355813386/?type=2&theater

    1. Robert Teixara..A valuable and needed discussion about the separation/integration of church and state,especially at the level of Bridgeport politics” has been taking place here on OIB. However,your repeated insinuations of “on the down low” are not needed and coarsen this discussion. Please refrain from going down that low road.

      1. Frank now I know why Tom left you out. 🙂
        PS. No thanks to you. If I recall you got coarsen with Lennie for posting the Reverend’s article on OIB. You wanted to shut this discussion down before it started and heated up. So how valuable is your input. 🙂
        But we will just keep that on the down low. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the reality check, Judge Lopez.

    I must say that once I saw he was aligned with Pastor Charlie Stallworth I had already come to regret my initial posts about Reverend Gaston. I often tell others those you have to watch most are those that preach religion. I think that is especially true in Bridgeport.

    In addition, I believe in the separation of church and state. You either want to be a religious leader or politician, but no one should be both.

      1. OK, but why though? Is there any other profession or advocacy employment
        that should be excluded, such as lawyers, doctors, etc. or just clergy. please explain your reason for your decision. Besides what are politician but of their constituents. That is why Democracy can not stand with out the rule of law, a Republic. ( for all not just the majority.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqpMJdG1M-g

        1. Wars have been caused by men who have differences over the almighty power they worshiped, and caused death and destruction to other men, women and children who worshiped differently. The “separation of church and state” that has come to mean “no official religion for the State” at times did not protect the Union from a Civil War during which over 600,000 men perished where the majority were Christ followers in one way or another.

          If I favor a candidate who maintains a religious vocation or calling, does that mean I support the religious convictions of that person when they attempt to lead in the secular arena? Or are religious leaders present to read, study, know, learn, preach and make the people aware of what is missing in their secular marketplace? If it is equality of opportunity that is offended, if it is discrimination on the basis of gender, color of skin, or other vulnerabilities that may not stand up to religious beliefs about the nature of mankind, perhaps the taking on of elected roles in addition to spiritual roles may work to corrupt leaders as in the saying about “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”? Would it be sufficient for religious voices to be raised respectfully, asking the people and their elected leaders, who is being served? How they are being served? And to what end may resources be better made useful? All the while encouraging those who listen to get off their butts and into the fray through learning, and exercising their own time to serve their neighbors? Time will tell.

          1. Why is it a secular arena? Would not that be Absolute? Are you sure absolute power corrupts absolutely? I mean you are absolutely in control of yourself JML, right? Do you believe you are absolutely corrupt because of it? Is not religion part of America’s discrimination laws? Did you omit religion in your discrimination mistakenly or was is a corrupt omit based on your bais? can you not just replace your ” equality of opportunity that is offended”? Can gender, race, color of skin be offended to equality of opportunity to ones’ religious beliefs? Have men of secular beliefs cause war death and destruction to other men, women and children who worshiped? So if the majority of 600,000 men who perished in the Civil War were Christ followers in one way or another was the difference in Christ the Lord or the difference in men? JML Do you not speak of people of color and member of the NAACP? Do you feel the man of color and man of God is getting a equal opportunity on the assumption of corruption? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWuQVpBeqLs 🙂

  4. I have a question for Judge Lopez. Ron also wanted to know if you are throwing your hat in the ring and running for Mayor? You don’t have a Secretary do you. 🙂 I got your back Rev, us brother have to stick together. Oh, wait I’m not black, Ron’s black. I’m a poor “affluent” trash. Thanks, Judges. BAM! I ain’t playing. https://www.facebook.com/KattWilliams/videos/stop-believing-bullst-just-because-a-muthafka-tell-you-bullshit/10154480949555973/

  5. I want to wish everyone a Happy Newyears. Let me say that Rev. Gaston was appointed to the civil Service commission but the truth is the administration had some reservations about appointing him. He gave me a call and I looked into it and spoke to Joe’s people on his behalf because, of his willingness to serve our city. We need good men and women to serve on our boards and commissions. It’s funny that The Board of Education has launched a many careers running for higher office. State Senate, State Representatives.etc

  6. Politics and organized religion do not make good bedfellows. The conservative evangelical wing of the GOP is exposing its moral hypocrisy supporting Donald Trump, a man that has fathered five children by three wives and cheated on all of them.

  7. Lennie,you were right………… Why not? OIB is a forum for issues and ideas. Gaston has stepped up publicly in response to neighborhood violence. Readers will decide, over time, if he resonates with them.

  8. Anyone can seek public office. Look at Little Joe Ganim. He’s a convicted felon and disgraced attorney, lost his license to practice because he lied on the witness stand in federal court. Didn’t go over with the ethics committee. C’est la vie. Guess Little Joe thinks selling insurance or new automobiles are beneath him. The uniforms at Russell Speeder’s must be little too snug. “Hey, there’s an election in Bridgeport. I could use the better pay…”

    After 3 years it has dawned on more than a few that Little Joe Ganim is just full of shit. He put up a good show on the campaign trail, patching a hole in the fence at Trumbull Gardens (which was opened up again the very next day), doing his impression of Jimmy Swaggart for the benefit of Reverend Charlie’s congregation, opening a police “substation” and whatever else he did. Let’s not forget the corpses rising from Mountain Grove Cemetery to stagger, zombie like, to the polling places to cast ballots. Or the simpletons that sold their votes for a slice of pizza and twenty fucking dollars. Presto, Ganim is the new black.
    Don’t know ‘bout you but I am fed up with a Democratic Town Committee not representing the Democratic Party’s ideology and platform. Here in Bridgeport the DTC is the party of Mario Testa, not FDR, Harry Truman, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. Joe Ganim didn’t win re-election through an honest campaign. He prevailed by manipulating the absentee ballot process and cynically appealing to the naïveté and blind faith of a church congregation.

  9. Brother Newton, no one on OIB is surprised that Rev. Gaston was appointed by Mayor Ganim as most are politically astute and most know that it had to come through the Mayor. Most of us found that he was reticent about saying how or who appointed him even though Brother Mackey and all of us knew how he got his position.

    What was equally troubling was how Rev. Gaston told Mackey to call his secretary to schedule a meeting which I found to be a tad elitist with an air of superiority. While his ivy league education prepared him educationally it did nothing to prepare him to deal with people in a forthright manner. While I won’t excoriate the reverend like he did you, I will point to his failure to address my brother in a manner that he deserved as a Brother who has been in the fight for righteous for decades. Reverend Gaston, my hope is that you, like Ernie, acknowledge your shortcomings in your response to Ron Mackey and if you know better, then do better. Reverend, I told Maria Pereira who’s on the BBOE and who is always prepared and knowledgeable that her demeanor is like your favorite meal that is served on a garbage can top, not very appetizing.
    Reverend, your response to Brother Mackey was like your favorite meal served on a garbage can top, not very appetizing.

  10. For those who want to attack black pastors for speaking out about the ills in American society need t understand a little American history. This is what the black church had to deal with and there was no support from white churches.

    The Silent Parade (or Silent protest), starting at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, was a march of between 8,000 and 10,000 African Americans on July 28, 1917, in New York City. The purpose of the parade was to protest the evils of murders, lynching and other anti-black violence. The parade was precipitated by the East St. Louis Riots in May and July 1917, when between 40 and 250 black people were killed by white mobs.


    1. And let’s not “white wash” history and pretend that historically many black and white clergy have worked together against progress and social justice. In Birmingham, in the early days of MLK, they enabled racists together as gate-keepers against King’s message. They urged restraint and support for the “rule of law” which supported segregation and injustice over liberation and self-determination. Not all, but many—too many.

      Letter to Martin Luther King

      A Group of Clergymen
      April 12, 1963

      We clergymen are among those who, in January, issued “an Appeal for Law and Order and Common Sense,” in dealing with racial problems in Alabama. We expressed understanding that honest convictions in racial matters could properly be pursued in the courts, but urged that decisions of those courts should in the meantime be peacefully obeyed.

      Since that time there has been some evidence of increased forbearance and a willingness to face facts. Responsible citizens have undertaken to work on various problems which cause racial friction and unrest. In Birmingham, recent public events have given indication that we all have opportunity for a new constructive and realistic approach to racial problems.

      However, we are now confronted by a series of demonstrations by some of our Negro citizens, directed and led in part by outsiders. We recognize the natural impatience of people who feel that their hopes are slow in being realized. But we are convinced that these demonstrations are unwise and untimely.

      We agree rather with certain local Negro leadership which has called for honest and open negotiation of racial issues in our area. And we believe this kind of facing of issues can best be accomplished by citizens of our own metropolitan area, white and Negro, meeting with their knowledge and experiences of the local situation. All of us need to face that responsibility and find proper channels for its accomplishment.

      Just as we formerly pointed out that “hatred and violence have no sanction in our religious and political traditions,” we also point out that such actions as incite to hatred and violence, however technically peaceful those actions may be, have not contributed to the resolution of our local problems. We do not believe that these days of new hope are days when extreme measures are justified in Birmingham.

