Party Establishment Flips Finger Back At Pereira In State House War

Pereira hit piece 1

Sometimes a primary result can come down to one digit. Supporters of State House incumbent Charlie Stallworth hope that’s the case in his favor, in more ways than one. A political action committee based in the East End has dropped an independent expenditure attack against school board member Maria Pereira who’s battling Stallworth in Connecticut’s 126th State House District in Tuesday’s hotly contested Democratic primary. A flyer dropped at the doors of voters in the heavily African American Wilbur Cross precinct, the base support of Stallworth, features an image of Pereira sticking her middle finger, a photo that was originally published on OIB after a slate she led defeated all nine Democratic establishment candidates last March in a Town Committee primary.

Pereira hit piece 2

The outspoken Pereira, a relentless retail campaigner, has Stallworth supporters worried she will take him out on Tuesday. City political operatives opposed to Pereira had privately discussed a late hit piece on Pereira for weeks if they saw the race too close for comfort. Most of those operatives are the same ones who lambasted Bill Finch’s strident attacks against Joe Ganim’s criminal past in last September’s Democratic mayoral primary including the over-the-top mailer accusing Ganim of working for a white supremacist group. The attacks backfired against Finch, who lost black precincts in large numbers.

The flyer attacks Pereira’s personality, in particular “Pereira’s Record” citing “criminal mischief, violation of a protective order and reckless burning (arson).”

“I have never been convicted of these crimes nor have I ever plead guilty to these crimes,” says Pereira.

In 2005, a domestic dispute between Pereira and her then boyfriend was resolved with her pleading to three misdemeanor violations and her boyfriend four. The flyer also accuses her of being disruptive at school board meetings, using profanity against elected officials and community leaders.

The handout has one purpose, create doubt about Pereira as Democrats head to the polls on Tuesday.

The finger image of Pereira was cropped. The original image also featured two successful slate members, Angel Figueroa and Eric Stewart-Alicea, who serves as Pereira’s State House campaign treasurer, doing the same in a fun gesture against the political establishment on the night of the March primary. Figueroa had a falling-out with Pereira and says he’s now supporting Stallworth. An OIB photo also included the three posing with a thumbs-up.

Stallworth campaign
Charlie Stallworth hopes to be smiling primary night.

The East End PAC has historically been headed by District Leader Ralph Ford, a controversial political leader in his own right. In 2014 he was fired from his $120,000 state position as behavioral health clinical director with the Greater Bridgeport Community Mental Health for performing private practice duties on state time with state resources. Ford recently stepped down as chair of the PAC. His wife Kimberly Ford served as treasurer for more than a decade. The most recent filing on line with the State Elections Enforcement Commission lists Kimberly Ford as treasurer and East End Democratic Town Committee member Clem Young as chair. The flyer disclaimer, however lists Mami Mays as treasurer.

The East End PAC has leveraged funds in support of or against a number of candidates throughout the years. Stallworth, also a mayoral appointee in charge of the minority and small business office, is pastor of the East End church where Ganim issued his first public apology in January of 2015 following his 2003 conviction on public corruption charges. Ford supported Ganim over Finch last year. Stallworth’s State House district does not include the East End. It takes in portions of the North End and Upper East Side where Pereira has a base of support in the Hooker School precinct.

Ralph Ford
Ralph Ford at Ganim mayoral announcement 2015.

Last month Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis declared Ford had “perpetuated a fraud on the court,” and ordered state elections officials to place Ed Gomes’ name on the August 9 primary ballot ruling that “roadblocks” were set against the incumbent state senator when his candidacy was invalidated by the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State because he had not submitted a consent form within two weeks of the endorsement session that took place at Testo’s Restaurant. Ford, who chaired the endorsement session, supports party-endorsed candidate for State Senate Dennis Bradley.

Ford responded the judge got it wrong.

In addition to the Pereira-Stallworth primary, three other Dem primaries will take place Tuesday: Gomes and Bradley in the 23rd Senate District, State Senator Marilyn Moore against party-endorsed Tom McCarthy in the 22nd District and multiple-mayoral candidate Charlie Coviello against 124th State House District incumbent Andre Baker.



