“Let’s Do This!” Moore Launches Fundraising Page For Mayor

Marilyn Moore filed her candidate paperwork last week.

Money is the mother’s milk of political campaigns. State Senator Marilyn Moore has launched a fundraising page, see here, in her challenge of Mayor Joe Ganim that she announced last week.

Under state law, Moore’s candidate committee can accept a maximum personal contribution of $1,000. The first significant fundraising test for the Moore campaign will come in early April when her finance report is filed with the Town Clerk’s Office covering the first quarter of 2019.

Moore will not outraise Ganim, a relentless fundraiser. The relevant question is, will she raise enough to compete? That and an army of volunteers toiling neighborhoods is key.

From Moore’s Facebook page:

When I announced my candidacy for Mayor, I emphasized integrity and transparency. These aren’t just words–That’s what I believe in, that’s what I’m running on, and that’s what I’m promising as mayor.

Together, we’ll fight to reset, reform, and restore the way Bridgeport governs itself, the way it engages with our community, and the city’s reputation.

Join me and become one of the first contributors to my campaign with a donation today. Let’s build the foundation for a movement that will win in November, 2019 and beyond! Let’s do this!



  1. Campaigns bring the unexpected, almost always. (Who, in their wildest dreams would have predicted Trump?) In 2015, who would have predicted Ganim?) I guess the point I’m trying to make is everyone involved in the never-ending political drama of Bridgeport should take a breath, think, and make their decision as to where they put their support and time, for all candidates running. As usual, the district leaders of the City’s DTC are hogtied to do what they are expected regardless of their personal choices. The good part is the DTC is merely a ceremonial body and makes no difference in the outcome of local elections. For those who still care, stay honest, remember the Feds never really go away, remember while money is important you can’t beat one-on-one contact with voters. For the intuned voter who is willing to listen to you, don’t be afraid to speak what you know about candidates running. It’s a powerful approach to guide voters in the right direction, they do listen. I will be very selective with who I choose to assist this time, but that’s how I will do it. I’ve lived in the Brooklawn section of Bridgeport since 1972. I’ve represented my neighbors, friends, and constituents for over twenty of those years. I’m still very much connected to them, including those who I predated. My focus will be intense during this election cycle, Marcus Brown, watch out.

    1. Hi Lisa, excellent, you have truly put the truth out there about Bridgeport politics and elections. The Democratic Town Committee members have no real power to do anything. Lisa you said something very important that a candidate needs to do, you said, “.I will be very selective with who I choose to assist this time, but that’s how I will do it,” well, a candidate needs to be very selective with who they choose to assist them.

  2. Hear, hear!
    You can’t be against that, transparency and integrity!
    Unless you are like most Bridgeport politicians and the voters can see right through you to your real motives and intent.

  3. Kyle Langdon has covered Brooklawn issues in the fashion of Bob Walsh, John Stafstrom, Bernie Katz, Tom Mulligan, and me I know this because of calls and comments I receive from my former constituents; they admire and appreciate the service he performs. It’s a shame that he receives no help or cooperation from his partner, Marcus Brown. I worked so hard for both men with the expectation of proper representation for the residents of the 132nd district. Voters in this district tell me that Marcus Brown never returns a call or request for assistance. I know he loves the camera, perhaps I should set up a photo op in the district he should be representing, that would be one way of getting him to realize where he lives and should be serving. Or maybe I should send a message to my friends in the district that if they really want to hold his feet to the fire, check out the 19th Hole on Brooklawn Ave., they have a good chance of catching him there. As he kisses the butt of the likes of my friend Danny and Ernie and so many others, he’s in for a surprise when the day of reckoning arrives. He won’t find my above-mentioned friends in my district helping him. They are pros and stick to the code, unfortunately, Marcus Brown hasn’t even lived long enough to know what that means. Time will tell.

    1. Lisa, that’s sad about Marcus Brown but he has a lot of company with other City Council members who kisses butt and who love the camera and press conference while not doing anything.

  4. The winds of change are blowing through Bridgeport.

    There are parallels between Donald Trump and Little Joe Ganim. both conned voters, Trump with his “make America great again!” hats, Little Joe with his faux confession at Reverend Charlie’s church (don’t forget the twenty-dollar bills and slices of pizza). Both failed. Trump is on the verge of being indicted, Ganim is on the verge of losing a six-figure job.

  5. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to defeat Joe Ganim/Testa in the mayoral race. A lo of of attention is bein paid to the mayoral race but ALL City Council reps are up to be elected/re-elected/defeated/hired /rehired/fired. A lot of work. Also Bridgeport Board of Education election.I I really hope Howard Gardner gets back on the BOE. IMHO,he impressed me). The winds of change are not guaranteed, A lot of “fans” will be needed to blow away the TestaGanim team.

  6. Good morning Ron, my always friend, and one of a few who understands the reason Bridgeport and its residents are on the verge of being doomed unless all elected officials show dedication and concern about our City. Not all, but too many treat their elected positions as a side game for their own entertainment. Over many years of involvement, and I say with pride, my accumulation of life years, I still care about Bridgeport and especially the district I call home. I look forward to the coming Council election in the 132nd district, I will support any candidate that is prepared to work and dedicate time to the responsibilities that come with sitting in those Council seats. I’m not basing my assistance on my personal feelings, but on the knowledge and experience, I gained why dedicating 20 years of my life in one of those seats. While I hope to be effective, the outcome will be the outcome, but inferior candidates better get ready for a challenge that will consume their Summer and Fall. The truth is powerful, especially when it comes from credible campaign volunteers.


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