      We commend the community as a whole, and the local news media and law enforcement officials in particular, on the calm manner in which these demonstrations have been handled. We urge the public to continue to show restraint should the demonstrations continue, and the law enforcement officials to remain calm and continue to protect our city from violence.

      We further strongly urge our own Negro community to withdraw support from these demonstrations, and to unite locally in working peacefully for a better Birmingham. When rights are consistently denied, a cause should be pressed in the courts and in negotiations among local leaders, and not in the streets. We appeal to both our white and Negro citizenry to observe the principles of law and order and common sense.

      Signed by:

      C.C.J. CARPENTER, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Alabama.

      JOSEPH A. DURICK, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop, Diocese of Mobile-Birmingham

      Rabbi MILTON L. GRAFMAN, Temple Emanu-El, Birmingham, Alabama

      Bishop PAUL HARDIN, Bishop of the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the Methodist Church

      Bishop NOLAN B. HARMON, Bishop of the North Alabama Conference of the Methodist Church

      GEORGE M. MURRAY, D.D., LL.D., Bishop Coadjutor, Episcopal Diocese of Alabama

      EDWARD V. RAMAGE, Moderator, Synod of the Alabama Presbyterian Church in the United States

      EARL STALLINGS, Pastors, First Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama

      1. Segregation, we practice that all the time. When you speak of racial segregation. You are speaking of segregation on its most primitive from, race, or even gender. Rest to sure it’s innate. What is a community other then a form of segregation. Yet we speak of community all the time with blinking, the black community, the Latino, community. the “affluent” community. We segregation our city by districts. I even read a post on Ernie Facebook page where he misplaced where someone got shot, and someone corrected him. Told him it was very important to make sure you get the district right. Then named the the council member who’s district it was. like the rest of safe. like thank God it wasn’t in my district.

        Ron Martin expressed the need to integrate the churches, especially Christianity. In somewhat if it lived up to the letter of the law, separated but equal. The separation was not the main problem it was, it was not neither equal, nor fair. The same struggles that is being fought to day here in the North, where separation want never law. If blacks where treated equal in the South. The Civil Right Movement the spirit of the teaching of Jesus. It was much more then that.

        We separate ourselves all the time. be age, profession, Nerds hang out with nerds, and so on and so forth. We will always gravitate to things we identify with, the things we are into. Color just happens to be the most common, among the most and plentiful population.


        1. Ron, Martin expressed the need to integrate the churches, especially Christianity. In somewhat if the South lived up to the letter of the law, separated but equal. The separation would have not been the main problem, but it didn’t, it was not neither equal, nor fair. The same struggles that is being fought today here in the North. That touches ever urban political campaign. Where separation was never the law, but here we are inequality. If blacks where treated equal in the South. The Civil Right Movement would have been the integration to spirit of the teaching of Jesus. However it was not. It was much more then that.

  11. Judge Lopez shows the history of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church. and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with their life work in fighting for social justice without every seeking public office. She is right on point and she gives direction on what needs to be done when she said, “It is past time for the pastoral leaders of the Bridgeport Faith Community to call attention to the issues which prevent this community from making progress. That goal will best be served by nurturing the spiritual health of parishioners and of the community as a whole. Primary among those issues is almost religious adherence to machine politics and its stifling impact on public participation and community empowerment. Religious leaders must call attention to the issues and not to their own credentials, and accomplishments.”

    1. Ron,
      what you also did not know about Dr. King is that he was being considered to become a vice presidential candidate in the US to which he gave thought and met with JFK. Just a little history lesson from a black woman who understands black politics and the black church. So, maybe you should dig deeper in your research. I guess you feel some type of way about Rev. Pickney from the charleston shooting. He was a pastor and an elected official. You siding with Lopez shows that you are a sell out.

      1. Stephanie Thompson, you are so out of touch with real history, Daddy King and most blacks in America were Republicans but when MLK Jr wrote his letter from the Birmingham jail on the margin of the New York Times Daddy King was scare that something would happen to his son so calls were made to Nixon and JFK and JFK made a phone to MLK Jr wife and daddy King and the word got out to the black churches. MLK Jr was never in the run for any elected office. Just like Gandhi MLK Jr knew he had more power by being the moral leader and by doing God’s work.

      2. Stephanie Thompson, sellout, you need to see what kind of deal that Rev. Gaston made with the white power structure of Bridgeport of Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa the head of the Democratic Town Committee.

  12. All individuals thinking about a run against Little Joe Ganim ought to consider one salient factor: the more crowded the Democratic field is the more likely he will prevail in a primary. He and Mario Testa have been ginning the electoral process for decades. So, everyone step back and suck in some fresh air. There are several grass roots organizations active in the city. They all ought to coordinate, choose the one best candidate to challenge the status quo. This will be the only shot for the next four years. What the people of the city of Bridgeport need is a mayor unafraid to challenge the entrenched power structure, a candidate with education, intelligence and drive, a person motivated by the greater good. Joe Ganim has education and intelligence and drive but his motivations are more along the lines of “What’s in it for me?”

    The mayor’s office is an elected position. It is not awarded to those with lengthy records of public service.

  13. First, Judge Lopez, who are you to call this pastor out for trying to make a difference in Bridgeport. You obviously have not done anything besides help put people away or run off at the mouth with little to no results. At least is trying to do something to help the youth in the City. You should be proud instead of trying to hate on this man progress. I am sorry to let you know that you might be a judge, but you don’t get to decide someone’s calling nor do you get to put limitations on what they can do.
    I don’t know Dr. Gaston personally, but from what I do know from seeing him, and about his church is that they feed thousands of Bridgeport residents, clothes so many people, and help so many children. My cousin who knows him said how this man have paid out of his own pocket to put kids in school. What have you done? Who have you helped besides yourself?
    You don’t know anything about the Black church or the black preacher so you are not in a position to judge. You lack intelligence when it comes to the black church and the role it plays in public service. If you knew anything about Dr. King, he met with the politicians, cut deals with them for his people, which is why you could sit as a minority judge. You should not throw stones because you do not live in a glass house! Do you even know this pastor?
    Some of ya’ll on here have not done nothing for Bridgeport. I have been living here all my life and this is the first time I have seen a pastor who is really trying to help our kids. I read the article your reference. What is wrong with the article? It just says to me that this man have not just started helping people. This has been his life project. Intead of talking shit about him, why don’t you join him in helping our damn kids??

    1. Stephanie Thompson, when you post such absurd comments about Judge Lopez you lose all credibility.

      You come across as angry and as if you are in the midst of an uncontrollable rant.

      You are not helping Reverend Gaston, you are hurting him.

      1. Maria,
        Tell me how I am hurting him? Black women are always called angry. I am used to that when ever we speak with passion. You talk about the credibility of judge Lopez, so does the pastor not have any credibility? I am sure he has credibility with members of the community as well and in other places. Why should his credibility be attacked?

  14. Ernie how you gone talk about you spoke up for somebody! Really? Really now? Ron, at least the pastor tried to meet with you. Do you have anything better to do than to be on here talking. If you did as much for your community as you do writing on here the community would be a whole lot better. I get tired of black people attacking other black people who are trying to do something. He don’t owe you a response cause I wouldn’t have responded to you who do you think you are?? and all these racist on here talking shit, why don’t you use that energy to impeach 45

    1. Stephanie, Let me say this i have fought long and hard to make sure people of color serve on boards and commissions in our city. Its my Job as a city councilman to make sure we have representation.
      The Rev. called me and said he was interested in serving our city and he had not heard anything. Yes i went to the Mayor’s people and ask why Rev. Gaston had not been appointed and shared with them on the things Rev. Gaston was doing with his young people at his Church. We honored him at our city council meeting which i spear headed last year.I don’t just talk the talk i walk the walk!

    1. Maybe it’s time that we can find someone who can unite the People of Bridgeport,whi cam empathize with the everyday struggles that the People of Bridgeport are going through,someone who is truly dedicated to the progress of the City and People of Bridgeport instead of using the City and People of Bridgeport for just another higher office to get out of Bridgeport,Maybe we can have a Democratic Party of Bridgeport that really cares about Bridgeport instead of a Democratic Town Chairperson and 89 acolytes who just care about power and respect and “what’s in it for themselves,” maybe we can have a revived BPT Republican Party that will stand up for the People of Bridgeport and tell the Dumpster Trumpters to “go to hell” yet the few remnants of a BPT Republican Party are more interested in inviting racist speakers to the REP Lincoln celebrations,maybe we should have pastors who acknowledge their political training grounds and be honest and upfront…MOST OF ALL.. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE IN BPT TO “GET INVOLVED.”

    2. If you expect me to feel embarassed or upset about my arrest at Success Village, you would be sadly mistaken.

      My neighbors in my district called me and asked for my help and I agreed.

