Pereira, Bohannon Spar Over Acting Police Chief Appointment

City Councilwoman Maria Pereira was joined by two peers on Wednesday to challenge Mayor Joe Ganim’s appointment of Rebeca Garcia as acting chief. Hours later Pereira and Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon engaged in an email exchange about the issue. For background see here.


Attorney Meyers, Bohannon, Anastasi & City Council President Aidee Nieves,

First, these statements by City Council President Aidee Nieves and Associate City Attorney Bohannon were not distributed to ALL City Council members which is incredibly disrespectful of Communications Director Rowena White. Unlike Ms. White, nineteen of twenty city council members were duly elected by the voters of their respective district.

Second, Attorney John Bohannon continues to sign documents as “Deputy City Attorney” when it was discussed and agreed upon that no such position exits in our budget, and that he is part of the bargaining unit which means the only title he can possess is Associate City Attorney. For any attorney to knowingly and flagrantly misrepresent their position is incredibly unethical.

Third, I think that both Associate City Attorney Bohannon and City Council President Aidee Nieves should be embarrassed that they issued formal statements to the press on letterhead about one of the most critical positions in Bridgeport, yet they both spelled Acting Chief of Police “Rebeca” Garcia’s name incorrectly.

Finally, is this the best Associate Attorney Bohannon can do? Really?

Respectfully yours,

Maria Pereira
138th District City Councilwoman

Bohannon responds:

No, councilwoman, that’s certainly not the best I can do. It was simply a quick opinion in response to the day’s events to inform the public of the position of the Office of the City Attorney. A formal, more expansive legal opinion will follow. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


I have never heard of “simply a quick opinion.” Legal opinions should be well researched and based on the law with relevant case law identified in support of your position.

Please do address the valid “employment list” that exists with seven (7) finalists with the top three being Casanova, Porter and Nardozzi which according to Page 19 of United States of America v. Armando Perez and David Dunn states that Consultant-1 provided the employment list to David Dunn on or about October 19, 2018 and that David Dunn certified the three finalists and provided the information to the Mayor.

Please address the definition of “command experience.”

I look forward to reading your “formal, more expansive legal opinion.”

Thank you,

Maria Pereira
138th District City Councilwoman



  1. I will reiterate, anyone fighting to validate a so-called employee-list that was generated by the person who corrupted the process, who was arrested and resigned is wrong. You know now complicit in corrupted behavior yourselves. JS 🙂

    Here’s my OIB opinion, that employment list was generated from a corrupt process that led two city employees being arrested and forced to resign, one which was in charge of generation that list. By what measure of the standard are we measuring the integrity of that so-called employee list, by the process or people on it.

    Councilwomen Maria, while you find a city attorney using in the title “Deputy City Attorney” instead of “Associate City Attorney as incredibly unethical, where do you stand on keeping an employee list active and valid when the person responsible to generate that employee list was arrested, along with others to corrupt the process of said list?

    I’ll wait for your response, oh wait, you’re banned. 🙂 Bam I am out here. 🙂

  2. The Police Chief list is invalid and must be thrown out base on the City Charter Sec. 219.because of the action of the Personnel Director and his violation of the City Charter.

    Bridgeport City Charter
    Sec. 219. – Certain acts prohibited.
    No person shall deceive or obstruct any person in respect to his or her right of test under the provisions of this act or falsely mark, grade or estimate or report upon the test or standing of any person tested hereunder, or aid in so doing, or furnish to any person, except in answer to inquiries of the commission, any special information for the purpose of either improving or injuring the rating of any such person for appointment, employment or promotion. No applicant shall deceive the commission for the purpose of improving his chances or prospects for appointment or promotion. No person shall solicit, orally or by letter, and no public officer or employee shall receive or be in any manner concerned in the receiving or soliciting of any money or valuable thing from any officer or employee holding a position in the classified service for any political party or purpose. No person shall use or promise to use his influence or official authority to secure any appointment or promotion or prospect of appointment or promotion to any position classified under this act as a reward or return for personal or partisan political service. No public officer or employee shall, by means of threats or coercion, induce or attempt to induce any person holding a position in the classified service to resign his position or to take a leave of absence from duty or to waive any of his rights under this act. A resignation executed previous to appointment shall be of no effect.

