Party Picks And Party Tonight

OIB party today, 5:30 p.m. Taco Loco on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock. First cocktail on OIB plus sweet eats. Come join us.

Okay, a tame night at Testo’s Restaurant where the political payroll came through for Mayor Bill Finch’s choices for Board of Education, City Councilwoman Leticia Colon, disciple of 131st District Leader Mitch Robles and former Councilman Pat Crossin of Black Rock.

Kudos to OIB friend Tom Kelly for covering the event Wednesday night. The Democratic Town Committee endorsements of Colon and Crossin gives the mayor two picks he feels will work with him on the BOE. Crossin and Finch are friends who served together on the city’s legislative body. Crossin, however, will not be a rubber stamp for the mayor. He’s not on the city payroll, does not earn a living off the city and will vote the way he wants on education issues.

Finch supporters such as City Council President Tom McCarthy pushed hard for Colon and Crossin because they say they want stronger fiscal accountability on the BOE. Easier said than done when the realities of dealing with so many complex issues hit the new members when they take office later this year.

State Rep. Auden Grogins is a classic example of a former council member who segued to the BOE and found it’s not as easy as so many say to cut this and do that.

Former Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez’s effort for endorsement was pushed back by Finch supporters who say she’s too noisy and too independent for a BOE slot. I don’t think Lopez is going away. In fact, look for her to build a higher profile in city politics. Lopez doesn’t need the bulk of the party to become an electoral threat, just pockets of it to help build coalitions, and it’s clear judging from the support she received from various districts, although short of a BOE endorsement, plenty enough to work a following for a potential future run at something be it judge of probate in 2010 or mayor in 2011.

I’ve seen plenty of folks in city politics get knocked back only to push back harder at another position.

Looks like we’re headed for City Council primaries in at least three districts, the 135th, 137th and 138th.

As for the mayor’s souring relationship with Party Vice Chair Dottie Guman, who supported Lopez, I don’t see them kissing and making up any time soon.

Thanks to Tom Kelly for sharing footage of the event. Check it out. See you later.


News release from WorkPlace

Bridgeport Region Green Jobs Study Released

The Bridgeport region should focus on preparing its workforce for occupations occurring most frequently in recognized Green Industries if it hopes to benefit from the Green Collar economy, according to a report prepared by the bluegreen Research Institute, a project of The WorkPlace, Inc., Southwestern Connecticut’s Regional Workforce Development Board.

By focusing on occupations known to be associated with Green industries, participants in training program have a better chance of gaining the skills necessary to work in the major Green industries and also established sectors.

“This gives the guidance we need to see how occupations we are familiar with can be transferable into growing Green industries and what kind of training we can provide to prepare the workforce for these well-paying jobs,” said Adrienne Houël, president of Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises, Inc. “The Green Team,” which provided support for the study along with the City of Bridgeport Central Grants Office and the United Illuminating Company.

The bluegreen Research Institute was charged with developing a report and conducting the necessary research and data analysis to aid in ongoing planning efforts. The Greater Bridgeport region consists of the following municipalities: Bridgeport, Trumbull, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe and Stratford, CT.

The report shows that construction and extraction occupations have the most frequency; followed by architecture & engineering; production; and installation, repair and maintenance occupations. Examples of these occupations include construction laborers and managers; industrial truck and tractor operators; electricians; electrical engineers; plus civil engineering and electrical and electronic engineering technicians.

“Using this methodology, it is possible to help determine what kind of training and education programs should be supported and developed in order to give workers the best chance of finding work,” said Michael J. McCarthy, director of the bluegreen Research Institute and one of the report’s authors.

“This study is the first step in providing the training needed for meaningful employment opportunities across a broad range of industries that will encompass the ‘green economy’ wave that’s sweeping the nation, which will improve our local economy and aid in the fight against global warming,” said Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch.