      The prosecutor tried to offer me a deal and I didn’t consider it for even five seconds.

      The burden of proof is on the prosecution. All I can say is good luck to them. 🙂

  15. Stephanie Thompson, you know absolutely nothing about Ron Mackey because if you had you would have never had the temerity or the unmitigated gaul to question what he’s done in the Bridgeport community.

    Ron Mackey has personally run study groups for Black’s and Latinos to be firefighters in Bridgeport that resulted in over forty young kids being hired in a profession that pays over $80,000 a year. Brother Mackey has run study groups that helped 30 or more Black’s and Latinos reach elevated rank within the Bridgeport Fire Department, from Engineer to Captain. Go to the Bridgeport fire department and ask any officer, whether it’s the two Black chiefs or any of the Lieutenants or Captains if Ron played a part in their promotions.

    So you see Stephanie Thompson, Ron Mackey had changed the lives of not only the people he helped, but changed the lives of children of Black’s and Latinos by helping them get a profession that allowed them to buy homes, send their children to private schools and to do like me, pay for my children’s college education. No one is above criticism whether they be a minister or a president and race, ethnicity or creed should never stop someone from questioning an individual’s motives because in this city there have been a myriad of ministers that sat on city boards and did nothing to uplift this city or it’s residents. My hope is that history proves that Rev. Gaston is the exception rather than rule.

  16. I like Dr. Herron Gaston. I would like him even better if he resigns from the Bridgeport Civil Service Board/ Commission and,thereby,remove any doubts or questions about his personal integrity.

  17. Those of us who share thoughts by commenting on OIB have a wide range of backgrounds and styles.

    Lennie, you stirred up a hornets nest with this one.

    We are accustomed to Day and Mackey claiming some inner knowledge of all that is black because they are black. That is their view of the world.

    Robert makes little sense but his comments are sometimes amusing.

    Stephanie Thompson posted thoughts that she should have put aside for a couple of hours before she submitted. She quickly established her lack of credibility by questioning Judge Lopez’s contributions. to the community.

  18. I’ll be honest. I’m kind of upset by you heathens 😊 When does being a man of God excludes you from progression, achievement, Nirvana in life? I can understand the concerns regarding Religion, God, and how it has been abused throughout time. But hasn’t some of the most brutal government in recent times been secular, totalitarian? That is why our founding Fathers (Not Founding Fathers and Mothers, Hmmm) who owned other humans, let’s not forget about the Irish, and the shit England put them through, set a law, rights in the First Amendment, (not the separation of church and state) to make sure America didn’t do what England did and established its own Church, The Church of England, in the creation of this nation. Like secularism and religions cherry picking words to suit their means. It’s this reason why American is a Democracy grounded on a Republic. Why is the baby being thrown out with the bath water? Did Catholicism steal its religious belief from other ancient religions or did the ancient religion evolve, endured throughout the millenniums? In the same way American progressed and achieved from it’s founding that has evolved and endured throughout the centuries, like mankind itself.

    Can anyone deny the progress blacks have achieved in America? A progress founding on the religions, in their churches. And now all of a sudden, the alarm bells need to be rung, Splash, Cry!!!
    I don’t believe this clarion call to arms by the mob is neither about race nor religion, but a personal attack on a man who was endowed by his creator, with the possession of being Good looking. 😊 Reverend I feel your pain and struggles for I too am good looking. 😊 It’s arduous and iniquitous to be persecuted for something you have no control over that was given to you at birth. While I may not possess the Reverend’s academia aptitude or his eloquence and use of grammar/sentence structure. Nah!! I’m kidding, I’m good looking, but I don’t need to be because I got fucking personality, you fucking heathens. 😊 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FigprdcBGA

  19. Ernie,
    I hear you. Thank you for having a voice. I know about the work that you previously done and I remember that, but this is more than just about you. Other people can make a difference too. Everybody has had to speak up for somebody which is a good thing. That is what we are called to do, do the right thing, and you seemed to have done that, so that is a good thing. I am just concerned as to why they keep attacking this pastor when this man is doing a lot of good in the community. My cousin who was homeless went to his church, this man paid a 6 months of hotel stay for him, feed him under the bridge, helped him get an apartment for himself and his kids and prayed with them nightly. Judge Lopez whose souls have you nourished? Like, i hate when people talk down on other people. This is a good man and every kid in this city who knows him likes him and respects him. I don’t even know the man personally, but everywhere you go kids know who he is he is always at the schools fighting to keep kids in school i respect him. i would respect you more if you go talk to this man instead of trying to cut him down, at least that is what it look like to me

  20. Donald Day,

    Help me to understand why ya’ll attacking this pastor for what reason? The man is trying to help the damn city. Superintendents and principals have told me they see this man out in the community all over CT. He cares about the youth. Clearly this is his ministry why cut him down instead of lifiting him up? is there room for everyone at the table, or just for a few? Like come on, I am ashamed to live here because everytime somebody tries to do something in this town, you all cut them down. All i said was who is Ron to be questioning the pastor and demanding how he know the mayor? the question is, how do he know the mayor? what is his relationship with the mayor? so, just because he was appointed to a commission he must resign because You don’t know how he was appointed. Hell look at the Revernds credentials. The man has clearly done somethign with his life, why wouldn’t he want to help his community in any way he can. Have ya’ll given him a chance to prove himself yet before trying to assassinate his character. This the kind of stuff that makes people upset. I don’t see nothing wrong with him voicing his opinion he is a leader in the community why should he have to duck and hide. Ya’ll are not ducking and hiding

    1. Stephanie Thompson. this is the kernel of the problem. we have seen the emergence of Dr. Herron Gaston(who I actually like) but we were not given the initial information that he is a member of the BPT Civil Service Commission/ Board. That Board itself has major issues of integrity and Dr. Gaston has been there and we have heard absolutely nothing from him about questions of truth and integrity on that board. Dr. Gaston did not inform and be upfront and truthful about other connections with BPT politics. I like Dr,Gaston(I like smart people) but he needs to come clean to his own flock that he has a spiritual(etc) responsibility towards but he also asked to create another group or organization for the “betterment of Bridgeport.” As information as come out, that desire is being questioned. It is now up to Dr. Gaston to answer or walk away from any questions.

      1. I am confused about not being honest about his involvement in the city. Clearly, if you all read this OIB, you would see that he was just recently appointed. Like what is the issue? Like by Judge Lopez trying to use Rev. Bennett’s name in here as the model, little do she know, Dr. Gaston and him are friends. They both are Alphas and Dr. Gaston and Dr. King III are good friends. Do ya’ll research. This man is connected. Maria sounds crazy talking about when she saw him with stallworth she changed her mind about him, so just because you are seen with someone makes you like them in every respect? Maria, everybody know about you. you dont like nobody.

        1. Stephanie, two negatives in a sentence create a positive.
          “You don’t like nobody” should be “you don’t like anyone who is unethical, dishonest, corrupt and self-serving.”

          That would have been an appropriate sentence to describe me.

    2. Stephanie Thompson, I never attacked Rev. Gaston. I merely spoke to his reluctance to tell Brother Mackey who appointed him which was no big deal to anyone other than the reverend by his silence. That alone made me, as well as others go hum, because in Bridgeport transparency is a harder to come by than a winning lotto ticket. I offered my opinion to his offer for Brother Mackey to call his secretary for a meeting which didn’t feel genuine. Again my opinion and not an attack.

      I’m not one to attack a Brother without cause, but understand we tend to hold Brother’s to a higher standard of excellence because they’ve put themselves in the position as the standard bearer for our people. Is it right?

      Finally, when you attacked my Brother, my friend Ron Mackey with “what have you done for the community”. I was obligated to set the record straight about his commitment to the community and it’s residents for over thirty years and the lives he’s changed. Are you guilty of the same thing that you allude to with respect to the reverend?

  21. Tom,
    You don’t know me. Your credibility been shot. All you do is put black people down. How about you deal with your racism and once you have spent some time in your cave, come back out and speak. Judge Lopez also does not know what other people are doing in the community either, i.e. this pastor.

  22. There are good black political ministers and there are bad black political ministers. There are good white priests and there are very bad white priests.
    And there are good Bridgeport voters and there are bad Bridgeport voters. We need to get away from the “race” or “ethnic” label and get down to the individual and what qualities he or she bring to the table. We need to look at how long have they shown a commitment toBridgeport and what they have accomplished.
    Have know many ministers who have played a positive role in Bridgeport politics and dare I say some Catholic priests.
    Reverend Roger Floyd, Reverend Michael Williams, Reverend Jerry Streets, Reverend Lyman Reed and Betsy Reed. And the list goes on.
    So don’t judge a book by its cover. And just k like so many other things, give the newcomer sometime to get to know him. But by time I mean years and not months.
    If he proves himself able he will be rewarded. But if he’s just lighting in a bottle he will just fizzle out.