    1. Sec. 211.1. – Prevention of discrimination.
      It shall be the duty of the civil service commission and the personnel director to take affirmative steps to insure that examinations conducted under the provisions of this chapter: (1) are non-discriminatory; (2) are based on valid indicators of whether an applicant possesses the skills and abilities required for the job in question; and (3) comply with all state and federal laws and regulations concerning examinations for public employment.

  3. Ron
    I do not see in the above that if anyone does any of the following it invalidate the entire list. The fairest way is the eliminate the person who benefited, add the person who came in fourth and select again.
    If one were to take your argument then the city has no valid list and every test must be designed and everyone must be tested again.
    Maybe in Wonderland this would work but in the city of Bridgeport, with an acting personnel director this would be an impossibility.

  4. This is was a reply to a Kelvin Ayala post:

    Joel Gonzalez says:
    September 17, 2020 at 1:34 am
    Move to the side Coronal Sanders. Thanks for the laughs I had every time I saw your lawn sign. They made me hungry for some KFC.

    Let’s look at the charter language closely.

    We all can agree this is an unusual situation:
    “(3)Whenever a vacancy arises in the position of chief of police, the personnel director shall, upon request… Lets stop here. Didn’t the Personnel Director get arrested and resigned the Next day? How in hell was the mayor going to make such request to the personnel director? Keep in mind that the language call for director not acting director and there wasn’t a deputy director.


    1. Joel…you are grasping for straws now. You’ve had innumerable posting trying to prove that an effective list no longer exists. You were proven wrong so your legal opinions are suspect and not credible. To say that an Acting Personnel Director cannot do what a “real” Personnel is just playing with linguistics. And you forgot that David Dunn has been an “Acting” Personnel Director for 12 years. So,with your legal logic, EVERYTHING that David Dunn did was not effective since he was only an “Acting” Personnel Director. Let’s take your legal logic a bit further. Since Rebecca Garcia is an “Acting” Police Chief,your legal logic would imply that she would not be able to do certain things. If an Acting Personnel Director cannot act as the effective Personnel Director than an Acting Police Chief cannot act as an effective Police Chief

  5. The circus is alive and well in Bridgeport. P.T. Barnum was right. There truly is a sucker born every minute. The suckers are the tax payers of Bridgeport who continue to vote in corrupt and unethical individuals into office. The last 31 years of that by Democrats. Now before anyone’s head pops doesn’t mean I say that the Republicans are any better trust me swamp creatures come in every shape, size and party affiliation. What I suggest is start looking at new faces with ethics and a true forward vision for Bridgeport. That starts with removing Mario Testa from the equation. He has reaped the rewards of Bridgeport’s soap opera.

  6. Bob Walsh, here is my answer to your question above. By professional and the federal government standards on testing this Police Chief does not meet the professional standards to select any candidate because the exam is not valid.

    The Departments of Labor and Justice and the Office of Personnel Management (then called the Civil Service Commission) issued UGESP along with the EEOC.

    B. Criterion-related, content, and construct validity.

    Evidence of the validity of a test or other selection procedure by a criterion-related validity study should consist of empirical data demonstrating that the selection procedure is predictive of or significantly correlated with important elements of job performance. See 14B of this part.

    Evidence of the validity of a test or other selection procedure by a content validity study should consist of data showing that the content of the selection procedure is representative of important aspects of performance on the job for which the candidates are to be evaluated. See 14C of this part. Evidence of the validity of a test or other selection procedure through a construct validity study should consist of data showing that the procedure measures the degree to which candidates have identifiable characteristics which have been determined to be important in successful performance in the job for which the candidates are to be evaluated. See section 14D of this part.

    1. Ron,most respectfully,if it did not come out that Perez and Dunn (and who else?) Than the test would have stayed as legitimate. IMHO,the exam is legitimate unless further information comes out that Randi Frank ALSO construed the test to the benefit of A.J Perez. So far,I have not seen or read anything that Randi Frank was a part of the Perez/Dunn etc conspiracy. From what I have read,Randi Frank did what Dunn told her to do. If she did not know that Dunn was planning to make the parameters of the test conducive to Perez,how can one say that the ENTIRE test is illegitimate. However,if Randi Frank did conspire with Dunn, Perez etc all,than one can make the argument that the test was intrinsically flawed.

