Library Board Goes To Court, Plus: Being Mayor, No Walk In The Park

Weekend update: The Bridgeport Library Board is taking the city to court to bring a voter referendum that could determine a funding level for city libraries.

OIB friend Sly Salcedo, an attorney and member of the library board, filed a complaint in Bridgeport Superior Court on Friday. A report from Sly:

“I filed papers in Superior Court/Bridgeport against Alma Maya as Town Clerk for her refusal to accept the petition of Bridgeport voters as per Connecticut General Statute, Section 11-36 to place the following referendum question on the ballot on November 3, 2009: “Shall a one (1) mill tax be levied to establish and maintain a free library and reading room?

“The judge granted our request for an “Order to Appear and Show Cause” to Alma Maya, the Town Clerk for August 24, 2009 at 9:30 a.m.

“The case is on the CT Judicial website: under the case name: Liberate Libraries Committee v. Alma Maya, Docket Number CV09-4029907″

Library supporters say the Finch administration doesn’t appreciate the educational, knowledge and safety-net value of one of the finest public library systems in the state. They want voters to decide, per state statute, the funding level. Small communities in Connecticut have done this.

Assuming a judge allows the vote to go forward it sets up a battle between library lovers and city pols that want the measure to go down. One mil represents roughly $6 million in the city budget. The library budget is roughly $4 million. City pols will pit the library measure against other city departments. “The passage of this measure will require cuts to other departments.”

Library supporters will say “libraries  are a quality of life tool that raises the city’s image and promotes economic growth. The city can spend millions on this and that but not adequately invest in libraries.”

Lots of questions. Does the question shoot too high in its monetary request? If the measure passes does it strip the mayor’s budgetary discretion over library personnel? What must the money be spent on? Anything associated with libraries such as capital improvements?

If this measure goes to voters it will definitely juice a turnout in an otherwise sleepy election cycle.

Walking Saints

Anyone take a walk with the mayor at Saints on Thursday?

What would you ask?

Hey mayor, when does the battle royal with Ralph Jacobs begin to control civil service? When you can him who’ll replace him?

How about that library referendum?

Are you going to play in these City Council races?

Miss the state senate?

Methinks if you had a martini or two with Bill Finch he’d say transport me back to the state senate. Not nearly the migraine level of chief executive for the state’s largest city. Of course the mayoral pay grade is much much better. Yup, the mayor was a fixture of that clubby 36-member unit. State senate job, business community job, fishing in the Pequonnock River across from his home. Now it’s the budget, taxes, crime, crappy economy, political fights, City Hall skirmishes, party whiners. Hey, you want some cheese to go with that whine?

Yeah, being mayor is no walk in the park. I gotta think when the mayor takes those walks he internalizes what the frig am I doing here! You know why he takes those walks? Yeah, it’s good public relations shit. But it reminds Bill what he’d rather be doing. He’s really more of a walk in the park, cast a line type of guy, a true lover of urban park genius Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of Central Park and Seaside Park. He’d be perfect working for the state in charge of the Fisheries Bureau or in charge of all the state parks. (And let’s not forget Connecticut secretary of state.)

So now that you know the Democratic candidates for City Council primaries in four districts what’s your take? Fire up those phones, put on your walking shoes, dust off those absentee ballots. Mario, you out there?

News release from Governor Rell

Governor Rell: Connecticut’s Annual Sales Tax-Free Week Runs August 16-22

This Year’s Tax-Free Week Especially Welcome for Shoppers Amid Tough Economic Times, Governor Says

Governor M. Jodi Rell today said that as households across Connecticut look for ways to stretch their shopping dollars, consumers should remember that the state’s annual sales tax-free week can help maximize back-to-school budgets. This year’s event runs from Sunday, August 16, through Saturday, August 22.
During the Sales Tax Holiday Week, most individual items of clothing and footwear priced under $300 are exempt from Connecticut’s sales and use tax. During that week, the increased exemption replaces the standard exemption for clothing under $50. For purchases costing $300 or more, sales tax is calculated on the full cost of the item.

“Every year, shoppers and retailers look forward to the third week in August as a way to boost their bottom line,” Governor Rell said. “And given the present state of the economy, the Annual Sales Tax Holiday Week has become even more important. Consumers can get the most for their money and merchants see an increase in sales – everyone benefits.”
Governor Rell said many retailers schedule sales to coincide with sales tax-free week. This helps shoppers save even more money because sales tax is applied after the use of any coupons or discounts. Some items may start above the $300 threshold, but after discounts are applied they become less than $300 and are no longer subject to the tax that week.

