The Library Flap

Get ready for the library showdown. This one’s gonna be a page turner.

The official complaint is Liberate Libraries Committee vs Alma Maya, Town Clerk of the City of Bridgeport. Liberate Libraries Committee is a political action committee formed to push the passage of a library budget referendum. Library Board President Jim O’Donnell, an attorney, serves as chairman of the Liberate Libraries Committee. George Comer and Susan Errichetti serve as treasurers.

Sylvester Salcedo, an attorney and Library Board member, filed a complaint Friday in Superior Court on behalf of the political action committee, seeking an order to place a referendum question on the ballot in November, per state statute, in which voters would decide a library expenditure. City officials oppose the referendum. A court hearing has been set for the morning of August 24.

From the complaint:

The Plaintiffs, along with others, caused petitions to be circulated pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 11-36 and on August 3, 2009 presented such petitions signed by more than fifty electors asking that such annual tax be levied for the establishment and maintenance of a free public library and reading room in Bridgeport and to give notice that at the next regular municipal election to be held November 3, 2009 that the following question be placed on the voting ballot label for determination by the electors: “Shall a one (1) mill tax be levied to establish and maintain a free public library and reading room?”

The Defendant Town Clerk, acting through her Assistant Town Clerks, refused to accept such petitions or to log such petitions, purportedly on the grounds that no opinion had been received from the City Attorney to authorize such acceptance.

On August 5, 2009 a further attempt to present the petitions pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 11-36 was made with the assistance of a State Judicial Marshal …

Following a telephone conference with the City Attorney, the Assistant Town Clerk acting on behalf of the Defendant took the presented petitions, but indicated that no action would be taken to give notice that at the regular municipal election to be held November 3, 2009 the question of an annual tax for the maintenance of a library is to be voted upon in the manner prescribed in Connecticut General Statutes Section 9-369 or that such question would be placed on the voting ballot for such election, unless the City Attorney instructed the Town Clerk to do so.

The City Attorney has not indicated that he intends to direct the Town Clerk to comply with Connecticut General Statutes Section 11-36.

The deadline for Town Clerks to notify the Secretary of States of questions to be placed on the voting ballot for municipal elections is September 3, 2009.

The duties imposed upon the Defendant Town Clerk, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 11-36, to give notice and place the question on the voting ballot label for determination at such election, are mandatory and do not involve the exercise of any discretion.

The plaintiffs will suffer harm if the Town Clerk does not perform such duties imposed by law in a timely manner and thereby be allowed to frustrate the orderly democratic process to permit the citizens of Bridgeport to voice their opinion as to the allocation of their tax dollars to provide financial support for the public library.

The key players, as alleged in the complaint, are City Attorney Mark Anastasi and Town Clerk Alma Maya. Anastasi has worked in the City Attorney’s Office for more than 25 years. He was appointed City Attorney, chief of all city lawyers, by Joe Ganim. He’s held that position without a break in service through John Fabrizi and Bill Finch. Anastasi makes no apology for whom he works … the mayor. He’s a political animal loyal to the chief executive and will make legal arguments to that cause. Sometimes this places Mark in the line of fire as was the case in his zeal to protect Ganim’s taxpayer-paid cellphone records and bringing dubious court action against others that cost millions in outside legal fees with no benefit to the taxpayer, as was the case under Fabrizi.

It’s a simple as this. If Finch tells Mark to give Maya clearance to accept the petitions and schedule the referendum it will be done. If Finch says fight it, Mark will craft a legal argument and there will be a court fight. Maya, as city clerk, is elected in her own right to a four-year term. She does not work for Finch and does not need Finch’s blessing. But so far something or someone is advising her to duck this referendum effort.

Maya was elected town clerk on the Finch ticket in 2007 following the retirement of long-time Town Clerk Hector Diaz. She was a disciple of the late Cesar Batalla, the titular head of the Latin community and the leading social irritant in the city. Batalla was an establishment fighter even as community relations director of the Southern Connecticut Gas Company.

Batalla would have been shoulder to shoulder with the library board trying to protect voter interests.

It appears the city will try to knock out this effort legally, and if that fails will try to line up political support to defeat the question in November. City bean counters don’t like the idea of facing a potential $6 million appropriation for library services, especially with some tough budgets coming up as pay increases for uniformed services kick in.

