Pet Poop, ‘Wild And Exotic Animal Acts’ And Commissioner Roach On Council Agenda

The City Council is back in action Tuesday night, following its summer-session hiatus, to consider a number of items including the reappointment of Danny Roach to the Board of Police Commissioners. Some council members have questioned the independence of Roach on the civilian review board when he works at the pleasure of the mayor. Roach, Democratic district leader in Black Rock, has been a commissioner for two decades. He was named chief of staff shortly after Joe Ganim’s return to the mayoralty in December 2015, but was reassigned to the Department of Public Facilities a year later in a realignment of some key positions in Ganim’s administration.

The Historic District Commission is also scheduled to meet Tuesday 6 p.m. in Wheeler Room B of City Hall. The commission has come under scrutiny by retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez for dubious enforcement action that has also caught the attention of a state official.

The following resolutions will be referred to council committees Tuesday night:

Resolution presented by Council Member(s) Smith and Newton re: Proposed request that proper signage be installed in the area of Evers Street at its intersection with Regency Street, Priscilla Street and Sturtevant Place warning pet owners to properly clean-up pet waste or face a $150.00 fine under Ordinance Section 6.04.040, referred to Board of Police Commissioners.

Resolution presented by Council Member(s) Langan, Brown, Taylor-Moye, Herron, Spain, Lyons, Martinez & Jackson re: Proposed Amendment to the Municipal Code of Ordinances, Title 6 – Animals, amend to add new Chapter 6.08 – Wild and Exotic Animal Acts, Rides, Performances and Traveling Exhibitions Prohibited, referred to Ordinance Committee.

Full council agenda here.



  1. It is nice to see our council person Smith thinks that the biggest problem we have in the 138th is dogs taking a dump while they are being walked. I have lived in this neighborhood longer than anyone else up here and I can tell you that this is pure bull shit. There are a few people that walk their dogs and those that I see for the most part carry bags to clean up after their dogs.
    We do NOT need more signs up here we are already covered with signs we even have stop signs equipped with solar power.
    I suggest Council person smith spend her time looking at the lack of police coverage up here. Keep the signs somewhere else

  2. The council should not pass Roach as a police commissioner. He is an appointed member of Ganim’s cabinet and this alone should disqualify him. There are many other reasons but I am tired about writing about a bum.

    1. He’s Black Rock’s (130th) DTC District leader for LIFE!

      Does he have to be Police Commissioner for FLUCKING LIFE too!

      The people of Bridgeport need a Police Commissioner that will speak up for all of us. Every-time we have a serious issue with the PD, Commissioner Roach goes into his Harpo Marx routine, refraining from speech or temporarily speechless.
      Nice Guy, but who does he work for?

  3. Sticker Shock Saga (continues):Sticker “Shock”??

    Perhaps you remember reading about East End resident and taxpayer Linda Lee? On June 5 a STICKER was placed on her operating, registered, plated, insured and full tax paid Ford Econoline Van by a local towing company. On June 6 the van was towed to a lot where a fee of $250 plus $25 per day thereafter would be due. (Within the next 30 days Ms Lee appeared at two City Council meetings where she was told by the Police Chief A J Perez at one that he would take care of it the next day.) Nothing happened even with numerous calls to the Chief’s office.

    Word from the Police Department is that the vehicle was “junked” or “crushed” but Lee reports that she has received no letter, or other paperwork, from the City or MVD that might explain anything relative to this “nonconsensual tow”.

    Last Friday Ms. Lee presented a Letter to City Clerk office that will get a response from the City Attorney Office regarding a financial claim for her vehicle. She has also asked for a set of the operating instructions that City authorized garages operate under that meet State requirements. After all, if the fault was due to the towing garage, why should City taxpayers make good for her loss?
    * * *
    Primaries are over in the City. There is a fall election statewide that is critical. Locally it is interesting to note the volume and velocity of comment around the State Senate 22d incumbent Marilyn Moore representing western Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe. She was unopposed in her primary after two terms in Hartford, but will run against a Republican candidate from Trumbull who happens to teach at Bassick High School. With only one OIB article dealing with gambling process, products, and profits presented to the public I do not yet have a reason to seriously consider Richard Deecken. For someone working within our BOE, I might have expected him to have a thoughtful piece on school funding injustice or another way, perhaps regionalization that might use current dollars already spent to produce larger effect?