  1. Thanks for publishing this as per my request, Lennie.

    An important piece of information not mentioned is Dr. Ford is a longtime parishioner of Charlie Stallworth. Not only is it illegal for an independent expenditure to coordinate expenditures with a candidate committee; in CT is a violation to accuse any individual of a felony conviction that does not exist. In CT, you are also allowed to seek compensatory damages, which I intend to do.

    I will be going to the Town Clerk’s office next week to determine what properties Dr. Ralph Ford, Kimberly Ford, Clem Young, and Mami Mays have.

    I assure everyone on this blog this outrageous hit piece by Dr. Ford’s PAC will be addressed formally.

    In addition, it states “She wants be your next STATE REPRESENTATIVE.” Dr Ford, are you sure you are a doctor?
    Shouldn’t this read “She wants TO be your STATE REPRESENTATIVE?”

    We are going to see who has the last word, Dr. Ford.

  2. As the OIB expert of all finger-related matters, I knew that bird-flipping picture could come back to haunt Pereira. Any finger you use could be used against you in the court of public opinion. The very same people expressing concern over people using the middle finger had no problem supporting Joe Ganim. Maria Pereira should have toned down on personal, mean and unnecessary comments a long time ago. By the same token, Ford should have warned Stallworth about his attendance record as a State Legislator.

    1. Realistic response Joel, however Ralph Ford has been at this dubious approach for a long time. He and John Stafstrom attacked me the same way years ago when I was involved in a primary. I don’t want to bring up a situation that has since resolved itself between my opponent and me, but it doesn’t negate the fact he disparaged me, lied and in my case made accusations that had nothing to do with reality. Not of a criminal nature, but making claims that were beyond ridiculous. Again, Ford’s PAC was used. I chose to move on, although I had legal options; he just wasn’t worth it. I took the positive, high road knowing that eventually it would come back to him. It sure did, he was fired for what amounts to stealing from the State of CT. The irony of this diabolical man telling lies about others is he was fired because of the truth about him. I know Clem Young and Mami, they’re not mean-spirited individuals, just two more casualties of Ford, following blindly. I find it painful to think Charlie Stallworth would be aware of such dirty tactics, but then who knows! Ford’s counterpart, midget Mario, is at it in my district, Suburban Avenue to be exact. His bartender who is the subject of a controversial battle before zoning, owns property on Suburban Ave. Suddenly three of his renters, who never voted before, have submitted applications for ballots that arrived on Friday. If they mail them today, there’s no way those ballots will reach the Town Clerk’s office by Tuesday. I will be watching to see if Mario uses the resources of our police dept. to have them picked up. They’re both crooks trying to elect ineffective candidates (Bradley and McCarthy).

  3. “I have never been convicted of these crimes nor have I ever plead guilty to these crimes,” says Pereira. Have you ever been arrested for these crimes?

  4. I’m at a loss, everything they said about Maria I’ve heard a myriad of OIB posters saying the same things with exception of, “The flyer attacks Pereira’s personality, in particular “Pereira’s Record” citing “criminal mischief, violation of a protective order and reckless burning (arson).” If this is true then what was done wrong?

    Isn’t this the same thing that has been done in Bridgeport for years? One can only look at the 2016 Republican nominee and the outlandish and vitriolic things he has been saying about President Obama and every other politician.

    Your past is as much a part of your future as people want to expose or you are ashamed of what you did. I’ve learned in life you can’t change where you’ve been, but you sure as hell can change where you’re going.

  5. This photo what taken after she defeated all nine Democratic establishment candidates endorsed by the DTC in the Democratic Town Committee primary last year. From what I read on OIB, the DTC is the root cause of Bridgeport’s failures. So is she giving the bird to the “corrupt establishment” or the voters?

    1. The finger Eric, Angel and Eric gave was to Mayor Ganim, Mario Testa, Ralph Ford and Tom Coble. They all worked to defeat us and we took all nine seats. 🙂

  6. Donald, I would feel the same as I do now if this were done to any other candidate. In this case, Ford took an innocuous, unfortunate life situation that occurred over 15 years ago, and insinuated it fell into the level of criminal acts that resulted in dire consequences. We all know many people who acted in an emotional situation that resulted in police involvement. The act, circumstances and the timeframe in which it happened should all be taken into consideration. I’m not directing this exclusively at Maria because some would consider this a defense. I recently supported a felon who did seven years for his crime. I witnessed and heard the cruelest attacks against, they were true, but unnecessary to the degree they were taken. His was a major offense, and he took it as he deserved it. I don’t believe anyone I know, involved in politics, would take the path of Ralph Ford. His recent indiscretion would have amounted to a felony if the powers that be didn’t have mercy on him. We’ve all lived long enough to know very little in life is black or white. We all know someone who made a bad decision they regretted later. Call me a bleeding heart, but I’d rather err on the side of understanding than stand in judgement of anyone. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t criticize when I feel it’s necessary, I just know I always forgive. Even if it’s Ralph Ford, little Mario or John Stafstrom. Please don’t confuse forgiving with forgetting.