How are they going to pay for that? Bean counters don’t know.

Council Conversations

“Continuing Our Community Conversations”
presented by:
Your 134th District Councilwomen

AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia
Michelle Lyons

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
doors open 6:30pm
meeting starts 7:00pm
City Hall
Wheeler Rooms A and B
45 Lyon Terrace
Bridgeport, CT. 06604
Topics to be discussed:
*Zoning Issues/Quality of Life Issues
*Voting Registration Procedures ~ New Voters Registration
*Updated Information for ALL.
If you have ANY questions, concerns,or/and are new to the 134th District in Bridgeport, this meeting is for you.
Thank you,
AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia
Councilwoman, 134th District
cellular phone ~ 1-203-275-6412

Michelle Lyons
Councilwoman, 134th District

Pleasure Beach

We just wanted to share with you some exciting news about the 2009 Pleasure Beach Boat Lift and Clean Up that took place this weekend. We got a ton of trash off the Beach and had more than 40 volunteers help out that were ferried over by boat. If you were there- Thank you for all your help! If you didn’t make it- go to to see photos and get a full account of the days events. Next time we head out, you’ll have to come with us! There’s always a spot in the boat for a friend of CCB. Thanks!

CCB Board and Staff
Connecticut Community Boating, Inc.

News release from Governor Rell

Governor M. Jodi Rell announced today that H1N1 (swine) flu vaccinations will be made free to the public and said the state is recruiting doctors and other health care providers to administer the vaccine as soon as the federal government makes it available. Connecticut could initially receive up to 1.8 million doses.

“We are making extensive preparations in advance of flu season to safeguard our citizens,” Governor Rell said. “This year, getting a vaccine is more critical than ever since the swine flu virus has spread around the globe. Swine flu vaccines will be available at no cost and are particularly critical for individuals who are most vulnerable. They will be given priority when the first shipments of vaccine arrive.”

The federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) anticipates that an H1N1 vaccine will be licensed and ready for distribution by mid-fall of 2009. The Governor said federal funds will be available to reimburse doctors and other providers who administer the vaccine. The vaccine is administered in two doses at least four weeks apart.

State health officials say the most at-risk groups are:

· pregnant women
· children ages 6 months to 4 years old
· children ages 5-18 with chronic medical conditions
· individuals who care for children
· health care professionals with direct patient contact

The Governor said doctors and health care providers interested in administering the vaccine will soon be able to register with the federal government so they can order the vaccine as soon as it becomes available. State health officials say the registration is necessary to compile shipping and contact information to allow the state to have vaccine sent directly to each doctor’s office. There is no cost to sign up and registered providers are not committed to provide the vaccine. Federal registration forms will be available soon and can be accessed through DPH at

The vaccine is expected to be available in a combination of settings including public health-organized vaccination clinics, private doctors’ offices, Visiting Nurse Associations and retail clinics. State health officials say a vaccine for seasonal influenza will also be available this fall.

April 2009, the first cases of the H1N1 virus, also referred to as the “swine flu,” were identified in the U.S. In June 2009, the World Health Organization upgraded the worldwide alert to a pandemic. In response, the CDC began the process of contracting for the production of a novel H1N1 influenza vaccine.

Connecticut has had more than 1,900 confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus and nine deaths, all of whom were people with underlying medical conditions.

Governor Rell last month addressed a statewide conference of school administrators and health professionals to discuss preparations being made at the state and local levels to safeguard students, faculty and staff as the school year opens. The Governor also recently participated in a conference call with U.S. Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other governors to discuss federal and state response.



  1. The Internet will do to Bridgeport’s libraries what inflation did to Bridgeport’s manufacturing base.

    The referendum is an outdated and dysfunctional response to the library’s cause. It should be defeated before it sees a ballot. McLevy’s influence should be limited to “greens” and not to include library referendums.

    As it stands, libraries amount to adult daycare for those without computers. One search engine outperforms a dozen librarians and I can prove it every time!

  2. Quick question I was thinking about last night even though I am a supporter of this Library question what happens if it passes, where will the city get 6 million from? Will my taxes be raised because of this? If so get the hell out of here with yes vote because I would vote No! If my taxes are not going to be raised then I will vote yes because I support it.This thing has really got me thinking; I really would like to see the Library funded but if that mean my taxes will be higher then I will vote no.