    Yesterday, a friend saw a former Bridgeport City Council member, former Ganim2 Financial Campaign treasurer, and current DTC member with his cell phone on which was a STICKER, promoting Richard Deecken, the Republican candidate. On an August 23, 2018 OIB thread carrying a story on Deecken, incumbent supporter par excellence, Steve Auerbach posted the 27th entry and by the time the thread hit 98, Steve had nine entries, including info on a red sweat shirt that Steve is willing to part with.

    Such is Steve’s sophisticated understanding of our governance structure and the role that the PT Barnum annual alumni event plays in local politics but not necessarily in serving all of the people who live there, unfortunately. Steve is at work once again, but where are the positive comments about Joe during the past couple weeks, rather than about potential primary opposition next year? And if there is a Ganim2 supported move to create Democrats for Deecken in 2018, where do you shovel past and future protests about ‘party loyalty’? So, Anthony, maybe you will remove the STICKER, rather than hide the phone? Time will tell.

    1. OIB asked Anthony Paoletto for a response. Here’s what he shared:
      “First, let me start by saying that the support I give any political candidate, big or small, is the support of me and myself alone. There is no indication whatsoever that Mayor Ganim, Mario Testa, and the DTC is supporting a Republican, because they are not! I, however, am proud to say that I am supporting Rich Deecken for state senate. I firmly believe in the Democratic Party and democratic values, but I believe in supporting the right candidate for the job and that is Rich. There is no question that Rich will be the best senator for the 22nd and for Bridgeport since Musto was in office. You don’t have to worry about Rich looking out for himself or his “non-profit.” A Bridgeport teacher who will understand what Bridgeport needs. If (City Councilman) Pete Spain doesn’t like the sticker on my phone, then he could have asked me about it instead of being a coward. So to the town crier I say this, I will not remove the sticker and I don’t hide my phone!”

      1. I will speak for the town criers. We are not sadden by your particular choice of candidate, even though it cross your political affiliation. You have that right in America, without being shunned in the town square of OIB for it. What saddens us is who puts a campaign sticker on phone. 🙂

      2. Why is this sticker important?

        Anthony Paoletto cannot vote for Deecken, he will not knock on doors for him, his “support” is simply rehtoric, etc.

        I was in the hospital for 5 consecutive weeks last summer. I did not knock on a single door or ger a single AB for his challengers.

        He was so sure he was going to be reelected to the City Council because I was in the hospital that he was just pure lazy.

        He lost his reelection bid to Karen Jackson and I can’t even take credit for it.

      3. That was a bullshit reply as can be expected from one of Ganims Piss boys plus he has to act this way so his old man can keep his 3rd city job.
        Mario tried this trick when he endorsed Musto he thought Musto would be a 1 termer and then McCarthy would walk right in.
        He is trying the same thing now in a brazen act to get rid of Marilyn Moore. He figures he can live with a republican for 2 more years and then run a democrat and win. Who knows maybe that democrat will be paoletta.

    2. JML you have become quite pathetic , but perfect for the anti Ganim rhetoric on this blog.

      As for my comments about Deechken, they are my bisiness get the fuck over it. I will say that I offered my Red Sweatshirt to Frank Gyure. He wanted it. He lied when he stated he gave me his information on my facebook page and now I will use it for polishing furniture before I toss it. John Marshal Lee, I am not interested in any candidate you support or have supported. My candidate choices remain my own. And clearly, There are many members on the Town Committee that are free thinkers.

      I joined the Town Committee to make my neighborhood better and be part of the process after 30 years of sitting on the sidelines. Your critique of a hard working pro Bridgeport educated individual is perplexing to me. I am certain you have your fan club as I have mine. One of us is constantly putting Bridgeport in a positive light while the other is a boring , negative drone. You are laughable to me. In a city with 150,000 I love that I am singled out as though I have been the recipient of political handouts my entire career.

      As for Anthony Paoletta, Good for him, I thought I was the only Democrat that listens and acknowledges talent and not s sychophant that follows the masses.

      Deechen may be a fine candidate and Moore should not be easily dismissed. But, alas, since her fan club is anti Ganim and anti Bridgeport, It doesn’t bode well for her.