  7. Well a few thoughts come to mind. Like Joel G, did anyone really believe we wouldn’t see that picture again? Even Maria has to admit it is an excellent piece. I am certain she would have done the same thing given the opportunity. I have this visual of election day. Marilyn Moore and Maria Pereira standing in front of Park City Magnet, while Stallworth supporters are passing this piece out. Yikes!!! With two days left, I say brilliant. BTW it was nice running into some old friends today by Trumbull Gardens. Had my dose of local political sparring and heading to PT Barnum Apts. Tuesday should be interesting. I of course wish everyone well. As always. Best of luck to Tom McCarthy.

    1. Steve, you post as if you are a regular in Trumbull Gardens? One of the first areas I canvassed was Trumbull Gardens. I have canvassed extensively in Thomas Hooker School and Park City Magnet. I walked a bit in Read School.

      Steve, I would never participate in or condone such a slanderous piece of literature. It is a very poor piece of literature that is poorly constructed with several obvious grammatical errors.

      There is plenty that can be written about Stallworth regarding his indiscretions in Hartford with staff. My mailer focused on his public record as a State Representative, which is factual, not opinion or conjecture.

      We are going to find out on August 9th how much influence the Fonsecas, Anthony and Nessah have in Thomas Hooker.

      In 2014, only 1100 voters cast their votes at the schools in the 126th District. I was very careful about what was entered in my database as a 1 or 2. Let’s just say I feel good as of right now.

      Steve, every single person you have supported on this blog in the last couple years has lost, therefore I for one am encouraged you are indicating Stallworth will win. 🙂

      1. MARIA, I WAS ACTUALLY ANTICIPATING A WIN FOR YOU BUT ALAS YOU ARE CORRECT. I am often wrong on this blog. Much like your constituents you begged to vote for Ganim, Nessah and Anthony. One might say you are not too credible yourself for endorsements. People do not forget. You cannot burn bridges over and over again. I do have to admit I do not care about your past and did enjoy our coffee breaks until you alienated the ’50s diner. Does your daughter know you do not go there? She does. I predict you are going to win the election so therefore I might be attending Stallworth’s victory party. I do have to admit, I am shocked it took someone so long to give you a dose of your own medicine. Seriously, the way you go after people I am shocked someone took this long and now I do know for a fact Maria, Charlie beat you to it. You definitely would have come out with a piece like this. I think Dennis Bradley, Anthony Paoletta , Nessah, Andre Baker, Joe Ganim, John Ricci, Dolly Fonseca, Mary-Jane Foster, Jessica Martinez, etc. etc. etc. have been rather respectful of you in not attacking. I give them credit. Maybe they just don’t read this blog. You need to expand your friends circle and learn the difference between politics and friendship. Though I do admire your tenacity and obsessive compulsive behavior when it comes to campaigning, I do not admire your ruthless assaults on the very people you promote. I do not share your politics on most issues and therefore I do not think you would be an asset in Hartford. You have a narrow passion for education of the worst school system in the area. I fail to see how any students have benefited from your input. You really are a vindictive individual and I have to admit, you totally deserved the piece that came out today.