  3. I read 2 to 3 novels a week, most of which come from the library and the libraries in the surrounding community such as Stratford, Fairfield and Milford. At an average cost of $20 a pop I save a lot of money because of public libraries.

    However, I do not think the library should hold the city captive by demanding a specific dollar amount of each budget. Public libraries are an extremely important component of any community. But we should sustain them only with available funds from a properly implemented city-wide budget. If we have the available cash, libraries will benefit. If not, libraries will have to minimize services.

    If the library were to have its own budget established by referendum, other areas of the city budget will have to be cut. I just can’t see firing a fireman so that the library can meet a statutorily mandated budget.

    It is unfortunate that we elected the likes of Phinch. The man is a fool with no clue as to effective fiscal municipal management. Of course it is a popular notion to take the library budget out of his incompetent hands. I frankly wish we could take all of the budget processes out of his Calamarian-influenced hands. We can, actually. Vote the prick out and elect a new mayor who has absolutely no ties with Don Calamari.

    I’ll keep reading no matter what. If, for awhile, the library can only afford 1 copy of a particular new book, then I’ll have to wait a little longer. I can do that. So can the rest of us in Bridgeport.

    Leave the library budget as it is. The alternative is too harmful to our budgets to show any benefit other than to the By Golly and Gosh pollyanna altruists.

    1. *** You claim to do just about everything @ a larger scale than everyone else! You have a negative opinion on most things & really believe in your own clouded mind to have all the answers. You’re a regular Ivy league alumnus in a world full of high-school grads trying to cope with this ever-changing world we live in! You’re before your time & past your welcome in society with nothing to share except something which has never changed & never will? “BULLSHIT”! ***

    2. I read at least one novel a week, schedule permitting. Just finished “All The Pretty Horses” by Cormac McCarthy. Great story, first of a trilogy. At least part of my education was carried out in libraries and public reading rooms. The information was there, before the Internet, before Bill Gates founded Microsoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico (in the middle of a recession in 1975), before Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started building computers in a Bay Area garage, there were libraries. And now, the ‘Net is available in libraries. What’s more, this provides access to even larger amounts of information! And I can still check out books for private consumption in the privacy of my own home, at my own leisure.

      I’m with Yahooy: leave the library budget alone.

  4. The Liberate Library Committee seeks to enslave Bridgeporters with a $6 million appropriation for library services without any hint of improved conditions. I’m sure their supporters will disagree.

    I’m a big fan of books but what should we do with The Liberate Library Committee?

    Answer: chuck ’em overboard!

    KUDOS to yahooy for today’s brilliant post.

    I’ve gotten 2 favorable phone calls from those who liked my “libraries = adult daycare ” remark. It’s early yet.

  5. Libraries serve different purposes for different people. To just say they equal daycare is very shortsighted. People go to get books; people use computers–some for research, some for job searches, some for recreation. Many employers now require job applications to be filled out online–and, present company excluded, not everyone owns or can afford their own computer. The Historical Collections dept is invaluable as a resource (why have their hours been cut??).
    This doesn’t even touch the services for children (which have also been messed with recently). Story hours, literacy assistance, all are basic components of library services.
    If you think about it, I’m sure you’ll find many other reasons that libraries are important.

    1. Libraries are important for all the reasons you mention. And for those same reasons (Historical Collections hours cut, messing with children’s services and so much more) are why no one should allow the current administration to be given any additional money. They are reckless in their spending, show little regard for the public and the employees, and have absolutely no accountability to the taxpayer. You cannot “unseat” someone who was never elected or appointed (Library Board). And have you ever tried to speak to the Director–especially if you disagree with him?
      If people want to support the library, they need to start demanding answers, go to Board meetings, insist on finding out what is really going on with the money.

  6. Anybody see the guys handing out candy and gum and asking people to sign petitions in favor of the Greenwood St. condos outside Stop & Shop on Fairfield Avenue this weekend? They were none too friendly when I asked them who they were working for. Looked like they had a bunch of signatures. Wonder if anyone really knew what they were signing up for?

  7. Grin Ripper:

    Until you can spell mandamus, I refuse to retract my remarks. Furthermore, I don’t take orders from misinformed idiots. I encourage you to seek legal counsel.
    I’ll wait for that, too.