    1. Bob, this is a key comment from you when you said, “We need to look at how long have they shown a commitment to Bridgeport and what they have accomplished.” Bob, that’s a unknow to me, Rev. Gaston has been in Bridgeport for 3 years so somebody had to go to Mayor Ganim and suggest that he appoint Rev. Gaston to the Civil Service Commission especially when there are members on that commission that their term has expire and they have not been replace or have been given the ok to serve. There are a number of people in Bridgeport who have worked hard of the years to make Bridgeport a better place live who are of all races, some who are retired or still employed who are Democrats, Republicans, Independent and some who are unaffiliated.

      1. No Ron you mean someone had to go to Rev, Gaston and say you have to go to the port. As we all are fully aware the port governance has not be working. 🙂

  23. Frank,
    I understand what you are saying. But i can tell you that you all should give the man a chance. From what I know about him from several lawayers in the area is that he is known to stand up for what is right. He is beloved in his community and the young people know that he stands up for them. I like him because he seems like his heart is in the right place. I think we need SMART people for a change on some of these boards in our city. I have lived here for 36 years and 13 years in New Haven, so i know my city well. I am only saying give the man a chance to prove himself. Also, if he is willing to meet with you to talk, why do he need to air everything. I knew he was on the comission because i saw it on OIB he just got appointed like a month ago.
    This girl name Amber who work with me went before the commission last month and said this man challenged the committee members to look deeper at her termination and questioned every other comissioner there including the attorney that was in the room. I am going to keep a look out but from what I read and see and hear i think he is needed in the city i just don’t think people should be fighting him the way they are and dont know him.

    1. Stephanie Thompson.. Thank you for your contributions and your defense of Dr, Gaston. I actually really do like him because he shows an intelligence and caring for his “flock.” We were surprised when we found out that he was a member of the BPT Civil Service Commission/Board which creates all types of problems. I don’t know if you read my statement but I did ask Dr. Gaston to resign from the Civil Service Board. I am sure that we all are awaiting some word from Dr. Gaston.

  24. And this is a message for Dr. Gaston. There is a group pf people in Bridgeport who are looking for a different way beyond the Testa path. We all have to make our own decisions.,

  25. Don, maybe you can help me, I must have overlooked where Stephanie Thompson listed some of the wonderful things that she here in Bridgeport. People have a right to make their comments on OIB but I notice Stephanie Thompson can’t say anything that Judge Lopez, you or myself where we are attacking Pastor Gaston, but that’s a lie. Again, I asked Pastor Gaston a question about his relationship with Mayor Ganim and his reply to me, call his secretary but Pastor Gaston had no problem telling the residents in Florida his position, Rev. Gaston claimed in a July 12, 2018, Florida newspaper (The Ledger), that he has “forged a close relationship with the Office of Mayor Joe Ganim. Well Stephanie Thompson why didn’t Rev. Gaston tell Ernie Newton to call his secretary instead of going after Newton with his letter to OIB title “Pastor Gaston: Flabbergasted And Appalled By Newton’s Stop And Frisk Proposal” on
    December 21, 2018?

    1. IMHO… I don;t think anyone has “attacked” Dr. Gaston. He came out of the blue with one attempt to address a senseless slaughter. I was surprised,maybe, many of all of you,was the connection between
      Dr. Gaston and the Testa/Ganim machine. That was the shock.

      1. Frank, that connection is real, there is no way that anybody could come to Bridgeport and reside here for just 3 years and get appointed to the Bridgeport Civil Service Commission, NO WAY, there has to be a strong relationship to Ganim, Testa and Dunn. You are not going to be a independent free wheeling person on the Civil Service Commission, we are talking about hiring, promotion, employees being terminated are just a few of the responsibility the commission has.

    2. What I am saying is that I know a lot of churches, black and white, who their pastors forge a relationship with the city. Notice he said forged a close relationship “with the bridgeport mayor ganim’s office” He did not say Mayor Ganim. Obviously, if he is doing so much with youth in the city why wouldn’t he know the mayor, why wouldnt the mayor wanna know who he is. You heard Ernie say they recognized him and his church downtown. duh……. I’m really trying to understand why ya’ll black folks are so quick to step on somebody else’s back. Like Judge Lopez could have named other pastors like Stallworth and others but she didn’t. Dr. Gaston is not who she should be worried about for running for Mayor. She need to be woried about Stallworth running. It was just easier for her to attack this guy because he shows the most promise. That is how white supremacy work and clearly Lopez is a part of that.

        1. Tell me why Ernie got on the news talking about stop and frisk knowing full well our community doesn’t need that. He seemed to highjack the man program. You should be happy churches were speaking out. Had they said nothing you would have had a problem with that. And for the judge not to say anything about that shows she’s a part of the problem and complicit in the system. man bye

      1. Judge Lopez is Hispanic you idiot. How would a Hispanic be contributing to “white supremacy” when she herself has had to overcome white elitisim and supremacy?

  26. Judge Lopez should not be criticized in inappropriate, inaccurate terms for taking issue with a particularly salient (probable) example of the, pronounced, pervasive, Bridgeport trend toward the dissolution of the essential boundary between religion and government — a trend that flouts not only the US Constitution, but also contemporary, US Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations… Indeed, a close look at a sample of the relationships between churches/clergy and City Government in Bridgeport, would no doubt uncover relationships between City Government and Bridgeport churches/clergy that would be considered tax-law violations in cases where such churches/clergy are in receipt of city/state/federal monies and of tax-exempt status with respect to money-generating enterprises not directly related to maintenance of worship/worship facilities…

    Pursuant to Judge Lopez presenting an argument in justification for her concerns is the observation that:

    “…A contemporary role model for all Pastors, in the tradition of Wesley, can be found in the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “Dr. King did not aspire to be a Senator, a cabinet member or President of the United States. However, his enduring legacy includes civil rights legislation which transformed a nation and consigned Jim Crow to the dustbin of history. Dr. King also left to the faith community his inspirational testimony contained in his “Letters from Birmingham Jail.

    “Rev. Gaston, in a January 11, 2017 Open Letter to former President Barack H. Obama, published in the Huffington Post, announced that because of President Obama, “I, too, one-day hope to run for the highest office in this land.

    “This is a worthwhile goal, but Rev. Gaston should realize that political ambitions and pastoral duties are often incompatible…”

    This, in the context of the aforementioned pastor’s strong focus on the political in his training and contemporary professional relationships and communications/published writings, and, in particular with his reference in a newspaper interview to the close relationship with Bridgeport’s current mayor, the later of which appointed the pastor to an official government position — blurring that eroding, Constitutionally-mandated separation of church and state in a with probable, widespread, statutory violations in this regard.

    But, not to impugn a good man of good works unnecessarily…

    Rather; the criticisms by Judge Lopez of Reverend Gaston’s straddling of the political and religious arenas, per his pastoral and civil-service duties/expressed political ambitions, should be regarded as an admonition to maintain indicated boundaries in the context of executing rightful professional ambitions and plans/prerogatives…

    1. Jeff,
      what the heck are you talking about. Are you not aware that this is a voluntary position? Jeff if Dr. King was alive today you would have an issue with him. Dont forget many white people like you hated him until he died. When he was alive your people said he should not be meddling with politics. Now all of a sudden, he is the only black preacher that you all can quote. So you are saying that this man is obligated to strictly be a pastor and nothing else? let me ask you this: is your only ambition is to live on the north end of Bridgeport and do nothing to engage your community? So what if this man wants to run for office? He is barred from doing so? You sound crazy.

  27. Harvard Divinity School
    Harvard Divinity Bulletin
    “Recovering the Black Social Gospel”
    The figures, conflicts, and ideas that forged ‘the new abolition.’
    Gary Dorrien

    Most scholars have ignored the black social gospel that supported civil rights activism in all three of its historic phases, struggled for a place in the black churches, and provided the neo-abolitionist theology that the civil rights movement spoke and sang. Martin Luther King did not come from nowhere, nor did the embattled theology of social justice he espoused. There was a black tradition of the social gospel that supplied leaders and ballast to the heyday years of the civil rights movement and that provided much of the movement’s intellectual underpinning. This tradition built upon affirmations of human dignity and divine justice that most black churches proclaimed in a distinct way. And it remains a vital perspective.

    The white social gospel movement is renowned and heavily chronicled. It arose during the Progressive Era, and by the mid-1880s it had already yielded national organizations and a movement agenda linked with Progressivism. Its heyday from 1900 to 1917 was the greatest wave of social justice activism ever generated by the white mainline Protestant churches in this country.1 By the 1930s it was mostly a peace and ecumenical movement.