      Anthony, do not remove the sticker or hide the phone. To thine own self be true. Besides, What has Marilyn Moore don for you that you should not give Deechken a listen..I want to know what Deeckens plans are for Bridgeport. Would he support the Mayor’s agenda? Does he support a Casino? Affordable housing in Trumbull and Monroe? What makes him better than Marilyn Moore? If he does not have the answers than Moore deserves yet another term.

      1. John Marshall Lee, there is absolutely NOTHING that a member of the Bridgeport DTC can do ANYTHING to make their neighborhood better, they are just one of mine in their district and they have NO power to do anything but they better do whatever Mario Testa tells them to do and they better not say anything against Joe Ganim and Mario.

          1. It’s called PM. Facebook Personal Message. It can be accessed through one of the icons on the top of the Facebook page or through Facebook Messenger app. I’m not going to post my address on your regular posting area.

        1. I am a staunch Democrat. If I were you I’d be embarrassed supporting Bob Keeley over Jeanette Herron. Bob Walsh, pay attention to Branford
          You moved there for a reason. Nobody in Bridgeport gives a crap about who you support and I do not recall asking your opinion on who I support. I just don’t understand how ignorant you, Mackey and JML are with your false assumptions that Mario or Ganim is supporting the candidate that I support. You guys are no different than Trump spreading Fake News. Show some respect for other people’s opinions. It is mind boggling reading your crap. You live in Lilly white Branford. You left Bridgeport and your voice rings hollow here.

      2. @Steve

        Deecken cannot discuss affordable housing for Trumbull, as he is a sitting member of the Trumbull Planning and Zoning Commission and to give public views and/or plans would be a major violation of the rules and ethics.

        Since he votes on what comes before the commission including affordable housing, he is muzzled.

        As for affordable housing in Monroe, please realize that Monroe has no sanitary sewers, so it is a non-starter. Before the Jewish Home for the Elderly built their new facility on Park Ave, they wanted to move to RT 25 in Monroe near Victorinox, but the lack of sewers made the move impossible.

  4. ***There is a problem of dog poop in Beardsley Park & surrounding boarder sidewalks however if the ordinance is not enforced its a waste of time. Also its time for a change on the police commission,someone who is not as involved in politics as D.Roach. Wasn’t the job change for Roach due to an affair which was allegedly going on in the office??? ***WHAT SAY YOU***

  5. If there is indeed a Ganim2 supported move to create Democrats for Deecken in 2018 as JML alludes to in his post then Black’s in Bridgeport should be outraged and appalled. It was a Black church that allowed him to have his back to Jesus moment that fueled his return. It was the Black residents of Bridgeport that came out in numbers to support him and his pseudo second chance rhetoric.

    Now when there is a Black female who is also a Democrat running for the Senate you feel the need to turn your back on this Democratic, Black woman because she refuses to kiss the ass of you and the DTC and support a Republican white man. I’m going to put the race aspect to the side although in this America race is always an issue. How can Mayor Ganim cut party lines to support a Republican and try to do this behind the cloak of darkness. Black folks I’ve been trying to tell you that this Mayor Ganim, this second JG2 doesn’t have your best interest at heart and never has. To those Black city political leaders and Black DTC members, you, like me, should be outraged and appalled by this characterization of party loyalty and loyalty to his base. As terrible 45 has been since his election, as much turmoil as 45 has caused since his election, as bad as he has treated much of America he’s stayed loyal to his base. Mayor Ganim, hear that? Black people, hear that?

    1. Don, of course this is true, “Ganim2 supported move to create Democrats for Deecken in 2018,” you won’t hear or see Joe Ganim, Mario Testa and the 10 DTC district leaders dispute this move. As Blacks we should be concern on every level, city, state and federal government about those who don’t support our concerns and issues and those who fight us like 45, we don’t have the time to sit back and wait.

    2. Don here is what I wrote earlier, I was there when this happened so they are going to get rid of Moore or at least try to.
      Mario tried this trick when he endorsed Musto he thought Musto would be a 1 termer and then McCarthy would walk right in.
      He is trying the same thing now in a brazen act to get rid of Marilyn Moore. He figures he can live with a republican for 2 more years and then run a democrat and win.
      They sent out of their piss boys

  6. Day if a DTC Member and its leadership is going around seeking support for a white male Republican over a black women Democrat. I would be less concerned about the Republican 45 and more about the Democrats. JML Did Lee report her car stolen and informed her insurance company of the thief. If her car was covered her insurance should cover it.