  7. Bob, the action of David Dunn is much more serious than what is being discuss, the whole structure of the Civil Service in Bridgeport has been compromise. The merit system is the process of promoting and hiring government employees based on their ability to perform a job, rather than on their political connections. It is the opposite of the spoils system, also called patronage system, practice in which the political party winning an election rewards its campaign workers and other active supporters by appointment to government posts and with other favours. The merit system which is the Civil Service System has been destroy, how can anyone have trust and confidence in testing and appointments. Socialist Party Mayor, Jasper McLevy, instituted a merit system in the police and fire departments.

    Bob, with the social unrest and protest going around America concerning the police and here in Bridgeport we have the police chief cheating on the test that got him appointed chief by Mayor Joe Ganim has made the voters here to have no trust respect and trust in the mayor, the police and civil service. Bridgeport is in a crisis with no leadership.

  8. Simply because an applicant cheatEd to get an unfair agenda does not invalidate the entire test. Again using this logic, every employment list in the city should be thrown out because David Dunn was the Personnel Director.
    If that is what you want, please say it.
    Otherwise there is no indication that the tests are discriminatory. Again, if Ron is arguing the firefighter test is discriminatory than that is a separate argument which I would agree with.
    Chris Caruso is making noise about taking legal action to force the city to use the list and I support it completely.

      1. Maria basically banned herself. She told me so when I was bashing Lennie for banning her. I was wrong.
        Maria: why don’t you return. That’s not a question it’s a request. Maybe you and Lennie’s could make up. Look, not that OIB is read or even considered by the general public. Lennie you know that too. You know that this blog is made up mostly with people who are or were involved in and around City Hall and a bunch of malcontents like Ron, Don, myself, AND others. It would do EVERYONE a service if Maria came back as well as being good for business. Right?
        You guys should bury the hatchet.

  9. Rereading Attorney Bohannon’s letter to Aidee, he ignores a very important question that needs to be answered. That is does a valid list exist? If it does then the mayor should immediately appoint from that list.
    This is the problem with quick legal opinions.
    If the city were to say yes a valid list exists then the mayor should use it.
    And again to Ron’s point you cannot argue that the list is invalid because one candidate cheated on the otherwise valid list. If Garcia met all of the qualifications necessary to become chief, why didn’t she apply when she had the chance?

  10. I concur with your observations Bob that just because one applicant cheated with the assistance of Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn it has absolutely nothing to do with every other person that took said exam, fairly and without the benefit of cheating! One person cheated and he was removed and if the next two finalist don’t want the job then pull the next three individuals from the employment list and make a choice.

    Mayor Ganim, why aren’t you demanding that Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn pay back the city for the cost of the he Chief’s exam that he compromised by his filthy actions?

    1. The exam was compromise by Randi Frank testing company because David Dunn had her changed the professional standard that a test must have, the test and the process that Frank made were changed because Dunn had her to make changes and to change the order and process of the test, in fact Frank according to her comments to the FBI that she told Dunn that she didn’t with what he did concerning the test, that made test invalid. The courts need to decide if this test is valid or not.

  11. Brother Mackey, those changes only effected that cheating ass Chief Pérez and not the other two candidates that possessed all the necessary credentials to be the Chief of the BPD. It’s my understanding that the exam is being challenged in court because the criteria was changed for the benefit of Chief Pérez.

    1. Don, we basically agree but I have a different conclusion. You mentioned the criteria is being challenge in court and I’m saying the same thing, that’s why I listed the the two sections of the charter to show where Dunn violated the charter on the criteria to allow Perez to sit for the exam. If you take Perez out of the discussion just for a moment and leave out what he did let me make my point. David Dunn corrupted the test that Randi Frank was designing by having the Frank to go along with his criteria changed instead of the charter. Frank has professional standards to give an exam but those standards were charged and thereby making the exam not valid. Now if the court tells the City is valid then the hiring list is still good.