        Now that being said, I would never unfriend you on Facebook. That’s okay because you unfriended me because “your Constituents” didn’t like my comment supporting Fran Rabinowitz. That’s okay. As far as Trumbull Gardens goes, they do not know who Maria Pereira is, but perhaps tomorrow they will. As always, I wish everyone the best of luck. I can’t say you don’t have an amazing war room and I am certain you will be personally calling all your 1’s and 2’s from the front of the school. You will most likely be freaking out some of “your constituents,” but power to you being a one-person army. Thomas Hooker is not Bridgeport, it is a small piece. So since I expect you to win, I should be going to Stallworth’s victory party but I am focused on Thomas McCarthy that I am hopeful for victory. It is only an election, as usual I enjoy so many people from the different campaigns. It is an acquired social skill. One you may want to develop. 🙂 I will inquire about the menus of various victory gatherings and will attend the one with the best food. 🙂

  8. According to the Connecticut Business and Industry Association on eight key votes, those that because of their potential impact–-positive or negative–-on Connecticut’s economic competitiveness and business climate, Mr. Stallworth either missed or abstained on just one vote. I could find nothing online that would allude to the fact he didn’t vote on 240 bills in the house. Nor could I find where he missed 63% of committee meetings. Not saying Maria is lying, just saying I couldn’t find that which she says is truth.

    Is what was done any different than what Maria said about Rev. Stallworth’s voting record when the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of what she says? Politics is a dirty business and if one is going to play in the mud then one should expect to get dirty. Like I said before, everyone’s past is still a part of their future, you can accept and own your past or you can try to hide or not take ownership of your past, but everything in your past shapes the person you are today. Quit blaming others for exposing your truths and take ownership by saying yes that was me then, but that’s no longer the person I am.

    1. You’re right about politics being a dirty business. It’s not always taken down to this level, but under the best of circumstances one had better have a thick skin, no skeletons in their closet, and avoid breaking laws created to oversee politics. Unfortunately for those who sincerely want to serve, make a difference to the degree they can, and don’t expect remuneration, they’re still not protected from the “dirty politics.”

  9. I almost never post on this site, as I have enough to worry about in Trumbull. Do you really think a picture like this will discourage someone from voting for someone? It would make me more likely to vote for someone because it would seem to me if this is all her opponents have to talk about and they have to resort to this, they must be pretty desperate. Just one person’s opinion. I do not know either candidate. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Charlie Stallworth always has a big smile! This picture is not too flattering. Maria has a beautiful smile. This picture makes her look like an ax murderer. I was not aware of the scope of Maria’s past, nor do I care. I think she is a fine candidate but unfortunately I think her agenda is rather confined to educational issues. I am not impressed with the BOE and neither are many people. I agreed with Mayor Finch and Mary-Jane Foster agreed with Maria. I am not sure who Ganim sided with in this issue. Bottom line, I know Maria is very strong in her neighborhood. I know her once-prized Democratic town committee members supporting Stallworth are popular and determined. I know Maria is running a strong campaign, but I have not seen her once in the Trumbull Gardens area. That could pose a problem for her on Tuesday and hand the Victory over to Charlie. That is the beauty of hanging out in every corner of the city and being welcomed. You get a real pulse as to what is happening and always meeting new people.

      Btw–There was a great party today I was invited to at PT Apts. It was a PT REUNION. What an amazing turnout and the food was just amazing. Seriously, it was a very nice time. The Mayor was there with his entourage, and it’s always nice to see them! I am 202lbs and it is because it’s all about the food. Yikes! Tuesday is going to be exciting here in Bridgeport, but I am also following a few states very closely.

      1. I haven’t see this much carnage since the 1958 snowball fight between Bassick Ave vs. Butler Ave on the West Side of Bridgeport.
        I had the displeasure that year of organizing the Butler Ave annual snowball fight with Bassick Ave. I started working on three snow forts, one on the corner of Fairfield Ave and Butler, another on State St and Butler, the third was located behind the synagogue on Butler Ave. For days we were making some of the best snowballs man has ever seen, we had hundreds of frozen snowballs pile to the roof tops of our three forts, waiting for Saturday’s big battle.

        The snow was falling for a week straight, with no signs of a letup. The snow was over the roof of my mother’s Studebaker, every day I would run home from St. Peter’s school to make sure none of those kids from Bassick Ave would fluck with the Butler Ave arsenal of frozen snowballs. By Saturday morning we were ready.

        Becky Kiss lived on Bassick Ave, she was about six inches taller than our tallest guy. Becky took no prisoners, she had an arm like Bob Turley. If you got in her cross hairs she would hit you with a frozen snowball she kept in her basement icebox from last year. She didn’t fluck around, she was always shooting for your head and if she got you on the ground, Becky and her cohorts would make you eat yellow snow. I was very happy not to have Becky at St. Peter’s school with me.

        Maria reminds me of Becky, one tough broad!