    1. RT
      The facts are simple:
      A registered, plated, insured and tax paid van parked in front of a residence in the East End was wrongfully STICKERED as ABANDONED and was towed to Jim’s Auto the following day.
      The owner, seeing that a wrong had been done to her showed up at a City Hall public speaking session two weeks later with a time to share her problem.
      Meanwhile she met the chief and told him her details and he said he would take care of it the next day, June 17. He did not take care of it and instructed no one in his office to assist since then.
      She re-appeared on August 6 at the CC meeting to let the Council know that help had not been forthcoming.
      Going to the lot since then has revealed that there is not a report to the owner by mail as MVD requires in case of a nonconsensual towing. And no vehicle.
      The vehicle was towed. Paperwork as required was not done. Ms.Lee has put in a claim, not to her insurer, but to the City. If the paperwork was supposed to have been filed by the tow operator perhaps the tow operator should pay, not the City taxpayer? Why couldn’t the Acting Chief fulfill the statement he made to the Council? THe little things count, don’t they? Time will tell.

      1. NO John the simple fact is someone stole her van. They had no right to take it. You are castrating the Chief for not recovering her stolen property. It’s just that simple. If it wasn’t a crime why are you bothering the Act Police Chief? You just want to castrate him. PS while the owner seeing a wrong< someone stealing her car, you are seeing and opportunity to condemn the Chief of Police. #prioirties

          1. When the Acting Chief of Police is introduced to a citizen, listens to her nonconsensual van towing situation under PD approval as an ABANDONED vehicle and the Chief says he will take care of it, in front of the City Council, he was not acting, according to the profile of a stolen vehicle. The chief took responsibility. I did not put it on him. What happened then?

            She has pictures of the towing company with her van? Does that sound like a stolen vehicle?

            What’s up with castration, twice mentioned in your writing? Maybe the chief is too busy to follow-up? He is human and makes mistakes? He has had numerous City issues including a right hand officer, Captain Straubel, also engaged in an office affair with the spouse of a former Bridgeport officer, but in this case the weirdest discovery was that Straubel shared his WHITE SUPREMACY beliefs over the internet, and was discovered by the husband in his research. Did the Chief look for additional materials in his computer, as has been done in other department racial matters?

            We are all subject to laws, ordinances, regulations, etc. depending on occupation, activities, residence, earnings, etc. When we think of the City, interpretation of this body of existing legislation falls on the City Attorney office. Enforcement for the most part falls on the police shoulders. When there are gaps in enforcement, favoritism shown, or other forms of unfairness and equal application of the law, it undercuts our civil society. Acting Chief A.J.Perez story coming to the US from Cuba is wonderful. Today is yet another part of his story, serving the public, isn’t it? Time will tell.

          2. JML, you are trying to convince someone who doesn’t care about the truth but just to piss you off and to entertain his self.

          3. Yes if they didn’t have the right to take Lee’s property it was stolen. And she even took of picture of the thief. I hope the Chief of police is too business with other issues like the the cop who is president of the Guardians on trial for assault, black cops distributing racist letter with in the department, or white cop sending racist texts or cops harassing and sending sexual texts. beating there own spouse. The shooting of a two teenagers. You seem to use the words white supremacy a lot, drop the white and focus on supremacy. where is that captain now? You are wrong because you are politicizing and you know it. JS IF AJ gets those body cameras, he have my support, ( until other wise) because outside of the political game cops should not go around abusing the authority that is given to them. The Lord give it the Lord take it away. Just ask “Captain” Straubel

  7. *** This is America & folk can decide for themselves when the time comes for whatever their reasons whom they wish to vote for. However, being that America is under nationalist rule right now by Trump & supporters along with the spineless do nothing republicans. It is beyond me why any registered democrat would vote for any republican period! Shame on Paoletto for wanting to support any republican at this time in our political history. I can only hope that he will reconsider his present political choice come election time.***

    1. Mojo, we are both Democrats and the both of us have criticize Democrats on every level by name on OIB with no problem at all but Republicans are scare to speak out against this nationalist rule by 45 and his supporters who are spineless do nothing Republicans. Mojo, right here in Bridgeport and in Connecticut nowhere will you read about any Republican speaking out against 45 on OIB or anywhere.