    2. Comrade, Ron’s on point. The process was corrupted by the people who were administering it. No one can be for certain the confidential information that was leaked and passed on to AJ got in the hands of other candidates

      Anyone claiming a mayor of a city has to pick a new chief from the same corrupt list that was generated from a corrupt process is engaging in corrupt behavior themselves, period. That goes for Maria and any other person who is asking/demanding the mayor of a city to pick a new chief for that corrupt process and list. They are doing so because they have a political/bais reason. Any person with a neutral and uncorrupt observation will say a new list has to be generated with an uncorrupt process.

      I am sure those candidates who are still interested in the position still has a copy of their resume and cover letter.

      Again this has shown Port politics is not so much about a routing out corrupt behavior, but more about being on the side of the corruption.

      I just observed one side demand AJ be removed as Chief because of a corrupt process now stand in front of the PD holding a presses conference demanding the mayor pick the new chief from the same corrupt process because they see it as a way to benefit them. The corrupted has now become the corruptee in this process 🙂

      OIB is right. 🙂

      Maria, don’t worry about the Port being in embarrassed, people outside Port, Washington Post, NY Time, CNN, even Fox News reports on the embarrassing shit that is Port politics. 🙂

      Some people thought maybe of Lennie banned you from OIB the embarrassment will subside but there you are out holding a press conference with other politicians and city leader and actives demanding the mayor pick a new chief from an employee-list, two days after you demand the current chief resignation because the process that generated that list was corrupt the person directed to generate the list was arrested by the FBI. SMH 🙂 BAM! I am out of here, General Hospital is starting. 🙂

      1. P.S facetious aside, I do believe the city needs a person for the outside. Clearly, the department has some racial issues, a political divide, training and abuse issues, disciplinary issues, among other issues that need to be addressed for the betterment of the department and community at large. Most of these issues are far manageable and reachable.

        We create a hostile environment that makes needed progress unattainable instead of doing what’s needed and right, just like what we just witnessed. Instead of creating a flawed and corrupted demand about a so-called employee list, a call for a new national search be conducted without undue/corrupt process. Of course, Joe well ultimate choice who he picks at least the process will not be marred in an FBI investigation.

        This type of behavior also creates a hostile work environment where cops are demonized and gunned in their patrol car. You put them in untenable positions because of the foster corrupt cultural behavior and lack of discipline, or entitlement, which is the nature of the beast, on both sides. But that is the game.

        In closing, it’s not some much as doing what is right for your side but doing what right for society in general for you are all part of that society you govern. However, most importantly you are at that point in the arch of life where each day is closer to your death (judgment day) than life and there are no (“Bucci’s) in that courtroom, just you, your heart and the truth, and that shit is on joke. JS

  12. I am intrigued by the two other City Council reps beyond Maria Pereira. Eneida Martinez and Mike Defilippo(!!!!!) were the CC members who would be the last to support strict adherence to the City Charter. Very interesting.

    1. Gee..I certainly expected Maria to be the lead the charge but I would think Martinez and Defilippo would not be among those that supported adherence to City Charter.

  13. Why is Chris Caruso waiting to go to the judicial system. It is obvious that only a judge interpreting The Bridgeport City Charter will bring closure to the present situation. I am not a lawyer but there may be an issue of who has the legal “standing” to appeal to the judiciary arm of government. Let’s remember..the judiciary is completely equal to the executive (Mayor Ganim) and to the legislative (City Council). To maintain civil order,American Society has accepted that the final decision of the judiciary MUST be accepted and followed. Chris Caruso(or whoever) should be in court tomorrow. They already should have been in court. Only a judge will change the trajectory of what is happening.

  14. If Defilippo was Mario’s shill,than what is he doing at this press conference. Is it possible that ALL Italian-Americans are so upset about the Columbus statue imbroglio.. who knows.

    1. Who knows?? Frank, I might be mysterious but I might know (some) stuff. You know politics right?!!
      The movie Braveheart has a scene where Robert the Bruce meets with his father and tells him of William Wallace. Look up that scene. Father says something like this to his son: ‘ you will embrace this revolution with our clans in the south…I will oppose it with our people in the north and gain favor …. for our family.’ Think about it Frank. Gain favor. Nothing is rarely as it appears. Never trust these self serving people.

