Councilwoman Martinez Forges Long-Shot Write-In Candidacy Against Anti-Vaxxer Simmons

Newton, Martinez
Eneida Martinez with Ernie Newton.

Falling short in her primary reelection requiring a recount, East End City Councilwoman Eneida Martinez is waging an unlikely general election write-in effort to keep her East End seat against anti-vaxxer Wanda Simmons who is recovering from covid.

Diagnosed with covid just days after the primary in which she came in close proximity with numerous people without disclosing her aversion to the vaccine on the campaign trail, Simmons is holding her ground about vaccination. She recently posted this on her Facebook page:

I have natural immunity.. I don’t need this vaccine.. I Wii NOT be shamed, bullied, harassed and mandated!!!

So much for “natural immunity” warding off covid.

Simmons and Martinez had quite a go at it on social media during the campaign. Simmons blasted Martinez for her management of a neighborhood night club where a man was shot and killed. But Simmons’ anti-vax disclosure after the fact has added a new wrinkle into the race and the potential exposure she placed on constituents.

Martinez’s running partner Ernie Newton, who received the most votes among four candidates, used his public position to promote vaccine effectiveness.

Martinez’s chances are remote, Simmons will appear on both the Democratic and Working Families Party lines–but her write-in candidacy keeps the focus on Simmons’ disregard for public health and fitness to serve as she prepares to take her council seat early December.

From Martinez on Facebook:

This will be what the ballot will look like…Scroll to the bottom and write my name in..

November 2, 2021….Will announce approval after Tuesday….I can’t let the community fall apart w/poor decision leadership….

Meanwhile still recovering from her covid sickbed, Simmons fired back:

I’m not going to drag my community into a dirty political campaign. I do NOT support Ernie Newton because he is complicit in holding Enedia accountable for the HARM and destruction she continues to cause in our community!! They both have slandered my name and family and I don’t appreciate it!!

People hold them to a higher standard and VOTE definitely!!!

I WON the Democratic Primary 234 VOTES. Ernie has me BLOCKED and continues to co sign on all the negative things enedia is doing. Ernie and I have always had a love hate relationship and we have fought often but I have NEVER disrespected him like he and enedia continue to do on social media..

We all are dealing with so much and I will NOT participate in harmful rhetoric over politics!! I Love my community and know WE ARE BETTER than THIS…

It’s time to send them a message in your VOTE. I’m so sorry elections are not about community issues and improvement but personal attacks .

Ernie I’m disgusted by your actions!!! Enedia is TOXIC and needs to be in JAIL for abusing her power and exploiting our youth.

You promote Filth and are a danger to our youth! You are NOT someone whom our children should aspire to be. Go get some mental health therapy because you are a woman that’s on assignment from hell.. I was you and God changed my Life…

Evil is what you are

Wanda and I have engaged in our own exchange on Facebook. Here’s a sampling:

Lennie Grimaldi
Wanda, you didn’t campaign as an anti-vaxxer. You lose your primary race had you done so. So every person you touched, or came within close contact, during the campaign did not know about your hidden position and agenda about public health. How many people have you gotten sick? Did you tell your running mate you are against vaccination? Why did you not disclose your position against vaccination? You claim vaccination is a choice. What choice did the people of the East End have when coming in contact with you?

Wanda Simmons
Lennie Grimaldi you have written a piece of garbage about me.. your commentary is filled with LIES. If you have any coof about you my page is filled with my values and posts on many topics.
I WON period. I don’t need you trying to tell me WHAT I should have run my campaign on..
You are a political hack and I am going to have just as much fun being the leader in my community…
You know Nothing about me except what you assume!!!
I’m not mad just find it hilarious the misinformation you have spread about me…
To late to ask questions AFTER you print your Garbage piece!!!

Lennie Grimaldi
Wanda, you became a public health hazard to the people you claim to represent. Why did you not disclose on the campaign trail you personally oppose vaccination? Isn’t that something your constituents deserve to know rather than potentially making them ill?

Wanda Simmons
Lennie Grimaldi and I’m NOT an Anti Vaxxer. I’m a CHOICE voice. If you want it I will get it to you as the representative of my community If you DON’T I support your decision as well…

Lennie Grimaldi
Why didn’t you tell people on the campaign trail you were not vaccinated?

Lennie Grimaldi
Did you tell running mate Victoria Majewski you were not vaxed?

Lennie Grimaldi
Did you tell people knocking on doors you were not vaxed?

Lennie Grimaldi
Did you tell people coming into contact with primary night you were not vaxed?