  8. To all those senior citizens who say HANDS OFF my Medicare:

    Since 1965, Medicare has been a freebie–it was created out of thin air! There is no such thing as a senior who has paid in to the point of deserving benefits. Repeat: it’s a freebie. Even the military has a budget, but not Medicare. Today it’s the biggest budget-buster in Washington. Medicare was invented by doctors for doctors.

    Conclusion: what’s good for the A.M.A. is bad for America.

    “No need to panic everyone, this is only a rumor alert”! If this were not a test, the rumor would have been on the 6 o’clock news & the CT Post Newspaper since there are not many secrets when it comes to Bpt politics! ***
    *** Idiots need not reply, thank you! ***

  10. Grin Ripper:

    “He who represents himself, has a fool for a client.”

    If not me, who? I don’t need representation on OIB.

    I’ve never represented myself in court. I’m a hired gun for some attorneys and sometimes they work for me.

    Here’s an order, Grin Ripper: look up “idiot” in the dictionary and start drooling when you realize it applies to you.

    Best Kept Secret: America likes socialism.
    Witness Medicare/Medicaid Social Security, affirmative action and cash-for-clunkers.

    I have NO IDEA what rumor Mojo is talking about. In this town, we need more “rumors of the truth”.

  11. Rumor had it that ***MoPho*** found someone who actually gave a shit about anything he has to say on any matter. The rumor was an unsubstantiated allegation for which there was no basis of fact.

  12. Regarding health care reform …

    Obama wants the 40,000,000 Americans currently without any form of health insurance to have access to proper health care. Cool.

    But this so-called “government option” sounds to me an awful lot like these people would be placed in a medicare-like program and that option would be available to all Americans who choose to do so.

    Why is this bad?

    Don’t bother, ***MoPho***. This is a serious question which requires serious thought. Way beyond your feeble capacities.

      1. ***MoPho***

        When there is a question mark at the end of a sentence I write, it means I don’t know the answer. How, then, would I be able to tell you “why”?

        Check with Obama to see if you will qualify for mental health care under the new program.

  13. From what I have read and watched on all the cable stations it’s not the health insurance that is causing the trouble it’s the public option. This would mean a government-run health care system. This is said to mean that many people who presently like their health insurance coverage could lose it under the public option formula.
    The pundits state that the actual number needing coverage is 18-20 million. The other 20 million are illegals and people that don’t want coverage (???).
    It now appears that Obama is backing away from the public option in an attempt to get this bill passed.This health coverage issue has been handled poorly and unfortunately is in trouble. With off-year elections looming and people fed up in general there is a real possibility this will not pass which would be unfortunate.

  14. Providing affordable health care to forty million American citizens that currently do not have any at all save for the emergency room at the local hospital (which can force a struggling family into bankruptcy if the bill is not paid in a timely fashion) is an admirable concept. There’s been a great deal of talk from proponents and critics alike, and that’s good. What are the plusses and what are the minuses? I’m shocked at the fabricated vitriol circulated by those industries that fear losing out: the insurance companies and the private assembly-line hospitals that don’t treat SAGA patients in the first place. There are more than a few individuals that have been sound-bitten by the broadcast media, individuals espousing some rather short-sighted, ill-informed (and mean-spirited) views on the subject of universal health care. I think it’s a good idea. It does sound like it would be available to all Americans; that’s the American way. We do live in a society that is supposed to be all-inclusive. But this health care plan is for the 40,000,000 plus U.S. citizens that do not have health care. They do not have health care because they cannot afford it, or it is not offered by their employers. The insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and private hospitals, those big businesses that fear losing market share and stockholder dividends, the suits running those operations could care less about those forty million of their fellow citizens. “Your kid has leukemia and you have no way of paying for potentially lifesaving treatment? Tough shit.”

  15. yahooy

    The answer is simple and it’s called illegal immigrants!!! My parents came to America the correct way not the illegal way. And what makes people mad is that the Obama health care plan would include illegal immigrants. As you know I am a supporter of health care and have a passion for it but I can no longer be a supporter of it again because they will use my tax dollars to cover illegal immigrants and that to me is so unfair that they will use my tax money to do that so that’s what the bad part is just for that reason. Like I said before I support the Library question but I don’t want my taxes raised so I will vote no. I support health care for all but I am opposed to it because illegal immigrants will benefit from it and that’s just not fair. If the Health care reform had something in it that said only American Citizens and Legal Immigrants can partake it then it would pass.