      1. True that, maybe Chirs and Defilippio really wants Joe to put back that statue he took? As well as Maria, who Gen Now claimed she led the charge for its return. I saw the Iman, who put them on blast for wanting Joe to reverse and change that decision with them about Joe’s decision to appoint Rebecccccca Garcia, petttttttty. 🙂

        Who knows how deep the rabbit hole really is?

        Frank just remember, SHIT rolls downhill. To be fair, practically everything does, Something to do with gravity says Isaac Newton. 🙂

  15. So for all of you who are saying you have to start again what motivates you?
    Are you fans of Rebeca Garcia?
    Can’t stand Porter?
    Anti or pro Nardozzi?
    Some thing else?
    You are arguing that the city should start anew but where does that get us. Remember Dunn was “acting” personnel director for over 10 years. Who’s to say the same can’t be true with Garcia? You have a list. The individuals seem to be fairly scored. The Police Department should not have to suffer any longer under acting chiefs. Just do it and be done with it.

  16. Below are the action that Randi Frank who is Consultant-1 took at direction of DAVID DUNN, the defendant. Frank knew that these changes were not proper because she told Dunn, plus she knew that Perez did not meet the standards to sit for the exam but Frank still to agree to do what Dunn asked. Those changes are not apart of the professional testing standards and those actions discriminated against the other candidates that gave Perez an unfair advance which violate Federal Guidelines I testing, there are remedies other than throwing the exam out that are in the Federal Guidelines that have been used before in Bridgeport testing in both the Fire and Police Department.

    39. While Consultant-1 was responsible for grading applicants’ Written Exams, which included their written questionnaires and essays, as part of the scheme alleged herein, DAVID DUNN, the defendant, took steps aimed at ensuring that ARMANDO J. PEREZ, the defendant, would score favorably on the Written Exam. In particular, according to Consultant-1, DUNN asked Consultant-1 to make certain changes to the scoring system for grading the questionnaires, all of which benefitted PEREZ. For example, at DUNN’s direction, Consultant-1 agreed to modify the scoring system to: award more points for duration of law enforcement experience; eliminate any penalty for not residing in the City; and eliminate any penalty for the lack of a Bachelor’s degree. All of these changes benefitted PEREZ, and in some cases PEREZ alone. In particular, PEREZ had the longest tenure in the BPD of any applicant, was the only applicant not to have a Bachelor’s degree, and did not reside in the City. Moreover, at the request of DUNN, Consultant-1 also agreed to award extra points to PEREZ for his service as acting police chief.

    1. Ron….do you really think that Randi Frank(company) was going to tell to go to hell with his directives and forego the income from conducting this test. Randi Frank is a company that depends upon income to stay in business. RON,most respectfully,do you have any information whatsoever that shows that Randi Frank (Co) were actively involved in the Perez/Dunn etc conspiracy to give Perez the questions and answers to the test. If you don’t……..

      1. Frank Gyure, take a look at the background of Dan Andrus from Salt Lake City, Utah the capital of Utah with a population over 200,000 people who first in the fire chief exam in Bridgeport. Frank, Bridgeport selected Brain Rooney, the fire chief who has a high school education, 4 years in the military and 25 years experience on the Bridgeport Fire Department. He was chosen over a high school education, 4 years in the military and 25 years experience on the Bridgeport Fire Department. He was chosen over Dan Andrus, David Dunn was the City’s Personnel Director, so Frank who would you select?

        • University of Utah
        Master of Science (M.S.), Economics 2004
        • University of Utah
        Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.), Local Government Administration 1988
        • Western Oregon University
        Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Fire Services Administration 1991
        • University of Utah
        Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Management 1984
        • University of Utah
        Graduate Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution 2003 – 2004.

        As we know Retired Chief Brian Rooney was chosen and those of us that were around then wondered how in the hell was he in the same category with Mr. Armbus and who helped him out with this because Rooney was dumb as a Bag of Rocks. Just wondering if Recently Arrested Acting Director of Civil Service David Dunn did his magic act with this promotion and did the success of this fuel his desire to continue without worrying about getting caught? I did it before and I can do it again because I’m the smartest man in City Hall!