    Though the black social gospel grew out of the abolitionist tradition, it responded to new challenges in a new era of American history: the abandonment of Reconstruction, the evisceration of constitutional rights, an upsurge of racial lynching and Jim Crow abuse, struggles for mere survival in every part of the nation, and the excruciating question of what a new abolition would require. Like the white social gospel and Progressive movements, the early black social gospel responded to industrialization and economic injustice, and regarded the federal government as an indispensable guarantor of constitutional rights. It also wrestled with modern challenges to religious belief. But the black social gospel addressed these issues very differently from white Progressives, for racial oppression trumped everything in the African American context and refigured how other problems were experienced.

    White social gospel theologians took for granted their access to the general public, but black social gospel theologians could barely imagine what it felt like to address the general public. They had to create a counter-public sphere merely to have a public. White social gospel theologians sought to be stewards of a good society and usually preached a moral influence theory of the cross, otherwise playing down the cross of Jesus as problematic for modern Christianity. The black social gospel arose from churches where preaching about the cross was not optional, because black Americans experienced it every day as a persecuted, crucified people. Here, the belief in a divine ground of human selfhood powered struggles for black self-determination and campaigns of resistance to white oppression.

  28. It looks like Dr. Herron Gaston as become a synonym for the Testa/Ganim machine whether he knew it or not or whether he knew it going into(or not) this into this Faustian deal. Will Dr. Gaston speak out?

  29. You all are so shallow minded. Like, just because he was asked to serve on the Civil Service Commission he has to be in bed with Testa and Ganim? All of you know that talent is needed in Bridgeport, stop playing yourself. I am pretty sure that he willingly wanted to serve to make a difference in the city. Do you all not read: Ernie said he called him and told him that he had applied and to check into it, obviously because Ernie is in his district. That alone, should tell you that he must not know them to well. I looked at his profile and from what I can see about Dr. Gaston and from what the lawyers tell me is that he has always been civically involved in every city he lives in. Don, I have nothing to hide. I am just speaking up as a citizen because you all are beating up on the man and don’t even know him. How about you get to know him first????

    This damn judge has attacked the black church, which in large part is the instution that has helped her ascend to judge. The black church and black pastors should not be disrepected in this manner. Sounds to me that Judge Lopez is jealous of Dr. Gaston because he is getting shine for helping kids in the city. how about she go and meet with him instead of trying to flex.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, you must be new to Bridgeport because you don’t know the history and the political structure here, a relationship with the City and people will get you nothing unless Mayor Ganim and Mario Testa gives the ok and for the Civil Service Commission only Ganim and Testa give the ok. Judge Lopez was talking about pastors serving two masters, is it the word of God or is it Mayor Ganim, which one will Rev. Gaston serve. Again Stephanie Thompson why didn’t Rev. Gaston tell City Council member Ernie Newton to call his secretary so that Rev. Gaston could tell Ernie Newton why he didn’t like Ernie’s stop and frisk idea? No, Rev. Gaston had to write a editorial against Councilman Newtow, no phone call, no respect to Ernie Newton, no Rev. Gaston thought that it was more important to talk against Ernie Newton in public. Why did Rev. Gaston do that especially seeing that Ernie spoke up for Rev. Gaston you would think that Ernie should have gotten a phone call.

      1. Ron, if there is a political structure in place you must be part of it, as well as Lopez, being a judge, and Moore state senator. You always bashed Maria for not building bridges. Here comes a black man that has publicly stated he forged a relationship with the mayor of the city, Ganim. No real new news here. So why in your mind is this bridge no good and needs to be burnt? Why is Lopez joining your crusade of a simple appointment, Does Judge Lopez, who I can only assume have presided over violet criminal cases, some even youths, have an assessment on Ernie’s stop and frisk proposal? Ron do you know if Ernie talked to the Reverends and others in his community, the city at large about his proposal before he when in front of the cameras to address the death of a child, and who withdrew it a few days later? Has the death of this child slipped out of our memories already, as we troll for the next hot topic, be it between religion and state? I’m sure his mom hasn’t forgotten. I just hope there are actual grown ups in the room while the children play building blocks. Reverend, theologian, did you find out what color was Jesus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn5_TCIK9LY

      2. Ron,
        where you there?? You don’t know what you are talking about. Do you know what happened?? Do you know the pastor? You have so much mouth you have the right person to put you in your place. This is not about the pastor at this point this is about how negative you are as a person. Who is to say he never supported Ernie. He can disagree with him if he wants. Ernie went across town talking junk about the pastor and word got back to people on the east end. Guess what, it is what it is. I know about the city. born and bread. Let us stick with the issue. Ya’ll old black men who need to stay in retirement is jealous of this man and it shows. I hate black ass people who hate on other black people. That is what you are showing by attacking this man. Let this shit go.

  30. Lopez,
    what i wanna know is what is your motivation for this article? the real question is what you trying to prove? let us know your motivations. Judges shouldn’t be trying to be the mayor? why is your name being floated for mayor? my latina friend Jazmin knows you and people know what you are trying to do!!! Maryiland Monroe should run and to keep you in retirement because you behaving like this shows you are not fit to lead this city

    1. Stephanie Thompson, keep on talking because you are making things worse for Rev. Gaston you notice that Rev. Gaston hasn’t come back to OIB to say anything because he has been told not to say anything but you want to keep saying things that aren’t true and you keep making things look bad but it’s your right to be wrong so keep your on posting.

      1. I am a grown woman I say what I want to say. If Dr. Gaston want to say something he can. But if i was him i would decide to do something more constructive with my time than to argue with crazy folks. He is probably sitting back laughing at this judge. She clearly has an issue with pastors, I wonder if she ever ruled against a pastor in her court proceedings because she has something against politically engaged pastors, but yet she just made a politcal statement and is trying to put her bid in to be Mayor. Maybe judges should not make political statement to avoid being bias in the courts. Guess she skipped ethics class in law school.

    2. Stephanie Thompson, try reading what Judge Lopez wrote, it’s more about all pastors serving two masters, God or Mayor Ganim or any other political leader. Judge Lopez has done more to help the residents of Bridgeport more than you and Rev. Gaston put together for a much longer period of time especially seeing that Rev. Gaston has only been in Bridgeport for 3 years. Why don’t you do some background checking on Judge Lopez and what she has done in Bridgeport.

      1. Ron,
        You are a hater brownosing has never got our people anywhere. But not all our skin folk are our skin folk. Stop bringing up the mans name and lets focus now on us. Let us talk about what you have done. Perhaps she have done more than you. What have you done lately?

  31. I to try to leave on a more positive note.
    Stephanie, it’s not the attack on the man, per se. Ron being black as well as the reverend, shouldn’t be a point argument, especially in the political arena. I’m more concerned with the attack and use of God and religion to attack Mr. Gatson, based on the City’s political structure.

    Please refrain from using coarsen insinuation innuendos, like The Reverend, Testa, and Ganim in bed together. Frank might interpret it as a freaky threesome on the down low. BAM 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu5JdmsLWVk

  32. Ron,

    Your ignorance shows. As a black woman, I can tell you that you are miserable. The fact that you are about tearing down rather than building up speaks to your character. First of all, you are trying to give me a history lesson on Dr. King. I studied the civil rights movement and interned for the Honorable John Lewis in Atlanta when I was at Spelman. I know what I am talking about. How about you go back to school and get some more education. You are the typical sell out, which is why our community can’t advance.

  33. Robert,

    You talk like you have some sense. You seem very balanced in your responses. Some of these other people on here are just shit starters with no substance. As a black woman with black boys, I will not stand for these old black men to attack a man for speaking against stop and frisk. I am sorry. That is what is wrong with black folks, they can’t support a younger one coming up the ranks. Instead of you trying to reason with the reverend you out here joining this woman in beating him down. Like, he can be in politics if he wants. Leave it alone. Move on to something different. Next topic already!

  34. Just an observation. Is this the seat that was held by Guedes or a similar replacement???
    Maybe he thought he qualified because he was new to Bridgeport just like Guedes didn’t live here. As long as he did as was told he could come from another State.

    1. Opinions are like buttholes everybody has one. Bob where do you live? Some of ya’ll commenting don’t live in the city. If you wanna know where he lives do a public records request.

  35. Robert,
    “You talk like you have some sense. You seem very balanced in your responses.” REALLY? There are a lot of people on OIB that will beg to differ with that observation.

    Not one person on this forum Black or otherwise had a problem with the reverend speaking out against Stop and Frisk. Not one. In fact I was one of the first to take Brother Newton to task for his misguided suggestion. Oh by the way I’m one of those old Black men. There may be a lot of things wrong with Black men, but that certainly is one of them. As an old Black man (68) who have had to deal with negative stereotypes his whole life, I find them coming from a Black female repugnant.

    1. So what issue do they have with him then? If you spoke out why couldn’t he have spoken out? Your friend Ron had a problem with it he said the reverend should have called Ernie. Do he know if he did or not, do he know all sides of the story? I know the pastor don’t need to say anything in his defense, but I think he was actually right in calling the issues out and I think he is right in looking out for our kids. He is a good role model for young kids. Don’t think our kids dont look at this post and they are tired of black folks always beating down other black people who are actually trying to do something, who cares if the man has only been in the city for three years, at least he is trying to do something and is doing something. what other pastors do you see around here really doing stuff for our kids??? All i am saying is, you old men, i expect better. Go meet with the reverend who could clearly be ya’ll son. If you care that much. Instead of fighting the man.