The industries evaluated in this study were chosen based on sectors identified as emerging Green sectors on a national basis, as well as sectors specifically targeted in Connecticut. They include: building retrofitting and weatherization; mass transit/freight rail; smart electric grid/transmission systems; wind power; solar power; advanced bio-fuels; clean water; automotive technology; environmental technology; farming, fishing and landscaping; and fuel cell technology.

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  1. Very interesting meeting of the DTC. It was never more evident than it was last night that city employees should not be on the council. They lined up like a bunch of lemmings and voted exactly as they were told to vote. Not one city employee on the DTC voted against Colon.
    I understand that city employees have a constitutional right to serve in elected positions. That being said maybe they should be granted immunity from layoffs and job elimination while they serve. This kind of protection is offered union representatives.
    As it stand now with this administration job threats are a constant axe hanging over the heads of these elected positions.
    It was a shame seeing Danny Martinez not get the nomination from his district. i thought he was an intelligent voice on the council, in fact I thought he was one of the few intelligent voices on the council.

    1. There are a few intelligent voices on the council, Bob Walsh among them. Unfortunately, the Intelligent Voices are stifled by the puppets and programmable cyborgs that the DTC district leaders have been able to seat on the council. I, one of many registered voters in this town, have had enough of the “politics as usual” bullshit. I’m tired of seeing the Democratic Party represented locally by the weak-suck candidates that the DTC regularly fields for municipal offices. I’m tired of seeing these candidates elected by DTC district leaders that get out the vote by carting drunks and drug addicts to the polling place, tired of knowing that more than a few of these registered voters suffer from ignorance or apathy but vote because someone told them to.

      To paraphrase Cesare Terranova (a magistrate and politician from Sicily notable for his anti-Mafia stance), “[the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee] is oppression, arrogance, greed, self-enrichment, power and hegemony above and against all others. It is not an abstract concept, or a state of mind, or a literary term … It is a criminal organization regulated by unwritten but iron and inexorable rules …”

  2. The last thing we need on the fractured BOE are Phinch Philistines Pfucking up the works any worse than it already is.

    There is a 70% dropout rate in our town. Costs continue to increase while test scores and graduation rates go down. There is no COST BENEFIT to the dollars that are allocated to the BOE.

    1. There is–and never will be–any cost benefit to the people of the city of Bridgeport as long as the DTC represents the Democratic Party within city limits. End of story.

  3. TC is right … Word on the street is Valle canned Danny-boy thinking she was getting endorsed with Tito’s daughter … shameless politics … I wonder if he will petition; he should.

    Maybe he will be one of those that pushes back harder for a Higher position. A lot of BRBC members were impressed when they attended the Council meetings when the PA became an issue. He has a bright future.

    I say groom Danny Martinez for Mayor 2011; I’m sure he will be better than Moonbeam!!!

  4. Interesting that Lisa “Honey” Parziale nominated Pat Crossin last night for BOE.

    Crossin will do a good job, especially since he has been “Honey Dipped”!

  5. Congratulations to all of the nominees. Best of luck to all the primary challengers. I pray that everyone puts their best foot forward. I hope that even those unchallenged candidates take this opportunity to reach out to their constituents and not only listen to their problems and concerns but also their ideas for solutions. Everyone needs to be involved in the decision-making here. City council cannot operate in a bubble and expect to arrive at the best possible decisions for the city. I believe that if everyone, voters included, campaigns hard this year for the city’s interests the only consequence will be a good one in the fall for the City of Bridgeport. See you in the streets. See you at the polls.

    1. isamujahid

      Well said.
      Let us remember that this is about representing the residents of the various districts. It is about doing what is best for the districts and the city.
      It should not be about self-promotion or job security.

  6. As a BOE employee, taxpayer and mother of six children that went to Bridgeport Public Schools, I believe the BOE budget is out of control and fiscally irresponsible.

    Much can be done with that budget.

      1. Thank you!
        My son is actually a clown too. He is currently traveling with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. His show will be in Bridgeport in October.

