Bradley Announces Bill To Increase Minority Teacher Hires

News release from State Senator Dennis Bradley:

Today, State Senator Dennis Bradley (D-Bridgeport) announced a bill that will increase minority teacher recruitment and hiring.

Senate Bill 462 calls for Title 10 of the general statutes to be amended to establish guidelines to be used by local and regional boards of education that will assist in increasing the number of minority teacher hires by at least two percent annually over the next five years and may include provisions relating to teaching assistant programs that encourage minority high school students to pursue a career in teaching.

“We need to ensure that minority students are represented in the staffing of the schools they attend,” said Sen. Bradley. “Having a positive role model in your classroom, which can motivate, challenge and identify with you, can have all the difference in a student excelling or disconnecting from their school experience. We must do all we can to close the achievement gap.”

According to state data, last year in Connecticut there were about three black teachers for every 100 students and about two Latino teachers for every 100 students. There were about 17 white teachers for every 100 students, according to state data. Twenty three school districts did not have any minority teachers last year, according to state data.



  1. Dennis Bradley showed up late for tonight’s Regular Meeting without a single piece of paper in his hand. He stayed approximately 10 minutes during the approval of several sets of minutes while texting on his phone almost the entire team. He announced that he may have to leave to support his church at a zoning meeting and just got up and walked out a few minutes later to depart and never return.

    This statement is not embellished in any way.

    1. Can someone please give me an example of any other CT legislator that issues press releases with their photo and the American flag behind them?

      The narcissism and vanity is real folks!

  2. Minority Teacher Recruitment is a focus nationally, in CT and in Bridgeport.

    We have about 1,500 certified staff members in Bridgeport. 2% would mean hiring 30 certified staff members. Dr. Johnson and her HR team did an amazing job by hiring 48 new minority teachers this school year.

    She also worked with Sacred Heart to cultivate a “grow your own program.” Sacred Heart has committed to raise $2,000,000 to select 10 BPS students to receive a 4 year degree while living on the Sacred Heary Campus for the last two years. These students would not pay 1$ on the condition they must commit to teach in the BPS for 3-5 years. The final details are still being worked out.

    The issue really is that we don’t have enough minorities entering the teaching profession. It is even tougher to hire certified Hispanic teachers.

    The vast majority of public school students in CT are white. Not surprisingly the majority of minority students are in urban school districts not the suburbs.

  3. WoW Just got this Criminal Background Checks and Other Searches. The Provider must complete a criminal
    background check on all applicants prior to being assigned a Bus Route and to periodically conduct
    thereafter background checks that may be warranted or prudent in the exercise of the Provider’s
    prudent business judgment, reasonably exercised. A criminal background check shall include the
    need for the individual to pass a criminal background check in Connecticut and any other State in
    which the individual has resided, meaning that the individual must not, within the previous five (5)
    years have pled guilty to, pleaded nolo contendere to, or been convicted of a crime punishable by
    a fine in excess of $10,000 or providing imprisonment for one (1) year or longer. Notwithstanding
    anything in the foregoing to the contrary, the individual shall not have been charged or convicted
    during an additional 5-year period since the probation or parole of a crime involving violence
    against another person, physical or sexual abuse, stalking, harassment, or any other type of crime
    that would indicate that working with minors would be inappropriate, undesirable, or would have the
    appearance of impropriety or have been subject to a judicial protective order still in effect. In
    addition, the background check should not reveal any crimes or civil judgments for actions that
    would preclude employment in the Bridgeport Public School System by indicating that such
    individual is litigious, irresponsible, lacking in moral character, or would not be appropriate for
    working with minors in a school environment. The search should not reveal any adverse Department
    of Children and Families in Connecticut or any other State of residence reports on file indicating
    child neglect, abuse or other evidence of irresponsibility that would preclude employment in the
    Bridgeport Public School System. The individual’s name does not appear on any national Sex
    Offender Registry.
    WOW Maria Shame on You. Now Ex-felons can’t WORK but they can become Mayors Fireman etc. I hope The Board of Education has a hearing on this.