Connecticut has offered the week of sales tax-free shopping on clothing and shoes for nine years. The state’s non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis has projected that the state will forgo about $3.3 million during the 2009 holiday. However, Governor Rell said the benefits of the program to the state’s consumers and businesses far outweigh this temporary revenue loss.

Check the Department of Revenue Services ( DRS ) Web site at for information about the Connecticut Sales Tax Holiday Week. The DRS Web site also has links to other publications to help consumers understand the regular sales and use tax exemption on clothing and footwear.



  1. *** He’s an adult & made a decision to run, so now he must deal with it. However, he was a much better State Senator than city Mayor, no doubt. *** I hope someday to have Yahooy-Pooey examine the actual smell of my homemade knuckle sandwich, up close & personal like, just for G/P. *** Pen:8#*! ***

        1. I don’t understand the connotation of this last remark. Are you suggesting that gay people should be regarded with scorn? The constitution begins with “We the PEOPLE …”
          Gay people are people; are they not? Why do you choose to exclude the gay community from all of the rights you are entitled to? Get with modern times you homophobic philistinian phuck. Your mouth is writing checks your ass can’t cash.

          1. *** Disect it however you want, fool; paint the picture however you want also. It’s what you do best on this forum anyway, also bring your check by anytime, and I’ll be happy to cash yours vip-style, lust boy! ***

  2. I have to resort to gallows humor when I hear Bridgeport’s elected officials say things like this:

    “We know we’ve got to create more jobs, but it’s a problem that’s plaguing cities all over the country and we’re doing everything we can in a tough economic time.” So sayeth Mayor Bill Finch while strolling along Saint Mary’s-By-The-Sea yesterday. Attention Mr. Mayor: joblessness is a problem that has plagued Bridgeport for a long time, too long. A lack of jobs that pay a realistic wage is the reason the city’s retail economy is virtually dependent on food stamps, welfare checks, and money earned from the distribution of illegal drugs. If you, your administration, and the leadership of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee are truly concerned with the economic health and vitality of the city, no one has seen any meaningful signs demonstrating this concern.

    Bridgeport’s elected officials (including a number of former mayors) turned the city into a pay-to-play town. Contracts were doled out according to the bribes paid up front or the kickbacks that came after. I would venture a guess that this sort of thing still goes on. What else would explain the lack of substantive investment in the city, the sort of investment that would create more than a few permanent jobs that pay a living wage. If people were able to earn a decent paycheck the city wouldn’t be as troubled by foreclosures brought on by predatory lenders interested in lining their pockets at the expense of the taxpayers–they’re the ones that foot the cleanup costs.

  3. Developers in Bridgeport do not need to develop anything. Just buy the property preferably with taxes owed and then apply to the city for tax forgiveness.

    Let’s look at the property known as Greenwood street.
    Developer tried to build condos in a one-family neighborhood and was refused by zoning. They then were going to build one family dwellings. That never got off the ground.
    Zoning people are replaced and the condos are back in the picture through a spot-zoning maneuver by a new commissioner (Gail Soltis). This move seems to have fallen by the wayside.
    Now we have a women who states she paid $2 million for this property even though it is valued at $300plus K.
    Now the fun begins: Mayor Finch states he has $2.5 million and wants to buy this property for flood issues and possibly a new high school.
    So here you go the developer gets to make millions and still nothing gets developed.

    1. Which is yet another example of politically well-connected assholes pimping off the city for their own benefit, the greed of the foul-smelling few benefiting at the expense of the many.

      And why is it that Mayor Finch goes out for photo ops at Saint Mary’s and Seaside Park, never to Whent Field or Washington Park or other parks in less desirable neighborhoods? Could it be that, like self-interested jerks such as Joe “I’ll get the volunteers to do it for free” Celli, Mr. Finch only cares about the money classes? Could it be that, for all his talk of bringing more jobs to the city, Mr. Finch simply doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone other than weasels like Paul “the pimp” Timpanelli and Bob Scinto? Could it be that, like the ward-heeling district leaders of the DTC, he cares only for his privilege and nothing at all for the poor and working classes? When I was down and out, I got only advice and suggestions from a few of these so-called “Democrats.” One had the tact to tell me that “what you need is a job.” Really? No shit, Sherlock. (Ever hear an old saying about the sins of the father visiting upon the son?) Or the self-important, condescending asshole that told me all my problems were self-inflicted. I reached out to self-proclaimed compassionate, caring people like the two clowns referenced above and all I got was a handful of dust.