        Rev. Stallworth should count his blessing that it’s very hard to find yellow snow in August; then again, let’s see what Maria brings on Tuesday.

  10. Under the CT Public Finance laws both Charlie Stallworth and myself are allowed to spend a total of $33,150 in the Primary.

    Since July 13th, Charters Care has spent $11,125 as of Thursday, August 4th on behalf of Stallworth and in opposition of me. They still have five days of filings left. My guess is they will break $20,000.

    Since July 18th, Change Course CT IEC has spent $17,276 as of Friday, July 5th with four days of filings left. My guess is they will break $25,000.

    As of today’s filings, these charter school organizations have spent $28,401 combined. This means Stallworth is going to outspend me over two to one.

    This does not include the expenditure by the East End PAC. I had a canvasser finishing up some streets right around my headquarters today. She said every door on Pennsylvania and Nob Hill Circle were papered with this hit piece including door after door that had no registered Democrats.

    I asked her if anyone brought it up. She said only one young lady who said it was slid under her apartment door. I registered her to vote and she stopped into my headquarters today. She asked us to give her a ride to the polls and thought the literature was so “dumb.”

    All I can say is I had six of us phone banking in HQ today, and I felt it was a good day. 🙂

  11. I find lying under oath rather vulgar as well. Getting called out publicly by the judge for lying under oath is pretty offensive, too. Ford has the audacity to point fingers? The sheer volume of hypocrisy in this city boggles the mind. This cat has way worse credibility than Pereira, East END PAC. How’s that for finger pointing?

    Oh, it’s all okay. Ford said the judge got it wrong. As long as he made that statement, it has to be true. (Note to voters, see the aforementioned “lying under oath” issue.)

  12. According to the conservatives on the Supreme Court, PACs can spend what they want in support of their candidates. Now if that bites you in the ass I would suggest you find one that supports your drivel. How many times has Ron Mackey, Andy Fardy and a myriad others on OIB told you your pugnacious attitude and bellicose and argumentative demeanor would hurt you in the field of politics? No one thought that picture of you giving the finger was cute or it wouldn’t come back to bite you in the ass. Well here we are!

    Have you learned anything from this political debacle? Hell no because you couldn’t wait to give it to me by calling me Huggy Bear. Quit whining now about how much is being spent to keep your ass on the BBOE because you don’t deserve to be in the State Legislature and more importantly Bridgeport doesn’t deserve to have you in the State Legislature. Eric, where do I start to find the article of Maria being arrested for the beef with her boyfriend? Where do I start to look to find her being arrested for criminal mischief, violation of a protective order and reckless burning (arson)? Eric, where do I start to look to find out about her argumentative, disrespectful and vulgar attitude? Hate the message, but not the messenger.

    1. All those charges are associated with a Maria Pereira from Fairfield. It pains me to see when a brother starts spewing info without knowing what they are talking about. Here you are pontificating and bloviating without realizing the name Maria Pereira is as common in the Portuguese culture, as Ron Jones is in the African American community. I encourage you to continue to make an ass of yourself, it’s quite entertaining. Be Well.

      1. Eric–you are right, that is a very popular name and there is another Maria from Fairfield who has a similar situation and those were in the paper. You are wrong though, this MP had her own situation awhile back. Lennie has it right in his commentary. Sorry.

        1. Lifelong, are you saying Eric was talking out of his ass when he accused me of being a brother spewing info without knowing what he’s talking about? Doesn’t surprise me because his being associated with that other liar Maria sends the message, association, assimilation.

          Eric, I wouldn’t believe you if your tongue came notarized or ya girl Maria.

      2. Thank you Eric, have you gotten over that lost election to the board of the BBOE against seven other candidates on November 5, 2013? It appears as if I’m bloviating and pontificating again, huh Eric? Maria Pereira, Argumentative, Disrespectful and Vulgar, my bad, there’s me bloviating and pontificating again. Brother knows about that, doesn’t he?

        1. Bro, I have been over that election. I was dealing with a death in my family, and the election took a back seat. Do tell, whom have you supported who has been successful in recent elections? I’ll wait.

  13. The first place you might look is in the records room of the suburb in which you reside.

    I have never met you in my entire life. I recommend you stop “whining” about what is happening in Bridgeport.

