Engaging Community Input On Master Plan Of Development

master plan meetings

City officials are seeking community input about an updated Master Plan of Conservation and Development including upcoming meetings covering transportation, quality of life, economic development, arts and culture and housing. See schedule above. The city has set up a website, see here, with details about the process that takes place every 10 years to craft a roadmap for the future of the city.

From the website:

The 2018 Master Plan of Conservation and Development will break from previous Plans by engaging a wider cross section of Bridgeport residents and constituents, incorporating the use of technology in plan development and distribution, and re-imagining the way in which members of the public and prospective investors engage with the Plan.

The decisions and policies derived from the Master Plan of Conservation and Development are directly dependent on input heard throughout the engagement process. Pop-up events, community meetings, youth events, thematic meetings, interviews, virtual public meetings, and social media will be utilized as venues for fostering impactful dialogue surrounding the Plan.



  1. There is no meeting concerning “Governance.” That is why we need a Charter Revision Commision. As I have said before, I nominate (Ret) Judge Carmen Lopez to chair that commission.

  2. Information Session with MGM on the Bridgeport Casino Proposal
    Posted on August 22, 2018 by Black Rock NRZ
    September 5th, 2018, 7 pm – 8:30 pm

    Burroughs Community Center

    Please attend this important special meeting of the Black Rock NRZ and hear from MGM as they discuss their current Bridgeport development plans and their hopes for the upcoming legislative session.

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  3. Unlike PLAN BRIDGEPORT, this blogger is running a self-funded, city-specific, industry-agnostic, growth-seeking economic development program in Boston and New York city, two of the world’s most prosperous and desirable markets-both within easy distance of Bridgeport.
    These cities are Bridgeport bookends.

  4. I quickly went through the points in each slide.

    Did anyone else notice that some of the photos were not Bridgeport? They included one of the Sacred Heart University campus in Fairfield.

    Did the City, with city council approval, hire some sharp media outfit with no knowledge of Bridgeport to work on this?

  5. What credibility does the Planning Department have with the people of Bridgeport who have been through so many Master Plan meetings through the years to no avail?
    The latest farce was all the community outpouring of opposition to the plan promoted by the same planning Department who ignored and disrespected the public’s opposition to expansion of liquor stores.
    A serious credibility problem in my opinion.
    They are being told what to do, and they comply to keep their jobs
    Another farce is the Agricultural Master Plan
    Not to mention the lack of interest in the demo of the former Sanborn Librart
    Not to mention the horrible bike route planning or lack thereof
    As a certified Urban Planner myself, it’s sickening to bear witness to!


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