      So that’s been my personal experience with the notorious Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee. But don’t assume I have an axe to grind; I just want the DTC’s power eliminated because it is a criminal, corrupt and corrupting organization. Anyone running for public office in Bridgeport who succeeds without the dubious benefits of this organization ought to be feted.

        1. I don’t have to prove anything. There is nothing democratic about the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee. If it was a truly “democratic” organization it would be working toward bringing jobs to Bridgeport, not just having the mayor stroll around Saint Mary’s-By-The-Sea and mouthing that “we’re working on bringing more jobs …”
          It’s all talk, just so much hot inert gas expelled for the benefit of a few reporters without a better assignment.

  4. Let’s get to the bottom line with the Greenwood Street property. Owner–Manny Moutinho, owner Mark IV Construction. Contributor to Democratic campaigns.
    Former option holder (rumored to still own option) Gus Curcio. Talk about an inside straight.

  5. Minutes from the 7/7/08 Planning and Zoning Meeting:
    Hmmm. What does TC have to say about this?

    1. Grin Reaper: Let me start by saying I have not nor did I ever influence my wife on her zoning votes. That being said the vote you reference was for subdividing the property for 1-family homes not condos. That area is zoned for 1-family homes. In fact the number was reduced from 19 to 17. So what is the problem as you see it?

  6. I know what he is going to say! Something that is going to end like this: “why are you picking on my family?”
    It wasn’t Andy Fardy who voted on P&Z matters.


    “Conditionally” being the key word.

  7. Positively Republican! SHOCK Video: THIS is what your elected officials think of you and your intelligent questions (BEWARE: Video shows GRAPHIC disregard, lack of concern, and elite condescension): Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee talks on the phone as a woman asks a question at a town hall event – www

  8. *** Why is it that new wannabe candidates always promise & say more than they should to get elected? They’ll make a deal with the devil if they want it bad enough & pledge their personal support, always in secret of course. But there’re no secrets in Bpt. politics! Example, local city elections, no Mayor running this time but in 2 years? You get my meaning, someone who may be running for Mayor in the next election may want to line up support now or vice versa! You scratch my back for this election & you have my full support next election for Mayor. Of course it has to be someone that has a political following, meaning votes. And that’s how it starts, so whenever I hear the, if I’m voted in, I’ll won’t do that but I’ll do this instead, I just L.O.L. ’cause as the saying goes, talk is cheap & action will always speak louder than words! ***

    1. Candidates for public office in Bridgeport show a little faux sophistication by “mentioning” the wonderful things they’ve been thinking about, instead of making an actual promise. (Remember George H.W. Bush’s notorious “read my lips” gaffe?) That provides a few degrees’ separation from any implication of a declaration to do something (anything) about a particular issue.

  9. *** Support your local gunfighter, then tell Annie to go get her gun! *** You scratch mine & my partner’s back in this election & I’ll scratch your back & promise our “complete support” in the next Mayor’s election & then some! Who’s zooming whom is the question in local politics in Bpt. So in other words, “don’t, don’t believe the hype! ***

  10. Past election results have indicated that the Calamarians can generate sufficient votes to beat the competition by a ratio of 2:1. If each of us who want to rid Don Calamari of his grip on our … never mind … then we each need to identify 2 registered voters who don’t vote and encourage them to get out to the polls. And if we can identify individuals who have not yet registered, get them to register and to vote, we rid ourselves of the continuing saga of the horseshit we have endured for 30+ years. Agree?

    1. I agree, whole-heartedly. I offer unqualified support for all candidates running for seats on the Bridgeport City Council, campaigning without any assistance from the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee. If they prevail in primary and election day voting, more power to ’em. They would not owe any allegiance to Mario “Don Calamari” Testa, nor would they have to tithe any of their $9,000.00 annual stipend to the citadel of his power on Madison Avenue.