    These are Two things that I like But are not fair to the everyday workers.

    1. I can appreciate your sentiments, but health care ought to be provided for everyone, regardless of ability to pay or national origin. What if a contagion breaks out within the Latino immigrant community, a lethal strain of the bubonic plague? Should we deny vaccination to the afflicted simply because they let their tourist visas expire? The Reagan administration was absolutely antipathetic when it came to AIDS research. Why? Because it affected gay men and intravenous drug users, two segments of the population that the GOP’s Christian wing was (and still is) hostile toward.

      There is a much bigger picture to look at here, one in which public health policy plays an increasingly large but overlooked role.

      1. The Bridgeport Kid

        There are millions of legal Latinos here. Number 2, like I said if you’re legal then yes you can get it. But why the hell does an illegal immigrant get a free ride on this!!! They should pay taxes like me and you and the rest of the legal people here. Like I said I supported it from yesterday until my coworker who is (latino) told me that illegals would be covered I said no way I researched it and what did I find yes they would and to me that’s bullshit and taxpayers feel the same way. I’m not paying taxes so some illegal that doesn’t pay taxes can have free health care. Like I stated before my mom and dad are legal immigrants, I am the son of immigrants!!!!!!!!! But illegal immigrants does not belong anywhere near my tax money. The already clog the Bridgeport school system and nobody is talking about that. And i sure as hell do not want them clogging my health care either.

  16. Illegal Immigrants mess up everything in our country. I hope TC brings a voice to this when he is elected it is so unfair for us to pay taxes men while there are illegal Immigrants in Bridgeport that are popping out babies like it’s nothing. Bridgeport has done its residents wrong the taxpayers that have to deal with the illegals on a daily basis here. Why can’t they just come to America the legal way and pay their fair of taxes like legal immigrants? Sometimes I just feel it would be better if I were one because I woudn’t have to worry about shit.

    1. donj, you really want to be mad at illegals?

      Go to the Bridgeport Health Dept. and go to the WIC program on the first floor and see how many alleged illegals get services like American-born citizens.

  17. Whoa, d-d-d-dude. Back up. I can’t believe you wrote of “Illegal Immigrants in Bridgeport that are popping out babies like it’s nothing.” Shame on you! When it comes to subsidized housing, many critics complain that the projects are filled to overflowing with Puerto Rican and African American women “popping out babies like it is nothing.” You’re treading on dangerous ground here.

  18. Local eyes:
    You’re up pretty early in the day … do me a favor and check out the North Branch and Old Mill Green Branch tomorrow and let me know how many adults are hanging around those “adult day care centers”, please.
    In between court hearings today, I dashed into the Main branch for a quick look and saw the computer room was packed, I counted about 15 adults … anyone who looked over 18 … the rest were kids of every age on the second floor with 32 computer terminals … in the children’s room on the first floor, all but one of eight computer stations had a child and an adult working diligently; in the video room, there were two adults at two of three terminals … this was at about 2:30pm. At 4:30pm, I peeked in at Black Rock, with about 20-plus computers on site, only about 6-7 teens were at the computers, closing time was at 5pm … I did recognized one old guy as Atty. Ed Piquette who was reading the newspaper … a lawyer reading the newspaper at 4:30pm in a library branch on a blazing hot and humid day? I want that kind of lawyer job … then, quick ride to Newfield at 4:50pm … ten minutes to closing time … place is full of teens, no adults present at this “adult day care center.” Brave attempt to get to Old Mill Green at 5:05pm, only to see the staff locking up and driving off … Local Eyes, we await your report …

    For donj: Great question, very insightful …
    Here’s the breakdown: the current library budget from the city is $4,836,459 … that’s soup to nuts as the library is run today. In mil rate terms of your taxes today … this represents 0.069% of the total city budget.
    … the Liberate Libraries Committee is advocating for the idea, as offered by the Library Director and supported by the Library Board, that as a City, we should raise the library budget to a full 1% of the budget or 1 (one) mil which equals $6,965,650 based on our current and projected grand list.

    Now, let’s look at how this affects the average homeowner, if your home is valued/assessed at $100,000.00: today you are contributing $69.00 per year to the library budget. At 1 (one) mil, you will be contributing $100.00 per year. Look at YAHOOY, “he reads 2-3 novels a week at about $20.00 a pop” … after reading five library books, everything else is gravy for him.