      Respectfully Mr Newton, much of that language comes from state law. I for one support that language as it protects our children. If you want to change this it is the state you must bring this to. Perhaps a protest march with signs reading “so what he killed somebody, that’s the past let him drive your kid to school” or “he hasn’t neglected his children in years let him drive” or “so what he sold drugs in front of schools give him our children” how about drunk drivers 19 years ago? Drive our kids to school we forgive you.

      The term second chance means taking a chance or a risk on somebody. My son and 19,999 other children will be what’s at risk. The risk to our children is too high.

      1. Don’t forget ” So what if he molested his niece. That doesn’t mean he’ll do that to your daughter! Let LOVE reign on the school bus!”

        A little long, but you get the point.

  4. Maria i never thought i would say this but You are a evil person. Remember people who live in glass houses should never throw STONES! Its and old saying What goes around comes around!

    1. I always thought I would say this, you are simply ignorant.

      I sincerely mean it. I am not making this statement out of retribution or anger. It is honestly how I have felt about you for some time.

    2. Oh boy…….here we go!!!!!!
      Anyway……….. hey Ernie; thanks for your involvement last year in the liquor issue. You were on the correct side of that as was Eneida, Langdon, many others on the CC although some stayed silent. As you would recall the entire school board came out against the text amendment change as well as many church groups. Is anyone on CC keeping track of what “they” are still trying to do? It’s so blatant that quite frankly- it’s shocking that it’s allowed to go on and on. They didn’t show up in superior court yesterday conceding that they would lose but at the same time were ready to go in front of zoning last night only to have the zoning board leave the room and meet privately on the issue. Upon returning they postponed the issue until next month. Is what they did even legal?
      Just keeping this on the table.
      More to come……..on the 3 year saga of helping the politically connected and now helping change the law for an elected official.

          1. Frank, I don’t know, I know that on some committees a member would change their party to Independent or unaffiliated.

        1. That may be correct which is why I posted it. Maybe someone with the knowledge could weigh in on this. It seems to be highly inappropriate. Even worse is that the Vitros package store (CC member Defilippo’s) location was on the agenda for approval AGAIN. How can you bring a request to the zoning board on the same night that they were to vote on a text amendment that needed to be passed so his item on the agenda could be approved! Blatant in your face type of ‘see what we can do’!! Both of the amendments will appear on next month agenda. One to pass an amendment to allow for a liquor store at the Brooklawn location and another to grant Defilippo the right to open same. If passed it will be appealed AGAIN in Suoerior Court. We’ll see!

          1. rich,
            You might need to get the Lopez-ator or someone of high knowledge of Roberts Rules of order and Freedom of Information Act. Unfortunately,I am not that person. But,certainly,what the Zoning Board did that night seems very suspicious.

          2. The Freedom of Information allows public agencies to enter executive session for only six different reasons.

            This includes to discuss claims or pending litigation, contract negotiations, personnel matters, and a few others.

            A motion would need to be made stating the specific reason the public agency is entering executive session and who will be entering executive session. The motion must be seconded and two-thirds of those present must vote in the affirmative to enter executive session.

            I can’t see how entering an executive session to discuss “text amendments” would be allowed under the FOIA.

          3. Rich,
            I can certainly vouch for your long-standing interest in this issue. I recall that you may have some personal business issue in this which “may” be seen a conflict of interest. However,the fact that this has been going on for years,previous judicial decisions,and Zoning changes which seem to favor one particular person leave this entire issue to be suspect. The recent action of the Zoning Board makes it even more suspicious.

  5. Ernie,

    I guess you are as delusional as Tony Barr and have been speaking with toddler Chris Taylor.

    This language was inserted into the WE Transport Contract by YOUR City Attorney. I had absolutely nothing to do with it. The contract never went to committee and was simply placed in our Thurday board packet. Why don’t you call the City Attorney’s office before you make wild, baseless accusations?

    But let me be absolutely clear, the Board of Education has an obligation and responsibility to our students. We have no obligation to provide job opportunities to convicted felons that have committed crimes that may place our innocent children at risk. Especially any crime that was sexual in nature.

    Convicted felons absolutely deserve a second opportunity, but not at the risk of placing innocent school children in harms way. This includes school bus drivers who are alone with up to 40 students age 5 and up.

    Does the City Council hold hearings on contracts? No,, they do not.

    You are truly ignorant.