      That wouldn’t remove him from the picture, however. Mr. Testa certainly has a few City Council members in his pocket; he would use his influence to scuttle any good works attempted by the incoming mavericks. It’s all about power, control, and settling petty scores, never about the business of the people of the city of Bridgeport. The same can be said about the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee’s operating structure. From what I’ve seen, the DTC’s district leaders could care less about the people’s business. (One district leader, at a loss to quantify the good stuff State Representative Auden Grogins has done for the people of the city of Bridgeport, said “She got money for that museum …”

      “Which museum? The Barnum Museum?”

      “No, that other one, over on Park Avenue.”

      “The Discovery Museum.”

      “Yeah, the Discovery Museum. I don’t even give a fuck about that place.”

      This is the man that recruited me to work on Ms. Grogins’ campaign last year. When I had performed all the work assigned I was cast aside like an old shoe, used and disposed of. (Ms. Grogins had an air of condescending superiority herself, actually.) These are the sort of people that keep the machine running. And since Don Calamari can no longer muster electoral victory through the wonders of absentee ballots and calling upon the dead to rise up from the grave and vote (it’s entertaining to see them lurching down the street to the polling place), the district leaders have to work that much harder. Gotta give ’em credit: it’s a lot of work driving around town, looking for alcoholics and drug addicts in abandoned buildings or under bridges.

  11. “Shall a one (1) mill tax be levied to establish and maintain a free library and reading room?”

    “What must the money be spent on? Anything associated with libraries such as capital improvements?”

    The question is a vague one at its best. We have several established libraries (plural) with reading rooms.
    The referendum question asks for the establishment and maintenance of “a” free library and reading room.

    The money would have to be spent on the maintenance of the free libraries and reading rooms. Any copying of library or reading room material shall be free. Does anyone really believe that the Library Board will use the money for its intended purpose, when it isn’t clear what the definition of “establish and maintain” is?

  12. *** New or old; local, state or fed. most politicians play & pay sometimes to get into the political arena, regardless of what they say or claim to do! You would be surprised just how many have tried to get Caruso’s backing & voters for a chance of winning the upcoming election. Only to claim allegiance to him later in the next Mayor’s election after bad-mouthing him in the past about his do’s & don’ts! Mr. Caruso knows who he can trust or not by now, believe that! *** Games people play are not new in Bpt. ***

  13. Mr. Caruso is a law unto himself in Bridgeport. More than a few people has said that they think he would’ve made a better mayor than the all-sizzle-and-no-steak backstabbing G.Q. boy we’ve been saddled with.

    I’m all for leveling the current political establishment in Bridgeport; it is not representative of the people. But it will only take so much time to dismantle and replace. What then? If Mr. Caruso could come up with a long-range plan for Bridgeport (proactively seeking industrial investment that would create long-term living-wage jobs, overhauling the city’s failing public school system, etc.), find a better tailor, and tell his barber he’s tired of looking like an asshole, well hey! He might actually win a primary and an election.

  14. Shame on Alma Maya!!!
    She used to talk a good talk.
    She and Willie Matos and Cesar Batalla used to be rebels and rabble rousers.
    She used to be for the “people.”
    Now the only people she is for are the people who sign her paycheck.
    She is bought and paid for.
    Whether you are for or against the library mil rate you should be for getting Alma thrown out of office.
    Shame on her. Cesar is rolling over in his grave.

  15. Good job Sly vote yes on this. I can not believe the city clerk rejected this. Voters signed it so it should be on the ballot. Supporter or not of it you should be mad that the city clerk did this when they got the names needed; shame on the city clerk. At this point I’d rather have Crowe than McCarthy. At least Crowe won the primary and election!!! McCarthy is hand placed on to us. don’t vote for him.

  16. Uh, does anybody know if Mr. Salcedo met the statutory requirements for filing his petition? However, I suppose we are going to find that out in court.

  17. a few random thoughts:

    It’s not the Mayor’s job to create jobs. Prediction: if satisfactory health care reform gets passed, job creation will skyrocket.

    Local Eyes remains opposed to a library referendum because politics is the story of who-gets-what and libraries should not be exempted from this annual political process. Period. Boo-hiss to their greedy staff and supporters for even considering this plan.

    People who think Bill Finch made a better state senator are underestimating today’s economic reality: being Mayor of Bridgeport has become a thankless and difficult job as the local/national consumer contracts and the pie gets smaller.