        Then we can all go see a real circus. Maybe Lennie can host a OIB party at the arena.

  7. barney

    I wish you the best. If I lived in that district I would vote for you too. It’s time to take back our city from these corrupt people. It seems that your opponents are very confident that they will win; did you watch the video? By the way what precincts are voting in your district?

  8. Judge Lopez will not be throwing in the towel over a meager 41 votes. As an individual she has reached the height of her profession. The practice of law requires more than a little brain power. One must be smarter than the average bear.

    On the other hand, all it takes to secure a seat on the City Council is acquiescence. That’s how it appeared last night, the way they all lined up to vote for Don Calamari’s picks.

  9. The Bridgeport Kid

    Do you think Lopez will wage a primary? By the way can you believe Marty McCarthy from that pizza shop is going to be our city councilman! For crying out loud I don’t even think the guy hires legal residents working in the back of that nasty pizza store. They might be illegal if you ask me and this should be an issue brought up.

  10. I think that there is a good chance, a very good chance, that Judge Lopez will wage a primary campaign.

    I cannot comment on Mr. McCarthy’s descent to City Councilman, other than to say I’m not surprised. It’s business as usual.

  11. With all this talk about calamari, I’m beginning to feel a little squid dish. Will Fried Calamari be one of the offerings this evening on the OIB buffet line?

      1. Anna-Ouch! Good one though! Like the Grin Ripper always tells me. “If you can dish it out, you have to be able to take it.”

        yahooy–I hope it was ass good for you, ass it was for me.

  12. Hey Joey Pots and Pans

    I think you are speaking with a forked tongue. Anna is anna-tom-ically challenged, if you know what I mean.

  13. Hey donj, Marty McCarthy runs a business, meets a payroll and pays his bills. How many on the city council can say the same? And he makes a great eggplant parm to boot. All your guy Ganim can make is license plates.

  14. Beware of Feds:

    The mayors of Hoboken and Secaucus, a state assemblyman and dozens of others were rounded up early Thursday as the FBI swept across four counties in New Jersey as part of a two-year corruption and money-laundering investigation that ranged from the Jersey Shore to Brooklyn and has even reached into the State House in Trenton.

    Agents raided the home of Joseph V. Doria Jr., commissioner of the state Department of Community Affairs, who also is the former mayor of Bayonne, an official confirmed Thursday morning.

    Among the roughly 30 people arrested by mid-morning were Hoboken Mayor Peter J. Cammarano III and Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, both Democrats, and Assemblyman Daniel M. Van Pelt, a Republican from Forked River, in Ocean County. Mr. Cammarano, who turned 32 on Wednesday, was elected mayor June 9 and sworn in July 1, after serving as councilman-at-large since 2005.

  15. Bob Fredericks,
    I agree with that. I didn’t say anything is wrong with him I am a regular customer there and he is a nice guy. But I don’t like when people are driven down our throats and we have to accept them! Out of all the people why him I can bet no one in our district knew that he was going to be a councilman. More than likely I will vote for him I think he would be better than Crowe but it’s just the way people get into power is what I do not like.

  16. HARTFORD (AP) — Connecticut Sen. Christopher Dodd continues to trail a potential Republican challenger but has seen a slight improvement in his negative approval ratings, according to a new statewide poll released Thursday.

    And this is after his advertising blitz. Dodd may be dead but will the party recognize the fact and push a bad candidate and hurt the rest of the ticket??? Time will tell.

  17. Joel Gonzalez

    Looks like your beloved Republicans gave you the boot lol. They know better then to make you run in a district that they might have a chance in. Marty McCarthy is no write-in the Republicans have a good shot at that seat. I really want to know the Republicans running and see if they present something that I like. Marty is indeed a good guy and I really do think he will be a good leader.