  36. The lastest gallup polls suggests that americans have 28 percent trust in judges nationwide. At least pastors are at 37 percent. Therefore, who do folks trust the most, pastors or our judicial system. Do the math former judge.

  37. The lastest gallup polls suggests that americans have 28 percent trust in judges nationwide. At least pastors are at 37 percent. Therefore, who do folks trust the most, pastors or our judicial system. Do the math former judge.

    1. I am not Latino you idiot.
      I am Portuguese, therefore I am of European lineage.
      I don’t help people based on their race or ethnicity. I help people based on the cause.

      1. Maria find your spine you lethal idiot. Being of European lineage i guess makes you white. Stop lying. To help people based on a cause is to help certain communities advance a particular cause, so in actuality you do. Just some education for you. You can never stop learning, remember that.

        1. I doubt there are many people who would describe me as someone without a spine. I believe my actions easily contradict your baseless assertions.

          Your remaining comments are just baseless blabber.

          I also don’t lie. I am known for being truthful and forthright.

          Your initial foray into a public setting has been all over the place while disparaging many members of the Bridgrport community that you cannot hold a candle to. And by candle, I am referring to a basic birthday candle, not the quality of a Yankee Candle.

          Consider your little flame blown out.

  38. Stephanie, you say, ” Don’t think our kids dont look at this post and they are tired of black folks always beating down other black people.” Aren’t you doing just that when you berate Ron Mackey a Black man? Aren’t you doing a disservice to those young kids that you alluded to that read OIB when you foster negative stereotypes about Black men? There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  39. Most respectfully. I have a couple of questions. In the last couple of days,we have heard for the first time from Dr.Herron Gaston. He was most eloquent. Then we found out that he was on the BPT Civil Service Commision/Board(THANK YOU,DONALD DAY) and then Dr.Gaston disappeared and,in his defense,we have met for the first time Stephanie Thompson. It’s all interesting. I would still like to have that cup of of coffee with Dr.Herron Gaston. I just don’t know if he is any longer available for that cup of coffee.

  40. Donald Day,
    Who do you think you are talking to. Learn to respect black women. We have a voice too. I am an independent black woman I don’t bend to your wishes. Grow up. It is clear that you are in bed with Ron and everybody else on here talking crap. You all are terrible examples of a leader. How about you meet me for a cup of coffee cause I clap back. I never seen a group of men at this man like he is a piece of meat…. hmmm… honey attracts bees.

  41. I would say the Reverend is more of eye candy than a piece meat. Lets not forget Frank’s touchy, “in bed with Ron”, “cup of coffee”.. Ohhhh! I see touchy on the “down low” The Reverend’s “eloquent” I want to have a cup of coffee with him”. I see what you are cooking with this eye candy. Mixing it up making it spicy. 🙂 Frank everybody “innuendos” are on the down low. It’s just to what extent. Even Tom Cruise, 🙂 http://southpark.cc.com/clips/104274/what-scientologist-actually-believe#source=473fef35-48a7-434c-afc6-207874c7f1a3:f158d2f4-ed00-11e0-aca6-0026b9414f30&position=3&sort=playlist

  42. Stephanie Thompson, Frank made an excellent comment that sums up things right to the point. Welcome to OIB now tell me what do you know about Donald Day and Ronald Mackey and their involvement in Bridgeport?

  43. Stephanie: Think about the following —

    Martin Luther King Jr. – Pastor

    From 1954 until 1960, Martin Luther King Jr. was the pastor of the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, the only church where MLK pastored and the site where he began his Civil Rights activism.

    And also consider the fact that the Rev. Dr. King never sought or served in elective or appointed political office…

    Furthermore, The Rev. Dr. King, as history has recorded, was a man of action that put himself in the literal front lines of the battles that he chose to fight. He never kissed-up to politicians or curried political favor in the political arena as he waged his good war… He used air-tight argument and action, and sacrificed comfort and safety, in waging his real war… He wasn’t just a pulpit or armchair activist… And he died without having amassed significant wealth… Very hard to find very many examples in history of such fearless, selfless, effective political activism accomplished in the context of a religious basis of action… He waged a secular war, drawing from religious faith, training, and support, without becoming part of the political establishment or directly leveraging
    Church influence on his battles with the state — albeit, he did draw social capital from his church connections, turning that “water” into political “wine”… But he never leveraged his church position to garner wealth and position from his political in-roads and standing, like many of the armchair-pulpit preacher-politicians that generate notoriety and headlines by directly leveraging the Church for political standing, and who accomplish essentially nothing for society… We might even have some such minor players in these parts…

  44. Stephanie, what are you talking about when you say, “Learn to respect Black women.” I’ve done nothing to disrespect you or any other Black women with any of my post. I defy you to pull any passage from any of my posts that would suggest that I disrespected you or any woman.

    Until now. You are ignorant as hell and I would suggest that if respect is what you’re looking for that you convey the message to others because right now you’ve done absolutely nothing to engender respect from me or anyone else. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Gaston, but I’m sure that you are the last person on earth that he would trust to speak on his behalf. You my dear are a neanderthal who hides behind that strong Black woman tag who has lost any semblance of decency, which by the way doesn’t stop you from being a complete asshole. From this point forward I’ll do to you what I’ve done to ya boy Robert, see ya, we’re done, we have nothing further to ever discuss. Be gone.

  45. Jeff,
    You know nothing about Dr. King. The only people you white people like to cite is Dr. King. You all like the sanitized Dr. King. What about the radical Dr. King who before his death came closer to being like Malcolm X? You guys like to use Dr. King’s name like a puppet. I will tell you that you do not know anything about the black church nor do you know anything about the role of the black preacher. Do your damn homework. Black preachers have been standing up for their communities for years, even when other people were sitting down. Politics has always been a part of the black church. It make them less moral???
    and to Donald. You are one of the most ignorant people I know. Yeah you helped some people in the community get jobs or whatnot and you also are a whistle blower people don’t pay you any attention because you witness has been contaminated. After a while, people get tired of you complaining. You talk about what you used to do, what about now? Donald don’t throw a rock and then hide your hand. You talked about the pastor like he hasn’t done nothing for the community. Members of the council of churches know him and said he has done so much to help transform his community. Ya’ll black men need to stop ego tripping and sit down and talk instead of showing who got the biggest sack. BYE Donald, and when you I meet you, I am just as bold as you are be sure to say HELL-O.

  46. This is not an issue of racism, Stephanie. The topic is the separation of church and state. You ought to try looking at the world through a lens, not a prism.

  47. I have lived in Bridgeport my entire life that began in Father Panik Village. Over 40 years of my time here on earth was spent in public service; 20 years in an elected capacity and the rest wherever I was needed. Many years ago I had a precious friend, Carmen Lopez, and together we forged a relationship that was always dedicated to those in need. Carmen, the smart one, spent many years as a Judge on the Superior Court. Her focus was always children and young boys and girls. From her seat she strived to help them fix what may have been broken in their lives, she didn’t send them to jail. She continues to use her God-given gifts to help those in need, be it in a legal capacity or to prevent the City from taking the homes from the elderly and struggling owners. I could go on and on, but all know of Carmen’s humanitarian nature, I feel sad that you don’t. I don’t intend to join the conversation surrounding this post, more than enough has been said, but when I read the name of Carmen Lopez being disparaged or criticized in any way, the mean side will come out of me. (Yes, we all have one.) My friend knows her future plans and if and when she decides to share them we will all have a decision to make. Until then, she will continue to help, and support everyone, she sees no differences in people, only needs.

    1. Lisa, I’ve NEVER seen anything like Stephanie Thompson on OIB, this woman has attacked Judge Lopez, Ernie Newton, is has bought up the issue of age, sellout, blacks against Hispanics, race and more importantly she has put Rev. Gaston in a bad light situation. Don and myself have no problem with her attacking because we can handle ourselves. At no time have I said anything bad about Rev. Gaston instead I had a few questions concerning his appointment to the civil service commission because that’s a political decision by the mayor so I asked Rev. Gaston about his relationship to Mayor Ganim and Rev. Gaston that I should call his secretary to setup a appointment. The issue with me was not Rev. Gaston but it was with Mayor Ganim playing politics with someone who has only been in Bridgeport for 3 years. I found it strange that Rev. Gaston wouldn’t answer my question on OIB because he had already made it public in the newspaper in Florida. It’s obvious that Stephanie Thompson has little or no knowledge of Mayor Ganim, Bridgeport politics, Judge Lopez, the history of the civil service commission and in doing so she has bought attention that I’m sure that Rev. Gaston doesn’t want or need. Judge Lopez was concerned about serving two masters, the word of God as a pastor or serving Mayor Ganim and the politics of serving the city. I’m glad that Rev. Gaston wants to serve the public and that he would like to follow the lead of former President Obama but not as a pastor. The comments on this topic were not against Trb. Gaston, it was about the politics of Mayor Ganim.