        Dan Andrus wanted to be the Fire Chief in Bridgeport because he wanted to relocated to New England because he has relatives living here. After not being selected here in Bridgeport Dan moved on to Concord, New Hampshire to become their Fire Chief.

  17. Frank, I’ve never said that Randi Frank was apart of an conspiracy with Perez or Dunn but her testing company does not the experience and background to give these type of exams to cities this large and that has the racial make-up like Bridgeport. Frank didn’t know how to push back against Dunn and inform him that she couldn’t do what he was telling her.

  18. Ok. This is my last word on this issue. The only way to get this resolved,one way or another,is to go to court and let a judge decide In the letter to Council President Sides Nieves it seems that the City Attorneys Office has already decided that the next step is another nationwide search with another test. That is why I said above;What is Chris Caruso waiting for and just threatened to go to court in that press conference. Just go to court now. Otherwise,IMHO, Rebecca Garcia will remain ACTING Chief through the rest of JG3. And that’s all I have to say.

    1. Frank, until the court decides if this exam is valid the hiring list is still good thereby the standing hiring list must be use to fill the position of police chief according to the City Charter. By the way where are the Civil Service Commission members and what was their involvement with the process? The order by ranking: New Haven Assistant Chief Luiz Casanova, Bridgeport Acting Chief AJ Perez and Bridgeport Captain Roderick Porter, those are the only choices.

      1. Maybe he should cut of part of his finger. Be nice to Frank. He just got of Lennie’s OIB “moderation” jail. He would make a post and it would’t show up until two days later. 🙂

        If we can only get Maria back. 🙂

  19. Frank, to your question to Rich, he has a point. It’s a lot about self-serving interest. It seems J2 administration is not playing nice with the other kids in the sandbox. Kelvin is more on the outside of J2 and is politically on the opposite of the poles him and look at his run what to get into the sandbox. However, he a consultant for Dan, so there is some connection.

    Martinez is seeking a new Chief that is closer to her interests and needs. She seems to walk a balancing act on the matter.

    Defilippo represents Mario. Chris has is interested and pulled a 100-year-old tradition because Joe kicked sand in their face. Neither of them is too pleased with him removing the statue from the park. You have and Iman who was front and center of the cameras when Joe had his historic comeback win in 2015. Christ, for the most part, of the press conference was more about the Iman then Joe or the decision to appoint acting chief Rebeca, probably because he was a vocal voice on calling out Columubus history and against its return. Chris was blasting the Iman about problematic hadees in the Quran. To be fair, it’s much like the old testament, and neither group believe in Jesus in the way currently presented. so watch out Steve. 🙂

    The same can be said for Maria. There was a time this odd person in the corner of J2 campaign headquarters observed her bashing Finch. Much like she is doing to Joe these days, and supporting J2 to get her foot in that political sandbox. Maria, burn the tapes. 🙂

    That being said, regardless of the vague and contradicting Charter and its laws. The process was corrupt and should be done over. JS

    P.S Maria, your argument to keep that list active by a corrupt process based on how the FBI didn’t find any other evidence to suggest that only AJ and Dunn were involved in the corrupt process is fine. But how on the other hand, can you call for the mayor’s resignation right after AJ and Dunn’s arrest when that vary same FBI report also suggest the mayor was involved?

    If anyone doesn’t believe that Maria wasn’t helping Joe in his comeback campaign for her self-interest to help get into Port’s political sandbox. I want to sell you a Congress Bridge I just bought. BAM! best distance learning ESL class ever. I”m out of here.

    On the religious aspect, y’all be hating on woman, probably because of a woman like Maria. 🙂

    P.S it’s not a sandbox. its a trap. 🙂

  20. By the way Maria now that sandbox kicking sand in everybody’s face. She like get away, I don’t play well with others. 🙂

    P.S some of those nineteen of twenty city council members were duly elected by the voters of their respective district tried to pass a resolution to kick you out of that sandbox. 🙂

    BTW you look nice in a hat, be careful people, . 🙂 I’m out of here.


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