      I must say that I have never cared for Meghan McCain one of host on the “View” but on Saturday at her father’s funeral I was proud of Meghan McCain and her good-bye speech to her father because it was the heart and not from Republican talking points, again I was proud of Meghan McCain setting the record straight about her father a real American hero.

  8. This what I say. Mojo if you are going to brand the entire Republican Party for the circus called Trump, well then what seems to be the problem in regards to Bridgeport, the Democrats hold ever elected sit in the city. What says you.

  9. *** True on the fact that for years, “some”of the local democrats have half-stepped in their quest to make their districts & city a better place due to their own personal agendas first. However, if the republicans were better & really interested in urban city affairs they would of made a much bigger push to be a much more visible party than they are today. But with the big surprise of a Trump win, the majority of the fed. house & senate being republican & the state of chaos that this W/H & America is in. Instead of the republican party stepping up in america its hiding & looking the other way while Trump & his puppet admin. continues to self destruct from lies & federal indictments. So with the obvious examples & more happening everyday throughout the U.S; now is not the time to vote nor support any republican that has not shown in the past or present to be for the people, all the people!***

    1. Mojo, you made your point very clearly the first time and everybody understood except one person who acts like a Russian troll just to keep things going especially with race.

    2. Ron I wonder who’s that Russian troll. It’s not easy for a Republican to make that push in the urban city. I heard this one story where an urban Democrat placed a supportive Republican candidate’s sticker on his phone and was chastised for it. Sure it’s not getting the word out like a commentary letter or billboard. The supportive Republican could’ve used some little more “flair” 🙂

  10. Back to the discussion of the Police Commission/public safety issues and other matters to be considered by the City Council: just an FYI to the public concerning an on-going, worsening public-safety issue that appears to be too hot, politically, for the Mayor, City Council, and BPD to appropriately address…

    Specifically it is the issue of the infestation of North End neighborhoods by brainless, partying SHU students. Twice, during the past week — last Tuesday at about 12:30 AM there were over 10 (TEN) Bridgeport police cars and at least as many police officers attempting to break up a SHU-house party on Chopsey Hill Road (near Trumbull Avenue) that was attended by what appeared to be well over 100, college-age youngsters in various stages of inebriation… It took BPD perhaps 45 minutes to clear most of the students off of the street and out of the area. Traffic was backed-up and forced to detour… And one can only imagine the consequences of having most of the on-duty, mid-night-shift BPD tied-up, babysitting partying SHU students if serious public safety needs required their presence elsewhere in the city… And the same scenario played-out again on Saturday night… And keep in mind that the summer partying season seems to be lingering longer this year and will pass into the intense partying periods of Halloween and the Holiday period…
    The City appears to be too willing to accommodate the destruction of it s neighborhoods by SHU — and too willing to sacrifice the public safety of the rest of the city in this regard… Certainly, it isn’t right for the taxpayers of Bridgeport to have to pay to sacrifice their peace and safety for SHU — an evil, lying institution that is executing no legitimate mission and apparently exists only to generate money and political influence for its executives, Board of Trustees, and those local business people and politicians that see an opportunity to “go along for the ride” with them…

    All Bridgeport residents/taxpayers should be incensed by this destructive exploitation of our city by this once-venerable, local educational asset that has morphed into and evil, greed-based, exploitative institution that has begun to exert its political and economic over Bridgeport as an institutional Boa Constrictor or Python even as it hides behind a veneer of pretended community service and Catholic religiosity and benevolence…

    Truly; SHU is the basis of the argument to tax the property of private colleges and universities, as well as religious institutions… PILOTS is an untenable farce in Connecticut and the aforementioned institutions can only be described as mainly parasitic to their host municipalities and the state… Perhaps exceptions can be made for institutions that lend their names and avail their assets to their host communities and their people — such as the University of BRIDGEPORT does for a community that is largely unaware and unappreciative of its value to the city (and it is almost unheard of for UB students to cause any disruption in the community that requires police activity or costs the city money…).

    Happy Labor Day!


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