  48. Stephanie, I am so much more than a brother who got some people hired and whatnot. To help you better understand my travels in life can I offer you this OIB article so that you can see first hand what I’ve done and to show you that I am anything but ignorant. I’ve done some thangs that continue to help Bridgeport’s residents in particular and Black’s specifically. Coffee anytime.


    1. Don,
      This is good that this is who you are and what you have done and that you continue to do this kind of stuff for our people. My point the entire time was to say that then of course this pastor has some good to him too. I am sure the judge has done some good. I don’t know her but as a black woman I feel compeled to speak up for the younger generation who is coming behind us who are trying. We should not discourage him in his work in bridgepoet. I know what my extended family say about him and how he has helped them and so many kids in this town. I am going to reach out to his secretary at the church and offer my support to him as a black woman who grew up here and who have two bi-racial boys and ask him to mentor them because the man is doing good work. So what if I need to reach him through his secretary? Ernie, do you have his number or email? Or better yet, pasotr if you out here watching this, do you mind publicly sharing your email i would like to be in otuch with you. Why didn’t the judge acknowledge what this black preacher is doing instead of lumping him with everybody else. I was hurt because I know how hard the black church has worked. I am a product of the church and good black preachers who was involved in politics. Jerry Streets was my former pastor and he ran for office recently in stratford. He is a good man. Just give this pastor the benefit of the doubt and we as blacks and browns people need to come together just stop with the madness and the name calling. PERIOD.

  49. Bridgeport Kid,

    Let me help you understand what the separation of church and state really mean:
    Separation Of Church And State Means That The Government Cannot Exercise Its Authority In Establishing A National Religion. In other words, the intent of the founding fathers were to protect the church from the state, and not the other way around. The church should be able to have a voice. And pastors or rabbis should be able to be bi-vocational without a judge offering critique of it as if she is not “advocacy” judge who is an elected or appointed official who at some point obviously served as a lawyer. Should she only be confined to being a Judge or lawyer? Don’t attack the damn black church and black pastors. Black people have worked to damn hard for social progress for all people, including the progress of Hispanic people. So, since she has done so much why then was she so quick to condem this pastor in particular when he is trying to do something. Why not call him up? She has access to public records and could easily get his number. No she wanted to attack a black man and cause division between the black and latino community. why not have a meeting? Come on. Ya’ll black and brown people need to do better and I don’t care who gets mad, right is right and wrong is wrong. The judge should be careful to put her bad mouth on men and women of God. People are watching. God is watching and I hope God get the last word!

  50. Maria,
    You are so crazy it ain’t even funny. So for you, let me help you. Anybody could contribute to perpetuating white supremacy. What supremacy is a system which you have benefited more from than me as a black woman. The black man and black woman have always been a part of the racial cast system of America, so instead of fighting us, join us because we are “all in it together” All i said was, don’t beat up on this pastor because he has done great things for the community too. Just like you don’t like to see your friend being critiqued, there are kids in this town who don’t like to see the man who helped them be berated by a judge in the streets and talked down too like a dog. when my extended family did not have food or a place to stay, this man paid for my cousin to live in a freaking hotel for 6 months out of his pocket and feed them weekly, and never asked for anything. I admire that about him. The other pastor in this town that does stuff like that is Anthony Bennett. I will come to the rescue of good black preachers because my black boys need these kind of role models. We need more decency in politics and I hold that judge to an even higher standard she should no better than to start division.

    1. Stephanie, I’m crazy alright. Crazy like a fox.
      You’re just plain batshit crazy.
      Reverend Gaston was not “attacked.”Just because you keeping saying he was “attacked” doesn’t make it true.

      You have made this about race. Only you. Judge Lopez never mentioned race.

  51. Ok. To the woman who came in defense of the judge. So if I take your argument on its face. I can understand that. But I want you to see how other people and how other black people who actually know him or have friends of friends who know him, might be feeling as to how she tried to slam him and throw him under the bus. Since the judge knows Ernie or other black preachers, she named Bennet, I am sure Bennett and other black preachers know Dr. Gaston, why didn’t she call him on the phone and say what she said. Clearly she could see that this black man is trying to help youth in the city and doing other things for people in this city, then why didn’t she do that. I would expect that of a judge instead she slammed the preacher. I don’t mind going on the news and talking about how it was wrong of her to do. It is sad not one time did she acknowlege the hard work that he is doing on his side of town, even Ernie acknowledged it and I respect him now more for that because Ernie can disagree and still give credit to where credit is do. All of ya’ll on here are smart people so why can’t we all work together instead of tearing each other a part we have white america to worry about always doing that.

  52. Those of you who have made comments on this topic need to stop right now because Stephanie Thompson does NOT know who Lisa Parziale is, there’s no way anyone can have a intelligence dialog with Stephanie Thompson because she has no knowledge of Bridgeport, it’s just like trying to talk to Robert.

        1. Bridgeport Kid judging by your handle, you might need to enter into adult conversations if you still refer to yourself as a kid. Did you not learn growing up to stay out of adult conversations? Well, if you didn’t, I don’t play with children. I teach them.

  53. I have a question. Who is Stephanie Thompson. I am just curious. On my part,i will start that I have been a life-long Bridgeporter and I have seen 57 years of Bridgeport History and,because I like History, I have tried to learn the History of Bridgeport. This is my introduction to Stephanie Thompson. I respect your fervor.

    1. Frank, NO WAY, Rev. Gaston will not respond, he has been told the same thing that was told to Steve, keep you to yourself or let someone else say it, Frank maybe Stephanie Thompson, no way. I’m sure that Rev. Gaston has all of these comments.

  54. I will be the Judge and the final say on this tread.

    A, Lisa Judge Lopez is a grown woman, she can defend and speak for herself, especially since she pens this discussion.

    B. Stephanie, the attacks on you here on OIB seem to me to be unbalance and bias be it race or gender. In your effort to defend the attacks on Reverend Eye Candy. 🙂
    And Stephanie you can’t change old men’s minds, specially here on OIB.

    C. Day and Ron what I have learned about you, here on OIB, I will not go as far as to say you are racist, bias, definitely. Ron more than Day. I will even place Bob in Ron’s bias category level.

    D. Day to say you never disrespected a black woman, yet than say “I never disrespected you or any woman. Until now. You are ignorant as hell and I would suggest that if respect is what you’re looking for that you convey the message to others because right now you’ve done absolutely nothing to engender respect from me or anyone else” and being the advocate for black women, women in general for the voiceless women. I can NOW say “Day you have to learn how to respect women.” 🙂

    D. Tom you are a straight up racist.

    E. The Bridgeport Kid, one world. LOSER 🙂

    F. Ernie, did you call the Reverend’s secretary to find out what color Jesus was, and what time he’s coming back. I think he’s running late, black people. 🙂 I know it’s was a racist stereotype. butt if is said black people all have big penises, Y’all be cool with that one thought. 🙂 Again, where you humans want to place it, God, was doing you a sold. 🙂 Which is the duel catalyst for woman suffrage. The latter for Black man suffrage, while China’s kicking ass. 🙂 and what happen to Rufus Rev. 😊 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tvnz9GyjY9Q

    G, Jeff, I don’t even know what planet your from. You smoking that K-weed? Beam me up
    Scott. 🙂

    H. Coach T. Put me in. I’m ready play.

    I. I saved the best for last. That is my sweet tooth talking. Maria you better make your move on Reverend, Eye Candy. You are not the only one who find the Reverend eloquent. Frank expressed the Reverend’s eloquence. Either way it’s gonna be mixing it up making it spicy. 😊

  55. Stephanie Thompson is a mother, an advocate for children, she graduated with a B.A. in Africana studies and a minor in US history. She holds a masters degree from the Fordham University and is currently a teacher. She frequently visits Galaxy Diner on Main Street, and she invites anyone who would like to meet her for tea. I was born and raised in Bridgeport and lived in Waterbury for 6 years before moving back to Bridgeport 8 years ago. Anything else for the good of the order?

  56. Robert,
    The reverend is good looking and have a lot going on for himself which is why these other guys are so jealous. I guess they are afraid of his Obama potential. Ron he might have better things to do with his life unlike you who is occupied with this site. Why don’t you be a man and call him since you want his attention so bad? Frank, I like that fact that you are blunt. I have joined the club. Anyways, Don I have gained respect for you but your friend Ron is a sick puppy.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, seeing that you are from Bridgeport and you have back here for the past 8 years then could you tell me some the problems that Mayor Ganim’s Civil Service Commission has had recently and over term as mayor since he first got elected?