    1. Maria, All you do is try and beat up on Black Men. If I didn’t know better you must have been hurt by a Black man. Let me say this to you, first of all how many people that drive school buses that have abused Our Children. Secondly once you open that door a lot of people will be rejected from driving a school bus because they have a record. Now let’s address you calling me ignorant. Why am i ignorant because i don’t care what you or others think about me. I can say this i’ve only been on the City Council a Year. since you like researching peoples record please look mine up and you will see i’ve been very busy fighting on hiring people from Bridgeport. I just wish you would fight to hire people from Bridgeport maybe we would be able to develop a middle Class in our city.

      1. Really. I “beat up” on Chris Taylor, Joe Ganim, Mario Testa, and more. Aren’t they all White?

        I adore John Bagley, Erris Allen, Blake Kingsley and more. They are all Black men.

        Where is the language that prohibit felons or those convicted for misdemeanors from being employee? Isn’t it specific felonies where a year in prison was served or a $10,000 fine was assessed? The only specific crimes prohibiting employment are those sexual in nature, physical assault, stalking, or any crimes deemed inappropriate in working with minors.

        Not all felons or those convicted of misdemeanors are banned. That is just your rhetoric.

        I want as many Bridgeport residents to be employed by the BPS as possible, but not by placing innocent children at potential risk.

        1. Maria i forgot you are more holier than most. You of all people should,not be talking or taking anyone’s inventory. You say you want as many Bridgeport resident to be employed by the board of Education wow all the top wages are people who live out side the City. At lease we passed something that says if you get help from the city you will hire residents from our city!

          1. Ernie,

            It was I who proposed that the Superintendent be required to reside in Bridgeport. It was identified as a requirement in all the advertisements we placed nationally and locally.

            We now have the highest paid employee in Bridgeport residing in Bridgeport.

            Many of our high-level administrators live in Bridgeport including the Chief Talent Officer, our Director of Social Work, our Director of Arts, Director of Literacy and Early Childhood, and many principals.

            On the city side, the following high-level employees do not live in Bridgeport:

            Mayor Ganim
            Chief AJ Perez Chief Thode
            David Dunn
            Janine Hawkins
            Scott Applebe
            Dan Shamus
            Ed Adam’s
            and more…

            Please look in your backyard before you look in the BOE’s backyard.

        2. Maria you beat up on everybody. I give you that. 🙂

          Ernie you called her evil and said she hates blacks.

          You know you called for a law to allow the police to stop and frisk black men. If a white person had proposed it. They would have been label a white racist. If I were to say who I thought is hating on black men would by you, for calling for stop and frisk by the police. SMBH.

          Ernie, I think you are missing a broader point on a second chance, or not, and you are just preaching. (I just leave it at that) What second chance are we trying to provide to them. (“the criminal”)? A second chance on life to improve and better themselves, or to commit another crime?

          As it pertains to employment, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. Society has to provide everyone even pass criminals with a means of employment. So, they can to be able to take care of themselves. Let’s not just look at the second chance as a slogan, but the person.

          You like to speak of God and its glory, but I do find your proselytizing contradicting. On one hand you call for stop and frisk stop to get the guns off the street and stopping them for committing crimes. And on the other hand, you want those same guys working in places like the class room, blindly, without knowing will they commit another crime.

          When you speak of second chances, your condemnation of Maria over employment, and your public outcry of what happen to Clinton. Those kids who shot and killed him, when you asked for stop and frisk of (black men) are you saying you want them to be able to teach in a class room?

          You believe in second chances so much why don’t you go to the next court hearing for the kids and tell the judge, Clinton’s mother and family and tell them these kids need a second chance. It will go along with your prison reform too.

          I believe Time will tell what kind of second chance they should get. I think it is more important to focus on not needing a second chance and not going to prison in the first place. Don’t you think? Or will I see you at their court hearing fighting for their second chance? JS

          Please don’t use the word evil to lightly. If you want to call Maria a name calls her a bitch. We all can except that, even Maria. 🙂

  6. Dennis Bradley and Chris Taylor. RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. Both of you have proven that you have no interest in the schooling of Bridgeport children and your presence on the Board is actually hindering the functioning of the Bridgeport Board of Education and the actual day in/day out Education of the children of Bridgeport.