Wanda Simmons
Lennie Grimaldi For all I know I could have gotten it from a fully vaccinated individual. There are NO protections because you are vaxed…
Now I will educate you dear.
Wait for it because it’s coming and you can print it!! Deal? Thanks..
Rebuttal coming 👍😎

Lennie Grimaldi
And there are no protections from you…period.

Wanda Simmons
Lennie Grimaldi you mad.. 🤣🤣😎😎

Lennie Grimaldi
You simply decided I don’t care if I make you ill.

Lennie Grimaldi
Why not just tell people from the start I am not vaxed?

Lennie Grimaldi
Why wait until you’re covid positive?

Wanda Simmons
You’re funny.. the ignore is astonishing I used to believe you had intelligence but your intolerant rants are sad..
Tootles. I’ll be back.. I have to go use the toilet 🤣😎

Lennie Grimaldi
How many children, adults, senior citizens, campaign workers, constituents came in contact with you while you were covid positive?

Lennie Grimaldi
Are you now back in the hospital for a second time?

Wanda Simmons
Lennie Grimaldi I have NO MORE for you.. you are like I said… I’m going to the potty😎

Lennie Grimaldi
Hospital or home?

Lennie Grimaldi
All you had to do is tell people I don’t personally believe in vaccination. I am not vaccinated. That way they can make an informed decision.

Lennie Grimaldi
Instead, you hid it from public view while touching, embracing, handshaking who knows how many people who didn’t know.



  1. Wanda Simmons, this election in the 139th district is not about Eneida Martinez and Ernie Newton, it is now about you Wanda, being a anti-vaxer. I got my booster COVID-19 vaccine and I guess whatever you think is wrong with the COVID-19 vaccine it’s in me but there’s one thing I know, is that there is a great chance that I won’t be a COVID-19 spreader, now can you tell the voters in the 139th district the same thing?

  2. Comrade, you’re on point. With cases and deaths increasing, being a Republican, Trump’s stance on anti-vaccination, and it was relatively a close race. Martinez can make a race of it even as a written candidate.

    From what I read and seen in the media about Trump, R’s anti-Anti-vaccination stance/supporter. Wanda might as well be wearing a MAGA hat.

    I don’t think Martinez is going to capitalize on Wanda’s stance on vaccinations. I don’t know her fundraising ability with the right messaging and campaigning. Even as a written candidate Councilwoman Martinez may be able to pull off a win by painting Wanda as the R’s, white supremacy, Foxnews, Tucker Carlson anti-vaccination supporter.

    However, it seems it going to be the same mud slanging campaign via Facebook.

    Anti-vaccination is not a Democrat position.

    Time will tell though, specifically Nov 2

    P.S speaking of spoons. 🙂

  3. Wanda,you should be ashamed of yourself.I’m not arguing to get the shot or not,that truly is your decision, but for you to go out campaigning,shaking hands,going into people’s houses,etc,and not having the common decency to disclose that you aren’t vaccinated??? What kind of a person does this??.

    1. Even Vaccinated candidates need to practice safe social distance while campaigning. I hope they candidates are not out their with the vaccine thinking that they can shake hands, kiss babies and go inside someone’s home without a mask? What are the vaccinated candidates doing Lenny?

  4. The claustrophobic conditions of COVID 19 have perhaps been background so that combined with people who have discovered fundamental values such as the right to say no to government mandates, and others who feel that there is so much change in the air that it is time to run for office. Today, I saw Devon Brown sign an application to become a write in candidate in the 139th District.
    That makes seven candidates in the 139th including the two ‘write ins’: Devon Brown and Eneida Martinez.

    With three weeks to go and the weather fine, a lot of door knocking is anticipated, and likely a higher vote count when the dust settles. Roads are getting paved, Brown notes and he sees signs of larger real estate values in action currently. Higher prices provide opportunity for those with property to sell or further develop the neighborhood. Devon grew up in the East End, attending Edison, Dunbar and Harding before moving on to Housatonnic and Southern CT. He has developed a real estate practice around management to produce income streams for owners.
    He can be seen riding one of his bicycles in town. It provides him a genuine street level view, slow enough for the images to be really seen, yet fast enough to keep him steadily moving forward. As he noted today, “In real estate, you need to see something first, before you can seize the opportunity to profit from it.” You can stop and meet folks and talk about what is on their minds. He has been watching for opportunities while COVID has raged. People in the 139th should be excited to know that so many people are interested in the 139th at this time. Three weeks or so is not too long for time to tell.


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