  57. What I found is ironic about this discussion, regarding the separation of church and state with regards to, Reverend Eye Candy, 🙂 there was no call for Reverend Stallworth to step down for his state seat.

  58. Robert,

    I know you are right. Besides nobody asked Bishop Plumber to step down off the civil service. He was a bishop and on the board. Did the judge say anything about that? Yep, and Stallworth is a pasto What about other pastors who have served in the past. you are right call out their hypocrisy and ask the hypocrites to repent. Great point Robert.

    1. Stephanie Thompson, Judge Lopez NEVER said that Rev. Gaston step down off the civil service, so perhaps you could show me where she said that. Below is a portion of what Judge Lopez said:

      “It is past time for the pastoral leaders of the Bridgeport Faith Community to call attention to the issues which prevent this community from making progress. That goal will best be served by nurturing the spiritual health of parishioners and of the community as a whole. Primary among those issues is almost religious adherence to machine politics and its stifling impact on public participation and community empowerment. Religious leaders must call attention to the issues and not to their own credentials, and accomplishments.”

      “Those of us who acknowledge that we are “little sheep” in need of pastoral attention, are dismayed, when those entrusted with our nurturing, are more concerned with pursuing votes, rather than with spiritual enrichment.”

      1. Unfortunately, here in Bridgeport, our clergy of all races and creeds, have too often preached the Gospel of Partisan Political Proselytizing, rather than the Good News. Instead of promoting their Parishioners, (Rev. Anthony Bennett being a notable exception), the Clergy take the places of honor for themselves, including places on the Ballot.

        1. Her message is implying that Dr. Gaston does not preach and teach the good news. It implies that he is not feeding his flock. From what I hear he has whites, blacks, and latinos at his church. They must be being fed. Bennett and Gaston are the only two pastors in this city that I know that really help people. I have only visited the Cathedral of the Holy spirit once or twice and they were warm, but some of these other pastors dont ever speak out on anything. So let us not beat down the ones who do try to speak on behalf of our people, especially our kids.

      2. Judge Lopez did not call for him to do so, but I believe frank did. Do you not read. Did I say she called for him to resign. I said that she attacked him and tried to disrespect the black church and the black history. The black church and its pastors cannot be viewed in the same light as white minsiters. The black church has always been a social justice organization. Our pastors have always engaged in politics for the advancement of our people. Come on, you understand what is going on. You are 68 years old. You should no the history of the black church and black preacher. That is all i am saying. Just school the Judge on our culture. She was wrong for attacking the black preacher.

          1. Ron you and I know the issues with the board. Address issues, people serving until they die, and yes, racism too, and the issue with the testing requirments. One of my friends in the fire department who knows you said you are mad with them because the time test and agility test requirement. He told me you have a good heart but that you grip too much. Turn that grip into positive energy and keep working. You have been mad since. Like, I understand why you concerned but everybody is different. You have to give people a chance, you never know what will happen. I am just as tired of the politics in Bridgeport but one thing for sure, i will always support a person who is trying. Ron you are not the only person who know people in this city.

          2. Stephanie Thompson, I have nothing to gain no matter who gets hired to the Bridgeport Fire Department but there were others who worked hard to open the doors for people like myself and Donald Day and we owe those people. I find it troubling that for 11 years the City has not hired ONE female to be a firefighter now don’t you find that troubling? The Civil Service Commissioners, the City Council, the mayor, on one gives a damn about the moral and legal rights to hire women.

          1. She attacked Dr. Gaston. She named him specifically in the article and said: “Wesley did not seek the “places of honor at the feast . . . and salutations at the marketplace.” He did not call press conferences, curry favors with the political machine or brandish his resume for all to worship and admire.” She cleary does not know that Dr. King and others called regular press conferences at their churches to talk about the ills of soceity and issues affecting the Black community. She is way off when it comes to OUR history. She had no business doing that. That statment is false. As for Wesley, he argued against slavary and was involved in government too. I just think she is off base when it comes to the role of the black preacher. That is all I am saying. She simply needs to apologize to the pastor and make mends. She offended so many other black pastors too across the city. Trust me. Then Jeff wrote someting and tried to attack tthe IMA. The judge tried to rip him a part as if she know him. She probably has never met him or know anything about his work which is why it is easy to go on attack. What I am saying to you as a black man is that you should have called the judge since you know her and educated her on the black preacher.

          2. Stephanie Thompson, that’s not holing or running for a political office, Judge Lopez has been in rallies where discussion was being held in a black church about social issues. I’ve asked you three times about the problems with the Bridgeport Civil Service Commission and you have said nothing, Stephanie Thompson, is you did know then you would understand why there are so many questions and concerns about the appointment of someone just residing in Bridgeport for just 3 years, it could have been anyone. Mayor Ganim has been playing these political games with the appointments to different commissions, here a very recent article from the Post Nov. 1, 2018. Here’s the real problem that you know nothing about.

            BRIDGEPORT – A City Council committee wants developer Eleanor Guedes, longtime chairman of the Civil Service Commission, ousted from that position for violating the city’s residency rules. “I think she needs to be removed off the board,” Councilwoman Eneida Martinez, a co-chairman of the Ordinance Committee, told her fellow members this week. “We have enough probable cause.” That probable cause includes a copy of a voter registration card, signed by Guedes, which calls into question Guedes’ …


          3. Ron,

            We have to push that they do better. That is sad they have never had a woman firefighter. what a shame.

          4. Ms. Thompson, if that is her real name, is an agitator. Judge Lopez did nothing to impugn the Reverend Herron Gaston. Ms. Thompson, on the other hand has cast more than a few aspersions at others. I have to wonder what exactly it is she teaches to children. The running texts of her comments are rife with misspellings and grammatical errors.

  59. Robert: Thanks for sharing your unique perspective on this overly-heavy OIB segment (and otherwise)… You have an excellent sense of humor… You should do “stand-up” at that new comedy club downtown. (Maybe Stephanie could be your “straight woman”…) But seriously; you’re genuinely funny!

    But, it’s late, and I have to score some K-weed and head for Andromeda… Bam! I’m out of here!🙂

  60. Stephanie Thompson, we do women firefighters and they are good and they know what to do and they perform their duties but David Dunn, the head of Civil Service changed the agility test 11 years ago and NO woman has gotten hired since then. None of the women who are already firefighters on the Bridgeport Fire Dept had to take that agility test, in fact Hartford stop using that agility test called CPAT and New Haven doesn’t use CPAT.

  61. Yes, Ron, we have to address that for sure. I am with you on that. That is a way to keep certain people out. I hope Dr. Gaston will speak on that which I think he will. I heard that he will push back hard if it is something he disagrees with. I contacted his secretary at the church and set up a meeting with. I like him and thank we need to rally behind strong intelligent black voices.

    Look like Dr. Gaston responded to comments on here on another post. I haven’t read it yet.

  62. Jeff,

    Per your comment to Jeff. Maybe you can be his “straight cis-gendered man” How do you like that? Don’t mention my name unless you are writing me a check. Do you hear me?

  63. Once anyone responds to anything that Robert Teixeira post that topic is dead, he will reply 6 to 7 times straight and he’ll always go off topic and he’ll insult anybody who don’t agree with him.

  64. Stephanie, you stated that some unnamed firefighter told you that Ron Mackey Grips all the time and let me say that he not only grips, but bitch and moans about the unequal treatment of Black’s in the fire service. Until such time that Black firefighters are treated with the same respect that white firefighters take for granted then grips from Brother Mackey and I will be the rule of the day.

    My Sister, ask this unarmed firefighter what have they done to make the Bridgeport Fire Department inclusive. Did they just come to the table of righteous, eat from the plate of economic freedom and left without preparing a plate for those that came after.

    We let other people fight their own battles. We remain silent because silence is easier. When we say nothing, when we do nothing, we are consenting to these trespasses against us. Is this your unnamed firefighter?

  65. Donald,

    You are right. I am with you. we need to keep fighting for what is right. I am tired of so many of us who remain quiet. That is why i speak up for those who have the courage to speak out. All i am saying to is that we make Lopez repent for her sins for talking crap about Dr. Gaston. I talked to over 45 youth ages 17-28 who said they are willing to make her eat her words. I need to see if Dr. Gaston is up for a press conference. She was wrong and I keep saying she is wrong.

  66. Lighten-up, Steph! You’re getting yourself way too stressed for just an OIB blogging session… We’re all just neighbors with different points of view, trying to learn from and educate each other, engage on a community level, and otherwise provide an outlet for all of our civic concerns and frustrations… Robert is trying to provide some humor to keep things a little lighter and in perspective… Try laughing a little! It’s good for your blood pressure and general state of mind… It can even help the mental processes that are engaged in analytical and creative processes… Just try to remember that this is a community blog dealing with (mostly) topics on an academic level… This is not an accident or murder scene… There’s room — and need! — for humor… (Robert: say something to make Stephanie smile!)


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