    Look at real Bridgeport people, let’s start with me … I bought a three-bedroom condo in the East Side for $75,000 in May, 2004 after a most amicable divorce from the highest paid, best dressed public servant in Bridgeport back in the day … the condo is now assessed at about $62,000.00 so I pay about $2,350 in taxes (using the mil rate of 38) … of that amount, $42.78 goes to the library each year. I’m willing to have my city councilors and my mayor take another $19.22 and give it to the library budget for a full 1 (one) mil towards the library budget from me. That’s all that’s being proposed here. No one is asking or looking for any new taxes to be raised for this effort.

    I imagine that the heartache/headache for the mayor, if this referendum is successful will be, (if he doesn’t raise taxes which he should not do “in these tough economic times”) … where does he get the additional $2,129,191.00 from the city’s current budget (ie, $6,965,650.00 minus $4,836,459.00)? If he and the city budget staff cannot figure it out … I will step up to the plate and volunteer to help him/them. No charge and I’ll even bring the Doritos (Another pro-bono case from the 2nd largest minority law firm in Bridgeport, CT). Special flavors: we have Nacho cheese, Ranch or the combo pack?

    Oh yes … for bipartisan-ship’s sake, let’s look at former Congressman Shays as a high-end example … I believe his house on the waterfront in Black Rock was reported in the CT Post to be assessed at about $600,000.00 … his taxes (I estimate) are about $22,800.00 per year. Today, Chris Shays contributes a generous $414.00 to the library’s budget, and with 1(one) mil, he will contribute $600.00 … that’s about 30 novels that YAHOOY will read … he can do that in less than 10 weeks, on his summer reading program.

  19. stillstanding:
    I apologize for skipping over your comments … like donj you make thoughtful and sensible points about the library and what it represents to the many who may not have a voice on this blog or in life in general, but who benefit immensely from the services and resources the Bridgeport Public Library/all libraries provide.
    Today in court I wore my “paper Dorito” pointing upwards, of course, on the lapel of my suit (have one on my condo front window and another in the back window of my car), and all the lawyers and court staff asked me about it … after I explained its significance I was surprised to hear how many attorneys and court staff members told me that they love/use the library during their lunch break, but of course many of them are not Bridgeport residents. This makes sense … they live in Trumbull, Fairfield, Westport, Norwalk, Shelton, Danbury!!!, etc. … but they work at the courthouse(s) from 9-5 … when can they get to their home libraries during the week? They don’t. They use the services and resources of the good old, reliable Bridgeport Public Library … books, videos, CD’s, research, etc. during the court lunch hour between 1-2pm.
    My point here is that I used your explanations about the importance of the library as an undervalued community asset to be highlighted and recognized and generously FUNDED … speaking of one of Mayor Finch’s favorite topic about inter-district cooperation … this is IT!!!

    On the topic of the historical collections, I believe Library Director Scott Hughes is trying to re-tool/reorganize that department to maximize most efficient use of staff talent and time towards the front end of library services, such as, direct customer service and narrowing down how much time really needs to be dedicated to manning the historical department by opening its doors “by appointment only” to dedicated, specialized researchers instead of keeping the department open with staff who could be deployed elsewhere in the library system. After all, our budget has been reduced … But I’ll ask Scott about this again. Good question. I’ll also check into the Children Services issue.

    1. And have you ever tried to make an appointment with Historical Collections if you are a genealogist? Or maybe that’s not dedicated, specialized research enough? Library Director Scott Hughes is going to re-tool/reorganize the entire library right out of existence. He is taking from the neighborhoods that need the services the most. He is taking from the children by removing all children’s librarians from the neighborhood branches. He is insulting and demeaning to entire segments of the population by saying that they aren’t deserving of books and materials for adults. He is pandering to the Black Rock community (where he lives) in the hopes that the more economically and socially advantaged will support the referendum. More money for him and the Library Board to throw away on expenditures that do not benefit nor enrich the lives of the citizens of Bridgeport. And I blame you and the Library Board equally for acting out of your charge by hands-on running of the library and for not protecting the citizens of Bridgeport. If your referendum passes, I sincerely hope it is followed by an elected Library Board and the Board actually has to face the electorate and justify their actions. And, if the budget is so badly cut, why are new computers showing up everywhere? Oh, I forgot–most of Bridgeport does not deserve reading material. How can you justify demeaning people so? And why isn’t the Board acting in its capacity to do fundraising in support of the library instead of adding a further tax burden as the “easy way out” of library budgeting?
      As much as I would like to see library funding be sufficient to provide the very best to the citizens of Bridgeport, I hope this referendum falls flat. No more $$$ should be wasted on coaches and all the other ridiculous expenditures. Oh, and what about those Black Rock books that have been in storage all these years? Are you still paying storage costs or were the books thrown away and all that money wasted? There have been so many distressing things happening at the library, but taking away the adult material from the Newfield Branch was the last straw for any reasonable, intelligent, caring people. What’s next? Old Mill Green? Watch out, East Side! Your neighbor may take your library away from you just as they did in the East End.