    In some ways you are like these charter School billionaires and millionaires from Greenwich and Westport. You do not live in Bridgeport, however you have so much to say about those of us who do.

    You do not reside in the 126th District, therefore don’t worry about who represents this district.

      1. You’re lazy. We did the work to prove Stallworth’s attendance record was garbage; that he had a penchant for taking Fridays and Mondays off. It’s also public record to see he missed the vote on bonding for Steelpointe, and he has yet to shepherd a bill into law. Now if one of Maria’s soon to be constituents wants the info we gathered, I for one would be happy to go over it with them. That’s one of Bridgeport’s biggest problems, outsiders!

          1. Just to pontificate a little, I consider Maria an outsider. What has she invested in this neighborhood? Does she own a home here? NO she does not, so she can pick up and go anytime.

        1. Eric, you are a real ass. Maria running for a state position and she makes a charge but has no supporting facts to backup what she said. Now you want somebody to look it up, you are a real ass. But Eric, I hope Maria doesn’t come up with any facts because that will assure her loss.

          1. I could say you are what you eat, but I respect my elders and wouldn’t call you a pussy. Again, we did the work, and have it on file. You’re asking for it, however why would we acquiesce to your request? Stallworth knows his record is crap. Stallworth even admits in the CT Post article “I can do better as all of us can do better,” when asked about his attendance. Keep in mind his attendance record was before he took over his city job. You big mad or little mad your well-dressed friend may lose on Tuesday?

        2. Eric, where are all those supporters who supported her in her first election for the BOE? I know you don’t want to talk about that because they are nowhere to be found. Then there’s you, stuck to her ass because you can’t be your own man but that’s what happens when you think you’re young but dumb.

    1. You’re right Maria, I don’t live there anymore, but I did invest in making the lives of blacks, women and Latinos better for Bridgeport residents while living there and after I moved to the suburbs. Though I’ve never met you I am as sure as hell you have inquired about who I am from numerous people and they all said the same thing about me, no doubt.

      I’ve never met Donald Trump, but I know he’s a bigot just as I know you are a confrontational, bellicose blowhard who can’t get out of the way of her own mouth. I know enough about the 126th, about Bridgeport and about your loud mouth to know the 126th and Bridgeport deserve better than you. You are what those flyers say you are.

      1. Donald, I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Steven Auerbach, Don, how dare you attack Maria Pereira by telling the truth?

        Don, look we all know Maria is a confrontational, bellicose blowhard who can’t get out of the way of her own mouth but have you noticed not one person who supported Maria the first time she ran for the BOE and she got elected they are nowhere around to back her up, in fact there is no one out there willing to say they are supporting her.

  14. Who is the Treasurer? Mami Mays or Kimberly Ford?

    Is this a Legal Independent Expenditure? I thought they had to be done INDEPENDENT of the Candidate Committee’s knowledge. On August 2nd this PAC apparently had a Fundraiser for Stallworth.

    This flyer dropped a couple days later.

    Join us for a
    AUGUST 2, 2016 at 5 P.M.
    99 LAKESIDE DRIVE, Bpt., CT 06606

    DONATION: $50.00
    All OF PASTOR STALLWORTH’S friends are welcome!

    Paid for by the East End PAC: Kimberly Ford, Treasurer

      1. Okay. One more time. An independent expenditure for a campaign a PAC is supporting needs to be done INDEPENDENT of knowledge by the campaign committee. Not done here. First violation.

        The improper reporting of a treasurer is ANOTHER violation.

    1. Thanks, Zena Lu. We already know about this fundraiser, which was hosted less than 200 feet from Stallworth’s home by one of his parishioners.

      The flyer for this event held on August 2, 2016 lists Ralph Ford’s wife as the treasurer, yet just three days later this hit piece lists Mami Mays as treasurer.

      Today, they dropped this flyer on the exact same streets around my headquarters. I phone banked my neighborhood for 8 hours today and everyone said it was stupid. One woman said two women drove down my street and got out to put the flier on doors and cars. One voter told them to get off his property.

      I am actually having my pollstanders utilize it at the polls to show voters what Stallworth’s supporters think is appropriate conduct. I am going to use it over and over again on election day. 🙂

      1. Let’s see. Vote for the guy who embarrasses us by not showing up or the gal who embarrasses us by showing up and actually speaking? I vote for the guy who doesn’t show up.


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