  7. Ernie,
    IMHO,in your zeal to promote a more positive return to society for felons,it is clear that people who have been convicted of certain crimes should NOT work in schools. Most respectfully,please reconsider your espousal of including school jobs an part of your Second Chance initiative and goal. Thank you..

    1. Frank, I agree with you but If a persons crime has nothing to do with children that person should have every right to work for our school system. I never mention this I applied for a substitute job before i got the job i’m in now at Careeresources as a Returning Citizen Navigator. My charges had nothing to do with children. A white person in personnel rejected me. I taught in the Bridgeport school system right out of college. This was before Superintendent Johnson was don’t tell me that this isn’t another way to keep ex-felons from a second chance.

      1. Ernie,
        Thank you for the response. Theoretically,I would agree that if anything on a criminal record has nothing to do with children. However,there are so many crimes that may preclude employment in a school. None of us are saints. Let’s suppose someone was convicted of shoplifting. Unfortunately,it may be seen that this person is at risk of stealing money,school supplies etc. I would think that anyone who has a record of speeding or drunk driving would not be eligible for school bus drivers. So what I am saying is that there is a very small window of crimes committed that might allow someone to be considered for employment in a school system. Btw,I admire your work and espousal of returning felons back into society and to become productive people.

        1. I agree with you Mr. Gyure. All crimes could be thought to be prohibitive to working in Bridgeport Public schools similar to that of the Bridgeport police Dept. In fact, I believe that Our Board policy should mirror that of the BPD and preclude the hiring of all those convicted of felonies and class A and B misdemeanors.

  8. So Senator Bradley, what do you want? Do you want goals or do you want quotas?
    If they have enough minority teachers can they simply refuse to hire minorities?
    And Mr Bradley, what are the numbers in Bridgeport Public schools where your claim to fame is a one term President of the Board of Education? Is Bridgeport fully compliant with your rules.
    Be careful what you legislate because you just might get it.

  9. And Mr. oh excuse me SENATOR Bradley, how do you well about Councilman Newton’s comments. Should Bridgeport hire pedopheliacs to be bus drivers for our school age children? Enquireribg minds want to know.

  10. Let me say i have read Where more teachers, counselors , coaches have have had more child pono pictures of children in the suburb than inner city schools. That where we should start!

  11. All certified staff, custodians, clerical staff, security guards are held to the same standard.

    Do you honestly think we hold bus drivers to a higher standard than those that work in our schools with students 6.5 hours per day?

    Why would you even think that possible?

  12. Ernie I have to be honest, You are in Ron’s and Day’s. It all about racism with you. You blamed a white personnel for you not getting a substitute job, and suggested it was before a black superintendent was hired. So you can express to it wasn’t because of a black person.

    You stated “i have read Where more teachers, counselors , coaches have have had more child pono pictures of children in the suburb than inner city schools. That where we should start!”

    I mean really Ernie. Did you not get the job because you were an ex-felon, or because you were black? This is over the top Ernie. Because of “white” suburbs teachers, counselors , coaches have had more child pono pictures of children we (the port) should hire teachers, counselors, coaches who have child porno too.

    Really that where we are at people. Ernie I’m for seconded chances for people who lost their way, served the time, and who’ trying to make amends for it. Butt to suggest that the port’s policies should reflect bad policies is evil. I mean we had a 12 year old kid was gun down the kids as young as 12. They should be riding a bicycle, building a fort, not riding in a stolen car and shooting at people.

    Ernie lets look in to the mirror and take the plank out of your eye before you talk about the speck in Maria’s eye. I think some white people hurt you and now you want to beat up on all white people, It was not a white who made you do what you did and your fall for grace, Senator. They may have guided you but they didn’t make you do what you did to have to look for a second chance, if you know what I mean, and in the process the “people” who elected you will suffer for your hatred of they. Iets try to make policies that are sound for the people of the port.

    Well maybe a chip in Maria’s eye. Seriously though, then wonder why the city as always been sold out/left out. This has sadden me. I will look for a new ESLclass. These topics are getting me depressed. Peace out OIN bloggers and good luck people and the port.

    Think about it.