    Finally, I’m not about to be outperformed by some 11-year-old-boy who had to ask The President to be his homeboy!

    Hell, no. Obama was my homeboy before he was President and proving it will be the subject of my next post.

  18. It’s not fair to call the library staff greedy. This is coming from the Library Director and the Board. The staff are already under siege … it would help so much for the public to understand the conditions under which they are now working.

  19. stillstanding:

    I concur that there is no basis to call the library staff greedy. Likewise, there is no basis to call the Library Director and the Library Board greedy either.
    The Library Director was hired by the Library Board to run the Bridgeport Library System in an efficient and responsible way for the benefit of the Bridgeport residents and their visitors. The Library Director presented a long-term vision and a strategic plan to the board which was reviewed and approved. Part of that strategic plan is a reliable and stable funding source that should not be fought over and over at every budget cycle between the mayor and city council. This saps time and energy that should be dedicated to programing, improving customer services, training and re-tooling of staff resources for best practices in the 21st century. Given all the options available, the referendum question route was selected and voted on by the board as the best way to stabilize the library’s budget for the long term and enable the Director and his staff to operate the library at the optimum level. Accordingly, that is where we are today. That is, to put the budget decision for the library directly in the hands of the voters of Bridgeport.
    However, the city administration is not giving the voters that chance, at this moment, to decide for themselves if they will agree with the Library Board’s decision, at the Library Director’s recommendation, to fund the library at 1 (one) mil. Therefore, the “Liberate Libraries Committee (LLC)” is now asking a Superior Court judge to review and decide if the city can basically block, through inaction at the Town Clerk’s office, the LLC’s request to ask fellow Bridgeport voters if they agree with their proposal or not.
    Of course, we are hoping the judge will decide in the LLC’s favor.
    Then, the last and final say will be in the hands of Bridgeport voters: keep the status quo or vote for change and improvement in the Bridgeport Public Library.
    As a member of the library board, my challenge is to communicate and convince fellow Bridgeport voters that this is a good idea. And I’m now telling all of you, fellow Bridgeport voters, that IT IS A GOOD IDEA!
    Those opposed will voice and support their position.
    It’s the American way. Let every voter’s vote count!

    As to stillstanding’s comment “The staff are already under siege … it would help so much for the public to understand the conditions under which they are now working.” … I ask you again to call me and let me know what these alleged conditions are … I want to know … give me some examples … point me in the right directions to make inquiries … call me, send me a letter … let’s be constructive and find solutions … nothing can be resolved if you continue to make general statements that cannot be understood or addressed in a helpful manner.
    And where’s GrandmaMoses? Does G. Moses support LLC’s efforts?

  20. Sylvester L. Salcedo

    Is this going to be a big campaign? If it heads onto the ballot will there be yard signs out saying vote yes? Will you guys hand out or mail literature giving the reasons to vote yes?

  21. What do you call a public service entity that seeks to circumvent the entire political process and secure funding that is generous and to its advantage, without even a hint of improved service?

    Answer: greedy

    I understand there is a quirky loophole that makes a referendum possible. I hope it is defeated.

  22. *** Rumor has it that T/C & running partner approached C. Caruso with an offer of allegiance to him should he run again for Mayor & continued after the fact? Cost, his public endorsment & voter support! Once again the old saying, “no man is an island” comes to mind. If you want it bad enough, it’s amazing what deals can be reached? Bpt. politics @ its best; however Mr. Caruso knows it very well & is not about to just take a simple you got a deal buddy type of arrangement! ***

    1. Mojo, plain and simple you are full of it. If you heard this rumor all you had to do was call me or Ann. I am in the book, so is she.
      Posting BS like this is something I thought you were above. I guess not.
      Let me explain this to you once and for all. Neither Ann nor I ever approached Chris Caruso for his support or endorsement. I have never voted for Chris Caruso and in fact I supported and campaigned for Carlos Silva in that primary.
      Now maybe you would make a deal like that and think everyone would sink to your level, but Ann & I would not.
      Do we want to win this primary? Bet your ass we do. We are going to win this primary the old-fashioned way; we are going to earn it by working hard and being straight with the people in our district.
      If I were into deals I would have held fundraisers and cut deals for monetary support. Mojo you know how to do that. Instead Ann & I 100% financed our entire campaign with our money. NO DEALS.
      Mojo “NO MAN IS AN iSLAND.” You are right, I have Ann Barney and the people of the 138th. If you are going to post negative stuff at least get it right. I heard this rumor about 2 hrs ago and it came from Andy Nunn. Are you shilling for the administration and your old pal BC?