  20. *** Only real Americans are native Indians robbed of their lands & spiritual world by white immigrants, followed by more immigrants from all over the world which over time have built & fought for the immigrant freedoms we have today! Now how quickly in this overcrowded 21st century of “descendants” of immigrants do we forget why our forefathers immigrated here to this native Indian’s land called America, for the same reasons that these new immigrants are coming to America? The immigration system today is in need of repair & accountability, along with better protection on our boarders, not due to immigrants but to those that wish America harm in many ways. All the attention is paid once again to immigrants of color not those with white skin that are also immigrants as well. How many whites you see working @ Mickey D’s or other fast food places, etc. As a matter of fact how many of America’s teens do you see working @ any min. wage, sweat-shop type jobs in America? Not many, why, not enough “$” that’s why! Immigrants do the jobs better, cheaper & for less “$”. ***

  21. Mojo

    Yes agree 100% but illegal nope I’m not going there my parents came here the legal way and followed the law paid their taxes why can’t illegals wait? What the hell they think we are? I hate paying taxes that illegal way. My grandmother will soon immigrate to America in October and you know how long she had to wait??? 11 god damm years so why can’t the illegals do the same? I’m the son of immigrants so I know the problems I know the struggle. For crying out loud I have had family members deported!!! But I’m not bashing immigrants how could I ever bash my parents? What I am bashing is illegal immigrants. Nobody can tell me anything about this because I am the son of hard working immigrants that came from the Caribbean so no one in this blog can tell me anything about it at all!!!!!!!!!

  22. Mojo

    I agree that the natives are the real ones but guess what times have changed and I can’t blame the white man for slaving my ancestors because all those people are dead now and we have to get past it but not forget and move on or we will never overcome. Example Blacks alone are not the reason why Obama is in the white house because millions of whites voted for him too. I’m tired of everything being a racial event that being said we are a nation of laws and coming here illegally is breaking them. Do what my parents did wait 7 years ’til it is your damn turn!!!

    1. *** Chances are if your parents came from a U.S. Territory, they didn’t have to wait any time nor needed a green card; just a plane ticket! Besides the immigration system was not as backed up or understaffed as today in the 21st century. You were born here with the stainless steel spoon in your mouth your parents worked for to make things easier for you, so wake-up & never forget where your roots are from. Do you honestly think every immigrant in America since the 1700’s were all here legally? How about those that were brought over in chains against their own will? Were they what you call legal? Wake up, stop pretending like you’re any better than the next immigrant looking for a better life in this cruel world. ***

    2. *** Stop trying to be “WHITE” they don’t like you either. Be yourself, stand up for what you believe & never be afraid to knock an asshole down on their ass for being disrespectful. Remember in this world, “good guys finish last”! And what your parents did or how they did it does not pertain to this day & age way of doing or not doing things. Stop dwelling & living in the past, time to move on! ***

        1. *** Like you can judge me or anybody else for that matter, ha! You’re an undercover KKK without the hood just the web mask with no spine or balls. Basically you’re an amoeba from a freak’s DNA that escaped from the circus years ago. #666

  23. By the way, Salcedo: The best way for you to secure the funding you seek for the library is to run for mayor yourself, beat that incompetent philistine phart and run the city the right way.

    On your lunch break from court tomorrow, pop in to the Fairfield Public library. They offer, according to their web site what would appear to 3.5 times the services with equal #s of volumes and 38 fewer staff for 1/3 the Bridgeport library budget. Go figure!!! See what happens when a town is run properly.


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