    1. Hey underboss, why don’t you force a Democratic primary in Black Rock aka the 130th district? It’s put up or shut up time! Anyone interested in waging a Republican or Democratic primary must go to the Registrar of Voters and the Town Clerk offices to start the primary process. You have to get about 200 signatures from registered party members.

      There is a deadline! So like Lennie wrote: Tick. Tick. Tick. Did I spell it right?

  18. *** Not that all the endorsements were hopeless; however if I had to put it in a percentage number on the overall picks, personally I would say about 50% of the picks were people that are either in it for completly0 personal reasons, opportunities, party puppets or just the title in general. Sad part is the voters will vote blindly just like they always do for these individuals, and Bpt will continue to go nowhere fast. Why do you think the late Paul Newman made his personal statement on Bpt’s overall status? ‘Cause there are not enough Red Ruby shoes to go around to be able to click 3 times & bring things back in perspective. The nightmare is reality & there’s no end to the madness or light @ the end of the tunnel folks. Sadly, it’s take it or leave it! ***

    1. “there are not enough Red Ruby shoes to go around to be able to click 3 times & bring things back in perspective.”

      Are you saying that when you were on the City Council you wore Red Ruby shoes to click three times to bring things into perspective?

      1. *** Do they allow talking parrots to blog on OIB? And no Joel, I did not have Red Ruby shoes while on the council. I wore blue, blue, blue suede shoes instead! *** Forget about it! ***

    1. Good pictures, donj. The nurses got screwed. They will sue and the city will have to pay them anyway. This is what happens when you have a guy from the Boys Club running Labor Relations.

      On another note, city treasurer Joe Jambriska, the last qualified manager in Finance, retired today. Joe will no doubt be replaced by another politico and then there will be NO ONE in Finance who has a clue. And the beat goes on …

  19. I am very sorry to hear that Mr. Martinez did not get his seat. I have followed his voting and watched him in meetings and I saw an intelligent man with good decision-making skills.
    Martin McCarthy is a neighborhood staple in Black Rock. He is a decent guy who cares to serve on the council. He does own a business and a home, and knows what it’s like to make your way in Bridgeport. There were not a lot of viable candidates in the mix and Mr. McCarthy stepped up. I applaud him for it.

    I have found the negativity around politics in Bridgeport to create a self-defeating prophecy. We wear it like the red badge of courage.

  20. Nice OIB gathering at Taco Loco tonight. I spent too much time talking to as many of the OIB friends at Taco Loco. I enjoyed the Shrimp and two drinks–Thanks Lennie–I’m regretting not stuffing myself right now. I even got to meet some OIB pussy–I met MCAT. I really was looking forward to meeting City Kitty–I’m in need of a haircut–that elusive pussy!
    I got to see my old buddy Dave Roebuck and when I asked him if he was still at the Parks Dept, he told me that Fabrizi let him go. Several people told me that Mitch (the Switch) Robles and John Fabrizi almost went at it last night at the DTC meeting. The word is that Fabrizi said to Mitch at the end of the encounter, “I fucking made you.” It looks like Mitch “Switched” again. Nice to hear that Chico Rivera is recovering and did the right thing by voting for Carmen Lopez. donj didn’t show up for the initiation into the OIB underworld. Someone told him that he had to give up an index finger. No finger, no underboss position! I had no one to keep their eyes on my drink. I guess Local Eyes expected to get paid. I’m still wondering where is wondering? Mojo was a no-show. He missed out on meeting the elusive Yahooy and Bpts Finest. Yahooy immediately left Taco Loco when he saw the Salt and Pepper on the table by the door. Thanks Mojo! Nice to see Jack McGregor, George Estrada, Carmen Lopez and her (white man) husband, Rob Russo and his li’l brother, Danny Roach and wife, Robert Walsh, The Bridgeport Kid and all the other OIB friends.

  21. Joel

    I know I wish Lennie could keep these things let’s say on a Saturday and Sunday when I don’t work from 3 to 10. Next OIB party I won’t miss, Joel, I promise.


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