      1. *** Why should I have to call you? I blogged in the beginning that it was a rumor so why so uptight? Also, you don’t know shit about me or my campaigning or fundraising of which I’ve never had that was not run by me. Besides I don’t live in your district so it’s no big deal to me about your campaign info! Once again it was a simple question of which was being rumored, you blog on this site about everything in Bpt. but you can’t handle a simple blog question? Get real & stop being so uptight about things & questions that come up from time to time, it’s only just begun! Be prepared instead of so defensive ’cause as I’ve said in the past, there are no secrets in Bpt politics. ***

        1. It was more than a simple question and you know it.
          I didn’t say you had to call but that would have been the decent thing to do.
          I can handle all questions and I handled yours. It’s just funny that your question coincides with what Andy Nunn has been putting out there.

  23. Mojo
    Like most rumors, this current rumor you are spreading is indeed false. Neither Andy nor I have pledged our support to anyone let alone Chris Caruso. As we have said all along we are running a grassroots campaign. The reason we are doing that is so we are not indebted to anyone. With the primary right around the corner, we are not about to change our campaign strategy. We are running with the sole purpose of doing what is best for the people of the 138th and for the city of Bridgeport. We are not jumping into bed with anyone!
    Perhaps next time you would like to ask Andy or myself directly, should you have any concerns about what our campaign promises are.

    1. *** Asking a simple question which was put as a rumor in the first place should not be cause for such panic, especially if not true! I expect B/S from the usual peanut gallery monkeys on this forum that hide behind a website name & take pot shots about people behind rumors but from you guys, all I really expected was a simple “no.” Mojo it’s probably just as you blogged, rumored B/S. Not complete panic & total melt own, & you want to be city-council persons? Give me a break & take a chill pill, you haven’t seen nor heard anything yet ’til you get closer to the primary. And for the rest of the OIB animals, you all can kiss the blarney stone where the sun don’t shine! Like I care what you think, please pinch yourselves ’cause your mind & bodies are asleep! ***

  24. donj: If the LLC gets through the Town Clerk barricade and the referendum question is placed on the November 3 ballot, I anticipate that the faithful will raise some funds to pay for hand-out materials to explain the cause and to drum up support to win just like any other political effort to persuade the electorate. I don’t have those details from campaign HQ yet, but as I sit in the office right now snacking on some Doritos … I just got an inspiration that perhaps could work for everyone … (I think even Mayor Finch might love this idea!) instead of lawn signs which I’m not a fan of … (too costly, unsightly, not everyone cleans them up after the elections, visual pollution, etc.) … what if all B’port voters cut out 6″-12″ triangles from old newspapers or brown paper grocery bags (reuse, recycle), and paste them on your house front windows or cars (mine will be up tonight!) … for pro-referendum people … the triangle tip points up (as in DO-ritos voters), and anti-referendum people like Local Eyes and Joel Gonzalez can have their triangle tips point downwards (they’re the Toast-itos voters). On election day, the losers buys the salsa and margaritas on restaurant row from Murphy’s Law to Cafe Roma (Lennie and Mo will be at Épernay!) all the way to Two Boots!!! Imagine the newspaper-internet coverage: Bridgeport, CT; first in the nation to run environmentally sensitive political campaign with recycled newspapers/brown paper bags!!!

  25. I always knew that Mojo was an ignorant, illiterate kiss-ass. On this blog he has also proven himself to be a bigoted homophobe as well. Now he’s a liar to boot.

    Hang tight TC and Barney and don’t lose your momentum. They are running scared. Godspeed.

  26. The DTC machine is trying to stop people like Fardy and Ann and all people who go against them but guess what guys I am sensing a huge Ann and Fardy win at Hooker and a decent win at JFK. DTC machine, you are not winning this one!!!

  27. Another thing, I was not planning on voting in November because I don’t like McCarthy and I still can’t see myself ever voting for a Republican so I was going to sit this one out. But if the Library question is on the ballot then I will go out and vote but only vote for that question and nothing else.


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