  13. It seems that there are at least two separate conceptual threads running above. The first has to do with a bill raised by Sen Bradley to increase the number of educators who are seen by Bridgeport students to look like them and presumably understand their culture in order to encourage the modeling of responsible adult behavior, including the pursuit of higher education, as far as your talents and work can carry you.
    The second issue has to do with a modification of contractual language coming out of the Briddgeport City Attorney office that would seem to increase broadly reasons why those with criminal records may not be eligible for jobs as a school bus driver. I would like to see and consider the current language that is proffered for revision. And how about the reason such revision has been sought? I believe that Chris Taylor is Economic Development committee chair for the Greater Bridgeport NAACP and is concerned with the narrowing of such jobs for formerly incarcerated individuals. Of course he (and I as well) want to see that inappropriate behavior towards youth in the past keep those individuals from becoming trusted to work with youth in the future.
    Finally, how many on the BOE or CC, for that matter, when comparing their life story to the new standards from City Attorney, not qualify as a bus driver under proposed rules? Time will tell.

    1. John Perhaps you missed my link
      The majority of the language pertaining to who does and does not qualify to be a bus driver comes directly from state law. It is Mr. Taylor who is trying to change the language to make it easier for felons to get a job. To be clear I think the language is too permissive and would like our screening protocols to match those of the BPD. If you can’t be trusted a cop with a certain record, I certainly don’t want to trust someone’s “second chance” with the safety and well being of my child nor the other 20,000 plus children the voters have charged me with making policy for. That will always be first. Second chances are not even a tertiary concern when it comes to what’s best for our children’s well being.

    2. John, I wished you would have formed your premise in the form of a question. That way I could have answered it, and we wouldn’t have to wait for time to tell. However, let me take the Liberty to answer it anyway. No, there are not two separate conceptual threads occurring here, just one, racism, and the promotion of it. I will point out why you’re incorrect. But first as an actor let me grace the stage and indulge OUR audience here on OIB with my new found writing skills

      Since you invoked the NAACP in the narrowing of such jobs for the former incarcerated, and Senator Bradley’s bill to increase minority employment among teachers. I will address it. If your premise was true in nature. One hand one can say that Sen. Bradley’s bill is to raise the bar for minorities in the employment of teaching and the community standard. While one the other hand it can be said that the bar is being lowered in the employment of becoming a school bus driver.
      The man of thousands of questions but with very few answers. I guess the question can be, where does mayoral candidate Tony Barr stands on protecting the children?

      However, Mr. vocabulary, you have hit the nail on the head when you said “you and Chris the Economic Development committee chair for the Greater Bridgeport NAACP are concerned with the narrowing of such jobs for formerly incarcerated individuals, and want to see that inappropriate behavior towards the youth in the past keep those individuals from becoming trusted to work with the youth in the future”

      As an acknowledged writer, by yours truly. Let me tell you a story from my life. Right before my absentee father he when out for a pack of cigarettes. He sat me on the couch and said son “never commit a crime and you can’t get away with.” I replied, “I thought it was don’t commit a crime in less you can do the time” In which he replied, if you get caught you don’t really don’t have a choice, do it? But I digress.

      Here’s why your premise is wrong John. It is well known, like school shootings, systematic pedophilia in what one can say as a community standard comes from our people, white people. So, there was no need to reference the Chris’s involvement in the NAACP in lowering the bar for employment that puts our children at risk. The children that reflect the port’s demographic makeup, mind you. Maria is not saying incarcerated people should not have an opportunity of employment, but do we have to put the children at risk, to provide them with a living? Do you and Christ have any concern for the children how are riding on those buses?

      How, when, or why did protecting the children became a debate? What is missing from this thread, John. Is how do we place safeguards for those first-time offenders who have not gotten caught and had no choice but to do the time that was sentence to them, in trying to keep the children safe. I guess that, time will tell.

      P.S. John, while we both proclaim not to be prophets. My prophet Eminem didn’t come here to save the kids with the front kick. BAM.

  14. In case we are lost and not knowing what we are talking about people. And shame on the police for turning an blind eye to such horror to exist as a community standard, and for those here who want to too.

    If true. Lets open up the door and hope and pray some other child does not fall victim to such horror while going to school. Ernie, Christ, John.


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